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Writer Capt. leon
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Fairy Tail
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Brq76AnuxFlaEM0VgTm9posted on PENANA

I HATE THE MIDDLE AGEScopyright protection2PENANAbq9UM1Titt

Chapter 16: Fairy Tailcopyright protection2PENANAt4UUb1vzv2

               The fourth age of men looked promising thanks to the social advances brought by Hermione, how compulsory literacy for all children, as well as others of various kinds, also changed the system of justice, she wouldn't let what happened to Tina keep repeating itself.copyright protection2PENANAeQdSDdOU6b

               Over the years Hermione continued to find more children with magical abilities and decided that Minas Tirith would become a school for the magicians and witches of the Middle Earth. By that time, Théoden had been dead for a century, as had her husband. She abdicated the empire's throne in favor of one of Tina's descendants and she became the headmaster of the new Hogwarts Magical and Sorcery College of Middle Earth.copyright protection2PENANA3hBdcne6GH

               Hermione did very well as headmaster of the school, the magic sticks and brooms were no longer hiding any secrets from her, however, she was fond of the sticks and continued with them, she had refined them and now they had nothing to envy from the wands of her world, and even changed in size for easy transport.copyright protection2PENANAz9Mu3Yvyx1

               Hermione took curative magic as a high school priority and after a couple of centuries she left her position as principal and she devoted herself to developing new types of magic, worried about what her friend Luna told her about how her mother died trying to do the same, but Hermione took the right precautions. After a long time she developed such powerful magic that made the magicians of her native world look like simple children.copyright protection2PENANABMSOFw2tq8

.copyright protection2PENANAFuqgIDDXJk

.copyright protection2PENANAEiurMxqi6Y

               An elegant carriage made of very fine wood approached the region, the strange carriage had no horses but a driver who apparently moved some levers to drive such a strange machine. The carriage approached the town square, where there was a monument with sculptures of fantastic and impossible beings: a dwarf and an elf of fairy tales, an old magician and next to him what seemed to be his apprentice witch, there were also the figures of some children, one of whom wore a ring.copyright protection2PENANAjIKbxqIzT8

               “Dad, Mom, look, it's Uncle Bilbo Baggins," said a human girl pulling her parents' clothes to get closer.copyright protection2PENANAIyD9PlMtiv

               “JO, JO, JO, happy evening to all," said an adult man in a golden and green suit, wearing a ridiculous elf hat, but wearing a long white beard.copyright protection2PENANANXOhpBPQTW

               Several human children with their parents approached the man and lined up for their children to ask for gifts from the curious character and to take away the elf Lobelia who wanted to steal the festivities.copyright protection2PENANAOdFzpcZ7MT

               The carriage stayed a full minute in front of the monument and continued its march, at the end the driver took the carriage in front of what seemed to be an immense field. The door opened and several people came down from it, in fact many more than the size of the carriage could carry, seemed like magic.copyright protection2PENANAgvsTEhfrKy

               A woman in Muggle clothes stepped out of the vehicle and looked around, took a deep breath in and filled her lungs with fresh air.copyright protection2PENANAWyvLPVmELf

               “Even the air changed, before it smelled like forest... before there was a forest... and look, there was a small hill, a small campfire... a frightened little girl...” said the woman, almost crying.copyright protection2PENANABztg9St8Zf

               “Are you sure about this?” asked an old and small man.copyright protection2PENANA2fLu9qMpRx

               “Yes, the things that used to be are no longer," said the woman cryptically, "forgive me for making them come.”copyright protection2PENANAXO5szVnVA9

               “We would do anything for you and you know it First, also my children are willing to accompany you," said the old man when he saw the companions who left the carriage, all of them were very young, not exceeding 17 years.copyright protection2PENANAbbIErSxV1w

.copyright protection2PENANAb3MWyWmkle

.copyright protection2PENANASi3XLCT9yt

               On Earth, Voldemort and his army of deatheaters, dementors, werewolves, giants and other beasts had broken down the last barrier that protected Hogwarts.copyright protection2PENANAiKE1p6TW2U

               “Dumbledore, I think it's the end," said Snape.copyright protection2PENANAtdYg9wdwRz

               “We should not show fear before Tom, but rather the love that drives us to defend our students," the senior principal replied.copyright protection2PENANAKJSNHDqANZ

               The army was about to advance when a giant magic circle made its appearance, from this came a woman of about 40 years old with an elderly man, and behind them some teenagers with determined and aggressive looks.copyright protection2PENANA46JJ79P15R

               “So this is the army of the bald man of Voldi?” said a boy with pink hair and a muscular abdomen, too muscular for his age, while his knuckles creaked.copyright protection2PENANAVz5UQeq3Kh

               “Don't think that this time you will take the glory," said a boy with black hair and proceeded to undress with a staggering ease, she also had an abdomen too muscular for his age.copyright protection2PENANACv1ujJ8JjW

               “Don't undress, idiot," criticized a young woman whose hair was so red that it would be Ginny's envy. She had the face of few friends and wore a sort of medieval armour.copyright protection2PENANAJo2t7aCXbI

               “It's true," said a young blonde girl of generous proportions to her age, covering the eyes of a twelve-year-old girl.copyright protection2PENANAO7hU188sbT

               “These idiots, they always know how to make the "first good impression",” say another young man with the hair in the shape of a hedgehog and very long, it seemed that he had several pieces of "piercing" in a fierce face that indicated that the best thing was not to mess with him.copyright protection2PENANAKOpMjIvssP

