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Writer Capt. leon
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Arrival at Rohan
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Xjg0gvJQvqbX7v9IHbsNposted on PENANA

I HATE THE MIDDLE AGEScopyright protection4PENANA9MDiTxDztr

Chapter 7: Arrival at Rohancopyright protection4PENANA6rLnr1SbRo

(The two towers)copyright protection4PENANAB2lJyvrgHT

               Hermione, Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn rushed to rescue Merry and Pipin. After one day Hermione was pale with fatigue and pain, her side ached so much.copyright protection4PENANA3QGH9AfM9I

               “Aragorn, we must rest, or Hermione will die of exhaustion," worried Gimli.copyright protection4PENANAegaZDC1wNT

               “No... don't... worry... I' ll... catch up with you," Hermione said, but she started vomiting later.copyright protection4PENANAUoWg8uLzKs

               Aragorn approached Hermione and offered his water.copyright protection4PENANAtOj9vtKLfT

               “I will take Hermione," said Legolas, "I am an elf, I do not tire like you mortals.”copyright protection4PENANAtuaEuNgwk3

               “All right," said Aragorn.copyright protection4PENANApeslvAQgaB

               “No! I can still do it," said Hermione, "but when she got up she noticed her knees shaking.”copyright protection4PENANAJDq2NWvyHL

               “Forget it, Hermione, let Legolas carry you," Gimli said, "I would do it, because neither do the dwarves get tired either, but Legolas' legs are so ridiculously long that your feet won't crawl on the floor," he said, looking proudly at the elf.copyright protection4PENANAsbgCPKq6hK

               Legolas bowed and Hermione climbed up on his back as the elf took her on horseback, then holding firmly to Hermione's thighs he began to run.copyright protection4PENANAaGZC2udTLo

               “I'm sorry," said Hermione, red with shame.copyright protection4PENANAuv2VyQR4oy

               “Don't worry Hermione, it's a pleasure.”copyright protection4PENANAQQJ6tzRTF8

               “Don't you dare put your hands in strange places, elf!” Gimli shouted in the distance, and Legolas rolled his eyes, while Hermione turned even more red.copyright protection4PENANADPPDsR8GKU

               “You smell like honeysuckle," said Hermione between awake and asleep, Legolas smiled.copyright protection4PENANA4fp7aYX22m

               “Shuuu sleep, don't worry.”copyright protection4PENANAASdkZGURzz

.copyright protection4PENANA0dpPQSHZys

.copyright protection4PENANATDIiKTgIVj

               So three full days went on without resting or stopping, but the orcs did not stop, because the orcs are creatures of simple mind and brutal, and while they have a target (usually looting) focus on this one, forgetting the tiredness. In addition, an orc outperformed other races in that they could eat any kind of food or meat, no matter how disgusting it was, and this aspect was what concerned Aragorn the most, so he refused to give in to fatigue and pain.copyright protection4PENANA5wciQcYL3x

               "Merry, Pipin, if the orcs start to starve..." thought Aragorn, suppressing a shudder and kept running.copyright protection4PENANAk4LKUBCBAa

Gimli was behind the group also aware of the dark characteristics of the orcs, tiredness made his legs feel about to burst, but the stubborn characteristic of his race also prevented him from giving in to tiredness and pain.copyright protection4PENANA4tOMMzF3hA

.copyright protection4PENANAnm7zFYLDJP

.copyright protection4PENANAb3TWONxqp8

               At dusk on the third day the four friends kept running when they heard the noise of horsemen approaching.copyright protection4PENANABtCpgpYVtg

               “It could be the Nazgul," Hermione told them, so Aragorn ordered everyone to take refuge behind a large group of rocks, because Hermione had no time to conjure the protection spells.copyright protection4PENANAwQDDqiCbWl

               The fear of friends was unfounded because the riders turned out to be humans belonging to the kingdom of Rohan.copyright protection4PENANA17pU3dIBD8

               Aragorn stepped out of his covert position and screaming caught the attention of the riders.copyright protection4PENANAKeCnESMCOf

