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Writer Capt. leon
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Golden tomb
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!d2Pe6yX0JxnACfvHAnV4posted on PENANA

THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection3PENANAw45O1o7gW1

Capítulo 11: Golden tombcopyright protection3PENANAT93Joaima1

The battle began in the middle of the dry season, with the march of the bipedal self-cannon Mechs and infantry soldiers raising the dust that covered the Pumyra and Slithe units, which had no choice but to separate to attack the fallen avian city and the Cathian fortress at the same time.copyright protection3PENANATyCwO7epv9

Once informed that the fortification of the bases had been completed, Lion-O and the other thundercats returned to the avian city thanks to an underground passage that led them behind enemy lines, the same happened with the defenders of the ruins of the kingdom of Claudus under the command of Captain Bengali and General Linx-O.copyright protection3PENANAt2dzQfXXvT

Pumyra, along with most of the assault Mechs, attacked the avian capital because it is in extension was more intimidating than the fallen cathian ship, also, that in this was Lion-O and the rest of the thundercats.copyright protection3PENANAYp328scrOn

Fatal error since at the order of Captain Risu, from inside the defensive wall of the ship, the army of combat aistedroids left preceded by the Afrodian FMBs, which were armored motorcycles of a single wheel.copyright protection3PENANAsIW4eLcsaI

“What are those things, stop them!” Slithe commanded his men, as he watched as his powerful but heavy, slow bipedal Mechs were shot down by the speedy khaki-colored bikes.copyright protection3PENANACDKQdB5ayA

The FMBs had a machine gun on their left side, four gas grenade launchers in the center to neutralize enemy infantry and a car cannon on the right side that could destroy one of the Slithe Mechs with a single shot.copyright protection3PENANA4xZ7A8ANzo

“Since the FMBs have only one shot, we must take advantage of it," Captain Risu ordered his men by the ship's communicator. “How's the deployment of the asistedroids going?”copyright protection3PENANAb2786mTjP4

“They are going very well," Yuubi replied, "enemy troops are only equipped with laser weapons and have no proper protection for infantry forces and, not to mention adequate military training, they are only undisciplined civilians forced to fight for a cause they do not see as their own.”copyright protection3PENANA1rILiVmo6V

“I see," Risu nodded, "Mumm-ra apparently considered the safety of his troops to be of little consequence. I want priority to be given to the Mechs, once they fall, the rest of the army will go into disarray.”copyright protection3PENANAZatYi47SRH

Risus words were fulfilled, when all the Mechs were shot down, Slithe's men began to flee in disarray despite the cold-blooded fury and threatening presence of Monkian and Jackalman, who while intimidating and somehow stopping the desertion of the troops, were not by any means the best generals Slithe could wish for.copyright protection3PENANAh3JpcQL59A

The last defense of Mumm-ra's former lieutenant fell to the fearless advance of the non-laser, powder-based asistedroids who were guided from the Cathian ship.copyright protection3PENANA9b2SXkNkJT

“Please don't attack, we surrender!” Slithe pleaded and raised his arms as did the cowards of Monkian and Jackalman.copyright protection3PENANAgI4JHnOOgG

“It's easy to be abusive in front of people who don't know how to defend themselves, huh? Now they will taste some of their own medicine," Yubbi told no one in particular.copyright protection3PENANAwyJgXV7I1g

“Secure the prisoners without delay," Risu ordered, "I want the army to advance into the city now.”copyright protection3PENANAjbsl3pGQJq

The battle on the outskirts of avian was much more intense, especially in the skies where there was an intense struggle for control of the sky.copyright protection3PENANAKZ8PJPcxEt

“We must contain the enemy fighters!” Tygra ordered his men, while he himself was piloting one of the fast fighter planes, "the one who has control of the sky will be the winner!”copyright protection3PENANAdb1XrYSyHU

The concerns of the thundercat soon dissipated as they saw how the cathian fighters joined the struggle en masse. Like the infantry, the Cathian pilots benefited from military training and victory was decided quickly. Once the air cast was won, the fighters began to attack Pumyra's Mechs.copyright protection3PENANAP15hm9G30q

Pumyra, being a more effective commander than Slithe, regrouped her troops so that they would not be swept away by the fighters, but faced with the burden of the cathian army made up of the FMBs and the deadly asistedroids, she had no choice but to flee to Mumm-ra's fortress, lest she and her remaining troops be surrounded and unable to break through the siege.copyright protection3PENANAtKqCA9rNG6

