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Writer Capt. leon
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Cats on the hot roof
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FduF3OewNlcHXXuNyIdcposted on PENANA

THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection2PENANAGcjiAvwIa7

Chapter 9: Cats on the hot roofcopyright protection2PENANA8QlCworKUf

One starry night, like a gigantic dome, covered the night sky in the avian city, under which the melancholic avians, due to the fall of their civilization, sighed with sorrow the fact of not being able to glimpse the lights of their capital above the clouds.copyright protection2PENANA67W35rRDa4

On one of the reconstructed domes of the city, four young figures glimpsed the sky as they lay on their backs and occasionally pointed to a star that shone brighter than the others.copyright protection2PENANAQQh99REFAP

“The avians are rare," said Wilykit, "whether you're above the clouds or down here, the moon is the same size and the stars shine with the same intensity.”copyright protection2PENANANIG8lcxMWs

“What bothers them is that now they can't see others over their shoulder," said Wilykat.copyright protection2PENANA23zY6EpYhz

“They can still spread their wings and fly towards the sun," said Jessie, as she extended her arms to the stars.copyright protection2PENANA27qkhAbWgL

“Or to the moon," interrupted Sebastian, as his soft orange hair gracefully fell over his emerald eyes the same as his cousin cathian.copyright protection2PENANAL3uscPEKCB

“Obvious genius," snorted Jessie, who did the same with her long, reddish hair, "I meant that they can still fly and be cheerful and not sullen as they are now.”copyright protection2PENANAcEELDLq3JH

“And I mean cousin, they can also aspire to love someone," Sebastian said as he sticks his tongue prickedly at his cousin.copyright protection2PENANADMP466Eh2U

“Umm... love someone, tell me Wilykat. Do you already love someone?” Jessie asked the young Thundercat without changing her position.copyright protection2PENANA3OXxganVUZ

“Hey, why are you asking me that!” Wilykat exclaimed as he changed his position to look at the cathian.copyright protection2PENANAw7EbSiXilH

“Just curious," said Jessie, as she rolled around flirting and looked Wilykat straight in the eyes, holding the tip of her long, silky hair and biting it with feigned innocence.copyright protection2PENANA0YtQ2zXGR0

“He hasn't even kissed a girl," Wilykit mocked as she turned around and glanced at her brother.copyright protection2PENANAAVPys5JQ1E

“You stay out of this, anyway, how do you know I haven't kissed someone? I might as well have kissed someone.”copyright protection2PENANAQyLuJENHX8

“So, and to whom? Oh I know, you kissed Mommy on the cheek and our little sister on her forehead! That's all the experience you've had, you fool!”copyright protection2PENANAoX7RO9rLQj

“Shut up, that's none of your business!”copyright protection2PENANALreB0HHJxI

“You haven't kissed anyone, la, la, la, la, la, you haven't kissed anyone!”copyright protection2PENANAnog9S0NGHK

“Whiskers... What about you, the only man you've ever kissed is Dad on the cheek”copyright protection2PENANAO5IVXw5piV

Wilykit stopped smiling and glanced at her brother, but then the pain framed over her face.copyright protection2PENANAI4nXFnFm7d

“I'm sorry Wilykit.... I din't...”copyright protection2PENANA5vBlEumra4

“You're a fool," Wilykit interrupted as tears begin to show through her eyes.copyright protection2PENANAcYaUU7rZxK

“Do you miss your mom and dad?” Sebastian, who had turned around and rubbed Wilykit's back to comfort her, asked her worried.copyright protection2PENANAVfOjduGSQO

“Yes... I also miss my siblings very much.... I don't want this anymore Wilykat, I don't want to look for Eldara... I want to go home to Mommy!”copyright protection2PENANA5VjGhXaDpk

“I... I also want to go back to Mommy and our little brother and sister...”copyright protection2PENANAHCjRweZYew

“Are you sure about this? Sebastian asked them worried. You have come so far to help Lion-O and others, believe it or not, they will feel lost without you.”copyright protection2PENANAIaMxtZ1aSR

“But I miss my mommy so much and we can't keep looking for a fairytale city," said Wilykit, as she looked shyly at her brother.copyright protection2PENANAYYNhE4fPIF

“I know how you what can cheer you up right now," said Jessie as she exchanged a quick glance with her cousin.copyright protection2PENANAaqhuiOIhMW

“I don't think there's anything to encourage us right now," said Wilykat with a sad expression.copyright protection2PENANAOv6A2AA3Kt

“Of course it is! Right, cousin?”copyright protection2PENANAVIrI06NgVw

“Yes... What you need is not to look for Eldara's treasures, but rather... a couple of closer treasures... But first a couple of tickles.”copyright protection2PENANAV6XcAf0jxN

