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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.6: All I Need (OutlawQueen)
Jan 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!E5UiVOPluD1CTTQpwC4tposted on PENANA

Ch.6: All I Need (OutlawQueen)copyright protection17PENANA1CLjEAhSWd

Summary: Set in S3, 4, and 5. Based on the song “All I Need.”copyright protection17PENANAwBiqTdeJyI

*Tavern*copyright protection17PENANAnAlgucF0OK

I’m dying to catch my breathcopyright protection17PENANAuQmg91QrTM

Oh, why don’t I ever learn?copyright protection17PENANAEqoWQia51J

I’ve lost all my trust, though I’ve surely tried to turn it aroundcopyright protection17PENANAOojaENmkOb

Can you still see the heart of me?copyright protection17PENANA4j1rzatpCm

21Please respect copyright.PENANAgaAaZYvQCZ
copyright protection17PENANAcgMAdDSoJU

            It was a dismal night, as Regina Mills, having been told by Tinkerbelle that her true love was in the tavern, stood outside the tavern. She wanted to believe that she could find love again, but she had doubts about it.copyright protection17PENANA7yirIXf5h3

            “Look; there he is. The guy with the lion tattoo,” Tinkerbelle said, pointing directly at the guy she would later know as Robin Hood of Locksley.copyright protection17PENANAgmmhOWshm4

            “That’s him?” she said, her sprit lifting.copyright protection17PENANAEykr9y42WO

            “Yes; That’s him. Go on and meet him,” Tinkerbelle urged her.copyright protection17PENANAW4mev5cKau

            When Regina asked her to go, saying that she wanted to be left alone, Tinkerbelle obliged.copyright protection17PENANAOqQbIF7aWu

            Regina was about to go in, afraid of what might happen, when she saw a girl come up to him and watched them kiss. Because of that, it upset her and she fled away from the tavern and back home.copyright protection17PENANAeA2z1c86e4

*Camelot*copyright protection17PENANAVb9iqEnCpx

All my agony fades awaycopyright protection17PENANA6eYXpGCxQz

When you hold me in your embracecopyright protection17PENANA25a4FbhNiw

Don’t tear me down for all I needcopyright protection17PENANASdH1v8GTL5

Make my heart a better placecopyright protection17PENANArSkpPK6siX

21Please respect copyright.PENANArjmR4O1kMe
copyright protection17PENANA2k3cpIoGwG

            It was a nebulous night at the castle in Camelot, as Regina and Robin silently danced together, happy and content. She had finally gotten her happy ending with him.copyright protection17PENANAcpUUrq37kO

*Smash The Mirror*copyright protection17PENANAdLGyawihYA

Give me something I can believecopyright protection17PENANAe1UhdjZB0w

Don’t tear me downcopyright protection17PENANAidWd7nEbvY

You’ve opened the door now, don’t let it closecopyright protection17PENANAZJJFhUczbb

21Please respect copyright.PENANARW8U9QlROw
copyright protection17PENANA9qc4HpnH1n

            It was a dark night in the library in Storybrooke as Regina and Robin stood in front of each other.copyright protection17PENANAdjA9wIxbT2

            “What is it that you were so eager to show me?” she questioned.copyright protection17PENANA9TLTz2OLBZ

            He gave her a paper that showed him and Regina kissing outside of the tavern.copyright protection17PENANAWLp8P7ydOz

            “What’s this?” she asked, and unfolded it to see what the picture depicted.copyright protection17PENANAA2SbcpUJAO

            “It’s a possibility of a happy ending.”copyright protection17PENANALKHxEgzs2b

            “Where’d this come from?” she questioned.copyright protection17PENANArYWR7LYFYN

            “I don’t know. It just appeared in my bag.”copyright protection17PENANAezP7L1wGK7

            After talking a few more minutes with her, he said, “We all get a second chance, Regina. You just have to open up your eyes to see it.”copyright protection17PENANAuwSc3wsDYv

*Twisted Mister*copyright protection17PENANAOqtLiAwhgv

I’m here on the edge againcopyright protection17PENANA4u5UBQV8wG

I wish I could let it gocopyright protection17PENANAg1d8dhFGUD

I know that I’m only one step away from turning it aroundcopyright protection17PENANAbJ4Eumf1Dw

Can you still see the heart of me?copyright protection17PENANAxI0CCCtyL0

21Please respect copyright.PENANAY4GyeGxKx9
copyright protection17PENANAe11saeJPUE

