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Writer Capt. leon
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El Hazard
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
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Chapter 17: El Hazardcopyright protection3PENANAMb6dq64qoo

               The strange magicians celebrated the victory more enthusiastically than ever before, but both the little old magician and the woman of the staff approached Hogwarts.copyright protection3PENANA0bBOsQNWoT

               “Who are you people?” Dumbledore asked them that he had his glasses on the tip of his nose and a little crooked.copyright protection3PENANAbZCNOfnI5S

               “He is the ex-director Makarov of Hogwarts college of magic and sorcery," said the woman and everyone present opened their eyes like dishes.copyright protection3PENANA8S4f5ulaUK

               “Are you coming from the future?” McGonagall asked, recalling when she handed the time turner to Hermione, and when she remembered her beloved and disappeared student, she looked more closely at the woman's face, had short brown hair and her eyes were honey-colored...copyright protection3PENANAzVWaJo1xlp

               “By Merlin's beard! Miss Granger, is that you?” said the old witch as she held her hands to her chest because of the impression.copyright protection3PENANArwp3kdjHWo

               “Professor, I went back to school a little late, I was hoping you wouldn't subtract me points," she said with a smile.copyright protection3PENANAA5gFkm9Gx4

               It was as if a bomb had fallen right on top of the teachers, and they bombarded Hermione with questions, but she told them that she could answer them all in due course in the teachers' room.copyright protection3PENANAq60nhJMih8

.copyright protection3PENANAHIE7MZk6Gh

.copyright protection3PENANAuhmLWG86nF

               Hermione gave them a summary of their adventures in Middle Earth, as well as their wedding and the founding of the Magic College.copyright protection3PENANAbOLbb3VXld

               “My child, you must have suffered too much," McGonagall said to her crying.copyright protection3PENANA53VKaIKvPq

               “The sadness was like a brief dream compared to the happy moments that I spent, you know, I married many times and had many children in over a thousand years," she said with a gentle smile that warmed the hearts of those present.copyright protection3PENANAMjI95FQdLd

               “Changing a world and bringing the magic back was a lot of work, but I never gave up my femininity once I had the confidence to hold it tight against my chest.”copyright protection3PENANATW1E8dI3b3

               “How did you get back?” Dumbledore asked.copyright protection3PENANAgh6c1hVMNK

               “I returned because the things that were are no more, because the things that were will no longer be, because there is no one alive who remembers them except me, and I had a meeting expected to fulfill” she said with a sad look in her eyes, while Hermione remembered the harsh passage of time and its cruel bite in all the ancient creatures of the Middle Earth as the ents, the dwarves, the elfs, even the hobbits.copyright protection3PENANAdz4VJaAzom

               Hermione kept talking to her teachers and they told her about the war against Voldemort.copyright protection3PENANAMhjOWr1Evc

               “I shouldn't have lived," said Snape, "I should have died for everything I caused, for Lily's death.”copyright protection3PENANAHLtOYv6UhT

               “Professor Snape...” Hermione was trying to comfort him.copyright protection3PENANAFutJqcU0Li

               “You don't need to call me professor, call me by my name," the man said with a heavy heart.copyright protection3PENANAmxzGmv7o9C

               “Severus, why don't you go to Middle Earth? a new world, a new opportunity.”copyright protection3PENANAARo4GnAMhS

               Hermione went to the large dining room, Makarov's students were making a lot of noise as usual, and she took advantage of the distraction to go to her former companions and catch up with them.copyright protection3PENANAGXn9GNlBO6

               “You... you have a boyfriend now, Hermione," asked a blushing Ron, Ginny rolled her eyes.copyright protection3PENANATbEsR0YYo8

               “Ron, despite my appearance, I am an old woman and I am married," she told the boy, showing him the most beautiful ring he or his friends have ever seen in their lives. Ginny hit his brother's neck with the palm of her hand.copyright protection3PENANABZ004GoEtG

               “It's so strange to see you like this, Hermione, so old," said Harry.copyright protection3PENANAx9DUikHDVv

               “I am sad to admit that I had already forgotten your faces after so many centuries," Hermione told them, and thick tears streamed down their faces.copyright protection3PENANAKOGohxpgwN

               Hermione met Neville and together they showed up at St. Mungo Hospital. The witch healed the boy's parents, it was a moving scene that caused Hermione to wipe away the tears.copyright protection3PENANAo8No9S5xwy

.copyright protection3PENANAd4IRY0bGE6

.copyright protection3PENANAboVSNdqctW

               The next night, Hermione and Snape arrived at the place the witch agreed to transport him to Middle Earth.copyright protection3PENANA0S5NheFmLc

               “How is Middle Earth?” Snape asked.copyright protection3PENANAVZhEQfF1Vj

               “It's very similar to Earth, but magic has supplanted most of the technology unlike here," Hermione explained when Dumbledore came running.copyright protection3PENANA87I4ZvhqHL

