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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.5: What Hurts The Most (CaptainSwan)
Jan 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!m4PE05ny4BacM47X4jUlposted on PENANA

Ch.5: What Hurts The Most (CaptainSwan)copyright protection8PENANAIRBLaB6g5Y

Summary: Set in S5. This is a tribute to Emma and Hook. I hope you enjoy.copyright protection8PENANAJr3z54FtCK

*5x1 Part 1-Beginning*copyright protection8PENANA4NWQR4OWoJ

I can take the rain on the roof of this empty housecopyright protection8PENANAh7ATSKuZ1z

That don’t bother mecopyright protection8PENANAYL02k66ZAJ

I can take a few tears every now and then and just let them outcopyright protection8PENANAKExGvoLjk9

I’m not afraid to cry every once in a whilecopyright protection8PENANA2CgCv9n08p

Even though goin’ on with you gone still upsets mecopyright protection8PENANAA7aB9uIgui

There are days every now and again I pretend I’m okaycopyright protection8PENANA0eWxVsVGLg

But that’s not what gets mecopyright protection8PENANAQOT7rogOpp

12Please respect copyright.PENANASbh0SqeIPB
copyright protection8PENANAdZwnAGSiWn

            It was a dark night in Storybrooke, as Hook stood in the street with the dagger in hand that could control whoever was The Dark One. In this world, after Emma had saved Regina from the Darkness, Hook believed that Emma was now The Dark One; Not Rumpelstiltskin or, like he liked to refer Gold to, The Crocodile.copyright protection8PENANAAXCxuxZqeL

            “What are you doing?” Regina questioned from a ways behind him.copyright protection8PENANAG4zAc0YsPo

            “Summoning her.”copyright protection8PENANAS3nprY6jg2

            “It’s not like she disappeared on a unicorn. She vaporized in a cloud of dark magic. I would think that you’d be smarter than that.”copyright protection8PENANAGRZipuQoU5

            “I can summon her. I know what I’m doing. I dealt with The Crocodile for more than a decade,” he said, before trying to summon her. “I summon you, Dark One.” After a few times, he put his arm down. “I don’t understand. Why isn’t it working?”copyright protection8PENANA9B9JbmJaPz

            “Isn’t it obvious? She’s not in this world anymore,” Regina sympathized with him.copyright protection8PENANAyHCV73Tdna

            He turned around to finally look at the reformed Evil Queen. All he wanted was Emma back; The Savior. She was his happy ending. He couldn’t lose her. Not after everything they had gone through for the past three years.copyright protection8PENANAg32gmrKdQE

*5x1-Granny’s Diner*copyright protection8PENANAi0gsJrOtBD

What hurts that most was being so closecopyright protection8PENANA29lE5sHZF4

And havin’ so much to saycopyright protection8PENANAaW8ccvEWJv

And watchin’ you walk awaycopyright protection8PENANAB1vRuejiHU

And never knowin’ what could’ve beencopyright protection8PENANAWK4ho9K68q

And not seein’ that lovin’ youcopyright protection8PENANAbimkvyPavz

Is what I was trying to docopyright protection8PENANAG7BbY5qho8

It’s hard to deal with the pain of losin’ you everywhere I gocopyright protection8PENANAckSgChpnny

But I’m doing itcopyright protection8PENANANyRaSnJIye

It’s hard to force a smile when I see out old friends and I’m alonecopyright protection8PENANAhemSpkYQCm

Still harder getting’ up, getting’ dressed, livin’ with this regretcopyright protection8PENANAZPHR5j8vHv

But I know if I could do it overcopyright protection8PENANA3u4VFXioFQ

I would trade, give away all the words that I saved in my heartcopyright protection8PENANADX4ZQukOlW

That I left unspokencopyright protection8PENANAakMRbRbknT

12Please respect copyright.PENANAhc2FCKAG4x
copyright protection8PENANAQqoUm3RErx

            It was a dark night, as Hook sat at the bar on the bar stool in Granny’s Diner, drinking from his flask that was filled with Whiskey, drinking away his pain. That’s when Belle found him and went to sit by him.copyright protection8PENANAu5vz4l4o9p

            “You know, Granny’ll give you a glass if you ask,” she told him. “Did you try to kiss her?” she added, changing the subject.copyright protection8PENANAlkJ7cVZofm

            “Aye,” he answered. He took another drink from his flask, before adding, “She didn’t even flitch.”copyright protection8PENANAh6NF09JSNb

            “I’m sorry,” she said, knowing what it felt like after everything she had gone through with trying to make Rumple into a better man and trying to save him from the Darkness.copyright protection8PENANAqigVRkhVIr

            “It’s not over. I spent over a century trying to kill the bloody Crocodile. I can spend at least that long trying to save the woman I love.”copyright protection8PENANAk4L4bYZamf

*5x2-The Kiss*copyright protection8PENANAwEljkms4fg

What hurts the mostcopyright protection8PENANAfGyvBqQSlz

Was being so closecopyright protection8PENANAjGD5LO3LZq

And havin’ so much to saycopyright protection8PENANA0w5mQqJjuY

And watchin’ you walk awaycopyright protection8PENANAzJE8fgy59U

And never knowin’ what could’ve beencopyright protection8PENANAEtBhzm6D76

And not seein’ that lovin’ youcopyright protection8PENANA38C9vszeL4

Is what I was trying to do, ohcopyright protection8PENANAdlOSt3919i

What hurts the mostcopyright protection8PENANAVNMw5lTcY0

Was being so closecopyright protection8PENANAi29UbEnLT8

And havin’ so much to saycopyright protection8PENANAQ7tEZXH9YQ

And watchin’ you walk awaycopyright protection8PENANArUEeqKzkWy

And never knowin’ what could’ve beencopyright protection8PENANAkeAu9M9wy3

And not seein’ that lovin’ youcopyright protection8PENANAFoa92a6Kj4

Is what I was trying to docopyright protection8PENANABLYgZp0yJX

12Please respect copyright.PENANA4RAyGa5bLK
copyright protection8PENANA74bHzluIR3

            It was a dark night, as they kissed in the house that was now her place.copyright protection8PENANALwrVGu5Mfo

            A few minutes later, he pulled away and looked at her.copyright protection8PENANAQQ9P79f7IY

            “It didn’t work. Why didn’t it work?”copyright protection8PENANA4P3gxCC2kt

            He had expected their kiss to turn her back into herself, instead of being The Dark One.copyright protection8PENANA560x2G17sg

            “It didn’t work, because I’m The Dark One,” she answered him, getting what he meant.copyright protection8PENANAwj7G9eQomy

            A few minutes later, he walked away. He would have to try another plan to get her rid of the Darkness that flowed through her.copyright protection8PENANAnrnqHV3jXo

That’s what I was trying to do, oohcopyright protection8PENANAN2uOzwvBEY

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