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Writer Capt. leon
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The Dark Riders
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
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I HATE THE MIDDLE AGES!copyright protection3PENANArKSn28p1RE

Chapter 2: The Dark Riderscopyright protection3PENANA0xKUYZS3wT

(The fellowship of the ring)copyright protection3PENANAHVyo3HevaM

               The next morning, Hermione asked Frodo and another hobbit by the name of Sam, if they could provide her with maps of the place, also asked them a few questions about the world she was in. Hermione knew that she found herself in a world submerged in a kind of fantastic Middle Ages with beings such as elves, dwarfs and orcs, as well as knights and magicians. Her plan was to go to Saruman's, but she found the distances were huge and discarded that plan, at least for the time being.copyright protection3PENANAwBwpZzyoAp

               “Help yourself, Hermione," Sam said, offering the girl a jar of beer.copyright protection3PENANA3BXNvVNoZk

               “Thanks Sam, but don't you have water to drink?”copyright protection3PENANAhGfQ4iyjOI

               “Are you sure, Hermione? You can get sick, it's best to drink beer," Sam replied.copyright protection3PENANA5lkCKjciIN

               “Oh, of course I'll drink it," said Hermione.copyright protection3PENANAILoFyUBmjA

               “Of course, we are in the Middle Ages, the water is not purified and you can get sick and die," Hermione thought.  "I hate the Middle Ages!"copyright protection3PENANAGAhVrmeZF2

               The beer was lumpy and served hot, Hermione shuddered at the sight of the drink.copyright protection3PENANAIKo2n8mzr4

               “Or do you prefer cold beer?”copyright protection3PENANAm9PKOoFqLY

               “No, it is not necessary, look, I can conjure water from my wand... Aguamenti," Hermione said and filled a glass with the liquid element, the hobbits were impressed.copyright protection3PENANA0rzim0EB0k

               “Wow, that's impressive!” said a hobbit that Hermione hadn't seen before.copyright protection3PENANAEI42Lra70C

               “Yes indeed! Tell me, can you create a pheasant? I'm starving," said another unknown hobbit.copyright protection3PENANAcnL27AqM0b

               Turns out the other two hobbits were Merry and Pipin. Frodo forbade both of them (including Sam) to comment on Hermione's magical nature to anyone else. Hermione agreed with her friend that she didn't want to attract attention, much less be burned at the stake.copyright protection3PENANAL1Dkk0kYBl

               "I hate the Middle Ages!" Hermione thought.copyright protection3PENANAif4nhPPsXQ

               “Excuse me, Frodo, could you tell me where the bathroom is?”copyright protection3PENANA59dQblrC7s

               “Would you like to take a bath Hermione? I'll immediately prepare the bath with hot water.”copyright protection3PENANAOTurdOryM3

               “Bathe? What for? It's not May," said Pipin.copyright protection3PENANAT5iXtANi3K

               “No, it's not that, I just want to... go to the bathroom," said the blushing girl.copyright protection3PENANA98UmZ5HqHP

               “Ah, I get it, Sam, put a potty in Hermione's room and don't forget the wool and the bucket of water for the hands," Frodo ordered. Hermione almost fell on her back.copyright protection3PENANATwInXVbptY

               “This... thank you guys," said the witch, forcing a smile, "and then where I threw the potty.”copyright protection3PENANAsn3Klxl8Po

               “Just throw it out the back window, but don't forget to say "water!" before you do it or you'll throw everything at someone.”copyright protection3PENANATYwNlvT2WB

               “But if it's Lobelia, don't worry about giving any warning," Merry joked.copyright protection3PENANASP7Ac4wnt0

               “Such a witch deserves it! Sorry Hermione I said it accidentally” Pipin apologized.copyright protection3PENANAmVopGJX1RN

               “Don't worry Pipin," Hermione said with a smile.copyright protection3PENANAqLMXy7trap

               "I hate the Middle Ages!" the witch thought.copyright protection3PENANA32faDsfaQI

               Hermione walked to her room and looked up at the pottery sighing.copyright protection3PENANAacEyClizna

               “Well, since...” she said to herself and with her wand she transformed the potty into a toilet and the wool into a roll of toilet paper, only that the roll was not double-leafed and perfumed.copyright protection3PENANAmNV8LugeWq

               "Damn, this homey spell doesn't work for me," said the girl and turned the bucket of water into a sink.copyright protection3PENANAEZtU96mohc

               “It's a good thing I get the Fregoteo spell right," Hermione sighed. “I hate the Middle Ages!” copyright protection3PENANA7roM007iAu

