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Writer Capt. leon
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The feast
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!nDPmmbYOYGXaup4vFpmMposted on PENANA

I HATE THE MIDDLE AGES!copyright protection2PENANA7OL7O9an7p

Chapter 11: The feastcopyright protection2PENANAKv2zSpKQdI

(The return of the king)copyright protection2PENANAxbT1BYwgnS

               Gandalf told King Théoden that the Ents had defeated Saruman, so the monarch and magician decided to go to Isengard. Hermione, Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn decided to accompany them.copyright protection2PENANA2uGOBuXMS5

               “Shall we go through the forest of Fangorn?” Hermione asked somewhat apprehensive.copyright protection2PENANAcCAfbsEWjS

               “Don't worry Hermione, the Ents will let us through to Isengard," answered the magician.copyright protection2PENANAEQ4yRFwnWT

               Hermione felt the oppressive atmosphere of the forest, and what is worse, she noticed as if she were being watched, and that is that the ents were clearing the way to let them pass, but no one in the group seemed to notice.copyright protection2PENANAgZnXNZrKMk

               "Hogwarts forbidden forest is nothing compared to this place," the girl thought nervously.copyright protection2PENANAPYWqd8TS4c

               “Gandalf, do you think there are acromantulas in the forest?” Hermione interrogated him, fearing the answer. Harry and Ron were very descriptive when they told her about their adventure with Aragog and his countless starving offspring.copyright protection2PENANALI3QhUwNis

               “Now that Sauron threatens the world, several gloomy creatures spread everywhere, I wouldn't be surprised if there were giant spiders in these parts," replied Gandalf, who knew about the adventure of the two children thanks to Hermione's description of it as soon as they entered the forest.copyright protection2PENANAGzr4we4YZQ

               “If there were centaurs I would be calmer Gandalf.”copyright protection2PENANAiPPfg3n9Wr

               “I fear that these creatures do not live in the forest of Fangorn.”copyright protection2PENANAlHapyrj4eC

               The group finally arrived in Isengard, the place was flooded because the river overflowed in the middle, Hermione was watching the high tower with attention, when suddenly a few screams caught their attention, it was Merry and Pipin, who welcomed the group, while tasting food and tobacco.copyright protection2PENANAwUbYZId3Gc

               “Damned hobbits! I have mixed feelings! I don't know whether to hug or beat them," said Gimli, a prisoner of exasperation.copyright protection2PENANAUY2JdiMArI

               “Guys, I'm so glad you're safe and sound!” Hermione said to them and getting off the horse she shared with Aragorn, she went to hug the hobbits.copyright protection2PENANA2NqccYDw2S

               The hobbits told the group that Barbol and the Ents had defeated Saruman, who had secluded himself in the tower. Gimli and the others wanted to settle accounts with Saruman and Grima, but Gandalf convinced them to leave them alone as they posed no danger to anyone.copyright protection2PENANA9zNlxM3KQJ

               Barbol was present and greeted the travelers, in that Pipin drew something that was lying beneath the stagnant waters.copyright protection2PENANAXKIZtVigwK

               “Give me that at once," the magician commanded him, and Pipin gave it to what Hermione looked like a sphere of black crystal.copyright protection2PENANAZyxqLKoohr

               Théoden said goodbye to Barbol wishing him a promising future.copyright protection2PENANAgr13MyQPjG

               “That's impossible, there are no more ent women, we don't have children," said Barbol sadly, and he left the group.copyright protection2PENANAzhqhhUdzbJ

               “Don't you know where ent women could have gone?” Hermione asked Gandalf, learning about the sad story of the shepherds of the forests.copyright protection2PENANAjaiRA3CZsU

               “I have no idea Hermione, I went to the old forest in the region to investigate one day in my youth, but I only found ucornos, nobody knows the destiny of the women ent.”copyright protection2PENANArJlsN71DXk

               “And if they went south or far east.”copyright protection2PENANAkwCKNTF0sQ

               “The distances are enormous Hermione, I don't see how they could have come that far without perishing at the hands of the orcs or the wild humans of Harad or the eastern steppes," he said, and Hermione was saddened by the ents, marvelous beings whose extinction was already certain.copyright protection2PENANAKM03EB6gAy

.copyright protection2PENANAa1ivu5DvIA

.copyright protection2PENANAQ26sNUltUO

               Hermione and the others came to the king's city and were greeted with great joy.copyright protection2PENANAjFBkIfVPww

               “And to think that when we first arrived, I thought a funeral was more festive," said Gimli.copyright protection2PENANAoGyGc3LQyu