               “Dumbledore, what are you doing here?” Snape asked.copyright protection3PENANAmIDsvUGbhs

               “It's obvious my boy, I'm coming with you," said the director cheerfully.copyright protection3PENANAodsFSiVxkQ

               “What! What about the school leadership?” Snape asked him that he was amazed.copyright protection3PENANARtYzxY5PoM

               “I left everything in charge for Minerva," Dumbledore said carefreely, Snape tried to reply but another voice was heard near them.copyright protection3PENANAALued09Ucr

               “I'm coming with you guys," shouted Flitwick, the short professor.copyright protection3PENANAmBFOgx7b4s

               “You too, Filius!” Snape shouted, running his hand through his hair.copyright protection3PENANA2VW0utYAjn

               “As in the old days, eh Albus," said the professor shaking hands with Dumbledore. Snape tried to replicate, but in that...copyright protection3PENANAmU8R8mSig5

               “Oh no! I will not allow this," McGonagall said as she approached.copyright protection3PENANAJDGosWVz80

               “Fortunately, McGonagall, take these two back to school," Snape said.copyright protection3PENANA2aVYbqsa0L

               “Who said I'd take them back? I'm coming with you!” she said, and the three men almost fell backwards.copyright protection3PENANAxnFGfO286i

               “But Minerva, I left you in charge of Hogwarts," said Dumbledore displeased.copyright protection3PENANAdPVTenQaXZ

               “Bah! I'm sure Sinistra will take care of it," said the witch slapping the air like one who scares off a fly.copyright protection3PENANAaZa6Ylxqwy

               “Of course Minerva, we go with you," said Professor Sprout.copyright protection3PENANAc3VSJbGMjN

“Besides, who would take care of healing those cramps Dumbledore?” said Nurse Pomfrey. McGonagall rolled her eyes as she knew how her friend felt about the old director and vice versa,"copyright protection3PENANA4xCZqRnh1k

               “Albus, we are just some poor teachers," said McGonagall, "surely the ministry will propose our replacements to Sinistra and she is very demanding with the teachers, you know that very well.”copyright protection3PENANAgckqijMPKi

               “So, shall we go?” said Hermione who saw them with a shining smile.copyright protection3PENANAnWmjP5vvSO

               The teachers nodded and Hermione prepared for the spell.copyright protection3PENANAiWlVWMNj4O

               “And you, Hermione?” Dumbledore asked.copyright protection3PENANAEk0ZKjjx83

               “Don't worry, Makarov will take care of it," said Hermione, and with a smile she said goodbye to her teachers.copyright protection3PENANAPw0bQPhll9

.copyright protection3PENANAaE5wA2jnmn

.copyright protection3PENANAb0Ic0tvj0E

               In a house in London, Jean and her husband cleaned the living room. Jean held Hermione's picture and her husband stood behind her hugging her tenderly. Suddenly Crookshanks hurried to the door and began to meow loudly.copyright protection3PENANAnPao01dinz

               The couple went to the door and as they opened it, the cat jumped into the lap of a woman dressed in a rain suit.copyright protection3PENANArydx4OzobV

               “Oh excuse the ways of my cat," said Jean.copyright protection3PENANALnWtzXW5hW

               “Crookshanks never approaches strangers," said the man.copyright protection3PENANAJEMU3NVg5j

               The young woman did not utter any words but looked at the couple while tears of happiness covered her face.copyright protection3PENANAQxR44WSEk4

               Jean was confused but suddenly something struck her inside as well as her husband.copyright protection3PENANAA6rwz1uw6L

               “Hermione, is that you?” said the woman, shaking her voice and reaching out to touch the woman.copyright protection3PENANAtQqgKt3GK9

               “Mom, Dad... I'm home now," she said, hugging them and her parents returned.copyright protection3PENANAZAGRELNxp7

               Hermione recalled her childhood years, when she entered Hogwarts, her arrival in Middle Earth, her wedding with Aragorn, the founding of Hogwarts, her other marriages and the children she had... So many memories and so many friends she would never see again.copyright protection3PENANABZe2wN40kb

               Hermione hugged the adults, and in that moment some huge white wings came out of the witch and surrounded her parents.copyright protection3PENANALO1b4MF8sp

THE ENDcopyright protection3PENANAhsZYkEJ7b9

               Author's Note: and here I was inspired by the final scene of the Anime: El Hazard, wanderers. Fanfic translated with the DeepL program and my knowledge of English. Forgive any grammatical and punctuation errors.copyright protection3PENANAfN9tPFhUFC

I hate the Middle Ages!copyright protection3PENANA5rq7DvTiDm

Original tittle: ¡Odio la Edad Media!copyright protection3PENANAHVOHT8mDgx

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