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Writer Capt. leon
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Arrival at Lorien
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!RKt6JQCoOaL9DgixlsXdposted on PENANA

I HATE THE MIDDLE AGES!copyright protection3PENANA9VPaFdgKYi

Chapter 6: Arrival at Loriencopyright protection3PENANAFQ39XNZAbN

(The Fellowship of the Ring)copyright protection3PENANAKWWodfWyHU

               The sunset light was pale, but it still wounded Hermione’s eyes, who leaned back on the ground and began to weep over the old magician’s fate.copyright protection3PENANAMRPC1uQifP

               The girl was forcibly lifted by Aragorn, and led her by the hand into the forest.copyright protection3PENANABVFE4Dr3dD

               “We must be careful," said Gimli, "in these forests lives a dark witch who is the perdition of all travelers, besides...”copyright protection3PENANARYAOmN4imM

               Hermione was nervous at Gimli's words behind her, and expected Bellatrix to jump out of the blue in front of them, as a whole clan of Malfoys out of nowhere pointed their arrows at the group.6copyright protection3PENANAc8D1LFwBXL

               The elf in charge, Haldir, who reminded her of another young version of Lucius Malfoy, led the group in front of the Silvan city and had to climb grandstands placed on the sides of giant trees.copyright protection3PENANAqzG6dLJFOX

               “I've never seen trees so thick and huge in my life," Hermione said, "everything looks beautiful, but couldn't they have put up railings on the steps, I hate the Middle Ages.”copyright protection3PENANAiGVSuhGzA2

               The group was taken to Lady Galadriel and she welcomed them, but Hermione could feel how at the same time she spoke directly to her mind with another less pleasant and more intimidating voice.copyright protection3PENANAlNbYPWDlyB

               “Welcome, witch of another world, welcome your power from other stars, will you use it for the benefit of the fellowship? Or you will bring misfortune and treachery to it!” She spoke to her mind as Galadriel smiled at her. Hermione couldn't decide whether or not she liked her.copyright protection3PENANA7YaO5ozO3o

               Hermione, who could not sleep because of Gandalf's death, decided to walk a little and unwittingly saw Galadriel overcome the temptation to accept Frodo's ring. The witch wanted to return without being seen but halfway Galadriel appeared from nowhere in front of her.copyright protection3PENANALm4HfzYV8z

               Galadriel approached smilingly, but Hermione could not help but tremble due to fear.copyright protection3PENANAYtm9sb65xE

               “Soon the fellowship will take different paths," she said as she stared into her eyes, "your path will have to take a different course from that of the ring bearer, you will decide the fate of many, but Frodo, Sam and Gollum will decide the fate of the world," she said mysteriously.copyright protection3PENANAHFCStIg3wk

               “Lady Galadriel, I will give my life if necessary to help the fellowship, but why can't I help Frodo?”copyright protection3PENANAsiGwZV6YRf

               Galadriel only smiled at her and drew a fine elf knife.copyright protection3PENANAxPJUYb54hD

               “Lady Galadriel, no!” Hermione shouted, seeing Galadriel cut off not a lock, but all her long hair.copyright protection3PENANAJZimRM47PA

               “I will soon go to the everlasting lands and I will continue to be Galadriel, I will not need this," she said, giving to her the hair that was blonde and silvery at the same time.copyright protection3PENANArhT8OT4VRV

               “I, I don't understand...”copyright protection3PENANAbpKUjI6pNo

               “You will forge your power with them in the future, when the things that live are no longer and will take away the sorrow from your heart by giving you long awaited encounters," she said to her, and with this she left elegantly.copyright protection3PENANA2wnkSe7WmW

.copyright protection3PENANAxNerW3k0Yc

.copyright protection3PENANAV9BF4Vobkc

               The next morning, Lady Galadriel bid farewell to all the members of the fellowship by giving each of them a gift. Hermione was given the knife with which she cut her hair, carrying an exquisite silver case with several tiny diamonds on the surface.copyright protection3PENANAzmIXHBbPyy

               “Use it to go to the white city and fight Angmar's shadow," she whispered for no one else to hear her.copyright protection3PENANAL6m0xi3Si1

               Hermione gave her a nervous bow and the group broke into rafts along the river.copyright protection3PENANA4ebFTgAirV

.copyright protection3PENANAu0idY0PaPn

.copyright protection3PENANAIBt4B1mETF

               When they arrived at their destination, they disembarked and got ready to prepare a camp, the tension was noticeable in the atmosphere as Boromir wanted to go to Gondor but Aragorn continued with the original plan of going to Mordor. Hermione finished performing the occulting spells when everyone noticed Frodo's absence.copyright protection3PENANAGYTSEN8f5z

