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Writer Capt. leon
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Arrival at Gondor
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
11 Mins Read
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I HATE THE MIDDLE AGES!copyright protection2PENANA99OnYAlR8j

Chpater 12: Arrival at Gondorcopyright protection2PENANArHV3NPV3r7

(The return of the King)copyright protection2PENANAAcXq48epyB

               Hermione fell on her face just as she did when she went to the quidditch world championship in her world. When she got up she saw that she was standing in front of the gates of Minas Tirith.copyright protection2PENANALHKz5JarAi

               “Who goes, identify yourself in the name of our lord Denethor!” the guards at the door shouted to her.copyright protection2PENANAL10G4NwZRX

               “My name... My name is Hermione Jean Granger! And I am the istari chestnut! I come by command of Mitrandir, Gandalf the gray to speak with your lord!”     copyright protection2PENANA7ra5Rfd5EL

The guards told her to wait and she had to stay in front of the huge gates for several hours until dawn.copyright protection2PENANAHptrZzb90L

               Hermione meanwhile saw the city-fortress and was surprised, Minas Tirith did look like the fantasy castles that were shown in her fairy tales, but at a more massive level.copyright protection2PENANAsLNssSgYR7

               The gates were opened and Hermione entered the city, some guards told her that they would escort her to the seneschal and Hermione followed them.copyright protection2PENANAWZy75qmjv1

               The city was as impressive from the inside as it was from the outside and consisted of several levels, massive gates guarded both the entrance to the city and the second level, and the rest of the levels lacked these, except for the last one which led to the top of the city which consisted of a horizontal esplanade dug in the same rock, rock that divided the city into two large segments.copyright protection2PENANA5cqzEq8Pz9

               Throughout the entire journey Hermione suppressed the will to vomit, as people threw their organic waste out the windows and the stench was strong, at least in the city of King Théoden, the wind although cold, was constant, however in Minas Tirith, no breeze appeared.copyright protection2PENANAB2VoungKm8

               The castle was at the base of the esplanade, Hermione entered the throne room and was amazed by the place, was not baroque style, but neoclassical with black and white polished pillars that gave the whole place a majestic and sober atmosphere at the same time.copyright protection2PENANASj8qqdQNxm

               Elegant dark blue bleachers led to the throne, but Denethor as a seneschal of the kingdom, sat at the base of the bleachers and saw Hermione severely.copyright protection2PENANAOCzfbdFk3f

               Hermione was intimidated by the man’s expression, it was a mixture between the disapproval expression of his teacher McGonagall and the clear aversion on Snape’s face.copyright protection2PENANAtEho3MMjx8

               “Very good morning, my lord Denethor, seneschal of Gondor," Hermione said to him solemnly, giving him a bow, "I come by command of Gandalf to serve you sir.”copyright protection2PENANAspsAQSOHGl

               “Good morning? Do you consider good morning the fact that the orcs are invading my kingdom?” He said, and Hermione felt as if she had been slapped.copyright protection2PENANA3uYCJaQpuU

               “Excuse me, my lord, it was not my intention to offend you in any way, I regret my misguided words, I only came to help in what my humble abilities are capable," she said and Denethor's expression softened a little.copyright protection2PENANAEYzWmCI8Wg

               “All help is welcome, and before going into detail regarding the services you wish to render to my city, I would like to know the details by which my son Boromir, is found in the healing houses as we speak.”copyright protection2PENANAhoFKYwDMdj

               “Then Boromir is alive!” Hermione gleefully said, but the monarch’s expression darkened again.copyright protection2PENANA8hN7UxhKWM

               2Excuse me, but I am happy that Lord Boromir is safe and sound.”copyright protection2PENANAFBKex7QggM

               “More convalescent I would say," said the king and Hermione noticed how his voice began to break because of the delicate situation of his son.copyright protection2PENANAwyaci9JVWW