               Hermione and the others were also relieved to see the riders, when Aragorn's face darkened.copyright protection4PENANATl6xZwPBIL

               “What happens Aragorn?” Hermione asked.copyright protection4PENANAWJTlEWynyc

               “The flag bearer lifts the spear in attack mode. They may think we're enemies, don't make any sudden moves and raise your hands.”copyright protection4PENANAvir7F50sIO

               The riders surrounded them and pointed their spears towards the group. Hermione and Aragorn raised their hands, but the other companions did not, because the arrogance of the elves' race to which Legolas looked defiantly into their eyes, as did Gimli thanks to the stubborn character of his race.copyright protection4PENANAIBaO89lYK4

               “What do a human, an elf and a dwarf do in these lands?” said the leader of the riders, ignoring Hermione.copyright protection4PENANAKHNE2sBBP9

               "What the hell, he didn't even mention me, he must see me as some kind of worm unimportant for being a woman, I hate the Middle Ages!" Hermione thought furious.copyright protection4PENANANlset8jtA2

               Gimli answered in a bad way to the man and almost the thing passes to worst, fortunately Aragorn calmed the situation explaining the reason for his presence in those desolate places.copyright protection4PENANAiiDs7MCtLm

               “And you take a woman with you?” the man whose name was Eomer asked strangely.copyright protection4PENANAxw3ka6NLHD

               "I hate the Middle Ages!" Hermione thought.copyright protection4PENANAUvYnJrv3V5

               “She is the sister of the two children (hobbits), who were kidnapped by the orcs.”copyright protection4PENANA5eoJGwwiZh

               “Of course, I was already surprised, but even so, what can a pitiful woman do but wait for her brothers to return or mourn their death," said Éomer.copyright protection4PENANAFwNJRYPFJx

               "I hate the Middle Ages!" the girl kept thinking.copyright protection4PENANAiE2g1MIxQD

               “I can think of other things that she could be doing," said one rider lasciviously, and the others joined him in his lustful laughter, including Eomer.copyright protection4PENANACWS1FyxbRx

               "I hate the Middle Ages! I hate the Middle Ages!.... I hate the Middle Ages!"Hermione thought red in anger.copyright protection4PENANAtx4hhWf6BZ

               Gimli and Legolas were angry, but Aragorn ordered them not to cause any more trouble.copyright protection4PENANAETEHaGuSdl

               Even though she's skinnier than a nazgul, I prefer them more plump,"said another rider and the laughter of the riders began, including their leader.copyright protection4PENANAwPhoRWXp8P

               "I hate the Middle Ages! I hate the Middle Ages!.... I hate the Middle Ages!" she thought green of indignation.copyright protection4PENANAWCn1UEXaLz

               This time Aragorn seemed to be the one who was about to lose his calm, it was a good thing that Eomer put on a serious face and told Aragorn that the fate of the two children was tragic because the night before he and his riders had attacked the orc camp and no one had survived.copyright protection4PENANA9ptO7DuCwH

               Hermione put her hands on her mouth and began to deny with her head, hoping that the riders would laugh again, hoping it was a joke, but apparently this time there was no joke at all.copyright protection4PENANAX3xesobpOk

               Eomer gave the friends two horses to climb up on them and find the kidnapped, so that they could give them a proper burial, after which he and his men rode away.copyright protection4PENANAfKWCMQhJ02

               “Aragorn, we must go, I don't think our friends have died," said Hermione trying to encourage herself and then Legolas and Gimli took a horse, while Hermione and Aragorn took another and went to the place where the riders indicated them.copyright protection4PENANAjasMYzptbV

               Finding the battle site was not difficult because of the black smoke coming out of the pile of corpses. Friends dismounted and Hermione using Ventus, removed the foul smell of burnt flesh that was in the place.copyright protection4PENANAa9YHnq6yQU

               The men searched among the burned remains, with the exception of Hermione who dared not approach.copyright protection4PENANAS6FPJrF0bG