               Hermione thought it would be best to wear clothes appropriate to the place and time, but she didn't have the money to buy clothes and although she could transform fabrics into dresses, she didn't have much confidence in making them look pretty (Hermione's spells were good, except for the home-style ones), so she decided to sell her clothes in the village. She transformed some canvases that Frodo gave her into dresses (which looked horrible) and went to a place where Frodo told her to go.copyright protection3PENANAtWio54SliP

               Hermione was very surprised, the hobbits were very honest people and did not try to deceive her, in the end offered her plenty of fabrics. Hermione's muggle clothes were not of the best quality, as unlike the other girls her age, she was very humble and didn't care much about fashion, but for the people of the middle earth, the quality of the girl's clothes were much higher, especially jeans, because blue colored clothes were difficult to get.copyright protection3PENANAMXOfRYmemD

               Hermione didn't know what to do with so much fabric, so she offered several hobbit women to keep half of her canvases, if they made her tailor-made suits instead.copyright protection3PENANAqu5Pg6Qooq

               The result was optimal and Hermione was delighted, however, decided to keep her sneakers as they were much more practical and comfortable than the human boots that some hobbits who came from the village of Bree offered her.copyright protection3PENANATSnbgsg9Oy

               “For Merlin, what is the cause of not going well!” Hermione shouted as she tried to turn broken old boots into sports shoes.copyright protection3PENANAYAwNQoLcC8

               “You still can't get it right?” Frodo asked her.copyright protection3PENANAQ2DVST1Iiq

               “I still can't get it, I can transform the boots into tennis but I can't do it perfectly, I never thought that sports shoes involved so much technology, such as air mattresses to prevent injuries in the heel and other things more, I'm so frustrated," said Hermione while lying on the floor with her back.copyright protection3PENANA8bivnzYDIM

               Tennis wasn't Hermione's only frustration, she tried to create a flying broom but it didn't have much success, let's say, and not to mention her attempts to create another magic wand.copyright protection3PENANAbHnIvd6hqI

               “I never thought that the elaboration of a broom or wand was so complex," Hermione complained, "my broom only levitates about thirty centimeters from the ground and a turtle can beat her in speed, and as for the wand I made, no sparks come out of it.”copyright protection3PENANAqgL3cEXdmf

               “Surely you will soon succeed," Frodo encouraged.copyright protection3PENANADvqW0NvZqe

               “You know, in my school I was considered the smartest, what stupidity!, I gave the magic of brooms and wands as something for granted, I never bothered to find out how they were made, I am the shame of Hogwarts...”copyright protection3PENANAMCW9krnrJO

               Frodo tried to cheer Hermione up by telling her how muchs he helped at home with spells like Aguamenti or Fregoteo, and encouraged her to stick with the plan of changing common, multi-colored fabrics into thin blue ones and earning money.copyright protection3PENANAa94WcgAauW

               Hermione smiled at the prospect of independence as she felt like a burden in Frodo’s house. In the end, Frodo invited Hermione to go to the local tavern and drink a few beers, which Hermione accepted as she was able to find out that the beer served at this time had less alcohol than in his world.copyright protection3PENANAp8rQ4sDAs4

               After spending a few amusing moments in the tavern, Hermione convinced Frodo and Sam that it would be best to return to the house as it was getting dark, as Sam approached the house he said goodbye and the two friends came in carefree, but they soon noticed that something was not right, all the candles were out.copyright protection3PENANAPeHLo2dMtW

               “Keep the ring!” Gandalf shouted as he grabbed Frodo by the shoulders and surprised her as well as Hermione.copyright protection3PENANAAE5EAiVasp

               “Gandalf, you're back.”copyright protection3PENANA7SyzJC2ndu

               “Tell me, you keep the ring!”copyright protection3PENANAr2I8N6b1SE

               “Yes, I have it well kept, but what's the hurry, Gandalf?”copyright protection3PENANAXsj37Tm34P

               “Hurry up and show me!” The magician commanded, and Frodo was hastened to fetch the envelope with the ring.copyright protection3PENANAtcH1LrEOOR

               “Eh, excuse me, Mr. Gandalf, I would like to speak with you," Hermione said hesitantly to the old man's unhinged appearance at the time.copyright protection3PENANAifT0oH7zI0

               “You are still here...”copyright protection3PENANAeGtyJAr5Ew

               “Excuse me, my name is Hermione Jean Granger and I am a witch," said to Gandalf before whom Gandalf looked at her with his eyes open and proceeded to aim his staff at her threateningly.copyright protection3PENANAV7JD9v4NjS

