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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.8: Love Story (OutlawQueen)
Jan 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!DB1eVQg808nWeAKtu4aqposted on PENANA

Ch.8: Love Story (OutlawQueen)copyright protection33PENANAfjXXDbWsRV

Summary: Set in S1-5. A tribute to their journey of falling in love and being there for one another in their time of need.copyright protection33PENANAVuwWJrN0AO

  It was a beautiful day, as Regina stood by a window outside the bar, watching the guy with the tattoo on his arm. She was trying to summon the courage to go inside and speak with him, but was uncertain. What exactly would she say to him? That a fairy told her that they were destined to be together? As she watched some more, her hope for happiness shattered, when a girl in a red robe approached him and they kissed. That’s when she figured that she was destined to forever be alone and unhappy. So, not wanting to see any more, she walked away to go back home.copyright protection33PENANA8YLnyvQ3A0

            When the fairy returned that night and asked Regina how it went, Regina informed Tinkerbelle who then apologized, believing that she had been wrong about Regina’s soulmate.copyright protection33PENANAuPkrNYCJqt

            After a while of unhappiness and being controlled as much as possible by her mother, Cora, and after having to watch her mother kill the love of her life, Daniel, she found an old book in Cora’s room and summoned The Dark One, though she had trouble pronouncing his name. So, when he appeared, he corrected her, telling her how to pronounce it. Then, from then on, after teaching her enough magic to send Cora away through a mirror to Wonderland, she became queen. Then he taught her more magic, because she asked and she thirsted for the power that Dark magic comes with. Soon, she had caused destruction throughout the lands and became known as the Evil Queen. Then, soon enough, she finished her training, not needing him anymore.copyright protection33PENANAElYaiIC6Ic

            After a while, her sister, Zelena, tried to kill her, but failed. Then, after getting all the ingredients to make it, The Dark One chose her to cast the curse. Soon after, just in spite, she captured Belle and locked her away in a tower, knowing Rumple was falling for her but hiding it. She then told him that Belle was dead.copyright protection33PENANAVQaGeJb4NM

            After casting the spell and sending only certain people to Story Brooke without their memories, Regina created the curse and soon adopted a baby she named Henry, having always wanted to be a mother.copyright protection33PENANA5hCpIpnl9O

            Ten years later, after the curse was broken by Emma, the Savior, and after everyone had been reunited and their memories back, magic was brought to Story Brooke after Belle was freed and The Dark One found out the truth. Then, in revenge, Regina was marked for the Wraith by The Dark One. The Wraith was a creature that took the living marked ones to the underworld. The plan soon failed, though.copyright protection33PENANAPOaOYtwBAe

            After everyone found out that Bae was Henry’s dad, Emma was Henry’s biological mother, and The Dark One was Henry’s grandfather, Henry was saved from Peter Pan and Regina was tortured by a guy who hunted down and anyone with magic; Greg. Then, after being rescued, she destroyed the curse and met face to face with the guy with the tattoo; Robin Hood. Then she saved his son, Roland, from a flying monkey and Robin did the same for her.copyright protection33PENANAOv5ZbjInow

            After Zelena was defeated, Regina and Robin began to date and Miriam came to town. Then Miriam was put under a sleeping spell that Regina and Robin tried to save her from. Then, after Miriam was better, Regina and Robin spent that night in Regina’s vault, Robin torn between his love for both Miriam and Regina. Then Robin left with Miriam and Roland, breaking Regina’s heart, and after Regina and Robin found out that Miriam had been Zelena all that time, and was pregnant with his child, Regina and Robin returned to Story Brooke with Roland.copyright protection33PENANA9tNMTwbhSl

            After an alternate universe was created by Isaac, the new author of the Once Upon A Time book, Robin saved Regina from Snow White. Then, after Regina was stabbed with a sword by The Dark One, trying to save Henry from him in which she succeeded in, Zelena and Robin’s wedding was stopped when Robin left to go help Regina.copyright protection33PENANA5H9gv8J2Jk

            After everyone returned to Story Brooke, Regina was alive and Zelena was put in jail. Then, months later, when Emma was the new Dark One and sped up Zelena’s pregnancy to make Zelena the Dark One but failed, Zelena and Robin had a little baby girl.copyright protection33PENANAhxPmw1Gfo5

            In the end, after everything that they had been through, Robin and Regina finally got their happy ending.copyright protection33PENANAMyzzls6wJZ

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