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Writer Capt. leon
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Saving Time
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!MpTeyjc5h48TtzZepQLiposted on PENANA

Previous author's notes: more Yuubi's plans as in the previous chapter, but with the addition that this part has more romance. Which couple?, read it and you'll know.copyright protection3PENANAn1e5ysRPQS


Chapter 8: Saving Timecopyright protection3PENANA93iCDhR38D

Under a scorching sun, skirmishes were raging both in the vicinity and in the capital of the fallen kingdom of Thundera.copyright protection3PENANAlwEABd3t2T

Numerous thundercats who once served as Ratar-O's slaves in the thundranium mines and sought the plunging sword now faced guerrilla tactics against Slithe's forces, which could do little to the tenacity of the thundercats despite the fact that they were being outdone in technology.copyright protection3PENANAmXwEMouVtp

“Damn cats, despite our laser rifles, they are fighting us with simple spears and arrows," Slithe said to himself, as he lowered his binoculars and looked out of the corner of his eye at Pumyra who was bristling with frustration.copyright protection3PENANAkDtCf7U7b2

“Our enemy is ingenious," said the traitor, "heir arrows and spears use receptacles on their tips that on impact give off various gases that hurt our troops.”copyright protection3PENANAKwyp7aCaEF

“At first we used gas masks," Slithe agreed, "but now the gases they use cause harm if they come into simple contact with the skin. I can't go on like this, cats use tactics I've never seen before, they attack with lightning speed and then run away and hide who knows where, do you really have to go to the Tower of Omens?”copyright protection3PENANA40DAFqZ9ls

“These are simple peasants or merchants," Pumyra replied, "Lion-O and his most loyal followers are in the Tower of Omens. That's the information I received from those captured thundercats, apparently the last star stone is in that place.”copyright protection3PENANAzF52ilactl

“You're carrying many of my troops," complained the cold-blooded.copyright protection3PENANAeeSNE0YgaC

“The stellar stone has priority, also, because the tower of the augury is inaccessible to our Mechs and their advantageous position inside that canyon prevents a successful air attack, you Slithe will have all the Mechs and airships at your disposal, and do not forget that you have the help of Monkian and Jackalman.”copyright protection3PENANAWeDAPi0Prl

Slithe soured the expression, those two psychopaths were only good at keeping the troops in order and avoiding riots or escape attempts, but they were dead weight if it was a question of winning the re-conquest of the kingdom of Thundera, or would it rather be the defence of the kingdom of Claudus?copyright protection3PENANAi01o3jKdvd

"Damn it," thought Slithe. "I don't know if we're the attackers or the defenders, this is all so frustrating."copyright protection3PENANAzKssy6swnD

Pumyra left with the bulk of Slithe's  army to the Tower of Omens, while Slithe ordered an air strike to one of the thundercats positions.copyright protection3PENANA8jSLTH3Uwv

“All this is useless," the reptilian snarled, "our air strikes do not harm them, nor are our Mechs useful, I don't like this at all.”copyright protection3PENANAfPvgdzAXM5

.copyright protection3PENANAamQDOoJgU6

.copyright protection3PENANAT3qLPktTe0

In the tower of the augury, Lion-O and the other thundercats were finalizing the details of what the defense of the place would be.copyright protection3PENANAouPUK3tl0g

“Do you think our compatriots are safe in Thundera?” Lion-O asked.copyright protection3PENANAqbChOrFxHA

“Don't worry, Lion-O," Yuubi reassured him, "remember that the Thundercats are there to avoid confronting the enemy, but rather to confuse and undermine him, both logistically and emotionally.”copyright protection3PENANAEBE4ntoRmC

“I hope that General Lynx-O and Captain Bengali will come out of this well," Tygra said worriedly, as he watched a computer monitor show the kingdom of Thundera and its surroundings through the use of cameras mounted on Mogul stratospheric balloons that could change direction through the use of drones attached to the structure as a whole.copyright protection3PENANASL6IFRL9cL

“Slithe does not know that his air strikes are ineffective because of the multitude of tunnels we dug in and around the kingdom for this operation," said Cheetara.copyright protection3PENANApDW2VLtAib

“That's right," said Yuubi, "we also blocked the water flows to the lagoons in front of the palace and diverted them to the tunnels, so that Slithe will not have water to supply himself.”copyright protection3PENANAbWNQ1bjp2G

“Soon Pumyra will come with her army," recalled Lion-O, as he frowned as he recalled the thundercat's betrayal.copyright protection3PENANA2Ur9C71oge

