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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.10: Apologize (Rumbelle)
Jan 12, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!A2cvT6rATNoACE4POhrZposted on PENANA

Ch.10: Apologize (Rumbelle)copyright protection31PENANA4zHXSIQJNN

Summary: Set in S4 and 5. Just a songfic based on Enrigue’s song “Apologize.”copyright protection31PENANAknQwSKDkkx

*Watching Over Him*copyright protection31PENANA7I7KnbAbt2

I’m holdin’ on your ropecopyright protection31PENANAbxCSvuBlep

Got me ten feet off the groundcopyright protection31PENANA9yMZ5FKI04

And I’m hearin’ what you saycopyright protection31PENANAf7NmRaysm2

But I just can’t make a soundcopyright protection31PENANAuxA6q5B1rP

You tell me that you need mecopyright protection31PENANAqAndAsTkaT

Then you go and cut me downcopyright protection31PENANAoq0cNSmlkI

But wait…copyright protection31PENANAoOgYUG4vIv

You tell me that you’re sorrycopyright protection31PENANAk86ImGbf1m

Didn’t think I’d turn aroundcopyright protection31PENANA8pM9Bz2YVn

And say…copyright protection31PENANAGkcXi7DnCl

That it’s too late to apologizecopyright protection31PENANATXuZGQGR6H

It’s too late…copyright protection31PENANAdf70oIArHw

I said it’s too late to apologizecopyright protection31PENANAOoQ1l98YwL

It’s too late, too late, oh, oh…copyright protection31PENANAjqJOppE5hK

35Please respect copyright.PENANAqhyUZbbifu
copyright protection31PENANANuZUvoD5Qk

            It was a beautiful day in Story Brooke at the shop, as Belle looked at Rumple who was in a preservation spell in bed. She was seated on his bedside, as she watched over him, not wanting to leave his side. She wanted to be there in case he went or in case he woke up.copyright protection31PENANABFIrG3AO27

*Banishment At Town Line*copyright protection31PENANAzlxiaXIO3Z

I’d take another chancecopyright protection31PENANAzQuyKZXn5N

Take a fall, take a shot for you, oh, oh…copyright protection31PENANAIHsq88tJXw

I need you like a heart needs a beatcopyright protection31PENANARwSpP2mxQp

But it’s nothin’ new, yeah!copyright protection31PENANAxpf1Y01Wo7

I loved you with a fire redcopyright protection31PENANAK6OcwWl0Gj

Now it’s turning bluecopyright protection31PENANAwyQoXFqjdh

And you say…copyright protection31PENANAJLHZMGZOCo

Sorry, like an angelcopyright protection31PENANAVmuJz1GV1n

Heaven let me think was youcopyright protection31PENANAeyV4XSKocY

But I’m afraidcopyright protection31PENANAGVJnUw3UkG

It’s too late to apologizecopyright protection31PENANAig3MZDNGyP

It’s too latecopyright protection31PENANA3NoYSmRDK3

I said it’s too late to apologizecopyright protection31PENANABqYlOTRSNc

It’s too latecopyright protection31PENANAy5sCRsfF9O

35Please respect copyright.PENANAhSP3MBG16a
copyright protection31PENANAucBTbuf37Z

            It was a beautiful day, as Belle stood with the dagger to control him, about to banish him to keep everyone safe from him.copyright protection31PENANA6Iq53eYV7M

            “Please, Belle. Don’t do this,” he begged her, as he took a few steps back. “I’m sorry,” he added.copyright protection31PENANA8FRBiI4xod

*No Place Like Home*copyright protection31PENANAlTqXMBr1Fy

            It was a beautiful day at the shop, as he stood not far from her, trying to convince her that he was trying to change and could change, if she would give him another chance.copyright protection31PENANA1MhsSlHQgO

*In Danger*copyright protection31PENANADpuu0Md4jB

            After The Dark One let Rumple go, he went straight to the library elevator, where he was found by Belle. It was what The Dark One wanted, which put Belle in danger. He knew that and informed her of it.copyright protection31PENANAhFuHChj4iY

            “What can I do?” she asked, wanting to help in any way possible.copyright protection31PENANACkLTMDfuuw

            “There’s nothing you can do,” he replied.copyright protection31PENANAi7VNBVzOZT

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