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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.16: Broken (Rumatherine)
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OZCMvSMFynKGPC8yolhYposted on PENANA

Ch.16: Broken (Rumatherine)copyright protection16PENANABfLJI7o6OO

Summary: Set in VD and OUAT S7. Kat appears, injured from her time in the prison world with Kai. After Rumple saves her, what will ensue? Based on “Broken” by Lifehouse.copyright protection16PENANApCN2pjUbYt

A/N: There’s no curse like S7 has shown, so everyone still lives in Storybrooke.copyright protection16PENANAzJaoljWJEe

The broken clock is a comfortcopyright protection16PENANAIgtt0bAohp

It helps me sleep tonightcopyright protection16PENANAdG21IrkDDi

Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my timecopyright protection16PENANA6c1hBnAy7e

I am here still waiting, though I still have my doubtscopyright protection16PENANAMPvfjvrUUI

I am damaged at bestcopyright protection16PENANAj7pl98NtMq

Like you’ve already figured outcopyright protection16PENANAMTDOafbKNj

I’m falling apartcopyright protection16PENANAZA8uQs0hmU

I’m barely breathingcopyright protection16PENANA0F1q0ayNEl

With a broken heart that’s still beatingcopyright protection16PENANAereRfo7r8V

In the paincopyright protection16PENANAK8vTCllCDH

There is healingcopyright protection16PENANAwEmy4nJDao

In your name, I find meaningcopyright protection16PENANAYoPcg5BowK

So I’m holdin’ oncopyright protection16PENANAjgSOavav7N

20Please respect copyright.PENANAazwcns7QSa
copyright protection16PENANAcErzdwWX96

            It was a nebulous night, as a human Katherine appeared on the shoulder of the road. She’d just escaped the prison world and Kai, so she was quite injured. She had a dagger protruding from her thigh, an arrow was in her lower stomach, there were multiple other wounds, and there was blood on either side of her head. Despite her injuries and having trouble staying awake, she could still see that the road sign read Welcome to Storybrooke. After seeing that, everything went gray and then started to go black.copyright protection16PENANAl8vbkMgWaM

            Rumple was walking down a road, but stopped when he saw someone laying on the shoulder of the road. It wasn’t anything new. Once in a while, people would appear in town. Even from a distance, he could tell that she was injured, so he decided to help her. After all those years with Belle, he’d changed in a way.copyright protection16PENANAGu3yid3tIb

            When he knelt beside her, he saw that she was quite injured and was losing a lot of blood. It made him wonder what had happened to her and who had hurt her like this.copyright protection16PENANAgVQIu4fq1o

            After pulling the arrow and dagger out and setting them on the ground, he hovered a hand over her wounds, healing her.copyright protection16PENANAxnx3yRQON1

I’m holdin’ oncopyright protection16PENANABuvE3OS7hB

I’m barely holdin’ on to youcopyright protection16PENANAiyw9h1dwsf

The broken locks were a warning you go inside my headcopyright protection16PENANAV0Cs3bkT08

I tried my best to be guardedcopyright protection16PENANAUBCqgFe8Nv

I’m an open book insteadcopyright protection16PENANAK53gfkitQK

I still see your reflection inside of my eyescopyright protection16PENANAIMKleOwzIw

That are looking for a purposecopyright protection16PENANAHC7k2o0hwN

They’re still looking for lifecopyright protection16PENANAMgTPx8aPB1

I’m falling apartcopyright protection16PENANAAjNlE29bBR

I’m barely breathingcopyright protection16PENANAHjuPDxdDOK

With a broken heart that’s still beatingcopyright protection16PENANAqB0jrysBo3

In the pain (In the pain)copyright protection16PENANACZnqk2sud4

Is there healing?copyright protection16PENANAmVnRK0oXDd

In your name (In your name) I find meaningcopyright protection16PENANAH4PIoghQRF

So I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’ on)copyright protection16PENANATtEhTZkmtx

20Please respect copyright.PENANAhZfNKXNS7r
copyright protection16PENANAqQtNHdO6bs

            The next day, when she woke up, she wasn’t on the road anymore, but rather, in a bed.copyright protection16PENANAkTw9CUpTKg