               “Gandalf, what are you doing!” Frodo shouted, stepping between the two of them with his arms outstretched to protect his friend.copyright protection3PENANAEB7yBwfJ6Y

               “Frodo, she may be an agent of Mordor's enemy.”copyright protection3PENANAJlEcTnNltr

               “Gandalf, Hermione is my friend, and if you do not stop pointing your staff at her, you can leave my house," said Frodo, and the magician lowered his staff.copyright protection3PENANARozB2I66vp

               Hermione explained to Gandalf how she came to this world and whether he could help her return.copyright protection3PENANAYa06ICCYlJ

               “I'm sorry, but I don't see how I can help you right now, Miss Granger.”copyright protection3PENANAW54BhYY4js

               “Mister Gandalf, you do not believe that perhaps this magician named Saruman could...”copyright protection3PENANAwbR5MTOTZj

               “I'm sorry, but now I don't have time to look for help, the ring is all that matters right now.”copyright protection3PENANAiYuj4dWHci

               Then Gandalf threw the envelope into the fireplace and Frodo took it out afterwards, so they could prove that this was Sauron's ring.copyright protection3PENANAq8nvJEuIJN

               “The Gollum creature was captured by the enemy and then released, this place is no longer safe! You must go to the village of Bree, there I will meet you, I must go with Saruman the white, to ask for advice," said Gandalf when he heard a noise behind the window and then he approached quietly and captured someone who was eavesdropping. That person was none other than Sam, and Gandalf considered that Sam should accompany Frodo to Bree.copyright protection3PENANAbfZ2lMW9FV

               “I also go with you, Frodo," Hermione said resolutely.copyright protection3PENANAtYTXiYbeFn

               “But the danger will be behind me, you can't go.”copyright protection3PENANAx6wUCgz6Yi

               “Since there will be danger, I cannot leave you alone.”copyright protection3PENANAUayTdTF93l

               “And your chance to go to Saruman?” Sam asked hercopyright protection3PENANA5wjZuCXFQD

               “I prefer to go with you a thousand times, I am a witch and I will be able to protect you," Hermione said resolutely, Gandalf looked at her smilingly.copyright protection3PENANA2oJyilOSrN

               “She is right Frodo, the danger will be constant and I trust that Miss Granger can help you.”copyright protection3PENANAblXKfaDVkG

.copyright protection3PENANAgpdAoHcmm3

.copyright protection3PENANAZorJXK4LDw

               The three friends left in a hurry for Bree. Before leaving the region, they met with Merry and Pipin, who were apparently "acquiring" fresh produce from a vegetable garden so they had to rush out of there and in their haste Hermione and the four hobbits rushed down a steep incline and arrived in an unassuming fashion in the background.copyright protection3PENANAzOSwy7Hc21

               “I can't believe it, what's wrong with you two!” Hermione warned them, when Frodo shouted and ordered everyone to hide on the side of the road.copyright protection3PENANATjr6TQO6ca

               Hermione and the boys took refuge under a hollow tree just in time, as a huge black horse and its rider then stopped right next to them. The situation was pressing but Hermione with her wand made a rock levitate (Wingardium Leviosa) and produce a noise away from them with which the mysterious rider moved away from them.copyright protection3PENANAaczBVxmZjZ

               “Hurry!” Hermione said and everyone ran like crazy.copyright protection3PENANAwSOopmw6zz

               Frodo had to explain the situation to Pipin and Merry, so they too decided to accompany their friend.copyright protection3PENANA8sSAzMqnSC

               Hermione and the others were crossing a sinister forest when they were discovered by several dark riders to Hermione the appearance of the riders reminded her of that of the dementors, so  she shuddered with fear.copyright protection3PENANAx2O7EKE1JX

               Hermione knew that medieval horses were short but more robustly built for war, but these black horses had nothing to envy than thoroughbred race horses of her world.copyright protection3PENANA0fQPEfbamK

               “Surely the object of these horses is not war but persecution," Hermione thought, but the cries of her friends brought her back to reality, there was no way for her friends to escape.copyright protection3PENANAKvdC5Mpv9h

               “Incarcerous!” Hermione shouted and one by one, the horses were falling because of the ropes coming from the witch's wand.copyright protection3PENANA8HkXPZHu1r

               Friends ran and boarded the river transporter, they were already safe, at least until they reached the village.copyright protection3PENANAs1HiQlx2wU

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection3PENANANgp0TuMi0W

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