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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8OBEOWawKxw9ibpIaPQaposted on PENANA

               Author's Note: I already know that Hermione's Patronum is an otter but first, she was traumatized to know that she would no longer see her friends and her cat; and two, I like cats, just look at my other fanfiction!copyright protection3PENANA66VhHvGY72

.copyright protection3PENANAwfR8TF54cP

.copyright protection3PENANACJYUUnC4dt

I HATE THE MIDDLE AGES!copyright protection3PENANAfkAaBiGigO

Chapter 5: Moriacopyright protection3PENANAlN4cVYS035

(The Fellowship of the Ring)copyright protection3PENANAPFONzIbcNo

               As Hermione suspected, crossing the mountain was a colossal challenge, initially Gandalf led the way, but then she stepped forward and with the Hot Air spell, cleared the entire snow-covered trail.copyright protection3PENANAG2IhdkzUDQ

               “Thank you Hermione," Frodo said to her.copyright protection3PENANAIYDNbzM4AP

               “Yes, you came from heaven to help us," Sam thanked her.copyright protection3PENANA9puXd4Fpgt

               Friends were celebrating a red Hermione, when a storm rushed all over the place.copyright protection3PENANAOXvxeIROCu

               “I hear an enchantment," shouted Legolas, and Hermione gave him reason, Saruman's voice was heard in the storm.copyright protection3PENANAElti8ESVIs

               Gandalf tried to counteract the curse but failed to do so.copyright protection3PENANAKSSeP5ivuz

               “Can't you do anything, Hermione?” Merry pleaded.copyright protection3PENANAYjxtQLcHAO

               “I don't know," said the girl who didn't think she could accomplish anything since Gandalf couldn't.copyright protection3PENANAcfaGxjkpe3

               “Please try," said Pipin.copyright protection3PENANASYVKcKPvgk

               “Sunshine Luctus!” Hermione shouted, and the storm disappeared, everyone stared at Hermione with their mouths open, including Gandalf.copyright protection3PENANA5eDCIuoUcY

               "I can't believe it worked!” Hermione said incredulously.copyright protection3PENANAJodT4Kcpar

               The hobbits and the others cheered for Hermione, Gandalf was still in awe.copyright protection3PENANAt3poNC9D7q

               In the end they reached an unfathomable abyss, apparently caused by the storm.copyright protection3PENANAYcFCOn6cii

               “Come on, Hermione, let us cross the abyss," said Pipin to her.copyright protection3PENANAa2HoVM98bk

               “Yes, you can do everything," Merry encouraged. Gandalf looked up at them with a frown.copyright protection3PENANAzFnZ4aBeNI

               “Emm, I'm sorry guys but this time there's nothing I can do, the chasm is very deep and wide," she said sadly.copyright protection3PENANAELVjnKHtWZ

               “You sure you can't do anything?” Boromir asked. Hermione shook his head.copyright protection3PENANAM71tvXfF6r

               “If we can't go over the mountain, let's go under it," Gimli suggested.copyright protection3PENANAZF7mEbwgpk

               In the end they left the decision of the road to take to Frodo and went to find the secret door of Moria.copyright protection3PENANAY45UntE5XB

.copyright protection3PENANA4JI6de4sTa

.copyright protection3PENANAUSQ1fvcLLC

               They came down the whole mountain and at the end they reached the gates of Moria, magic runes shone in the moonlight, Hermione was impressed.copyright protection3PENANA5KGbE4Fi9C

               “Say friend and enter" translated Gandalf and proceeded to recite magic words to open the door but did not achieve anything.copyright protection3PENANATemClzRp1L

               “Revelio, Specialis Revelio," said Hermione and some runes shone brighter on the door.copyright protection3PENANAzWEpXTUaFG

               "Friend." Said Hermione when translating those specific runes and the doors opened.copyright protection3PENANAMLqtW4xCnH

               Gimli ran to Hermione and held her tighter than he should have.copyright protection3PENANAehWAUh9MGb

               “And to think that I had my doubts when you joined the fellowship, what a foolish dwarf I was! I'm glad you came with us, Hermione.”copyright protection3PENANAxf7cF56zfL

               “Ugh, thank you Gimli," Hermione told him as she was having difficulty to breathe.copyright protection3PENANAf2xGvtK358