               “Sister, let's show these faggots what it means to be a real man," said another boy, who was very tall and muscular.copyright protection2PENANApbdrEkChhO

               “Oh my...” she just said the subject's sister, she had a face and a model figure.copyright protection2PENANAZ6Vh0Xp9qB

               “Who the hell are you people? I don't care who they are, they will pay for standing in the way of the greatest magician of all.” Voldemort threatened them and then he threw the Avada Kedavra at them, but the woman on the front made a huge staff appear out of nowhere in the form of a question mark, and at its end within this was a sphere floating weightless and spinning, apparently made of gold and silver fibers. Voldemort's curse was intercepted.copyright protection2PENANA2aqrWJascC

               “It can't be! Nothing can intercept the murderous curse!” Voldemort said and ordered his army to attack the strange subjects.copyright protection2PENANAhBOu3tOFK5

               Some magicians conjured up enormous flames that seemed to sweep with the group, but they were devoured by the pink-haired boy's mouth.copyright protection2PENANAtJcp0cnqlO

               “What a good fire, I already feel full again," he said with a loud belch, and then he went to the army of Voldemort, from his arms came flames of fire and began to strike wildly at the deatheaters.copyright protection2PENANA2oYsQVc0oo

               “Don't take all the glory, idiot!” said the naked boy and put his hands together and froze several deatheaters in a single blow.copyright protection2PENANADF0s93VYJF

               The deatheaters counterattacked, but the red-haired girl generated about a hundred swords around her and defeated the enemies.copyright protection2PENANA4dpgDqt0QP

               “I am disgusted by those who believe that exterminating the lives of others is something pleasant," said the redhead.copyright protection2PENANAOSdNl3Jx47

               Several dementors approached, but the blonde girl pulled out a key and summoned several bizarre creatures to exterminate the Wraith.copyright protection2PENANAWINWaX06WJ

               “Creatures of the zodiac, attack!” said the blonde.copyright protection2PENANAM0XbhACLBt

               The little girl next to her was beautiful, and it seemed she could do no harm to anyone, but at that moment a kind of whirlpool came out of her mouth that killed several enemies at the same time.copyright protection2PENANAAqmNeHRXeW

               “Breath of the dragon slayer!” the girl with long black hair shouted, as talking and winged cats cheered her on.copyright protection2PENANA5bET7PQ8WM

               The shadowy boy with hedgehog hair turned his body into metal and launched the wildest attacks so far.copyright protection2PENANASINPU5pwQ1

               “I warn you that unlike these lowlife losers, I am not a good person fucking motherfucking voldis.”copyright protection2PENANAZrrmfF37Di

               Brutal werewolves were advancing but the tall, muscular boy turned into a beast that made the lycanthrope look ridiculous and weak.copyright protection2PENANA3JtICAytIu

               “This means to be a man!” cried the beast boy, and with a single colossal blow, he killed about twenty lycanthropes.copyright protection2PENANAfBd3q79QE0

               Bellatrix addressed the innocent-looking, model-faced girl.copyright protection2PENANAREri0GY4OB

               “Oh my, I don't like to fight," said the innocent young woman, but in that she turned into a kind of winged demon with bloodthirsty, violent eyes, and grasping at the deatheater she shattered her without any compassion.copyright protection2PENANAmRkPAXq8q9

               Giants approached, but the old and small magician became an even more formidable giant.copyright protection2PENANACGKPJaXS1C

               “You dare attack my children! Do not expect to be judged by magicians' laws, but by the law of my fury!”copyright protection2PENANASSgkbh1alP

               The battle was cruel and Voldemort's army could do nothing against the strange magicians who used not only magic but also physical attacks with a fury and brutality worthy of wild madmen.copyright protection2PENANALHG6xg3Xpt

               Voldemort attacked the woman with several spells, but the middle-aged woman intercepted them all.copyright protection2PENANA629QRT1PM2

               “I remembered you stronger," she said with a smile and a frown.copyright protection2PENANArFVIZ700hl

               “Who the hell are you?” Voldemort told her that he could not believe the power of his opponent.copyright protection2PENANAQ33x9ANdxd

               “What a pity, so young but aimed only at destroying others," said the woman and lifted her staff.copyright protection2PENANAHEfRu7KwWx

               “¡FAIRY LAW!” she shouted and the sky seemed clear and despite being dark, several huge beams of light fell across the battlefield, including Hogwarts.copyright protection2PENANAyocu7cB7dS

               The horrocrux that was in the castle was destroyed, along with the others who had Harry and Ron, in fact the horrocrux that was inside the boy also disintegrated without harming the young man. On the battlefield, the light destroyed the protective sphere of nagini and also destroyed the serpent, just as all the members of Voldemort's army were equally lucky.copyright protection2PENANAt3VwA57oiE

               “It can't be! The prophecy did not contemplate this!” Voldemort cried.copyright protection2PENANABZiQQNXBjU

               “The future is not a straight line, there are several lines that cross, there is always a future that we can choose for ourselves, but you closed yourself to that possibility," said the woman with a serious expression on her face.copyright protection2PENANA9SjlmqyYyL

               Voldemort's body turned to stone and then crumbled into dust that was carried away by the wind.copyright protection2PENANAQ2PMzpRGO9

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection2PENANAlp9Eg0reCL

I'm about to finish my fanfic. Don't forget to vote and comment please, thank you.copyright protection2PENANA8LEs70TFYs

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