               “It is Merry's headband," said Gimli with a sad expression on his face. Hermione drowned her groans by covering her mouth with her hands as she wept in tears.copyright protection4PENANA2uRugP4Gig

               Aragorn shouted a cry of despair and helplessness as Gimli and Legolas cursed in their respective tongues.copyright protection4PENANACtpBbN1hlS

               “Poor Pipin... poor Merry," said Hermione crying and kneeling on the floor.copyright protection4PENANAceZR3IjJIv

               Aragorn also knelt and began to pull up the dry grass when his face acquired an expression of concentration.copyright protection4PENANApL0ggg6kXp

               “Fingerprints, broken ropes," said Aragorn as he advanced and made full use of his tracking skills. A wave of hope came to Hermione, perhaps her friends were still alive.copyright protection4PENANABzS1a3Ocla

               The clues that Aragorn found led them to the forest of Fangorn, apparently the forest was dangerous because the men put fear faces before the prospect of entering this one.copyright protection4PENANA5xp4psMJcv

               “Is the forest so dangerous?” Hermione asked.copyright protection4PENANAeCgeSwvZRs

               “No one who went through it came back alive to tell it," Legolas said.copyright protection4PENANApt1hvclkoH

               Hermione, though much younger than they were, decided to face the horrors of the forest in order to find her friends, and the others followed her.copyright protection4PENANAuteUxEnknz

               If the forest where Lady Galadriel lived was intimidating this one was monstrous, the oppression felt by friends was palpable and at one point Aragorn warned the others of the presence of the white magician (Saruman) right behind them.copyright protection4PENANAQCb6R4Dm3v

               “Don't let him speak or he'll haunt us," Aragorn told Legolas and Gimli.copyright protection4PENANAPsZQKu26Or

               “That's not enough, he can perform non-verbal spells," Hermione told them in a whisper.copyright protection4PENANANjU2dsHAN5

               “Then let's attack... Now!”copyright protection4PENANAaDHlKypnVt

               The group attacked the magician as soon as they turned around, but he neutralized them easily, first Hermione and then the others.copyright protection4PENANATKWSBHnENb

               A bright light struck the unarmed heroes and Aragorn demanded that Saruman show himself before them, then the light was extinguished and Gandalf appeared.copyright protection4PENANA5Bv0DJtljg

               “Gandalf!” Hermione shouted and hurriedly ran to hug the wizard.copyright protection4PENANAquT7PDGf1B

               Gandalf explained that the valar (gods) brought him back to life, no longer as Gandalf the gray, but as Gandalf the white. The magician at first seemed confused but then recovered, Hermione suspected that those were the effects of his "resurrection".copyright protection4PENANAIUmENXlaB9

               “Gandalf, we must find Merry and Pipin, who entered the forest," Hermione urged.copyright protection4PENANAmGKRHoAaJU

               “You don't have to worry Hermione," he said, "the hobbits were left in charge of Barbol the ent.”copyright protection4PENANAqaokheYYtZ

               Hermione stayed with her mouth wide open as she had read about the ents in her fairy tale books and Gandalf laughed eagerly, then led friends out of the forest and called "grey shadow", lord of the horses and once this one arrived, they departed for the capital of the kingdom of Rohan.copyright protection4PENANAAbUWQITcSv

.copyright protection4PENANAlec66TvG3e

.copyright protection4PENANABto0OGeMFH

               Hermione who rode with Aragorn learned that the castle was known as "the golden castle". The girl was impressed by this, but was disappointed to see the castle in the distance, far from being a castle with golden walls, this place was built entirely of wood and more than a castle had the appearance of a Viking communal house.copyright protection4PENANAMfSGcJo6Vh

               The rest of the capital also did not impress Hermione, nestled on a rocky hill in the middle of a huge wasteland where nothing could be cultivated.copyright protection4PENANABgwNnCHSjK

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANA7UewU2c9PS

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to vote please.copyright protection4PENANAQB8JilsHrn

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