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Writer Capt. leon
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Hermione's desire
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!oHwt0GWw0mLiJ699BkZZposted on PENANA

I HATE THE MIDDLE AGES!copyright protection2PENANA96iHfeqW8u

Chapter 14: Hermione's desirecopyright protection2PENANACwc9ZdPWJQ

(The return of the King)copyright protection2PENANAjv92BicdCb

               Gandalf was right to tell Hermione that she couldn't save everyone this time, but the casualties were minimal compared to what they would have experienced if they hadn't had the witch's help.copyright protection2PENANAcMhvtwJUsS

               Aragorn healed Boromir and Faramir, and had the unfortunate task of communicating the death of his father to them. The two warriors lamented the fate of their father and bowed to Aragorn, recognizing him as king of Gondor.copyright protection2PENANAp5oBfoP5ky

               Although there was reason to celebrate the victory because of the little loss of life, Gandalf called a meeting to discuss the issue of what to do next.copyright protection2PENANAVD45GFoST0

               “We must go to the black gates of Mordor, only then the "eye" will go to that location, and not worry about seeing the surroundings of the Doom Mountain, so that Frodo will have an opportunity to carry out his mission," said the magician.copyright protection2PENANA35NlBgRlbk

               Hermione shuddered, the way Gandalf described the movement of the eye made her feel like she was just another figure in a Warcraft strategy video game, she believed she owned her destiny, but soon felt like she was controlled by a force beyond her control, and now they were planning to defeat Sauron, a god who helped create this world, a lesser god, but a god after all. Could they, simple pixelated beings destroy the player? Or would this one cheat to win the game?copyright protection2PENANAdAqBcFZ1Kk

               Hermione shook her head to ward off these confused thoughts and she also accepted Gandalf's plan.copyright protection2PENANAAGYELFk9xd

               “Do you think Sauron will fall into the trap?” Legolas asked him.copyright protection2PENANAaBjXXUeOfp

               “I see it difficult Gandalf, Sauron is not foolish, he will not go only for the presence of Aragorn," said Gimli.copyright protection2PENANA9sZz4cf4dZ

               “Another presence is needed," said the magician. “Who was it that frightened the nazgul when Frodo went to Rivendel? Who was the architect of Helm's victory in the abyss? Who prevented the orcs from invading Minas Tirith and annihilated the lord of the nazgul?”copyright protection2PENANAoNGnsr2MBz

               Everyone looked at Hermione.copyright protection2PENANA0LbjI8eXXt

               “Me?” The girl pointed her finger at herself.copyright protection2PENANAm7WmH1yW5M

               “No, I mean Merry and Pipin," said the magician in an angry voice.copyright protection2PENANAWuACR24TOF

               “But will my presence suffice to make the enemy fall into the trap?” Hermione asked, blushing and scowling.copyright protection2PENANAtOrF89Om7L

               “Your presence and that of Aragorn will not suffice, but if they go as bearers of the union of men, then we will surely make him fall into our trap.”copyright protection2PENANAQtTNQAOoxU

               “What do you mean Gandalf," asked Aragorn.copyright protection2PENANAbupL7gNbaC

               “You were already recognized by the sons of Denethor as the king of Gondor, and you, my friend Théoden, have no descendants and you gave a noble title to Hermione, if Rohan and Gondor go together to the black door.... If Aragorn and Hermione go together as a married couple, we will surely succeed.”copyright protection2PENANAREqijzs8Vz

               A sepulchral silence remained in the atmosphere, preceded only by the noise of the jaws of Gimli and Legolas that opened considerably.copyright protection2PENANATM2NzTnoiV

               “¡WHAT!” Hermione shouted at the end as she tried to cover her face with her arms and lifted one of her legs.copyright protection2PENANAjtpIewZ1Ha

               “It is the only way Hermione," explained the magician. Hermione saw Aragorn who remained silent and with a strange expression on his face.copyright protection2PENANAEzO4R8Djgz

               "Oh God! He's so disgusted with the idea that he got mute," she thought.copyright protection2PENANASalVXVOlj7

               “Then let's do it," said Aragorn seriously. Hermione couldn't believe what she heard.copyright protection2PENANAgCAFlPckRU

               “For I have no qualms," said King Théoden, "Hermione may be the heiress of my kingdom.”copyright protection2PENANAuvtizkrdEH

               “Wait a minute,” the girl began to say, but no one would listen to her, all immersed in their own screams celebrating the magician's idea.copyright protection2PENANANxS9tP4iao

               Hermione was so shocked that she didn't know what to do, she even forgot to use her wand and use the Sonorus spell to make herself heard, so she grabbed Gandalf by the arm and took him aside so she could talk to him.copyright protection2PENANApr0Z6mOjGF

               “Gandalf, how can you think of this madness! Go to the others and tell them this can't happen!”copyright protection2PENANAdbaGuK1VYF

               “But Hermione, it is the only way to attract the enemy's attention, or do you not wish to help Frodo?”copyright protection2PENANADMdvVGk0Yv

