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Writer Capt. leon
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Helm's Abyss
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FmysIN44XCN8cdpDoz3jposted on PENANA

I HATE THE MIDDLE AGES!copyright protection4PENANAb5VHzK6ZQC

Chapter 9: Helm's Abysscopyright protection4PENANADwZcYHZ3MW

(The two towers)copyright protection4PENANAFA4SOtvc2z

               The next morning, they had an audience with the king. Earlier, Hermione had spoken to Eowyn about the need for him to seek refuge. Éowyn agreed, but confessed that his uncle would not have easy access to this, so she suggested taking a couple of children in front of the king who fled his village due to the orcs attack.copyright protection4PENANAveFrVec2e3

               At the meeting, the King was saddened by the loss of several villages and the plight of the two children in front of him. Hermione dared not speak in front of the monarch again, so she took care of comforting the children.copyright protection4PENANAFRzF3ym3B9

               Aragorn together with Gandalf convinced the monarch to seek refuge.copyright protection4PENANAZgK49yxFLA

               "We will need your nephew Eomer and his horsemen," said Gandalf, offering to bring them into the abyss of Helm.copyright protection4PENANAehPTJK8VNm

               "I will arrive at the dawn of the third day, you must resist," he said and ran toward the stables.copyright protection4PENANAZsey7i6ulI

               The king ordered everyone to prepare for departure and Hermione helped as best as she could, especially with her Featherweight spell for non-combatants, horsemen and soldiers, and with Protego "shielded" their armor against swords and arrows.copyright protection4PENANAEkZoo8XWNJ

               “Remember," Hermione explained, "the arrows will not pierce your armor, just like swords and mallets, but that will not prevent your bones from breaking and bleeding out inside, you are not invincible!”copyright protection4PENANAx21mWK74GU

               The riders nodded and the explorers thanked her warmly as Hermione turned their helmets into (horrible) motorcycle helmets, they were also under the protection of the Protego spell and the helmet's shielded glass visor gave them a large field of vision, unlike their old helmets.copyright protection4PENANArFnGevYlZj

.copyright protection4PENANA3DD222b0ZY

.copyright protection4PENANAKw1LSXv02c

               During the march to the abyss of Helm, Hermione, Eowyn and Gimli spoke of various things. Éowyn was surprised by Hermione's courage in her world as well as her journey to Rivendel and subsequent mission to the fellowship.copyright protection4PENANAVuSia6N8rN

               “For Merlin! Gimli, are you all right?” Hermione asked the dwarf after he fell off his horse.copyright protection4PENANArvr5xu7Jv6

               “Hermione, don't spoil the dwarf, after all they are known for their tougher skin and even tougher head," said the elf.copyright protection4PENANAHfDI0vGwwI

               “We'll be tough skinned, but at least we're not delicate "gents" like you.”copyright protection4PENANAIrcBKmHyv9

               “I am not delicate, I am only finer than you," replied Legolas to which Hermione laughed, blushing poor Legolas, while Gimli laughed with pure contentment.copyright protection4PENANAmWFO1di9WN

               “We're under attack!” there was a scream.copyright protection4PENANAgD2Tm3p3zV

               “They are huargos, we are attacked by huargos riders!” a rider shouted.copyright protection4PENANAMinYU8lBGQ

               Hermione hurriedly helped Gimli get on his horse, but when she was ready to get on her own, Legolas and Gimli asked her to stay.copyright protection4PENANAL3NrRPEaYA

               “I can't stay! I gotta help you guys.”copyright protection4PENANAXee07B4wEE

               Friends exchanged looks of concern but were sent to battle by Aragorn.copyright protection4PENANAsqXPpRYLtE

               Hermione barely spotted the orcs, trapped his mounts with the Incarcerous, the orcs riders in this way were easy prey of the Rohan riders.copyright protection4PENANACfIpGzekJd

               “Did we lose someone?” the king asked.copyright protection4PENANAVHs9IzLN6p

               “Not my lord, Hana was shot down from her horse but the huargo could not kill him thanks to the helmet that the istari gave him.”copyright protection4PENANArzQopfgn1J

               “The king looked at Hermione and nodded his head in gratitude.”copyright protection4PENANA2DYK3EkiZ4

               “Kill the huargos," he ordered.copyright protection4PENANAvUMX4uxPiE

               “No! My lord, please don't do anything to them.”copyright protection4PENANAeJd58Dlo0m

               “The huargos are dangerous monsters," said the scowling king.copyright protection4PENANA8206N3L7lK

               “They are not, they are just... misunderstood creatures," Hermione said, recalling Hagrid.copyright protection4PENANAbRFYPJtmyL

               “Look!” Hermione said as she approached one of the creatures, her three friends held their breath.copyright protection4PENANA1NufSDSe1T

               Hermione approached and caressing the back of the animal calmed him down, then stroked his belly and he was happy.copyright protection4PENANAA9VAgID1QZ

               “What kind of sorcery is this?” exclaimed the king.copyright protection4PENANAM1Qs0Fbt2K

               “It is not sorcery, my lord," said Hermione, "the huargos only attacked because their riders ordered them, it is no different when a horse ramps or kicks by order of its rider.”copyright protection4PENANAe4xJjqmcEo