               Hermione and the others were looking for Frodo, and she complained that the Accio spell didn't work on people, when she heard the sound of swords and went quickly to the source of the noise, she arrived just in time with Gimli and Legolas, and they helped Aragorn who was being outnumbered by some black orcs.copyright protection3PENANAaAAsNztCJi

               The witch used non-lethal spells and her companions were in charge of finishing off the orcs, when she believed that everything had passed and heard the sound of a horn.copyright protection3PENANA0rTuvvvSap

               “It's Boromir's horn, come on!” Aragorn shouted.copyright protection3PENANAxQoqJ2dRhj

               Friends ran downhill and scattered as they did not know the origin of the warrior’s call.copyright protection3PENANArrT2UGBojl

               Hermione was confused by the echo but came up with an idea.copyright protection3PENANAGjMAOi5kaf

               “Boromir Oriéntame," she said, and her wand pointed to where Boromir was.copyright protection3PENANAKH688QamHr

               The gryffindor found Boromir who was fighting with the black orcs, to protect Merry and Pipin. The human received an arrow on the left shoulder, near the heart and was about to receive other arrows, if not for the help of Hermione.copyright protection3PENANAF9TycOfOcz

               “Aresto Momentum!” she exclaimed and the arrows delayed their advance, so Boromir was saved, but not the hobbits who were forcibly carried by the black orcs.copyright protection3PENANA9TTVuHdz2o

               Hermione tried to go after the hobbits but the orcs were already attacking her so she had to stay to fight and help Boromir. The orcs tried to kill Hermione, but she repelled them with non-lethal spells, fortunately Aragorn, and then Gimli and Legolas helped her by killing the orcs who stayed to fight.copyright protection3PENANAPM5WUeM4Au

               Aragorn carefully removed the arrow that was nailed to Boromir and Hermione with Férula, bandaged the man’s torso and shoulder.copyright protection3PENANAwfEqOQe4Er

               “Forgive me Aragorn, I failed you all," said Boromir.copyright protection3PENANAEOkxJOfXoh

               “You fought to save the hobbits.”copyright protection3PENANAme3rbXFY2g

               “No... I attacked Frodo, I tried to steal his ring," he said, and Aragorn looked at him seriously.copyright protection3PENANAsyw6ZlXdpC

               “But you were willing to die protecting Merry and Pipin... rest Boromir.”copyright protection3PENANAE4qZBaOR8d

               “What do we do now? We cannot leave the human here," Legolas said.copyright protection3PENANA9urcVDaBBd

               “I will take him to the shore," suggested Hermione, and with Levicorpus he led Boromir where they landed.copyright protection3PENANAS3MoaLJ7Z9

               “Boromir needs help fast," Hermione said.copyright protection3PENANAJEdaDPksGs

               “We cannot do anything, we must go after Frodo and the other hobbits," said Gimli.copyright protection3PENANAFPW72SKdul

               “Passing the waterfall you can reach the capital of Gondor, but I can't think of how to pass the waterfall," Legolas said.copyright protection3PENANAqmpcLzYuHX

               “We could put Boromir on the raft, he and I would go on it, I could levitate the raft and...”copyright protection3PENANADrBRBfGVHn

               “Hermione, we need you to find Merry and Pipin. Neither can we do without Legolas or Gimli," Aragorn reminded her.copyright protection3PENANAonckufdesI

               “The Elven rafts are magic Hermione," Legolas told her, "they will take Boromir safely.”copyright protection3PENANAAT4Z6Qz4kg

               Hermione deposited Boromir on the raft and with Wingardium Leviosa, lifted the raft over the waterfall and with Descendo carefully placed it in the river far from the waterfall.copyright protection3PENANA2YHDPiSveA

               “Good luck Boromir," Hermione whispered and set sail for a boat with Legolas and Gimli, but Aragorn stopped them.copyright protection3PENANASCX5XslbGO

               “The way of Frodo and Sam differs from ours," said and Hermione recalled Galadriel's words.copyright protection3PENANAThHYgOOPT8

               The four then decided to follow the track of the other two hobbits.copyright protection3PENANA6V7NyW6rsk

               "Merry Pipin, don't lose heart, we'll meet again..." Hermione said in a prayer.copyright protection3PENANA2lX0qUsM68

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection3PENANAAZqiXG6MwZ

Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow me on wattpad, please.copyright protection3PENANAVCV2ptYwVr

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