               “Of course I want to help Frodo! But, but... Gandalf I'm only eighteen, I can't get married!”copyright protection2PENANAonWpn3Lcmr

               “But if you're old enough to get married, in fact, you're past the age of fifteen.”copyright protection2PENANARAC2g7Ni2M

               “What? But...”copyright protection2PENANAYFybbuRvuP

               “Hermione, are you a virgin?”copyright protection2PENANA1SdXhA12Mo

               “Of course I am!” She shouted with a red face like a tomato.copyright protection2PENANAuEY7Hfeuxh

               “Here the women of the nobility marry at twelve years of age. “copyright protection2PENANAgvXPG8jyEN

               "Twelve years... shit..." Thought the witch.copyright protection2PENANAoFGCDXcE0Z

               “But what about Lady Eowyn, she's not even fifteen, let alone twelve years old... And she's noble!” the girl shouted.copyright protection2PENANA2vE1ClgRQN

               “Eowyn is.... Well, what we call here a "tomboy", she took Merry into battle herself and fought in this one," Gandalf replied as he looked at her with some concern.copyright protection2PENANA86j6W0efyS

               “Hermione, listen," said Gandalf bowing down to see her straight to the face, "I suppose things are very different in your world, but right now in Middle Earth we need your help, not only Frodo and Sam, not only Rohan and Gondor, but also all the people of the region, the hobbits and other people who live in this world.”copyright protection2PENANA3XxJzaHMPH

               “I... I...” babbled Hermione, at the same time that she remembered the first time she saw Aragorn tidied up in Rivendel, but she also thought about his commitment to Arwen, along with the words Gandalf said to her when she left Rohan... And the images of the poor child outraged at the banquet.copyright protection2PENANALScqTPL9HB

               “Gandalf, I can't make a decision now... Please stop the anticipated celebration, I promise... I promise you that I will speak to Aragorn tonight, and tomorrow I will give you my answer, I will give it to everyone.”copyright protection2PENANAXQIgWFgaUP

.copyright protection2PENANA3YMAHlLo7B

.copyright protection2PENANA6Ttijn85wP

               At night Hermione asked Aragorn's permission to enter his room.copyright protection2PENANAHuFqKC51M0

               "Oh, he's still serious, he's probably disgusted with the idea of marriage, and he's already got Arwen," Hermione thought between frightened and disappointed.copyright protection2PENANARPYDqGZc47

               “Hermione...” began to speak Aragorn but the witch shut him up.copyright protection2PENANANa1gtlDBqa

               “Aragorn, you don't have to do this for the good of all, you don't have to sacrifice yourself, you... you have Arwen.”copyright protection2PENANAr8F7yqJErv

               “The feeling I had for Arwen disappeared as the days passed by Hermione,” said Aragorn to her and showed her the jewel that Arwen gave him, it was opaque.copyright protection2PENANAFjlDXMjWYo

               “When Elrond visited me in the tabernacle and gave me the sword, he told me that the jewel was overshadowed because Arwen was dying because of Mordor's power.... But he also told me that I was doing it because my feelings for her had vanished to never come back. Hermione, when I kissed you on the forehead in the abyss of Helm, I really wanted to kiss you on the lips, but I was afraid to cloud your judgment for the battle, please forgive me for being such a weak man.”copyright protection2PENANA4Lz523qGFR

               Hermione remained speechless and Aragorn held her in his arms. Various thoughts crossed the witch's mind, was this what she wanted? she could not deny what she felt for Aragorn, but the age difference was so great despite having just turned eighteen, but here, in this medieval world, no one would judge them with the gaze, no one... Yes, this was what she wanted.copyright protection2PENANAR6ZwdyWWdo

               Hermione was so nervous that she only lifted her face for Aragorn to kiss her, and there with the firmament as a witness, both sealed their love with a kiss, and the stars began to sparkle their lights harmoniously, in the same way that the two lovers moved their bodies harmoniously, in a bed that seemed to them to be made of serene clouds and at the same time stormy...copyright protection2PENANAsSHOvEAPBy

.copyright protection2PENANAeGjNLmRc2w

.copyright protection2PENANA4TC3qQCmMP

               The next morning, a simple ceremony was held and then everyone left for the gates of Mordor. Hermione imagined her wedding differently, there was no music or dancing, only the silence broken by the helmets of horses and armor colliding with each other.copyright protection2PENANALfHs3d7D2J

               Aragorn saw Hermione's face and took her by the hand.copyright protection2PENANAchpw5bSWoV

               “I regret this," he said as he looked at her. Hermione shook her head.copyright protection2PENANAssP5wfV8CI

               “I don't," she said with a smile, "I don't think we are going to go to our death, surely the courage will help Frodo fulfill his mission.”copyright protection2PENANAYnXFQ1TYFW

               Aragorn stretched out to hug her (both riding their respective horses) and began to cry. Hermione was surprised to see him crying and caressed his face and kissed him tenderly.copyright protection2PENANAHRd7niigeH