               The king was about to answer but the determined eyes of the riders convinced him and decided to leave the huargos.copyright protection4PENANA5fy0POJtQz

               “Thank the gods for coming back safely!” Eowyn said to Hermione as she hugged her tightly.copyright protection4PENANAtDBj5BZh41

               “Thanks to Hermione's spells we didn't lose anyone," said Gimli joyfully.copyright protection4PENANA1i5z2pZoBE

               “Hermione, the fact that we have met with scouts of huargos means that soon Saruman will send all his troops against us," said Aragorn, "do you think you can hide this place?”copyright protection4PENANANHTlIJasd0

               “No, I'm sorry Aragorn, the fortress is very big.”copyright protection4PENANA1GED0JeZ0j

               “There's no way to put up a barrier or anything," his friend insisted.copyright protection4PENANA01C6AEwA28

               “There is a spell: the Protego Horriblis could cover the whole abyss of Helm and disintegrate anyone who tried to pass by," she said, and everyone opened their eyes like plates.copyright protection4PENANAeQP8bySl05

               “But I can't do it, I don't know how to do it and even if I knew how to do the enchantment, I'm only eighteen years old, only a very powerful magician from my world could do it, I'm sorry.”copyright protection4PENANAm1L0ELJTKK

               “Hermione, I spoke to the king, he is ready to command the elders and children to fight. I don't know how many orcs will attack us, but if there are many of them we won't be able to stand, Gandalf and Éomer will only arrive in three days," Aragorn explained.copyright protection4PENANAcLLOSmsoWv

               “Hermione, can you cast a spell on the armor and weapons like you did before?” Gimli asked.copyright protection4PENANAwblmkxUcSU

               “Yes, I can do it, I'll make them light and armored.”copyright protection4PENANAheV3eAPYtA

               “And the helmets, can you transform them into armoured helmets?” Legolas asked.copyright protection4PENANAIGltueQXCN

               “Yes, I can also do it, I will even armor them along with their glass viewfinder, so they won't have to worry about being reached by the arrows and aim more precisely.”copyright protection4PENANAt8ZPvjmpvf

.copyright protection4PENANAjNtfQIPGGj

.copyright protection4PENANAgo0CSvQJss

               Hermione, who did not know when the orc horde would appear, set to work immediately as soon as they reached the fortress, even sharpened the blades with the Reparo spell and left them as new.copyright protection4PENANAwWBwL6P8vl

               “Do you think there will be a storm, Legolas?” Hermione asked the elf because his magical nature would allow him to be more certain to respond.copyright protection4PENANAnP8R4ZzUFg

               “There will be and it will be strong.”copyright protection4PENANAeWFeyyJohb

               “That's what I hope," replied the witch tired of doing so many spells, "it will affect them to throw their arrows, instead the helmets that now have our archers are waterproofed, just like armor.”copyright protection4PENANARO8skTza15

               “Hermione you are great, you have made our men an invincible army," praised Legolas. Hermione smiled at him and took a well-deserved rest.copyright protection4PENANAvpUEgZEQTk

.copyright protection4PENANA67gLlOj5dB

.copyright protection4PENANAh4ppxJj6Tl

               The night of the second day arrived with a hopeful visit. Haldir, the elf, had arrived with a large group of elite archers.copyright protection4PENANAcpK7306IQ0

               As Hermione approached, the elf smiled at her and kissed her hand. Hermione felt weird to see that version of Lucius Malfoy being gallant to her.copyright protection4PENANA2X8iIu62zj

               "I don't know, I could get used to it," she thought a little confused.copyright protection4PENANADQo3fVNz2H

               Aragorn explained to Haldir the preparations made by Hermione and convinced the elf and his archers to let their weapons and shields cast a spell on them. They also used the witch's magic helmets.copyright protection4PENANAUe6EmaFsSw

               As soon as she finished performing the spells, a few screams told her that the orc horde had arrived, there were thousands of them and they were armed and disciplined.copyright protection4PENANAtUtBdc5kfE

               Aragorn took Hermione aside and gave her the final instructions.copyright protection4PENANADTv2WKXJkZ

               “I understand Aragorn, but I have never killed anyone.”copyright protection4PENANAreexTAIy3B

               “Hermione, the orcs will have no mercy on any man, woman or child if they enter the fortress.”copyright protection4PENANA5wwy8JLd31

               "I know, I know, but..."copyright protection4PENANARHUnJQ7GAs

               Aragorn hugged Hermione and she began to tear.copyright protection4PENANAG1GUzzvi7z

               “The war is horrible.”copyright protection4PENANATd6pLe9xrc

               “No one said it wasn't, but you must be strong, for all the children who will fight tonight.”copyright protection4PENANAyjTsGCjOjU

               “I know, we will not be able to achieve this if I only use stunning spells, I hope to instill fear in them before the attack.”copyright protection4PENANAgZWWUwwqOE

               “Just focus on Hermione and everything will be fine," he said, then he took her face with his two strong hands and kissed her on the forehead.copyright protection4PENANAZIR58DjhaL

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAuJ5ncL0vAj

Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow me.copyright protection4PENANAqQjmNeSkEH

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