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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.2: Only Human (CaptainSwan)
Jan 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!p5xQa5EwtkDTD9M9d29Pposted on PENANA

Ch.2: Only Human (CaptainSwan)copyright protection26PENANAKLKMzf46yl

Summary: Set in S2-5. Based on the song “Only Human.”copyright protection26PENANAGYqeOBjt8N

*The Dance*copyright protection26PENANANLGqUtA8vK

I can hold my breathcopyright protection26PENANAXgvI35Y7bx

I can bite my tonguecopyright protection26PENANAsSvT6juqMD

I can stay awake for dayscopyright protection26PENANAdAoU1jnBrS

If that’s what you wantcopyright protection26PENANAlp9R8cW6k7

Be your number onecopyright protection26PENANADN09G6tbxg

I can fake a smilecopyright protection26PENANAPLQdFRx2tZ

I can force a laughcopyright protection26PENANAVPo4GwhCCC

I can dance and play the partcopyright protection26PENANAKgpKq6RTip

If that’s what you askcopyright protection26PENANA97a0lPSSRm

Give you all I amcopyright protection26PENANARNbgRRM9up

I can do itcopyright protection26PENANALfGaZ6hR0z

I can do itcopyright protection26PENANAgaHra2g3V8

I can do itcopyright protection26PENANApNVB3NsQXX

30Please respect copyright.PENANAId789UVMJB
copyright protection26PENANAgIcWTc3a43

            It was a dark night at Camelot in King Arthur’s castle in the ballroom, as Emma and Captain Hook, also known as Killian Jones, danced together. It was their first dance together, though Killian had danced at many balls and even on his own ship, the Jolly Roger.copyright protection26PENANAKlerMpu3sp

*Tallahassee*copyright protection26PENANAcSd8thVW7S

But I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANAToB6kuioFm

And I bleed when I fall downcopyright protection26PENANAsqIGRu5lxy

I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANALJqZRUgNRn

30Please respect copyright.PENANAg6yJx9ByLE
copyright protection26PENANAGLLhR6Mavs

            It was a dark night by the town line, as Hook tried to avoid getting hit by a car racing down the road, but he didn’t succeed and got ran over. The car landed in the ditch and Hook landed on the side of the road.copyright protection26PENANAxXSfDKJJ6h

            Later, he was informed that he had some broken ribs.copyright protection26PENANAhR1IRSC7Gt

*I Just Watched The Man I Love Die*copyright protection26PENANAvmehE6orgT

And I crash and I break downcopyright protection26PENANAUOQM3uxNdD

Your words in my headcopyright protection26PENANA4uv5cmYPtE

Knives in my heartcopyright protection26PENANAjZ1xgGEE7U

You build me up and then I fall apartcopyright protection26PENANAx1IoOMSlz5

I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANAZDAuJNQHCk

30Please respect copyright.PENANAXvZKQBPZnb
copyright protection26PENANAlVjmtA27ea

            Emma stood by Regina in the forest in the alternate universe after watching Hook die at the hands of Snow, her mother.copyright protection26PENANA2McLa1x2n7

            “I just watched the man that I love die, and the worst part is that I never told him I loved him; not once.”copyright protection26PENANA8mKJRtwIb9

*Snow Drifts*copyright protection26PENANA2w5mTzXWHb

I can turn it oncopyright protection26PENANA7KYkw8l4bI

Be a good machinecopyright protection26PENANAbk5W4WqBEB

I can hold the weight of worldscopyright protection26PENANAKH8Q42q1Z7

If that’s what you needcopyright protection26PENANAd6RbqnkMrw

Be your everythingcopyright protection26PENANAvDQAzUxZvb

I can do itcopyright protection26PENANABgTJ7XLxZK

I can do itcopyright protection26PENANAEcRwoiUI4l

I’ll get through itcopyright protection26PENANAezZ5ay0Hyv

But I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANAS9MMSTKEqJ

30Please respect copyright.PENANAQ6oXeySakB
copyright protection26PENANAo4WgAkyu3C

            It was a beautiful day, as Emma tried to hang on with the portal opened up, Hook hanging on to the solid ground with his hooked hand. She lost her hold though, and fell through. So, making up his mind to go in after her, he let go with his hooked hand.copyright protection26PENANAQibPnmon3W

            “One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman,” he commented, before letting go.copyright protection26PENANATW5FIYysCY

*Poor Unfortunate Soul*copyright protection26PENANAc138hEsP9v

And I bleed when I fall downcopyright protection26PENANArZODPb0dz3

I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANAasZf8IdGaQ

And I crash and I break downcopyright protection26PENANAFnRIv8nXYw

Your words in my headcopyright protection26PENANAtqvh3lt3z3

Knives in my heartcopyright protection26PENANA7Jv6ZDPdk0

You build me up and then I fall apartcopyright protection26PENANA30nVIS36Q1

I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANACkr8Cvt5z3

I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANA8HMEOMiDZD

I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANAD3D0YmT2sJ

Just a little humancopyright protection26PENANA443wcF2GLC

30Please respect copyright.PENANALBIkkfuWNf
copyright protection26PENANAJUjwz7jRKj

            Hook and Emma stood outside on the street by Granny’s Diner and looked at each other.copyright protection26PENANAvom8plvinX

            “You’re my happy ending, Emma,” he confessed to her.copyright protection26PENANA1r25XfLZWw

*Broken*copyright protection26PENANABGqVd02wRN

I can take so muchcopyright protection26PENANAPnccwBx1UU

Until I’ve had enoughcopyright protection26PENANAYVm11jgMjc

‘Cause I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANAiVSJQ5JTCB

And I bleed when I fall downcopyright protection26PENANAHrZTDvvbwp

I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANA5vlrwmLN95

And I crash and I break downcopyright protection26PENANA0s1TbSZVMB

Your words in my headcopyright protection26PENANAxt3wnH1SSy

Knives in my heartcopyright protection26PENANAiX3DpA0bn9

You build me up and then I fall apartcopyright protection26PENANAgoBihNagIW

‘Cause I’m only humancopyright protection26PENANASgpVNNCOFu

30Please respect copyright.PENANABLKAwBblAz
copyright protection26PENANAnXsqBS1B3p

            It was a dismal night by the river as Emma fell to her knees in grief, Hook dead. She had tried to keep him alive by turning him into The Dark One, but now he was dead. She felt like her world had shattered because, yet another loved one had died. She had lost so many people in her life. Now Killian, too.copyright protection26PENANAKkNlC48MlR

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