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Writer Capt. leon
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The hero and the princes
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!sYkhnOY7A26v1MrMstiRposted on PENANA

THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection2PENANAs2bdvLbug4

Capítulo 22: The hero and the princescopyright protection2PENANAJI33ZqSXys

The alarms sounded in Mumm-ra's pyramid, fortunately for the approaching intruder who was not yet down.copyright protection2PENANA0EX1rpNUS6

“This is the secondary control room of the pyramid," Cheetara told the others, "I know because Yuubi asked me to put hidden microphones in the ventilation ducts of this place to spy on Mumm-ra and Slithe.”copyright protection2PENANALk8XxEJJ8Z

The group came out of the ventilation ducts, there were no asistedroids inside, and Jessie and Sebastian went to the control consoles.copyright protection2PENANAOSIRVHiOFQ

“The first thing we have to do is deactivate the asistedroids," said Jessie and got to work.copyright protection2PENANAgFvdHWCuQv

“I can't believe this!” exclaimed Sebastian, “Look!”copyright protection2PENANABBPKznoi6x

The monitor showed Mumm-ra's weapon and a description of what he could do.copyright protection2PENANAiVp0NlH59n

In the main chamber of the pyramid, Yuubi operated Mumm-ra's console to find out what was happening.copyright protection2PENANAWp3rCKoffe

“Dogs, all the asistedroids stopped operating and are in stasis mode!”copyright protection2PENANAKQQAApYYI5

“...Yuubi...”copyright protection2PENANAv00V0NgITp

“...Risu, what are you doing here?” You were supposed to be a prisoner in Avian along with the other thundercats.copyright protection2PENANA6PO9hrUFH9

“Yuubi, what are you doing?”copyright protection2PENANAUrZK2Aa0zS

“Do you remember the story Lion-O told us? That about the Thundercats' past and how the stellar stones were created.”copyright protection2PENANA55T50TTgCM

“Yuubi... you...?”copyright protection2PENANAFICuSUVMAC

“It was impossible for me to use the star stones, but I don't need them to carry out the mission for which we went to this planet.”copyright protection2PENANAVu4Vf6vq75

“And that's why you betrayed us!”copyright protection2PENANAjcacia6crI

“You betrayed us, Risu, all of us! We risked our lives on a mission of uncertain destiny, all to find on this planet the technological advantage, the weapon, that would allow us to win a war lost beforehand against Melmak and Dogisian!”copyright protection2PENANAZ7rCBjwx57

“I was wrong Yuubi, finding a weapon that we could use in the war goes against everything I learned in this place.”copyright protection2PENANA90CeWRlris

“Are you talking about Rauri?”copyright protection2PENANAwBFHOYSVaj

“Yes, and not only of her, but also of Wilykit, Wilykat, Jessie, Sebastián, Minino, Minina, Leonore and the other thundercats. To use something so terrible would condemn us to the reproach of future generations.”copyright protection2PENANADaq5M2oizt

“...But we'd win the war.”copyright protection2PENANApJu1XqTjSc

“I always thought it wasn't about winning, but how you won.”copyright protection2PENANALpOr6CpYxA

“How did you get here?”copyright protection2PENANAibKJgwLFPl

“I had a hunch, decided it was best to turn around and go with you.”copyright protection2PENANA9f4Dh24amX

“You already doubted me?”copyright protection2PENANAn8mbztNZsl

“Never my brother, I just came to help you with whatever it took.”copyright protection2PENANAAKxkuORguG

“...You've always been like that, ever since we were kids, never did the right thing and always came out on top.”copyright protection2PENANABDWGgdJlo5

“Especially with the girls.”copyright protection2PENANAiLdEWN7KMA

“...Yes, especially with them.”copyright protection2PENANA6mkEHPty5X

“Yuubi, stop this madness.”copyright protection2PENANAfHAcoRp8cO

“I'm sorry, Captain, it's been days since I sent the weapon to Melmak, it's all over now.”copyright protection2PENANAdvzr9wfhh1

“Yuubi... what dogs did you make?”copyright protection2PENANASooc262vF8

“No matter what you say, the weapon will save millions of lives and shorten the war by six months. Soon it will be Dogisian's turn," said Yuubi, as he jumped backwards into an intimidating power armor equipped with machine guns and an autocannon, "forgive me, sir, but for violating the fourth regulation, paragraph four of the imperial order, by refusing to fulfill an imperial mission, I am relieving you of your command.”copyright protection2PENANAtVP37eUxm7

“Yuubi!”copyright protection2PENANAlACV1Mrg4J

“...What will be, will be.”copyright protection2PENANAiW7H9aNbGs

“You guys have to do something!” Tygra shouted, who saw and heard the conversation of the two Cathians on the monitor.copyright protection2PENANAj9n9cvn72J

The power armor was headed toward Risu, when the asistedroids began to attack Yuubi.copyright protection2PENANAenjRilDKCH

“But how! Those thundercats were released, but they still don't have the ability to reprogram the combat asistedroids.”copyright protection2PENANAuVEBCNLqZs