Wilykat and Wilykit looked at the two cousins strangely and then were attacked by the two cathians who tickled them.copyright protection2PENANAglinWkXxoH

“You're more lively," said Sebastian naughtyly.copyright protection2PENANA0jqr2qxQGt

“That's cheating," Wilykat complained, looking at Jessie frowning.copyright protection2PENANAmCzjOazPu6

“No way, now the treasure hunt begins. Look...”copyright protection2PENANACKsV7of4VE

To the surprise of the thundercats, Jessie had Wilykat's claw/ganzoo, and Sebastian held Wilykit's magic circular flute.copyright protection2PENANAMWXcn0DVQk

“Hey, that's our stuff!” The brothers protested at the same time.copyright protection2PENANAocWYwL85AD

“No more," said Jessie amusingly.copyright protection2PENANAcdnE8v3oAY

“If you want them back, you'll have to catch us," said Sebastian.copyright protection2PENANA2mV0zi0cdQ

The two cathians quickly grabbed their hovercrafts and escaped quickly from the place.copyright protection2PENANAwC3sAAdJFO

“Wait!” The two brothers shouted and grabbing their own hovercrafts, they went in pursuit of the two mischievous cousins.copyright protection2PENANAmS1KwafzyQ

The two cathians, seeing that Wilykat and Wilykit were on their heels, decided to go in different directions. Jessie was chased by Wilykat and Sebastian was followed by Wilykit.copyright protection2PENANAyBdtBMMBYZ

The race acquired dizzying speeds, but the feline reflexes of both the thundercats and the cathians left them no room for dizziness or doubt.copyright protection2PENANAsuBwXc6bVM

The hovercrafts moved the air with force beneath its surface and the roofs of the avians suffered the blows of the wind when several tiles broke loose and when they crashed with their sisters they produced a noise of the thousand demons.copyright protection2PENANA0hE11achJK

“How slow you are Wilykat!” Either you hurry, or I'm gonna throw your claw where you can't find it! laughed Jessie, who was giving her hovercraft more speed, smashing more tiles in the process.copyright protection2PENANA7imkLX7xz5

“Stop it! Give me back my flute!” Wilykit shouted in turn in another section of the city, which was suffering the ravages of the rapid persecution.copyright protection2PENANAx1A9yxlEJg

If the maneuvers on the bluish roofs of avian were not risky enough, now the cathians saw a window open on the upper floors, they were heading like a stray cannonball into the interior of the houses and causing the same damage.copyright protection2PENANAqJy4LAfXRZ

Papers, crockery and everything else you can imagine were flying in all directions, making the avian occupants not decide for the moment whether to chase after the four young men or to catch their possessions that were shot from all sides.copyright protection2PENANAIZh4k31rBB

“Tiny vandals! Stop it, stop destroying my things!” several avians shouted over and over again, and little by little they began to chase the children in ever-growing numbers.copyright protection2PENANAx8D7ibFEPo

The avians were flapping their wings furiously in an effort to emulate the unhealthy speed of hovercrafts, while the mischievous children were scolding the four winds.copyright protection2PENANAVg8tlT3ARV

In the end, they were being fenced in the vicinity of a huge square surrounded on all four corners by triumphal arches and the two cousins decided it was time to end the chase.copyright protection2PENANAzzVRDfUFHv

Sebastian turned his hovercraft and braked dry, which forced Wilykit to brake also dry, but due to the inertia, Wilykit's body shot forward, fortunately Sebastian was already waiting for her with open arms and a seductive smile that highlighted those beautiful emerald green eyes of his.copyright protection2PENANAgeEUlX50BV

Wilykat was under one of the triumphal arches and Jessie, who was just above the bottom of the arch, turned around and looked down at Wilykat. Both boys were face-to-face and the cathian gave a little kiss on the lips of the thundercat that stay like stone, however, had to recover due to the cry of Jessie.copyright protection2PENANApxby1wr57j

“Catch me!” Jessie shouted as she had just turned off her hovercraft and fell towards Wilykat, who raised his arms to carry her princess-style.copyright protection2PENANA0HSVywbtbS

“My hero!” Jessie exclaimed and then kissed Felino on the mouth, not a little bit more like a real kiss.copyright protection2PENANAYs6DnsAstb

“Now they won't be able to tell you that you haven't kissed anyone," said the catgirl with a radiant smile on her face. And here's your treasure and another prize for rescuing me.copyright protection2PENANAnTJzrK6TPd

Wilykit was about to let go of Sebastian's embrace, but she saw Jessie give Wilykat his claw/ganzua and then give him a deeper kiss than the last one.copyright protection2PENANAcPV4LuAXXM