            She slowly sat up in bed, realizing she was completely healed, and went to investigate. She was curious as to who had saved her and what kind of town this was.copyright protection16PENANAyEKcWEcg0F

            When she came from the back of the shop, she saw some guy in a suit. Because she was descended from Travelers, she could sense that he had magic.copyright protection16PENANAOrwhedu2jG

            Rumple entered his shop to see that she was awake.copyright protection16PENANAuDz1MbVc4G

            He approached her, as he spoke.copyright protection16PENANAsDldQhR2xR

            “I see you’re awake, dearie. I go by many name’s, but people here call me Gold or Rumpelstiltskin. It’s up to you what you’d like to call me. I saved your life as you’ve probably already figured out, but I’d like to know who you are and what happened.”copyright protection16PENANAImieDxs8AL

            “I’ve been known as many names too, but I’m Katherine Pierce. Only those that knew me when I was human the first time get to call me by my human name,” she informed him. “I turned into a vampire 538 years ago, but on my doppelganger’s high school graduation, I picked a fight with her in vengeance, figuring she was partly responsible for Elijah leaving, and she shoved the cure for vampirism down my throat before I could kill her. After the summer ended, my daughter, Nadia whom was torn from my arms for being illegitimate, found me. Then, after an immortal, Silas, drank the cure out of me, I began aging. Then I lost Nadia forever when she was bitten, since a werewolf bite to a vampire is deadly within 24 hours. My greatest enemy’s blood is the cure, but I’ve always been afraid of Klaus. Besides, he’d never save her and Nadia just wanted me to be happy. She didn’t want me to give anything up just to save her. Shortly after, I died and ended up in a prison world that a Gemini witch named Kai is trapped in. I escaped and that’s when I ended up here,” she summarized. copyright protection16PENANAO5po6cA2oF

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’ on)copyright protection16PENANAJRi449mVbU

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’ on)copyright protection16PENANANUg68TDA1d

I’m barely holdin’ on to youcopyright protection16PENANAmQjMeqYOsn

I’m hangin’ on another daycopyright protection16PENANAtcfMhjVDf6

Just to see what you throw awaycopyright protection16PENANAy30O99HMKJ

And I’m hangin’ on to the words you saycopyright protection16PENANA06zkSOKRCc

You said that I will be OKcopyright protection16PENANAf6puSGONk3

The broken lights on the freeway left me here alonecopyright protection16PENANAUS6VGf5o2P

I may have lost my way nowcopyright protection16PENANA83VHnOv8F8

Haven’t forgotten my way homecopyright protection16PENANAlUfKp7qdVK

I’m falling apartcopyright protection16PENANAgQCnMjDRHG

I’m barely breathingcopyright protection16PENANAGPKBx8p3g5

With a broken heart that’s still beatingcopyright protection16PENANAbB0qlpyMCu

In the pain (In the pain) there is healingcopyright protection16PENANAwTk9h6sVX9

In your name I find meaningcopyright protection16PENANABDZlfwuFzK

So I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)copyright protection16PENANALLlLcGaKtN

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)copyright protection16PENANAeZHz9YFBTD

I’m barely holdin’ on to youcopyright protection16PENANALvhKRwhlcR

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)copyright protection16PENANA5XCqJO7UzB

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)copyright protection16PENANAHOAonKn3lh

I’m barely holdin’ on to youcopyright protection16PENANAG7MXSDu9YG

20Please respect copyright.PENANAhjjFl0qCgX
copyright protection16PENANA04EDvnsDh1

            When Katherine had finished summarizing what had happened, how she’d ended up in Storybrooke, and some of her past, he felt sorry for her. It also seemed to him that they were alike in more ways than one, despite being from two different worlds. They’d both done horrible things, lost a child, and lost someone they loved dearly.copyright protection16PENANAeYQOnezLhU

            “Well, welcome to Storybrooke. And I’m sorry for your loss. I know what it’s like to lose a child and someone you love,” was all he could say.copyright protection16PENANA2Y2OVUsq3r

            “Thanks for that,” she replied. “And thanks for healing me.”copyright protection16PENANA64vKH07aDp

            Several months later, they fell in love and she stayed in town, so they go their happy ending.copyright protection16PENANAcRn2GLgfwy

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