“They are very numerous, do you think we can resist?” Tygra asked.copyright protection3PENANA9GR6IMRcn9

“Yes, the accesses to these places are the nightmare for any infantry army and the advantageous position of the tower will allow us to defend it, all thanks to the automatic defenses that we install and that are independent of each other in terms of power supply.”copyright protection3PENANAnz6ap7mJxo

“But in the end, all this is just a plan of yours to buy time," said Cheetara.copyright protection3PENANAqAjRJWZLkg

“That's right," Yuubi said, "the guerrillas in Thundera and the defense of the tower are nothing but a ploy of mine to buy time and get the defenses in the city and the cathian ship ready, along with the new cat tanks, the cat fighters and the rest of the military equipment that our combined army of thundercats, cathians and various allies will have.”copyright protection3PENANAZtWRAFErR2

“I hope Captain Risu can accomplish all this in time," said Lion-O.copyright protection3PENANABfBIq1PMLn

“Don't worry, he will. In addition, it will form several supply lines for various logistics such as food, weapons, ammunition, spare parts and hospitalization among other things necessary to bring the war to the very gates of the Mum-ra fortress.”copyright protection3PENANAbbXu3Gr2rL

“I feel more at ease to have you Yuubi and the other cathians on our side," thanked Tygra, with which Yuubi bowed his head sharply and struck both heels quickly in a military style that was taught him at the Imperial Academy there in Cathia.copyright protection3PENANAjrfgiPWWhO

“I feel confident that Wilykat and Wilykit are safe in Avian at this time," said Cheetara, knowing that the two young thundercats would not participate in the battle that was about to break out.copyright protection3PENANAYS3AAtCqgo

“Everything will be all right, Cheetara," said Lion-O, who read the concern on her friend's face.copyright protection3PENANANrzLWDsnGT

Tygra also felt his girlfriend's concern and went to comfort her by gently placing his hand on her shoulder and giving her a smile of confidence that was reciprocated by a gentle smile from the woman.copyright protection3PENANA8ZlogDdcAv

Lion-O was surprised that it didn't bother him at all that in the end Cheetara preferred to reciprocate his brother's feelings rather than his own. By now I had matured and accepted that for the time being I had more important things to think about than girls or childish jealousy.copyright protection3PENANA0zn3aYxMpO

“Well, let's go see Pantro and Tara," said Lion-O "by now they should have finished installing all the automatic fenders and the ones we'll be using soon.”copyright protection3PENANAbdfKYboqy4

In fact, both the muscular thundercat and the enormous cathiana were drying up the sweat that furrowed their foreheads after the arduous work of installing the defenses of the tower of the augury.copyright protection3PENANAkH3F5kjjwT

“I finally finished this, what about you, Tara?”copyright protection3PENANAOwscADb8pA

“What took you so long?” Tara said with a sideways smile.copyright protection3PENANAXBNcmLoKcX

“You're very good at this, I've never met a woman who could work the way you do.”copyright protection3PENANAOwFScKcv4I

“I never characterized myself as the little princess type, but if there's anyone impressive here, it's you Panthro.”copyright protection3PENANApSfS5QvgYV

“Me?”copyright protection3PENANAQVwE8SqxCC

“Of course, until a year ago, your knowledge of technology was medieval, and now look at you.”copyright protection3PENANAvr9aklVwR0

“Good part I learned it by instinct and by the help given by my friends the berbils. How did you learn to be such a good mechanic?”copyright protection3PENANAfgTv8YlDek

“In Cathia the mechanics of wicks or ships is reserved only for men. I learned because of my older brother Taron, he was good at it.”copyright protection3PENANAz5g5KpXaWA

“Was he good?”copyright protection3PENANANs2XCmjySa

“Yes, he died a long time ago, see this, the cigarette I always carry on my lips? It's a reminder from my brother.”copyright protection3PENANAy8rrDApYeE

“Cigarette?”copyright protection3PENANAiNKzSvYQFU

“Do you want to try?” Tara told him and gave Panthro a cigarette and then lit it with a lighter.copyright protection3PENANArtmtrZPKyI

“A cigarette is supposed to be lit with a match, but I don't have any. Okay, now suck it up.”copyright protection3PENANAV6QmytXXsb

Panthro did so and then he had a coughing fit. Tara laughed out loud as she clapped him hard and painful on the back.copyright protection3PENANACLYnkRSiHy

