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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.14: Her Handsome Hero (Rumbelle)
Jan 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!RHCcjB5xTnuknawtnlaVposted on PENANA

Ch.14: Her Handsome Hero (Rumbelle)copyright protection27PENANAr2xngvO5wm

Summary: Set in S5E17 “Her Handsome Hero,” when everyone was still in the underworld and Gaston tried to shoot a poisoned arrow at Rumple, but in my fanfic, it’s not laced with anything from the River of Lost Souls. What if he succeeded? Can Belle save his life? What will happen?copyright protection27PENANApo32AmDGTx

It was a gloomy day in the underworld, as Belle and Rumple left the library after he’d told her about a deal he’d made before he’d become the Dark One a long time ago. They’d had an argument due to her being pregnant with his child.copyright protection27PENANA3oRqzoUWK5

            While they had their backs turned to Gaston, not knowing he was there yet, Gaston let a poisonous arrow fly towards Rumple.copyright protection27PENANARc7pzoUotr

            When they both turned around after finishing talking, Rumple got hit by the arrow and used his hand on the wall of the library to keep from falling.copyright protection27PENANAKTPOVqay64

            “Rumple!” Belle said and went to his left side and put an arm around him to help him.copyright protection27PENANA69sYA2mvY7

            She looked to see who had shot him with it, only to see Gaston, the guy she was supposed to marry back in the enchanted forest, but had never wanted to marry him nor did she ever get a chance to.copyright protection27PENANABQjIfT7ahB

            “Gaston!?” she said in a raised voice, surprised at who it was and angry at him for shooting Rumple. Just because she didn’t exactly love Rumple anymore, he was still her husband and she didn’t want anything to happen to him.copyright protection27PENANAB1uqPqQ0ZW

            “What have you done?” Rumple questioned him, but he didn’t answer Rumple.copyright protection27PENANA556y3HAqcz

            Gaston informed Belle that Hades gave that arrow to him to take care of Rumple. He had a score to settle with Rumple from the past, so he was doing it for himself more than Hades.copyright protection27PENANAxNpQwEJDO0

            Belle could only stand there and watch him walk away, nothing to say to him. She knew Rumple had done dastardly deeds in the past, but she also knew how easy it was to hate The Dark One. She could only imagine what Gaston was feeling. She knew that she had to get Rumple to this version of the shop so she could go after Gaston to try and reason with him. Maybe he would get the cure for her if she could get him to see that this wasn’t the answer.copyright protection27PENANAfq2JQSaHS9

            Once she had gotten him in the back of the shop in the bed and the arrow out, she left to go find Gaston to reason with him and get the cure. She wanted; needed Rumple alive. He was her husband, whether she still loved him or not. She may not love him anymore, but that didn’t mean that she wanted him dead. She also didn’t want him dead, because she didn’t want to raise their child alone if she ever got to raise their child. She didn’t know what she would do without Rumple if he died for good. A few years back, when he had temporarily died, it had nearly shattered her. Without Rumple alive, things wouldn’t be the same.copyright protection27PENANAEXeKwis6IE

            She found Gaston in the back room of a place standing over a dummy with arrows in it that looked like Rumple. He looked mad that he had been tricked, which she figured that he probably was. Gaston wanted Rumple dead.copyright protection27PENANAFgs56ZKQDz

            After half talking with him and half arguing with him and informing him that the reason that she doesn’t want Rumple dead is because he’s her husband, there wasn’t really anything else to say so he left, but she knew he was still on a mission to kill Rumple.copyright protection27PENANARSZTCPLMxE

            Finally, after several more attempts at reasoning with him, Gaston revealed to her what the cure was and she got it with help from Zelena, since Hades had the cure and he had fallen for Zelena years or so ago. So, without further ado, she got the cure from Zelena and went to the shop to cure Rumple before he could die.copyright protection27PENANAVbCaW8sofb

            A while after he drank the liquid drink that was the cure, he was feeling better.copyright protection27PENANA3Vrw0yvKo9

            Later on that day, Gaston and Rumple met at the dock to settle the score, but Belle intervened. She tried to convince Gaston to pretty much get over his vengeance against Rumple, but he didn’t heed and she ended up accidentally pushing him into the River of Lost Souls. She hadn’t wanted to do that and she hadn’t even meant for that to happen, but at least Rumple was alive and okay. That’s all that mattered.copyright protection27PENANAjf1j9D9VpG

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