               All entered Moria, and Gandalf and Hermione illuminated the way.copyright protection3PENANAKkpHVkY46E

               “You'll see Hermione, my cousin Balin will receive us as kings, and the food..." continued the dwarf happy, Hermione did not pay much attention to him because of the feeling of oppression of entering a place so silent and not at all enlightened, but the word "spices" caught her attention.copyright protection3PENANAgEUoRztX9J

               "At last!" the girl thought. "No more tasteless or bittersweet meals."copyright protection3PENANAJpLg5hKQkQ

               Gimli kept talking about food and Hermione's mouth watered when something creaked under her feet... the remains of a dwarf half eaten.copyright protection3PENANAZ5apM5JLaP

               Hermione shouted at the sight of the corpse and drowned another one as she saw that the whole place was full of corpses of dwarves half devoured by the orcs.copyright protection3PENANApqukPlTii3

               As if this were not enough, a noise caused Hermione to turn around and she could see with horror that a sort of octopus had caught Frodo and was pulling him out.copyright protection3PENANA21sNiy42pp

               The men were trying to free Frodo, who was being lifted by one of the monster's tentacles, which emerged with his horrible head that looked nothing like a cephalopod because he had a pair of eyes and enormous jaws full of fangs, Hermione's blood froze from the body.copyright protection3PENANASov3Ni8w3j

               “Diffindo!” the witch shouted and the tentacle released Frodo.copyright protection3PENANAmsKQMzbGSu

               "Aresto Momentum!” She screamed again and Frodo fell softly to the floor.copyright protection3PENANAJUwcHOLMQa

               "Immobilus!” Hermione haunted the monster, but this one was too big and everyone had to run through the gates. The monster with its tentacles caused a collapse, filling everything with dust.copyright protection3PENANAcJzHMnZVU2

               "Ventus," Hermione said, and the wind drove the dust away from the place.copyright protection3PENANAegvY7iyjYq

               “Hermione, can you get us out of here?” Legolas asked.copyright protection3PENANANIkjU27GOY

               “I could use Bombarda Maxima, but it would cause a major collapse.” She denied with her head.copyright protection3PENANAR1HqJtNIoH

               “Frodo, do you think the orcs are nearby?” Merry asked, and Frodo drew out "Dardo" his sword-open letters, but it is not shining with any blue light, the hobbits breathed relieved breath.copyright protection3PENANALDYgC5zaox

               “That doesn't mean they're not in Moria,"said Boromir.copyright protection3PENANAAcfUvaWDRL

               “Orcum Revelio," said Hermione and her wand vibrated strongly.copyright protection3PENANACIMj9vNWec

               "Boromir is right, there are orcs in this place.”copyright protection3PENANAEZPDgrIPC7

               “Can you tell us how many?” Aragorn asked.copyright protection3PENANAnckD6PO3tF

               “I don't know, but there are many of them.”copyright protection3PENANAO5oBpx7dul

               The group had no alternative, they would have to cross Moria, a journey that according to Gandalf would take them three whole days.copyright protection3PENANAp9lfMCHvsj

               Moria was like a gigantic labyrinth, fortunately Gandalf had already been in that place a long time ago and was striving his memory to guide them out. Hermione helped the magician a lot with her Orientame spell, and they could always know where the north was.copyright protection3PENANACPvWtCMhFg

               “Repel Orcum," said Hermione every time the group stopped to wait for Gandalf to remember the road.copyright protection3PENANAXuml6MTdZn

               In the evenings the group set up a camp and Hermione put different spells of concealment like the Protego Totalum. Hermione could not sleep, due to the corpses of dwarves scattered all over the place, some with visible signs of being abandoned half eaten, half cooked, and even half tortured.copyright protection3PENANAzpwUEixmOZ

.copyright protection3PENANAGqPbnjOaAu

.copyright protection3PENANAryZNU5zNiy

               On the afternoon of the third day, they arrived at a fork with three passages to choose from, Gandalf did not remember which way to go.copyright protection3PENANAbRXHMC0jYO

               “Can't you do something, Hermione?” Sam asked. Gandalf glanced upside down (again) because of Hermione’s power.copyright protection3PENANAjFf9QDsFO3

               “I think I can try something," she said and went to the front of the fork, taking care not to fall down a huge gap in the middle.copyright protection3PENANA9fB92weBjw

