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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.3: Say Something (CaptainSwan)
Jan 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!goO4E5bWLeNCNYNiBTQXposted on PENANA

Ch.3: Say Something (CaptainSwan)copyright protection27PENANAxcoEcsNo7L

Summary: Set in S5. After getting caught up in S5, this came to mind. Based on the song “Say Something, I’m Giving Up On You.”copyright protection27PENANAjn98sNdDKY

*New Dark One*copyright protection27PENANARyAFwoX7iO

Say Somethingcopyright protection27PENANA5P1tudWiC3

I’m giving up on youcopyright protection27PENANA3Wrc4U0ixL

I’ll be the onecopyright protection27PENANAhpjR4Qg2Xz

If you want me tocopyright protection27PENANAR3oSxT6tbJ

31Please respect copyright.PENANAteRXD114ep
copyright protection27PENANAxeFZrKTs3r

            It was a beautiful day in the forest, as Emma knelt at Hook’s side. He was dying and very close to death, but he didn’t want her to use any sort of magic to turn him into The Dark One. He had spent over a century fighting the darkness. He wasn’t strong enough to resist if he was The Dark One. When he was nearly dead though, she went against his wishes. Everyone close to her had always ended up dying. She didn’t want to lose him. She had lost so many people throughout her life. She couldn’t bear to lose Killian, too. So she did what she had to do to save him. She turned him into The Dark One.copyright protection27PENANAdkRxcWnsYl

            Later, when he was The Dark One and she wasn’t being straight with him, he decided to walk away from her, despite her calling his name to stop him from leaving.copyright protection27PENANA1QpqIWkPqv

            When she found him in the heart of the forest, they argued, him thinking that she didn’t trust him anymore, which wasn’t true at all.copyright protection27PENANAyXJeXbYQD1

*Emma Saved*copyright protection27PENANAiRl9px5N04

Anywherecopyright protection27PENANA92UytDuNsU

I would’ve followed youcopyright protection27PENANAj0S2ePedGS

Say somethingcopyright protection27PENANAfYJA898dW9

I’m giving up on youcopyright protection27PENANAi5ccEFQ8ti

And Icopyright protection27PENANA3MjVPxL3Lr

I’m feeling so smallcopyright protection27PENANAV0qFByPKML

It was over my headcopyright protection27PENANAT4R5hvL7Ee

I know nothing at allcopyright protection27PENANAqH0JCQhoT2

31Please respect copyright.PENANAe2gTFA9FdN
copyright protection27PENANAQP3hvEPkpC

            After getting home and after Emma was saved from the darkness, everyone found out that Hook was the new Dark One and the most evil of all, unable to resist temptation; the lure of darkness. They did everything they could to break the hold that the darkness had on Killian.copyright protection27PENANA6iHXoZta77

*The Sacrifice*copyright protection27PENANAoxOpgrfxP9

And Icopyright protection27PENANAAGZDXuiNOH

Will stumble and fallcopyright protection27PENANApV07Sp6lzd

I’m still learning to lovecopyright protection27PENANAtYLho1JEzy

Just starting to crawlcopyright protection27PENANAN9eNNch5Z6

Say somethingcopyright protection27PENANANp1OwUdDgN

I’m giving up on youcopyright protection27PENANARJLC09DJNd

I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to youcopyright protection27PENANAiBmxoaJGgI

Anywherecopyright protection27PENANAM38OSEJ5iZ

I would’ve followed youcopyright protection27PENANAS9IEMINqsB

Say somethingcopyright protection27PENANADLd0iBa2iq

I’m giving up on youcopyright protection27PENANAL4uTTmyCsQ

And Icopyright protection27PENANABl0kZM2Ndv

Will swallow my pridecopyright protection27PENANApQgCQye1Bw

You’re the one that I lovecopyright protection27PENANAsmBXfukN7M

And I’m saying goodbyecopyright protection27PENANAEJ7F37r6VF

Say somethingcopyright protection27PENANABkvSWmqao1

I’m giving up on youcopyright protection27PENANAGRohODM9rU

31Please respect copyright.PENANAk51S6bafmL
copyright protection27PENANAV6D3LHbdN6

            The night that the first ever Dark Ones marked the living for the underworld; apart from Hook of course, everyone met at the river to try and at least save Hook, or to even stop him and the first Dark Ones.copyright protection27PENANASpqohnKHx9

            When Emma tried to talk him out of it, one of the first Dark Ones, Nume, used magic on her.copyright protection27PENANAJe08wOLjXd

            “I may not be able to kill you, but I can keep you quiet,” Nume said, as she held out her hand while using magic, tightening her throat.copyright protection27PENANAdTjRX5y8il

            Emma put a hand on her own chest, as she tried to breathe and looked at Hook, who looked back at her, watching her struggle with breathing. Then, just as she thought that he wasn’t going to stop it and that she would die, and just moments before she would lose her balance and when her vision was blurry from lack of oxygen, she heard him tell her to stop.copyright protection27PENANAfbKFz12kJA

            “Stop it,” Hook ordered Nume.copyright protection27PENANAttPtBminFf

            Nume continued to make it hard for Emma to breathe, not heeding him.copyright protection27PENANABT9UK60ifj

            He took the Excalibur sword from its sheath and used it on the Dark Ones to save Emma, putting them in the sword. He then looked at her.copyright protection27PENANAEuuo93qcna

            “I can’t hold the darkness inside the caliber for long,” he told her, before telling her to kill him.copyright protection27PENANANREDkgZCDF

            As they kissed, she knew it was the only way to get rid of the darkness for good. So, even though she didn’t want to do it, she killed him with the Excalibur. Then she let it fall to the ground and she fell to her knees in tears, heartbroken, as everyone else watched and Henry hugged her in comfort, nobody having anything to say. There was nothing to say to make her feel better. She had just watched the man that she loved die, yet again. Only time could heal.copyright protection27PENANASey19i8aAn

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