Androids were lethal, but the power armor operated by Yuubi was very advanced technology in the field of armaments.copyright protection2PENANASjBgsNMQVO

An explosion was heard and the right arm of the power armor exploded, taking Yuubi's arm.copyright protection2PENANAz9cT0veEfR

Yuubi's flight thrusters shut down and the cathian fell to the ground. Yuubi opened the helmet of the power armor, he no longer needed it, he had destroyed all the asistedroids.copyright protection2PENANAmKM0loO7OO

“Yuubi!” Risu shouted as he saw his friend badly wounded, not only by the mutilated arm, but also by several wounds inflicted by the asistedroids.copyright protection2PENANAzH8aYBYKrU

“Don't come any closer! Just one more moment, just one more moment and it's all over... Dogisian... the war.”copyright protection2PENANAz14LU4h9Jx

“Stop it, Yuubi!”copyright protection2PENANA05hM6CbVKZ

“Trust in the mission, not in your heart, remember? That's what we were taught at the Imperial Academy... it's curious, but I entrusted the mission to my heart... I implanted a device in my heart to stop Mumm-ra's weapon. If you want to stop me, you'll have to kill me.”copyright protection2PENANAKjHSuFttqU

Risu looked around in desperation as if seeking some help to stop all this madness and his eyes fixed on the destroyed asistedroids, all of them burning and with expressions of sadness on their faces.copyright protection2PENANAoZWsLQx20g

Risu stood firm and then drew his foil, his royal blade gleaming with the reddish glow of the flames, as did his eyes.copyright protection2PENANAz0mRNstYoe

Yuubi stood up and from the left arm of his power arm came a saw-sword.copyright protection2PENANAX8yE03kuwL

“En garde!” The Cathians shouted at the same time and rushed at each other.copyright protection2PENANApVKlnwbUzb

Past and forgotten memories struck the officers' minds.copyright protection2PENANAa9cw0ZZuXo

The illness of Risu's mother, the burial of Yuubi's father, the open arms of a gentle lady in a wheelchair who received a Yuubi as a child, the unconditional friendship of young people despised by the imperial house and by the elite academy, promises of mutual friendship and protection....copyright protection2PENANAIVwgAxjU1Q

“Yubi!”copyright protection2PENANAFqLqM8XX2w

“Risu!”copyright protection2PENANA9dFmJGlJaj

Shining tears mixed with the ashes of the fire, faces determined but with anxious looks.copyright protection2PENANA7SeE8ObrJd

The reactions of the power armor gave the advantage, and Risu closed his eyes waiting for the fatal blow... and nothing happened.copyright protection2PENANAioE3PqbMod

Risus foil entered Yuubis heart cleanly, while the saw-sword lay motionless, millimeters above the head of his target.copyright protection2PENANAjyqZUaFfUP

Yuubi bowed his knees and Risu held the enormous weight of the power armor.copyright protection2PENANAy1INGRBRik

“Yuubi, why, why!”copyright protection2PENANA5BJKEzbPmz

“Remember the blows I took at the academy? I swore I would become strong, I swore to protect Cathia... but not for Cathia, not for anyone... my brother, I would never kill you.”copyright protection2PENANA3F8uE2Fkiz

“Yuubi, resist, I'll take you to the operating room, I'll take you to the...”copyright protection2PENANAaQBSEhJf92

“Get out of here, soon this whole place will blow up.... a precaution before my death.”copyright protection2PENANAAfDk0iTb7f

“Yuubi!”copyright protection2PENANALbVTGAVmVd

“Cheetara... I see you came at the right time. The others...”copyright protection2PENANAV54xYIPIYY

“They are safe, Yuubi," said Cheetara with tears in her eyes.copyright protection2PENANALyepTeHNpP

“You will not be able to open the armor, its seal has melted, I am too heavy for you to get me out of here in time, besides, I am already condemned.”copyright protection2PENANA2a0Y4HzZ3u

“Yuubi, we'll figure something out! You, you're the one who defeated Mumm-ra and won the war... you're a hero! Heroes can't die!”copyright protection2PENANAdZzhxy0mgY

“Am I a hero? Then go, after all, if I am a hero, I was never afraid to pay the price...”copyright protection2PENANAl1xzqrN7ed

Risu wanted to force the seal of the power armor, but there was no time left, Cheetara grabbed him and rushed it out of the fortress.copyright protection2PENANAXhnYfsFOrJ

Suddenly, the statues of the evil spirits told the young Cathian, "You can still save your life.”copyright protection2PENANAiEISWfqXCH

Yubbi stretched out his mutilated arm to them.copyright protection2PENANAVXItw9Ukh8

“Are you accepting?”copyright protection2PENANAxeqVcFnSuP

“...No, I'm showing you the middle finger motherfuckers.”copyright protection2PENANABNukFqA6oc

The spirits of evil roared furiously, but their roars were muffled by Yuubis thunderous laughter.copyright protection2PENANAOj9xNGGI1Y

Far away from the pyramid, Risu and the others watched the malignant fortress burst into a kind of three-level fungus.copyright protection2PENANARydhtpXRir