“What's happening," Wilykit said in surprise, but then blushed at the feeling of security in Sebastian's arms.copyright protection2PENANAPWfWzCo95S

“Are you all right?” asked the catboy.copyright protection2PENANAlsL42cO86E

“Uh... yes.”copyright protection2PENANAmitinfMYcK

“All right," said the young man with a beautiful smile on his face, as the lights in the square ripped orange sparkles from his hair and accentuated his beauty. Remember that you will always have me with open arms to receive you.copyright protection2PENANAK2G0YgCnqH

Wilykit blushed and did it more when Sebastian's lips connected sweetly with her own.copyright protection2PENANAgMa1QdeFml

Wilykit separated herself a little from Sebastian's hug and although she tried to get away at first, this time it was she who renewed the hug and kissed the handsome catboy again.copyright protection2PENANAkJDO103NYg

The Avians arrived and looking at the two couples they didn't know what to do.copyright protection2PENANAyJieJhumFV

“Emmm... we'd better get back to tidying up our houses.”copyright protection2PENANA4VHeXyrceO

“Yeah... it wasn't that bad.”copyright protection2PENANAxyxamybqma

“I feel refreshed for flying so much tonight.”copyright protection2PENANAGUTZ9DhEZW

“It's true! I'd already forgotten what it's like to fly so fast, now I'm happy!”copyright protection2PENANAz3ShiPPK23

The Avians nodded and left the four cat people holding hands on the rooftops to contemplate the moon that invited them to a youthful romance.copyright protection2PENANAyzB5KYEWo1

.copyright protection2PENANA64VZ35DlJC

.copyright protection2PENANAhjF9AYZqI2

Meanwhile, on the fallen structure and in repair of the Thundercat, the Cathian ship. Two figures looked at the same moon that gave off a gentle and bewitching light.copyright protection2PENANAtgB5mm30is

Captain Risu was having a cup of tea that was served by Rauri, who had brought some nice-tasting cookies for the occasion.copyright protection2PENANA1owXoA21VM

“The tea and cookies are tasty Rauri, what's your recipe?”copyright protection2PENANADd6jnHhn70

“His grandfather asked me the same question several moons ago, it seems to me that on such a peaceful night as this one.”copyright protection2PENANApBg1HDnLDF

“And what was the answer?”copyright protection2PENANAdF4KCslFug

“Just as the moon gives us its light, so we must give from the heart what we treasure in our hearts.”copyright protection2PENANAs7uyrRgJeo

“And what could that be?” Risu said he was intrigued by the asistedroid who had a personality that contrasted with the other girls he used to deal with there in Cathia.copyright protection2PENANAKE00FHE3sh

“The seasoning... the seasoning each girl carries in her breast from the time she is a child until she blossoms as a woman and matures as a lady over the years.”copyright protection2PENANAJGXNqzgLfK

Rauri looked into Risus eyes and memories of several past realities ran through her mind, some sad and some happy, all of them nonperishable memories thanks to the biodroid brain he possessed.copyright protection2PENANA2HRwgjox3D

The sum of the memories can be a sad thing because the bad thing about happiness is that it always leaves its memory. Unique moments when the cruel bite of time devours at those we love, but at that moment Rauri was grateful to see again those same eyes and the same face that she learned to esteem several decades ago and then to love.copyright protection2PENANAVNhVOXDs06

“You, Captain Risu, are wonderful in helping the Thundercats regain their kingdom.”copyright protection2PENANAKJMHwdhMYw

“You put me on a pedestal, Rauri,  I'm just doing what any imperial officer would do in my position.”copyright protection2PENANAw1doyuIW1M

“Over a century of experience has made me disagree with you, Captain, people sometimes can't be better than they want to be.”copyright protection2PENANAzWzRSoOvRP

“Stop that captain stuff, just call me by my name.”copyright protection2PENANABByoj5BASA

“I don't think I can do it.”copyright protection2PENANA7pBkO9Px6Q

“That's an order from your captain.”copyright protection2PENANAjFNTwGhlb8

“What if I couldn't do that?”copyright protection2PENANAaNKIb4OMEG

“I think I would court-martial you," Risu said with a gentle smile.copyright protection2PENANAnL6Y6U8Wre

“I remember a long time ago someone very dear to me told me the same thing.”copyright protection2PENANAMKUAEqgVMs

Rauri approached Risu and rested her brown-haired head on the cathians shoulder as she whispered the name of Risu.copyright protection2PENANA4WfPFrTuey

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection2PENANAaBkgzqbImC

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please. copyright protection2PENANAW9nQK1h0X3

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