Now Pumyra's hopes lay in her master summoner and that somehow the power of the star stones would help them win the war.copyright protection3PENANAgUhhRIgKhY

.copyright protection3PENANAE6ZJomS5qT

.copyright protection3PENANAvTDVwe5Y1L

"I don't know how my lord Mumm-ra could turn the tide as he couldn't handle Lion-O and all his allies in the city despite the magic gems, and now we face an entire army with a whole new and unexpected army of powerful allies."copyright protection3PENANA4hGlzx4Qhm

The thundercat, angry with herself, shook her head to push those thoughts away and headed for the room where Vultureman was standing.copyright protection3PENANAOVsNFR9yWz

“Don't worry Pumyra, our Lord Mumm-ra's recharge is at ninety percent, you just have to buy time in front of the enemy and when Mumm-ra emerges from his camera we will have to defeat the Thundercats," said Vultureman.copyright protection3PENANArst5o0jtYl

“If it's about buying time, I've already ordered the deployment of troops in front of the fortress," Salamander said.copyright protection3PENANAf2CVocst2J

“Perfect captain, now let's go to the front of our troops and stop Lion-O, You Vultureman are coming with me," said Pumyra.copyright protection3PENANAPRFiEl9OT6

“But I must verify that everything is going well.... for the good of our Lord.”copyright protection3PENANAolySqWSKqR

“Your servant, Blue, can take care of that, I don't want you to betray me Vultureman, I want you with me at all times.”copyright protection3PENANA5FUIAiU3MX

Vultureman was outraged, but had to give in to the traitor's harsh gaze.copyright protection3PENANANCOsUtN4iH

Three figures were going to the entrance of the Mumm-ra pyramid, but only two would go out to make the magazine of the reserve troops.copyright protection3PENANAaH2JzsGsd6

.copyright protection3PENANAjiLd0mwVpj

.copyright protection3PENANATdVIFPbtTu

“It was a good performance back there," said Salamander gladly as he stepped outside the pyramid.copyright protection3PENANAa4bdNLFtdS

“It is the duty of every politician to be a good actor," said Vultureman, who smiled maliciously. “Since Pumyra had all her attention fixed on me, she didn't see how you were finishing her from behind.”copyright protection3PENANAAxbmLcIi78

“Now it's my turn to act," said Salamander, who saw Lion-O and Risu's army approaching in the distance.copyright protection3PENANAB0lwJ1mVug

According to Yuubi's plan, it was now Lion-O's turn to meet Salamander and negotiate peace.copyright protection3PENANApFkAS8myCA

In the eyes of the reptilian people, Salamander was to remain the savior who secured a peace treaty without winners or losers, a savior who, forced by circumstances, had no choice but to play a dangerous game and to square himself against Lion-O and the alliance. A similar position was applied to the figure of Vultureman.copyright protection3PENANArc7CyTOgcW

A thunderous applause for the recently achieved peace could not alleviate the doubts in Lion-O's heart regarding the deal he had to make with Vultureman and Salamander, but now he had other matters to attend to.copyright protection3PENANApNXLkGMHBh

“Is this the place?” asked Lion-O when Salamander stopped in front of a cell.copyright protection3PENANAX0WiBPqXn2

“Yes, she's inside, Your Majesty, do you intend to execute her?”copyright protection3PENANAxOeFrMzg3M

“Of course not, she, like Mumm-ra's henchmen, will be given a fair trial and will be sentenced for her crimes in prison.”copyright protection3PENANActz9eUQ1Br

“I would like to investigate further into the thundercat's betrayal," Yuubi said suddenly, "I find it very strange that she blames you, Lion-O, for having abandoned her in Thundera when Mumm-ra destroyed the capital, but do not blame Mumm-ra for having been responsible for the fall of the kingdom.”copyright protection3PENANAizsfR44h1r

“What do you mean Yuubi?” Lion-O asked him.copyright protection3PENANAkzgzfIlPYp

“I don't know... but there's something wrong.”copyright protection3PENANABaSbk76a8H

“All right," agreed Lion-O, "but now let's go see Mumm-ra.”copyright protection3PENANABqh4F88Kqa

Lion-O, along with the other thundercats and cathians, went to the mummy's "grave".copyright protection3PENANAcLKsk0aGP9

