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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.2: Only Human (CaptainSwan)
Jan 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!X5CRDRMzP8heGWNR6vghposted on PENANA

Ch.2: Only Human (CaptainSwan)copyright protection35PENANAKaaxGFLJ6R

Summary: Set in S2-5. Based on the song “Only Human.”copyright protection35PENANAg3XSUAJHaz

*The Dance*copyright protection35PENANAPrOwoBnu7E

I can hold my breathcopyright protection35PENANALROWpvBafH

I can bite my tonguecopyright protection35PENANA1vLYnGz7nJ

I can stay awake for dayscopyright protection35PENANAHdavKz783e

If that’s what you wantcopyright protection35PENANAMP6AMv6nFl

Be your number onecopyright protection35PENANA5HQRFexemV

I can fake a smilecopyright protection35PENANAY489zTIH1M

I can force a laughcopyright protection35PENANAVNC1ooxuLc

I can dance and play the partcopyright protection35PENANAQRTHIzWfOi

If that’s what you askcopyright protection35PENANAbNnkWXdFEe

Give you all I amcopyright protection35PENANAsz14Bps8Ue

I can do itcopyright protection35PENANAlK6frOPn4E

I can do itcopyright protection35PENANAGfr4zn1N3F

I can do itcopyright protection35PENANA1ve3zQs1Zn

39Please respect copyright.PENANAPIoGR4skAr
copyright protection35PENANAgl7mBzbqXf

            It was a dark night at Camelot in King Arthur’s castle in the ballroom, as Emma and Captain Hook, also known as Killian Jones, danced together. It was their first dance together, though Killian had danced at many balls and even on his own ship, the Jolly Roger.copyright protection35PENANA4EvvI5TJSW

*Tallahassee*copyright protection35PENANAoUrDX0uq2t

But I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANANjOVFpvQQs

And I bleed when I fall downcopyright protection35PENANA6U7CqPIjzA

I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANAgXvHBsI6TK

39Please respect copyright.PENANAWp38Jy67KQ
copyright protection35PENANAzG4oBJO6AF

            It was a dark night by the town line, as Hook tried to avoid getting hit by a car racing down the road, but he didn’t succeed and got ran over. The car landed in the ditch and Hook landed on the side of the road.copyright protection35PENANAzHzGk0w2k5

            Later, he was informed that he had some broken ribs.copyright protection35PENANADA38hEBZKu

*I Just Watched The Man I Love Die*copyright protection35PENANAKkaOJMyyT9

And I crash and I break downcopyright protection35PENANAdtRN9bNFd7

Your words in my headcopyright protection35PENANAKQHNZZsAZd

Knives in my heartcopyright protection35PENANA4Kyfzh17PV

You build me up and then I fall apartcopyright protection35PENANAh3o8QykDdy

I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANALYotMotfYs

39Please respect copyright.PENANApOUAxfs0nR
copyright protection35PENANAs2c0hMijU8

            Emma stood by Regina in the forest in the alternate universe after watching Hook die at the hands of Snow, her mother.copyright protection35PENANAebbDk1bEFp

            “I just watched the man that I love die, and the worst part is that I never told him I loved him; not once.”copyright protection35PENANAdrnBUaZopY

*Snow Drifts*copyright protection35PENANAQS13SjQbCK

I can turn it oncopyright protection35PENANAjRVuugvGVb

Be a good machinecopyright protection35PENANA58CtKxDKV3

I can hold the weight of worldscopyright protection35PENANAIMVJQO3GZF

If that’s what you needcopyright protection35PENANAqjxmN2DjIy

Be your everythingcopyright protection35PENANAuOH7hrEVcz

I can do itcopyright protection35PENANAYUmTEdHITH

I can do itcopyright protection35PENANAnk0VGNXk7G

I’ll get through itcopyright protection35PENANASBuAIM1nHe

But I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANAXF8jzNwhvq

39Please respect copyright.PENANA0cAoSrtlM3
copyright protection35PENANAYTKYPrMNLT

            It was a beautiful day, as Emma tried to hang on with the portal opened up, Hook hanging on to the solid ground with his hooked hand. She lost her hold though, and fell through. So, making up his mind to go in after her, he let go with his hooked hand.copyright protection35PENANAtEvYeeKgCs

            “One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman,” he commented, before letting go.copyright protection35PENANAuz8DTHrqZX

*Poor Unfortunate Soul*copyright protection35PENANAQXRBWG3ItP

And I bleed when I fall downcopyright protection35PENANACXu8WJnGZZ

I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANA9uyi8r0ASZ

And I crash and I break downcopyright protection35PENANAxIWpkT6nCA

Your words in my headcopyright protection35PENANAdexHntqKap

Knives in my heartcopyright protection35PENANAJkUiC3KCDC

You build me up and then I fall apartcopyright protection35PENANABakyAFrG33

I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANAggiOXGinqs

I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANANaNIspLc1o

I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANAODz9b9ODQS

Just a little humancopyright protection35PENANAH78ZV5Gdt6

39Please respect copyright.PENANAMItPRcoXj9
copyright protection35PENANAGghuYJTJWV

            Hook and Emma stood outside on the street by Granny’s Diner and looked at each other.copyright protection35PENANA7KyHUKQJnH

            “You’re my happy ending, Emma,” he confessed to her.copyright protection35PENANAB4OJ4JPKXi

*Broken*copyright protection35PENANAREy89xR2hO

I can take so muchcopyright protection35PENANAYoyw6thXcE

Until I’ve had enoughcopyright protection35PENANAENJsxNcmya

‘Cause I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANAFpPdxYLp12

And I bleed when I fall downcopyright protection35PENANAdZrMwxfNus

I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANAs9fbBNZOax

And I crash and I break downcopyright protection35PENANAZPXO3vNOVO

Your words in my headcopyright protection35PENANAQ9OhVkPb8k

Knives in my heartcopyright protection35PENANADAtTM5GLTQ

You build me up and then I fall apartcopyright protection35PENANAjTGhHJMvxH

‘Cause I’m only humancopyright protection35PENANAkoQ8GMtvYB

39Please respect copyright.PENANAOIXJivZLvm
copyright protection35PENANAPBcjvYocKh

            It was a dismal night by the river as Emma fell to her knees in grief, Hook dead. She had tried to keep him alive by turning him into The Dark One, but now he was dead. She felt like her world had shattered because, yet another loved one had died. She had lost so many people in her life. Now Killian, too.copyright protection35PENANA33aJkSs7o0

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