The four children wept as Tygra and Cheetara held back their tears, Risu bending his knees collapsed into the sands of the desert, bathed in a golden color from the sunset.copyright protection2PENANAGTfadUBO10


.copyright protection2PENANA1HqeYUEWMW

.copyright protection2PENANAntQCE4xgSz

It was the middle of the morning in the capital of Thundera and the people were celebrating one year after Mumm-ra's defeat. Wilykit and Wilykat along with Jessie and Sebastian watched the preparations for the evening festivities.copyright protection2PENANAgTpA4LHVPx

“Tomorrow," said Jessie, "the "Thundercat" will return to Cathia. According to the documents they found in El Dara, the Cathians who arrived there say they discovered a planet called Earth but did not explore it. Risu wants to form another expedition to reach this new planet, an expedition with only pacifist purposes.”copyright protection2PENANAOQff5e9KaW

“I will miss Captain Risu, Rauri and the rest of the crew," continued Sebastian. “Tara stays, now that Pantro has his organic arms back, they've already set a date for the wedding.”copyright protection2PENANAHypxa3CIju

“Just like the rest," Wilykit squinted and looked exhausted, "so did Tygra and Cheetara, Lion-O and Mom.”copyright protection2PENANAiznH9ssRni

“It will be difficult for me to say father to Lion-O," said Wilykat.copyright protection2PENANApb8EqeSAZ3

“Don't even tell me, me for example, I think I even had a crush for Lion-O.”copyright protection2PENANAxGBWeM0Qvj

“It’s that's true!” shouted Sebastian in shock.copyright protection2PENANAlNTJu3bXUz

“What jealous? Don't worry, Sebastian, you're the only guy for me. I hope you don't look at any girl besides me," said Wilykit with a dangerous look on her face.copyright protection2PENANAfkLoYbDRMC

“And I expect the same from you, Wilykat," Jessie threatened Wilykat.copyright protection2PENANAVjjwgyjgpO

The children went on their way and saw in the distance the royal tree where the competition of the princes to ring the bell of Thundera would take place.copyright protection2PENANAAKBtu6wF3r

“Should we participate in this thing?” complained Wilykit.copyright protection2PENANAfiL0HKbkCY

“We have no choice," said Wilykat, "I still find all this unrealistic, remember when we came to the capital, Wilykit?”copyright protection2PENANAXxig4yPnOe

“Yes, it was a horrible nightmare. Two children who had just lost their father, alone, dirty and malnourished. Forced to steal food to survive after that fat guy accused us of being thieves when all we wanted to do was give him back the moneybag he dropped.... we lost our innocence.”copyright protection2PENANAbpZNStTp9W

The two Cathian children embraced their boyfriends affectionately to comfort them.copyright protection2PENANAQofCoWmAhZ

“From beggars to Princes of Thundera," said Wilykit with a sigh, "isn't that bad, huh?”copyright protection2PENANAzewRvAqkYf

“Not bad," agreed his brother, "the only thing I regret is the city of El Dara.”copyright protection2PENANAz9EyWw2QWb

“El Dara is not necessary," said Jessie, "you can recreate El Dara in this place.”copyright protection2PENANAMMA2pYYLzg

“It's true," said Sebastian with a smile, "you can make the capital a beautiful place, just like the stories of El Dara.”copyright protection2PENANAL9uh0ZSrkR

Sebastian was so happy to say this that he didn't notice where he was going and crashed into a fat thundercat.copyright protection2PENANAGT1krYRtON

“Watch out, kid! Hey, you're the ones who stole my moneybag... You're the Princes of Thundera, I'm so sorry your majesties!”copyright protection2PENANAFAAfDZeCLN

“What's this about a thief?”copyright protection2PENANASwXmOXmHoG

“I want to hear that story.”copyright protection2PENANAy5Azq2xhwl

“If this is a false accusation, you will regret it.”copyright protection2PENANA5bWGqzFFbr

The speakers were none other than Vultureman, Salamander and Rodent, each with their respective personal guards... intimidating personal guards.copyright protection2PENANAt4XqqMnNtM

The four children exchanged wicked glances as the sun on top bathed all the inhabitants of Thundera in its golden rays and numerous little birds flew towards the horizon.copyright protection2PENANAu1S4Bi68zC

“Forgive me please!” the lament of a thundercat was heard in the distance, as was the hidden laughter of four mischievous children.copyright protection2PENANAuFOqle01Uc

FINcopyright protection2PENANAsngqNHcbuF

Author's final notes: happy ending and that is linked a thousand years later with the events of the anime series of ASOBI NI IKU YOcopyright protection2PENANAYYHQ3i89rI


Too bad that in the anime series, it is shown in a chapter that Risu's expedition suffers a failure to travel to Earth, the ship is trapped in hyperspace for a thousand years and everyone dies including Risu, only Rauri survives and arrives on Earth, but her lifetime is short and just before she dies, she wants to visit a beach and sing a song that Risu sang to her.copyright protection2PENANAyd6PEUwQ50

Sad ending in a romantic comedy cut anime.copyright protection2PENANAw3ZdU2w2cX

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