.copyright protection2PENANAbH91MFgHOT

.copyright protection2PENANApMhns7ol64

               The army arrived at the gates of Mordor, Hermione never saw anything like this in her life but she showed courage and along with her husband, and the other members of the fellowship, went to the massive entrance.copyright protection2PENANAhOVvVjOeA3

               “We call upon Sauron to pay for all the evil he caused to Middle Earth!” Aragorn challenged him.copyright protection2PENANAVLK5NwL4ez

               “We summon you in the name of the kings of Rohan and Gondor! The lords of Middle Earth will impose your deserved punishment!” Hermione threatened him.copyright protection2PENANAXEme1Omqat

               The black doors opened and Hermione could feel Sauron’s eye fixed its gaze on them as the orcs moved forward to attack them.copyright protection2PENANAushqYcKMrk

               Aragorn harangue his men in a way that made Hermione proud and the battle began, this one was brutal and several men died. All riders were dismounted including Hermione and Aragorn. The enemy stopped attacking them and began to surround them, Sauron the dark lord had won and had one last offer to make.copyright protection2PENANAPn6zsT6dXl

               “Istari of the stars," Hermione heard, "join me and together we will rule the whole world, you and your husband can govern in the Middle Earth under my tutelage, while I will govern the will of men, advance towards me and accept power over men.”copyright protection2PENANANVZ991Ywr9

               Hermione stepped forward and the men lost hope, but then the witch turned around and smiled at them.copyright protection2PENANAZWBgnzt7mV

               “For Frodo," she said and hurled a wild scream and ran to face the enemy. First her husband and then the other fellowship members followed along with the remaining soldiers.copyright protection2PENANArbixLLrRZo

               Sauron ordered the killing of all and his green orcs attacked them furiously, Hermione saw how her husband was about to be killed by a huge troll, but she with the Avada Kedavra, saved him at the last minute.copyright protection2PENANAcMjcWtdUZF

               At that moment a scream was heard throughout the battlefield, unlike the cry of the nazgul lord, Sauron's scream was felt also within the soul of each of those present, as if trying to tear them from within. The orcs and other green skins watched as the dark tower collapsed and panicked to see their creator, their god collapsing, they fled the place without caring to step on each other.copyright protection2PENANA3ZBFgZfK6B

               The eye imploded, generating a blast wave similar to that of an atomic bomb, but with less destructive power, Sauron the god, the enemy of the world had died.copyright protection2PENANAFyMY6xKxpJ

               The whole place was beginning to crumble and Hermione held firmly the cloth in which she wrapped Galadriel's hair, and surely it was this that protected the land in which all men were, since ite did not give in to the abyss that was growing every time threatening to swallow everyone.copyright protection2PENANAVCweOsI1mI

               The sensation in all men was strange, as if a filth impregnated in the depths of their souls had disappeared so as not to return any more.copyright protection2PENANAGqHi5YikIo

               “¡FRODO!” all those present shouted again and again, when an explosion was felt in all surroundings, the mount of destiny had erupted in such a way that an entire hillside of it had collapsed. Hermione had not seen such a thing since Mount St. Helena in her world.copyright protection2PENANAVoXHn3f8AE

               It was impossible for Frodo and Sam to have survived such an explosion, but Hermione recalled the story of a man who did so in her own world and told Gandalf, who in the company of the giant eagles went to the rescue of her friends.copyright protection2PENANASvhoK5Qs7d

.copyright protection2PENANAbODT7JRp3A

.copyright protection2PENANAOZZLHnOWvo

               The atmosphere of restlessness was overwhelming, but when everyone resigned to the fate of Frodo and Sam, the eagles appeared.copyright protection2PENANABnTSMEYD75

               “It's Frodo and Sam!” Legolas shouted that as an elf he had the best view of all.copyright protection2PENANAQiUub1e3qi

               A cry of joy was heard for the second time in those cursed lands, Gimli was so happy that he took a leap and embraced Legolas and kissed him with a resounding kiss of friendship on his lips. The elf stood like a stone and the hobbits laughed loudly.copyright protection2PENANADfhD0Y0OVw

               “Aragorn, hurry up, the hobbits will need your help!” Gandalf shouted to him, and one of the eagles that held no hobbit descended to take the king.copyright protection2PENANAcxT6pGLojS

               “Don't worry my love, I will guide others back home," Hermione said crying with joy.copyright protection2PENANAuaaoFlpToQ

               The eagles walked away bathed in the golden sunset light and Hermione with a mother's smile led everyone back to Minas Tirith.copyright protection2PENANAb25tF6rGUn

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection2PENANAc7U6ekMZI5

.copyright protection2PENANARcg2AVo0ON

.copyright protection2PENANAR0QXtv3VcY

               Author's Note: In the middle ages, the women of the nobility married at the age of 12 to preserve their virginity. The maximum age of marriage was 15 years reserved for peasant women who had already suffered innumerable outrages (mostly by the famous "knights-errant in shining armor") and were therefore not very eager to marry.copyright protection2PENANAio6dukxhkf

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