               Hermione decided to wait for Denethor to speak again, and once he was back on his feet, he ordered to tell him about her trip from Rivendel. The girl was surprised that the man knew about the fellowship's journey and decided to tell him everything, including the coming of Aragorn.copyright protection2PENANAf4e3c8AtTx

               “The best thing would be not to lie," she thought and was right, as the seneschal knew of the presence of his friend.copyright protection2PENANAgy81MF8CWo

               “And then Mithrandir, he intends to bring this mountaineer by the name of Aragorn before my presence, will it be possible for him to reclaim his claim to the throne? A right that due to time no longer belongs to him.”copyright protection2PENANApsWzFfIoaE

               "If it doesn't belong to him, why the hell don't you sit upstairs?" Hermione thought.copyright protection2PENANAlqJztVH3pA

               “My lord, politics does not concern me, I can only tell you that the man named Aragorn already guided the ring bearer to Rivendel, so I suppose that he continued the journey with the fellowship because of the friendship that was born towards the ring bearer.”copyright protection2PENANAAG9IHVoPyk

               Hermione was very nervous, she was risking a lot of things with the information she gave to Denethor, the security of Frodo and Aragorn, the success of the mission, but somehow Denethor already knew all this. The only thing she didn't know was how Boromir got to the capital of Osgiliath.copyright protection2PENANAeXNawspfRA

               The seneschal was pleased with the witch's report and thanked her for the help given to his son. Hermione asked Denethor for permission to go to the healing houses and he ordered one of the guards to take her there.copyright protection2PENANAUc0ELtAtx0

               The healing houses were large and pleasant places, and Hermione was able to visit Boromir, who was unconscious from the fever. The women in charge of the place did everything they could, but the condition of the man did not improve.copyright protection2PENANA37GcQn8fdG

               “How I would have liked to learn healing magic, but at school they didn't teach it either," Hermione thought. "Here they can only treat fractures or superficial wounds, it's a good thing Boromir has no internal bleeding or other fate he could have, I hate the Middle Ages."copyright protection2PENANAArDnBaQ1qH

.copyright protection2PENANACkTDZF7z8E

.copyright protection2PENANAzcMgpDDxSQ

               Hermione went to Osgiliath and met Faramir's lieutenant, the captain informed her that his master would soon arrive and asked Hermione to help as much as possible. The witch carried out the enchantments she did with Rohan's men and prepared to attack the orcs, however, the city was chaotic and Hermione could not do much, so she decided that she would help better in Minas Tirith and decided to return to that place. Fate imposed that when the witch left Osgiliath, Faramir along with Frodo, Sam and Gollum arrived in this city.copyright protection2PENANAdshQQT1GVr

.copyright protection2PENANAoyMibLXik6

.copyright protection2PENANAXUiJaHnOef

               In MinasTirith, Hermione began to perform the usual enchantments. At first the soldiers were reluctant to accept Hermione's helmets, but the archers convinced them of their usefulness. Then the witch turned to the walls and was surprised to see that they did not have the classic medieval defenses of cast leaded cauldrons that were so often seen in movies and books.copyright protection2PENANAEsIWjzQkfL

               “We don't have as much lead, or huge boilers to contain lead," one captain told the girl.copyright protection2PENANAMEjyWvjUNE

               “That doesn't matter, the first thing I want you to do is to bring the thickest normal boilers and all the lead and oil you can get together.”copyright protection2PENANA1KyjuJ1Rxg

               The men brought him all the things she asked for and with the spell Engorgio increased the size of the cauldrons and had them placed and secured on the walls at all levels of the fortress and placed only a few small pieces of lead or small amounts of oil. Hermione's plan was to use the Refill spell to increase the amounts of molten lead or boiling oil in the boilers.copyright protection2PENANA7cJP82pYnE

               The men were impressed to see how each of the cauldrons was overflowing with lethal liquids, but Hermione felt that this was not enough and went to speak with the seneschal.copyright protection2PENANAK9j3Hgy0am