               “Gandalf, what was that thing that Pipin gave you?” Hermione asked.copyright protection2PENANAqpxxRkrdNm

               “Now is not the time to talk about it," said the magician, as he watched the hobbits stretch their necks to listen to the conversation. Hermione noticed and conjured up the Muffliato spell so that the two hobbits wouldn't listen to him.copyright protection2PENANA271DrKSnzo

               Gandalf explained what palantir was all about.copyright protection2PENANAUX5tDiwp84

               “Something strange in this world, now the pieces of why Saruman betrayed us fit together," said Gandalf, through the palantir, Sauron convinced Saruman to join him.copyright protection2PENANATztq6lLxyz

               “Instant communication," Hermione thought, and described how the magicians of his world communicated through chimneys, and how the Muggles had surpassed the magicians with scientific advances such as teleconferencing.copyright protection2PENANAUAGVd8F6vf

               Gandalf was amazed at everything the girl told him, but he had to clear his mind because the king summoned them to the entrance of the golden castle to celebrate the feast of victory.copyright protection2PENANAvqcATQTpf1

               “After each battle we gathered here to toast our fallen brothers," said the king inside the castle, "but today we will celebrate that none of our brothers perished in combat, and all thanks to the protector of the kingdom of Rohan, Lady Hermione, the chestnut witch saviour of Helm's abyss.”copyright protection2PENANAu9AXzHjlfR

               A great acclaim rumbled in the place and Hermione was surprised that King Théoden, has used the term of Witch in his speech, apparently all the doubts regarding Hermione were clarified and all accepted her nature without falling into foolish superstitions.copyright protection2PENANAU9sB4GJKMf

               The banquet wasn't how Hermione imagined it, there were no minstrels or elegant ladies in the place, only brutal men making a big fuss and pouring their beer more on the floor than in their throats.copyright protection2PENANAZiGcSz2MZi

               At least the food was digestible, as Théoden ordered the cooks not to skimp on spices and Hermione was able to enjoy well-seasoned meat, although she was surprised at the absence of beef and fruit at the banquet.copyright protection2PENANANtror16Kml

               “No one eats Hermione beef," explained Aragorn, "not even farmers, cattle are draft animals.”copyright protection2PENANABhu4SzKCkx

               “What about milk? At least they drink milk, don't they?”copyright protection2PENANASkPywI7zu6

               “Milk? that's peasant drink, a gentleman would never drink such a thing," he said, and Hermione opened her mouth in shock.copyright protection2PENANASiAjH1kNLH

               “So fruit, is it also only for the peasants?” the girl said.copyright protection2PENANA9nYDrQdctx

               “The knights also eat fruit, but it is more peasant food," Aragorn told her and explained how some of the food was forbidden to peasants by order of the King.copyright protection2PENANAJlRzToi1YN

               “How can they forbid such a thing!” She answer him indignantly, "We are all equal! I hate the Middle Ages!”copyright protection2PENANA8Q6IaOJvBu

               “But Hermione, we are not the same," Aragorn insisted, somewhat confused with Hermione's phrase because he was quite sure that he was in the middle-earth's third age.copyright protection2PENANAcKRaoj1Bvu

               “What the hell Aragorn, surely Legolas and Gimli don't think the same way, do you guys?”copyright protection2PENANA9fP1PJq8Lo

               “Hermione," said Legolas calmly, "Aragorn is right, peasants and gentlemen cannot be equal or the order of the world would collapse, the same happens with the wild elves or Rivendel's elves, so it is natural that some meals are only for the peasants and they are forbidden to eat others.”copyright protection2PENANAWTf2CpQmUs

               Hermione was shocked, expecting more from the elves.copyright protection2PENANAR6dJhC2iey

               “I always believed that the elves were above all that Medieval crap... give me back my childhood! I hate the Middle Ages!”copyright protection2PENANANnNCpDmPL7

               “Hermione... we are in the third age of the...”copyright protection2PENANAdH1tKESA0N

               “Yes, I know how fucking age we are Legolas!” She shouted furiously at the elf, and Legolas was as white in the impression as Gimli and Aragorn. Some men stretched their necks to know the reason for their savior's anger.copyright protection2PENANA3RUhAbTDu7

               "Sorry, Legolas... I didn't mean to yell at you, I'm really sorry," Hermione said sadly and shaking a little bit because of the adrenaline.copyright protection2PENANAbhvYTUBgJn

               “You don't have to apologize, Hermione," Legolas said with a sad look.copyright protection2PENANAoX4pqO3ip4