               "Why don't you put railings in this place? I hate the Middle Ages," she thought.copyright protection3PENANAavo8dbKdvJ

               “Expecto Patronum," said Hermione but nothing happened.copyright protection3PENANA2OoiYfWqVK

               “What's going on?” asked Pipin.copyright protection3PENANAu5Z5e1CsDW

               “I need to find a happy memory, but nothing comes to mind.”copyright protection3PENANAZOroXEzIS4

               “Try again," said Frodo. Hermione concentrated and tried again, but a faint silver smoke volute came out instead of the Patronum to disappear within seconds.copyright protection3PENANArVTQdR69i2

               “What's the matter, Hermione, were you unhappy in your world?” Sam asked worried questioncopyright protection3PENANATM7TSmVuOz

               “What? No, I wasn't, what happens is that for this particular spell is not enough any happy memory, I need one really happy.”copyright protection3PENANAqOnSckxM2p

               “Try again, Hermione," said Aragorn, placing his hand on her shoulder as an encouragement.copyright protection3PENANAQukKlyBsIU

               The witch sat on the floor and, taking a lotus flower position, tried to concentrate. Several images came to her mind, and she decided that the memory would be useful when they cleared Hagrid's name at the end of the school year, she was crying with joy for her friend the semi-giant.copyright protection3PENANAuCGCvzYq4N

               “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” This time a corporeal Patronum appeared, in the form of a cat.copyright protection3PENANA0vBonOIUAL

               Hermione asked her Patronum to take the road on the left, but when the cat returned, he shook his head. Then Hermione told him to go in the middle and when the cat returned, he grazed his witch's ankles happily.copyright protection3PENANAkrgEbCdN5V

               “Very well done Hermione," Gandalf said to her, making a genuine reverence that made Hermione blush.copyright protection3PENANAIAxpc3Ybu2

               They reached a place full of huge and very high pillars that caused Hermione to lose his breath in amazement.copyright protection3PENANAYuxASUpBPZ

               “The cathedral of the Holy Family of Barcelona could fit in here," she thought in amazement when Gimli rushed to a room.copyright protection3PENANAn9rEODh1qm

               The others followed and as Hermione entered, she saw Gimli lying on the floor and crying in front of a marble structure. Hermione approached, wiped the marble headstone with her hand and read:copyright protection3PENANAX9Wvy9ywk3

               “Here lies Balin, lord of Moria.”copyright protection3PENANAyjy6Tq1j2Q

               Hermione's soul fell to her feet and next to Gimli she knelt and wept for the old dwarf. Gimli was surprised to see Hermione crying and trying to comfort him, he was supposed to be a male and his job was to comfort women, not the other way around, so he calmed down and hugged the girl.copyright protection3PENANAjq0K5OnmQO

               Gandalf was reading an old book lying on the ground when a thunderous noise reverberated in the place, causing Hermione and Gimli to jump to their feet with their hearts pounding at a hundred per hour.copyright protection3PENANAINXFjvOS29

               Gandalf scolded Pipin for his lack of good judgment when he and the others said they heard something. Hermione who had grown up in the Muggle city and the noisy school had not developed her senses, but after a few seconds, she could also hear the sound of orc drums approaching.copyright protection3PENANAVAsuHmUIGX

               Boromir ran toward the doorway and his head was almost the target of two arrows.copyright protection3PENANAyZoyJtn7Pe

               “They bring a troll from the mountains," said Boromir, trying to stay calm.copyright protection3PENANAVy2Tdlo2dq

               “What, a troll? Not again!” Hermione shouted.copyright protection3PENANAc91FDI2yqI

               “Again?” Legolas asked.copyright protection3PENANAwZHUyrnWyd

               “When I was eleven years old I faced a troll, I barely survived, since then I have phobia for those creatures," she said, and Legolas looked at her with eyes exorbitant by admiration.copyright protection3PENANAauLcnZyM1M

               “Hermione, can't you hide us with your spells?” Merry asked.copyright protection3PENANAdeVfTzXV8o

               “It would be useless, they already know we are here," she said with trembling.copyright protection3PENANAEEolzXMXTl

               “Come green skins, there is still a dwarf alive in Moria and with Balin's blood! Gimli roared furiously, causing Hermione’s fear to vanish. Gimli was so small but at the time he looked so huge.copyright protection3PENANAa4PVgcUPZW