               “My lord, the field from Osgiliath to Minas Tirith is completely clear and its uniform surface, it gives free field for the siege machines of Sauron to arrive without problems, you my lord, should order that the men build a series of defensive walls all over the land so that at least their advance is slowed down," Hermione said urgently.copyright protection2PENANAFc7dwBXxtu

               “There are not enough men and material available in stone or wood to do what you suggest," said the seneschal in a tired tone.copyright protection2PENANAOAGxqPAPOX

               “Then let us place at least as much debris as possible at the foot of the outer wall so that the assault towers do not reach the battlements," Hermione insisted.copyright protection2PENANAuy6OCN4bOe

               “Do whatever you want, everything is lost.”copyright protection2PENANAxtrEHXgEuK

               Hermione did not understand the fatalistic attitude of the seneschal, but since he gave her free rein to act, she bowed and left the place, lest the man change his mind.copyright protection2PENANA9jlQRLFrBt

               Hermione could not erect walls with magic, but she could with her Featherweight spell make it much easier for men to carry stones and wood. Too bad the city was too big and could only surround it with a weak defensive wall, she could not dig ditches and fill them with combustible liquids, because it would require a lot of effort and not even her fill spell would be enough for so much liquid volume.copyright protection2PENANAo62vUEiYP7

               “At least we have already placed the rubble at the base of the outer wall," said a sweaty witch, when she was informed of Gandalf's presence.copyright protection2PENANAdmBE1iBiX6

               The girl rushed to the magician's room as the meeting with Denethor was over and was surprised to see Pipin with him.copyright protection2PENANA26qnXh9CIL

               “Pipin, what are you doing here? Where's Merry?”copyright protection2PENANA67S9CMNVLC

               The hobbit explained how he "stumbled" on the palantir and Gandalf congratulated her for organizing the city's defenses. Hermione told Gandalf how Denethor knew a lot about the fellowship of the ring, especially Aragorn.copyright protection2PENANA2ZZEE1WgkU

               “Do you think Denethor has spies in Rivendel?” Pipin asked him.copyright protection2PENANAmm1NKY4UBM

               “That's an absurd idea, but I'm intrigued about how he could figure out so many things," Gandalf replied.copyright protection2PENANAGIUyRwlEr7

               “What if Denethor also has a palantir?” Hermione asked.copyright protection2PENANAht6h7Lj41D

               “That would explain many things, Denethor saw inside the palantir and the enemy showed him visions of defeat and death, but those images are not the future, are simple tricks of the enemy.”copyright protection2PENANAZo00bLZfFA

               “Should we tell Denethor?”copyright protection2PENANA2mjWVasgPU

               “No Hermione, Denethor would not admit to having been deceived by Sauron, the best thing is to leave things as they are.”copyright protection2PENANAo7ovpwgIAh

.copyright protection2PENANAlAFlAQ7z6M

.copyright protection2PENANAa99t64Dylt

               One night, Hermione, Gandalf and Pipin talked about the war and the opportunities Frodo and Sam had to reach the Doom Mountain.copyright protection2PENANAtJAReZnvIX

               “Forcing your eyes you can see how the Doom mountain throws lava in the distance," Hermione said.copyright protection2PENANAM3xsp8jwIq

               “Gandalf, do you think the Nazgul come flying in these winged monsters?” asked Pipin, who had heard that a nazgul had attacked Osgiliath by flying in a kind of winged serpent (Faramir and his men did not mention the presence of the hobbits to anyone.copyright protection2PENANAjSzsmFw0eR

               “I don't know Pipin, I hope not, otherwise our strategy to defend the city from the top would be useless.”copyright protection2PENANAtHB4yP4VlM

               “But if we have to go down just one level lower, we wouldn't have a view of the entire battlefield," Hermione said.copyright protection2PENANAT8PrAfAUMi