               “Of course I have to apologize to you Legolas," said a blushing Hermione and holding his hands, "it's not your fault at all, I was an idiot to think that things in this world would be different from how they were in my world in the Middle Ages.”copyright protection2PENANA6tV0KwbD9G

               “But what about you Gimli (my faithful and trustworthy Gimli), even in the dwarf realms the same thing happens?”copyright protection2PENANALkXgjRaV7T

               Gimli became uncomfortable and nodded his head. Hermione looked down and decided not to insist on the matter, but unfortunately the witch saw something strange, a maid was crying and being comforted by an old woman in charge of the kitchens, the girl's clothes (Hermione thought she would be twelve years old) was torn...copyright protection2PENANAivRmVhbZAB

               Hermione shuddered and ran to the young woman and verified her worst fears. The old woman and the little girl disappeared through a door and Hermione raised her head, her eyes were on fire, she had to tell someone about this outrage, but she did not see the king, instead she could see Eomer.copyright protection2PENANA3G4ZGPvSsE

               “Eomer, you have to do something!” Hermione shouted to the man and proceeded to explain the situation.copyright protection2PENANAydZwtinEdu

               “And?” said Éomer, raising his shoulders.copyright protection2PENANAyw0pTWH4Vh

               “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, "AND" CURSE!”copyright protection2PENANAGZXKYEztx2

               “The man only asked for his "fun" with the peasant, everyone does it.”copyright protection2PENANA86g8CKr0oF

               “How is it possible! Knights are supposed to defend the weak and the poor!”copyright protection2PENANAvXbvm4s39o

               “Hermione, the duty of every knight is to protect the king and the people of good (noblety), I don't understand why you bother, she is only a woman.”copyright protection2PENANAlPnjAlY9Pv

               So this was the prince, the knight in shining armor? Only an illiterate brute no better than his peers from other realms.copyright protection2PENANAcYCs6fdyfB

               Hermione couldn't control herself, she was so furious that she didn't even pull out her wand, she just punched the warrior in the middle of his nose. Éomer would not have fallen for the witch's weak strength but stepped in false to avoid the girl's blow so he fell backwards. Hermione then placed her foot on Eomer's chest and pointed the wand at him. Everyone present looked at her open mouth.copyright protection2PENANAdKyogVsIZB

               “ALL... ALL OF YOU ARE EVILS!” Hermione shouted and with the Reducto destroyed the main meson.copyright protection2PENANA6lquE0PCaF

               Hermione realized what she had done and hurried out of the castle.copyright protection2PENANA8nELQL03jf

               “Hermione wait!” Gandalf shouted, behind him there was a scuffle, the girl thought it was her friends fighting with Rohan’s men.copyright protection2PENANAEw0dUg9nZ9

               “Better return Gandalf, "said Hermione, whose hands trembled.copyright protection2PENANAZ5upz8qpLB

               “It seems to me that it would not be prudent, Hermione.”copyright protection2PENANA5TZJEPvESO

               “I'm sorry Gandalf... sorry, I failed you.”copyright protection2PENANAUxkVLfbVDb

               “You didn't do it Hermione, I think you acted well, I don't accept the manners of men either.”copyright protection2PENANA4Cgy2QHsgs

               “Gandalf...”copyright protection2PENANA4ml460TBFM

               “I would have liked to teach men other ways of thinking and acting, but since I came to this world so long ago, my mission was to lead men to defeat the great enemy Sauron, but someday you will accomplish what I could not.”copyright protection2PENANApAjKv50H0D

               “Gandalf... I'm just a woman... A stupid, dirty woman.”copyright protection2PENANAS5f9Dh0lKg

               "You are pure, you come from the stars,” Said Gandalf and hugged her to comfort her.copyright protection2PENANANPD9TJaMlP

               “What am I going to do now, Gandalf?”copyright protection2PENANAzLpTvVYwCZ

               “You'd better go to Minas Tirith, report to the seneschal Denethor and wait for our arrival.”copyright protection2PENANA9u4oDIGD3r

               Gandalf hugged her again and entered the castle. Hermione wanted to say goodbye to his friends but thought it best to leave immediately.copyright protection2PENANAURgy19hbWD

Hermione walked down the stairs and noticed how the dagger delivered by Lady Galadriel vibrated strongly. The girl pulled the dagger out of her belt and drew it. Hermione touched the blade and felt a hook pulling from his navel, the dagger was a portkey.copyright protection2PENANA1voroTmnpY

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection2PENANAnztrY6aEKe

Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow me on please.copyright protection2PENANA6F5md7wvit

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