               “¡MOBILIARBUS!” Hermione shouted, placing several benches in front of the door and locking it more effectively than the men were doing.copyright protection3PENANABcaxr46p0f

               The orcs drilled holes in the door and Legolas fired his arrows, Hermione was not left behind and cast several non-lethal spells. The orcs entered but Hermione repelled them with the Aqua Eructo, which threw a powerful jet of water and his friends topped the fallen orcs. Then the troll came in and Hermione saw that it looked more brutal than the troll she faced long ago and stood still with fear.copyright protection3PENANAOEUdZtaMq4

               The troll wanted to crush Gimli, but he dodged the blow, however, Balin's tombstone was destroyed, these two things made Hermione react.copyright protection3PENANA8B8Xwparea

               “Conjunctivitis!” she shouted and the troll was stumbling blind.copyright protection3PENANAnPmymOCteC

               "Wingardium Leviosa!” she shouted, and knocked the troll down just as he did when she was eleven.copyright protection3PENANAI3gCgg6q3x

               The orcs in front of Hermione's power ran in terror to call reinforcements.copyright protection3PENANAub8C9E1k5f

               “Let's go quickly!” Aragorn ordered.copyright protection3PENANAut5R1rGEUU

               “Wait a minute!” Hermione claimed and went to Balin's tombstone.copyright protection3PENANAgDXxfdOlER

               "Reparo, Fregoteo," she said, and the tombstone was as good as new on Balin's remains.copyright protection3PENANAT931MdFNxL

               “Orchideous," said Hermione solemnly, as she placed a bouquet of flowers on the stone. “Rest in peace Balin” she said with tears that came out, Gimli looked at her with respect and affection, just like Legolas who thought about how gentle and sensitive the witch was.copyright protection3PENANA32f8UgAAUu

               “Let's go!” Aragorn ordered again and everyone ran away.copyright protection3PENANAvb8sJnGxJl

               In the hall of the pillars, Hermione saw with horror that the orcs stepped on their heels, were hundreds and the worst thing of all is that they also came out of cracks under the floor and through openings in the ceiling, it seemed that the orcs were a kind of gekos because they could easily and quickly crawl down.copyright protection3PENANApCutDgGj4e

               "This is hell," thought Hermione blue of fear.copyright protection3PENANA58hkhbBRLw

               The whole group was surrounded by orcs and Hermione believed it would be her end, when a dull, distant strike followed by a supernatural grunt reverberated in place. Whatever it was made all the orcs flee in fear.copyright protection3PENANAmhHuJrSqYC

               “Gandalf...” Hermione's moan, not daring to ask the nature of the horror that approached them.copyright protection3PENANAMofgRSxycC

               “It is a balrog, a demon of the ancient world. Run!”copyright protection3PENANANhK4C2gdU2

               Hermione ran in haste without knowing what terrified her the most, whether the flight of the orcs, or the face decomposed by the fear of Legolas, Legolas who always kept a serene countenance that reminded him of Dumbledore, no longer looked beautiful. Hermione shuddered to the bone marrow.copyright protection3PENANAJhjqM3SEuQ

               The group was surrounded by a wall of fire and the balrog came closer and closer. Fortunately, Hermione conjured up a spell to freeze the flames, remembering her history classes, specifically about Wendelin the rare, and they all passed through the flames without burning.copyright protection3PENANAggewx6p4EB

               “Hurry, we're getting close! We just have to cross the bridge!” Gandalf shouted and everyone ran toward the exit.copyright protection3PENANAHsTsxvuNIp

               The stone bridge was narrow, long, without any railing and with a black and unfathomable abyss beneath it.copyright protection3PENANAPsG9TscL7H

               “This is a bridge? I HATE THE MIDDLE AGES!” Hermione shouted with all her might as she walked through it.copyright protection3PENANABoXQUuXjzB

               Gandalf, who was the last of the group, was crossing the bridge when the balrog was present. Hermione shouted as she saw the hellish flaming form of the devil, which began to attack the magician, who with his power destroyed the bridge causing the balrog to fall into the abyss. Unfortunately, with the help of his whip he dragged the old man along with him.copyright protection3PENANAUg4OJBkeo3

               Hermione and the hobbits wanted to help Gandalf but the others dragged them out of that place.copyright protection3PENANADevjooMA9T

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection3PENANAiLhfBbKyuj

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