“You're Blue, aren't you? what do you have to tell me about Mumm-ra?” Lion-O wanted to know when he was in the main chamber of the fortress.copyright protection3PENANA5rjYCD6IOe

“Your Majesty, following the instructions of my lord Vultureman, I have drained almost all the energy that was accumulating in our enemy. Now he no longer poses any danger.”copyright protection3PENANAqqEIukQC4h

Leono looked at Tygra and then with an affirmative gesture, Blue proceeded to open Mumm-ra's capsule.copyright protection3PENANAMg2wJmxU2m

Mumm-ra's pathetic figure collapsed to the ground as soon as the door opened.copyright protection3PENANA38Nn7q1d9P

Several pairs of hands pointed their weapons at the mummy, while Cheetara, with astonishing speed, took away from the summoner the Plundar sword next to the gauntlet with the stellar gems.copyright protection3PENANArAf6iJr9mw

“... No... give them back... they're mine... mine...”copyright protection3PENANAq8NsFwPcrS

“Mumm-ra," interrupted Lion-O, with a look that reminded Panthro of the late father of his young king, "as an enemy of my people and of the entire third planet, you have risen up, carrying war and destruction with you, and so today you will be sentenced and forced to pay for all your crimes.”copyright protection3PENANAzv1nS8NTlX

“Puppy... don't think you can destroy me... I have been anointed by the ancient evil spirits... I can never be destroyed...”copyright protection3PENANAINxYUQIlZ4

“You're right, Mumm-ra, however, we can hold you back for an eternity. You will be stripped of all garments so as not to use these, then your whole body will be covered with steel and molten silver so as to retain all your evil power, finally you will be covered with gold so that the corrosion will prevent you from leaving your prison and the weight of the noble metal and the others will lead you to lie on the bottom of the oceans not to rise until the sun of this system expands and dries the oceans at the end of time, millions of years in the future.”copyright protection3PENANASpdFSScI5D

“...You... you can't... you can't...”copyright protection3PENANAAF8B21KQU6

Once your sentence has been declared, I, Lion-O, lord of the thundercats, son of King Claudus whom you murdered in a vile and cowardly manner, order the execution of your sentence at this very moment, as I have said and as it is written.copyright protection3PENANAODTlCObk9b

Bengali and Lymx-O dragged Mummra away, while Panthro went to make sure that it was carried out promptly, with him, Yuubi and other Cathians going to make sure.copyright protection3PENANAo2ABHtuTbA

“It's all finally over, Lion-O," said Tygra.copyright protection3PENANAxMfGohH88C

“I'm glad Wilykat and Wilykit weren't here," said Cheetara.copyright protection3PENANAeWg8iSWuc6

“The same goes for Jessie and Sebastian," said Risu, "we left the care of those four to Rauri.”copyright protection3PENANAFB8gcPKHJW

“What will you do now, Lion-O?” Risu asked.copyright protection3PENANAhhIwY6OGfX

“After the celebration, I will devote myself fully to the rebuilding of my kingdom. There will be a lot of work and problems ahead of us, but now is not the time to worry about that, we should be celebrating the fact that we managed to defeat Mumm-ra.”copyright protection3PENANAiuTzCbryGE

Those present nodded and came out of the darkroom.copyright protection3PENANAFlfNCsDm9n

.copyright protection3PENANAiqF0XD7Ljn

.copyright protection3PENANAICRCctOD2u

An airlift was moving over the ocean, which was frizzy due to the proximity of a storm. On the ship, Tara reported that they had arrived at the set coordinates.copyright protection3PENANAiHQyvs09Oa

“Well, open the floodgate," Yuubi ordered.copyright protection3PENANAw6Bb7zOfk8

“It's your fault Mumm-ra that I have these metal arms," said Panthro, "and now these same arms are the ones that will take you to your grave.”copyright protection3PENANAD3LuGXYuB1

The thundercat pushed the mass of gold that covered Mumm-ra prison and it fell into the black waters to the bottom of the ocean where it would never come out.copyright protection3PENANAZTJPreisn6

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANADUdf5lOUB9

Author's final notes: the motorcycles used by the Cathians are based on the motorcycles seen in the film Anime: "Venus Wars", a play not to be missed for lovers of good quality SCI-FI anime and which I highly recommend.copyright protection3PENANA2ecOITLHom

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