            It was a nebulous night, as Regina knelt by Robin’s body after he’d been killed by Hades, and cried. As she did, Zelena knelt by her and tried to comfort her with a hug, in which Regina returned, Zelena also crying over Robin. Regina had loved him, but Zelena had had Robin’s daughter.copyright protection17PENANAt5nxKST0Tx

*Family Business*copyright protection17PENANAwqfx3R9wpV

All my agony fades awaycopyright protection17PENANAwEWy77MQXH

When you hold me in your embracecopyright protection17PENANAvqNSYyLRyE

Don’t tear me down for all I needcopyright protection17PENANAp55EC9wMFW

Make my heart a better placecopyright protection17PENANAHcBEKIMwzJ

Give me something I can believecopyright protection17PENANAe491W7zIZ8

Don’t tear me downcopyright protection17PENANAmpes3RBADh

Don’t tear it down, what’s left of mecopyright protection17PENANAwlt80eQMLp

Make my heart a better placecopyright protection17PENANAvZtF1qMB8M

21Please respect copyright.PENANAKYs6QxVSSH
copyright protection17PENANAKvbYYfPAPt

            It was a dark night, as Robin and Regina made out in her vault after a curse had been lifted. They loved one another, but he was married to Miriam.copyright protection17PENANASmPmvPAlBl

            Afterward, when they were putting clothes back on, Regina told him, “This has to stop. You’re married, Robin. What would it look like to your son?”copyright protection17PENANAL7lfMmFzXO

            “It’ll look messy,” he said.copyright protection17PENANAmHkyGjNvTD

            “You have to forget about me.”copyright protection17PENANAYL0N7vDIRf

            “I can’t forget about you when you’re in my life.”copyright protection17PENANA3CnoR9LxJJ

            “Which is why I can’t be in your life.”copyright protection17PENANAl6qGE6ZrCT

            “That doesn’t change that face that----“ he started, and then said, “I don’t know what to do! I can’t just fall back into love with Miriam. I love you, Regina.”copyright protection17PENANA5BF5pNB2vs

*Quiet Minds*copyright protection17PENANAiz4FYVOJsy

I tried many times but nothing was realcopyright protection17PENANAsOETui0uKC

Make it fade away, don’t break me downcopyright protection17PENANAoQe3VDQxGm

I want to believe that this is realcopyright protection17PENANAZYV3DTZsDs

Save me from my fearcopyright protection17PENANA06gF0LY0gI

Don’t tear me downcopyright protection17PENANADEzRIuvy2b

Make my heart a better placecopyright protection17PENANAV19Q5MK4eo

21Please respect copyright.PENANA6KEfFO50GT
copyright protection17PENANAxeuOUuzSvQ

            It was a beautiful day, as Regina stopped walking and caught the arrow that almost went through her head. She turned around to face the guy who stood a few feet away with a bow.copyright protection17PENANAB8va0dFvLH

            He held up a hand.copyright protection17PENANAGHIPxNCiSQ

            “Apologies, m’lady!” he said, loud enough for her to hear, before going to stand in front of her.copyright protection17PENANAGp5bdZGNRb

            “Apology accepted.”copyright protection17PENANADsk8DkmiQ8

            She gave his arrow back to him.copyright protection17PENANAZwPHmmvYFn

            He took it and told her, “I thought you were the wicked witch.”copyright protection17PENANAPmNUx0UdNL

            When she looked at him closely and saw the tattoo, she said, “Have we met before?”copyright protection17PENANApreJAR4WaU

            “I doubt I’d ever forget meeting you.”copyright protection17PENANA49rTRNgmMW

*A Curious Thing*copyright protection17PENANAKCixxQyr3m

Give me something I can believecopyright protection17PENANActOrcpjgmt

Make my heart a better placecopyright protection17PENANAarDBlupBRc

Give me something I can believecopyright protection17PENANAyCOQalGINK

Give me something I can believecopyright protection17PENANA50dTrpjLGF

Don’t tear it down, what’s left of mecopyright protection17PENANAeQ6SsrmS3e

Make my heart a better placecopyright protection17PENANA5BQUr1g8K3

Make my heart a better placecopyright protection17PENANASP35Jvv2gb

21Please respect copyright.PENANAwEYddcTKXr
copyright protection17PENANAHv2OnvfKoi

            It was a beautiful day at Regina’s house, as they stood in front of each other.copyright protection17PENANAZtTPnlQEtA

            “What do you see in me?” she asked him, curious.copyright protection17PENANAHmqKs9gYcx

            “I believe the same thing you see in me. A second chance,” Robin replied.copyright protection17PENANA9U2cIqIXb6

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