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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.10: Apologize (Rumbelle)
Jan 12, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!h79wPHcPczMCF79qHotJposted on PENANA

Ch.10: Apologize (Rumbelle)copyright protection22PENANAWupksgpG3O

Summary: Set in S4 and 5. Just a songfic based on Enrigue’s song “Apologize.”copyright protection22PENANA1lWbRMS4C5

*Watching Over Him*copyright protection22PENANADoIiwSIdgc

I’m holdin’ on your ropecopyright protection22PENANAXdGnx8DXOG

Got me ten feet off the groundcopyright protection22PENANALQ1I2TuUX7

And I’m hearin’ what you saycopyright protection22PENANA0BvIT1BCfS

But I just can’t make a soundcopyright protection22PENANAOc5vzCDczs

You tell me that you need mecopyright protection22PENANATliV3kOyfM

Then you go and cut me downcopyright protection22PENANAFgnbZhdAUs

But wait…copyright protection22PENANAsIEyeeaRrK

You tell me that you’re sorrycopyright protection22PENANAkk5Df9Y4Ie

Didn’t think I’d turn aroundcopyright protection22PENANAQnuezuvM5p

And say…copyright protection22PENANAfx8U5m8gez

That it’s too late to apologizecopyright protection22PENANA0yU6b9f9dX

It’s too late…copyright protection22PENANAn4lSiUmNHr

I said it’s too late to apologizecopyright protection22PENANAdXZmR5I0lX

It’s too late, too late, oh, oh…copyright protection22PENANAAmvutHEIRS

26Please respect copyright.PENANABbguDRdkH4
copyright protection22PENANAGeW27eXu2F

            It was a beautiful day in Story Brooke at the shop, as Belle looked at Rumple who was in a preservation spell in bed. She was seated on his bedside, as she watched over him, not wanting to leave his side. She wanted to be there in case he went or in case he woke up.copyright protection22PENANAVgCVCu0kum

*Banishment At Town Line*copyright protection22PENANAi5JNzcveVm

I’d take another chancecopyright protection22PENANA6CB2EIhBcj

Take a fall, take a shot for you, oh, oh…copyright protection22PENANAh8zT3cn4xS

I need you like a heart needs a beatcopyright protection22PENANArPYaDym8Mi

But it’s nothin’ new, yeah!copyright protection22PENANAuSU5VyOca1

I loved you with a fire redcopyright protection22PENANAwra5lehJiP

Now it’s turning bluecopyright protection22PENANACJEAUh9hpV

And you say…copyright protection22PENANAzUOt0J2OWd

Sorry, like an angelcopyright protection22PENANAQsF0x0ePKx

Heaven let me think was youcopyright protection22PENANAFmhjXbA6s0

But I’m afraidcopyright protection22PENANA22UQvUAyJw

It’s too late to apologizecopyright protection22PENANALzYqAwrOmb

It’s too latecopyright protection22PENANAm1yDkvOVBh

I said it’s too late to apologizecopyright protection22PENANAVEjQvPK5nu

It’s too latecopyright protection22PENANAC94AAE71tt

26Please respect copyright.PENANAAzVWakhZjk
copyright protection22PENANAdPuLsPghLS

            It was a beautiful day, as Belle stood with the dagger to control him, about to banish him to keep everyone safe from him.copyright protection22PENANAzGxSx2Ii76

            “Please, Belle. Don’t do this,” he begged her, as he took a few steps back. “I’m sorry,” he added.copyright protection22PENANAMJfQkQurSY

*No Place Like Home*copyright protection22PENANAV5NqRgg7x1

            It was a beautiful day at the shop, as he stood not far from her, trying to convince her that he was trying to change and could change, if she would give him another chance.copyright protection22PENANA06IxZfzHxH

*In Danger*copyright protection22PENANANkr3aMUFeM

            After The Dark One let Rumple go, he went straight to the library elevator, where he was found by Belle. It was what The Dark One wanted, which put Belle in danger. He knew that and informed her of it.copyright protection22PENANAD9SrAJHQQf

            “What can I do?” she asked, wanting to help in any way possible.copyright protection22PENANARRmAolPY3n

            “There’s nothing you can do,” he replied.copyright protection22PENANAFRH7VSTPx7

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