“How awful is this, how can you bear it!”copyright protection3PENANAd82ACtzrd7

“That's the point, I don't have to put up with it because I don't smoke this crap.”copyright protection3PENANA99e0vMusKW

“Then why do you always have one of these things on your lips?”copyright protection3PENANAEmIDK2uClb

“To remind me how my poor brother ended up, you know, he was the biggest and strong Cathian I've ever seen in my life, he was a whole specimen of a Cathian male... but in the end... the cancer chewed him up and spat him out several times... all because of this shit.”copyright protection3PENANAaykc8WGIoT

Tara pulled out another cigarette and after a look of deep contempt, smiled coldly and took the cigarette to her lips.copyright protection3PENANAQy24yyQ21A

“People do stupid things sometimes... or all their lives, it's not that they're bad people, but... that's why I carry the cigarette, to remind me that you don't just choose the good, you choose the bad in life. Sometimes there is no excuse, only you are responsible for your actions.”copyright protection3PENANAZGXHjHKNk5

“You're a strong woman," Panthro flattered her and Tara looked at him carefully.copyright protection3PENANAZvDkIMhouF

“You're strong too, Panthro.”copyright protection3PENANAikdkoMTfOV

Tara approached the thundercat and took one arm from the man, lifted it up and stroked it with her free hand.copyright protection3PENANAQNBOvUvfIQ

“You have a strong arm. I like big, muscular men.”copyright protection3PENANAkHlY13Kire

“My arms are stronger now, but I don't have muscles anymore, not that I'm complaining but...”copyright protection3PENANAYKzb5XXYcM

“You know, Cathia's medical technology is very advanced. When this is all over, you'll have to get your organic arms back.”copyright protection3PENANAU3AvR5qnl8

“Is that possible?”copyright protection3PENANAdGQzERCpa4

“Yes, and then there is the problem that in the long run this will harm your health. Metal that is strong cannot be attached to flesh that is weak.”copyright protection3PENANAE8OdjTahSn

“Hey, you say I'm weak," said Panthro frowning, which made Tara snort at me.copyright protection3PENANA3NqEiiJJF5

“Of course not, what I mean is that your arms and body are under a lot of stress. The metal that is anchored in flesh, nerves and bones, no matter how strong they are, slowly but steadily affects your body and health. It's not good Panthro, if you don't let the Cathian doctors operate on you, you'll soon have to resort to an operation that cuts off more parts of your arms, you might even lose your shoulders.”copyright protection3PENANASSLIrqz4PK

“I see.”copyright protection3PENANA9tSYGcSRtL

“Don't play tough like my brother Panthro, it would hurt me to see you dying.”copyright protection3PENANAfxyFbRXVAD

Panthro was the one who looked at the cathiana attentively this time.copyright protection3PENANA1svMaXdK22

“What kind of women do you like?” Suddenly the visual connection was severed by the cathiana.copyright protection3PENANAucwnadz343

“I don't like them very refined and delicate," said Panthro with a nervous smile.copyright protection3PENANAOjBnZNeXJO

“My very taste in men," said Tara, "of course, a man is more than his appearance.”copyright protection3PENANAAKh6ws3Jd6

“The same goes for women.”copyright protection3PENANAMIij5twFxA

“That's the way it's said!” Tara laughed suddenly as she clapped hard and painfully on the back of the thundercat.copyright protection3PENANAJmUkJU8XRR

“Hey... this... how about tonight we have a drink, there are no fun places to go in this place, but the waterfall is a good place to relax.”copyright protection3PENANAMrB3x8wBSJ

“Of course, General, but you don't have to bring all the drinks, which I also bring with me.”copyright protection3PENANAIEs1Xyvud2

“You're a woman with resources, you know," said Panthro and the two adults approached him and connected their glances.copyright protection3PENANA5XoZi7Tq5L

Lion-O and the other thundercats saw the scene and preferred to give them some quality time. Too bad Yuubi was with them.copyright protection3PENANAhRcTUK1rmT

“Chief Tara, Panthro. I see you've finished your homework since you're... socializing. Chief, I want you to give me a detailed report on what you've done so far.”copyright protection3PENANAa5yD7wbC0o

“Right away, sir!” The cathiana answered and went to her superior, but first she winked mischievously at Panthro.copyright protection3PENANAF5l45DbY4h

“At the dome by the waterfall at twelve o'clock, General.”copyright protection3PENANAKl8Xf3Igu4

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAaFaIihetUf

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