               “I know, the layout of the city is like a hand extended to the front and the walls are not curved, but straight," he said when a beam of green light shot out of Minas Morgul into the sky. Hermione could not help but take a couple of steps backwards as Pipin did, Gandalf held them from behind cheering them on.copyright protection2PENANAk5bTyxz4xN

.copyright protection2PENANAW1vx53naZI

.copyright protection2PENANAWTQMkr1VlO

               The next morning, Hermione and her friends watched Faramir and his men escape chased by the nazgul riding winged monsters. Gandalf went to the rescue of the men and Hermione along with Pipin went to meet them. Faramir saw Pipin strangely, and so they learned of Frodo's whereabouts.copyright protection2PENANAdGUozsW9xu

               “I can't believe it! If I had waited for Faramir, I would have met Frodo” Hermione complained.copyright protection2PENANAXuvs1BwpLv

               “You couldn't do anything Hermione," Gandall said, "fate decreed that Frodo should continue his path alone.”copyright protection2PENANA8HoZtJqvEM

.copyright protection2PENANAkSseh2Gdce

.copyright protection2PENANAH9IdBKO79z

               Hermione was making the final preparations for the city's defense when a commotion was heard at the entrance to the fortress.copyright protection2PENANADhh2hLLIhq

               “What's going on?” the witch asked.copyright protection2PENANAuBiXPz0vNd

               “Faramir had an argument with his father and now intends to take up Osgiliath again," said Pipin.copyright protection2PENANAKumsIYcw5m

               “It's crazy, they can't make it.”copyright protection2PENANA6JEnLV9xDq

               “Faramir believes that he will be able to achieve this with the magical armour of his armor, that the arrows will not harm him.”copyright protection2PENANAX81g6QQ7mE

               “And then what? I already explained it to him, that magic will not prevent his bones from breaking and bleeding inside if he is attacked with swords or mallets.”copyright protection2PENANAk68HzRFMnK

               “Even so Hermione, he wants to try.”copyright protection2PENANA8utMRfI1Mm

               The girl hurried to Faramir's and heard how Gandalf's words did not echo in the man.copyright protection2PENANArKus0BjRIF

               The witch whispered and Faramir looked away and decided not to undertake the suicide mission.copyright protection2PENANAv3MEKlvp7T

               “My duty as captain is to defend my kingdom without unreasonably risking the lives of my men," Faramir said, and withdrew with his men to the stables.copyright protection2PENANAafnE2eTLgG

               “What was that, Hermione?” Gandalf and Pipin asked her at the same time, but Hermione looked down, she looked depressed.copyright protection2PENANA7HqB9rdsiW

               “It is the spell Imperio, one of the spells forbidden in my world, anyone who uses them is condemned to Azkaban, the prison of the magicians... And I used it...”copyright protection2PENANA8NZUsKfXan

               “You had no choice, Hermione," Pipin said, rubbing her back to cheer her on.copyright protection2PENANAQkDdZGsTrI

               “It is true Hermione, otherwise Faramir and his men would have gone to a certain death.” Gandalf replied by smiling at her, which encouraged the witch since it was a long time since she had not seen the wizard smiling.copyright protection2PENANAzypZazqn2J

               In the afternoon Faramir went to meet Hermione, he looked upset.copyright protection2PENANAjawj5Y3lWd

               “What did you do to me?” he said with an angry expression.copyright protection2PENANAINym0x2trt

               Hermione was frightened and told him by shaking what he had done. Faramir watched her silently.copyright protection2PENANAb01B0cbqzd

               “I acted impulsively after arguing with my father, now I see that what I tried to do was crazy," Faramir said with a frown.copyright protection2PENANA9ToGcuFfPC

               "Don't do it again," concluded the man and walked away from the place.copyright protection2PENANAtyp1UpzWT1

               "Heavens, for a moment I thought he'd hit me," Hermione thought, nothing surprised her anymore about this misogynistic and brutal world.copyright protection2PENANAp41rG1DRsd

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection2PENANA5C6uiiYYyN

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