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Writer Capt. leon
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Midnight Military Parade
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Xom9aYKgNdJMs35FzcZnposted on PENANA

Author's previous notes: the two separate plots (thundera and far north) begin to reveal their history. Not everything is what it seems and dark clouds overshadow the peace that was beginning to be seen.copyright protection3PENANAH32AxjVfIU

THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection3PENANA2FjoOunzKb

Chapter 16: Midnight Military Paradecopyright protection3PENANAMtYex4T7gT

The lights of the aurora borealis were shown in all their glory in the night sky, their brilliance was such that they hid all the stars that wanted to show their brilliance to all the mortal creatures of the Third Planet in those latitudes.copyright protection3PENANAuYXxzuQuJz

Like a distant reflection on the surface of the water, likewise, a reflection of the aurora borealis was glimpsed beneath the ice surface, forming what appeared to be a signaling of underground lights that together formed a kind of cat's-eye of some highway of supernatural characteristics.copyright protection3PENANApMfIb3czCX

“In the end we didn't need to climb to the top of the peak to see the sign for the road to El Dara," said Bengali, "it's only a couple of metres above the feline tank.”copyright protection3PENANAKpqIDYMx53

“It's true," said Pumyra, who this time had a calmer countenance, "I suppose the ancient travelers to the lost city only needed to climb a couple of feet to see the sign.”copyright protection3PENANArz2o7BSX6C

“What can you tell us, Linx-O?” Risu asked.copyright protection3PENANAwvpLeAPras

“My ears tell me that the ice beneath us is very thick.”copyright protection3PENANAoUSODvMq3S

“Panthro, you heard the man," said Risu, "full speed ahead!”copyright protection3PENANAtvswTz7Mwe

Obeying the orders of the cathian, the muscular general thundercat forced the engines of the feline tank and reached a mountain range. What appeared to be an entrance now was nothing more than an impassable heap of huge rocks due to an ancient landslide.copyright protection3PENANAo3KOPYoFpz

“This looks very bad Panthro," said Tara, "do you think there's a way through here?”copyright protection3PENANA8Ot0C7wpxA

“I don't see how, I think we'll have to walk from here.”copyright protection3PENANAi15KxYjFLQ

All the thundercats watched Risu to see what his decision regarding the mission would be.copyright protection3PENANATaUEYKCnp2

“Panthro, Tara," said Risu, "as engineers I want you to stay here and have the feline tank ready in case of any eventuality. The rest of us will continue the mission.”copyright protection3PENANAWyQqztx5T4

All present agreed, especially Panthro and Tara who did not want to separate from the feline tank among other things.copyright protection3PENANAFb6KVDJfjv

“What do you think we'll find up ahead?” Cheetara asked Tigro.copyright protection3PENANA6dF0RDLt0b

“Well, according to the stories, the city of El Dara is a place where there is no evil or poverty, a place where everyone is happy and nobody suffers from pain or hunger or misery, a place where even the poorest of the poor carry a bag of gold and precious stones, a place of laughter, dancing, art and endless banquets.”copyright protection3PENANAwXJmniPUoJ

“That sounds very beautiful," said Rauri, who was helping Risu prepare his luggage for the trip.copyright protection3PENANAZ3U5OQJy62

“I hope that's the case,” said Linx-O, “but the years have taught me that people are incapable of creating such utopias.”copyright protection3PENANA4cfJd6nZAo

We'll soon see if the stories are true," said Risu, and they all came out of the feline tank to look for an opening in the clogged entrance.copyright protection3PENANAa6lUtIdjCB

It turned out that the entrance to the mountain range was a narrow canyon that had suffered several landslides along its entire length, forcing the travelers to move very slowly.copyright protection3PENANA2CFXHuNq3U

“How good that neither Panthro nor Tara accompanied us," said Tygra with difficulty, "they would not have been able to pass through here.”copyright protection3PENANAt77IQlPekq

“I think I see the end of the canyon," said Risu, relieved to glimpse an exit into the narrow corridor.copyright protection3PENANACvwXpZFCii

As soon as the group crossed the canyon, they had to drown out a shout of surprise. There before them was the lost city of El Dara.copyright protection3PENANAelUTiCo62r

.copyright protection3PENANA0wy8ept4DO

.copyright protection3PENANAugj1dJ0Tlj

At Thundera's palace, Lion-O had arranged a dinner for Leonore and her four children with Jessie and Sebastian, but the two older pairs of children got bored and retired early, leaving the two adults to babysit Minino and Minina.copyright protection3PENANAczE6tXIR3L

“I'm very sorry, Lion-O, about my children's attitude, after all the work you did to organize the dinner," apologized Leonore.copyright protection3PENANAi3hRcwhFAV

“Don't worry Leonore, after all, they are very young and don't like to be quiet for long.”copyright protection3PENANAt5bN6pw7iS

“Thank you, Lion-O.”copyright protection3PENANArus6BV3kN6

“And tell me, Leonore, what did you think of dinner?copyright protection3PENANA56anXmTe2u

“It was wonderful, but why did you set the table so close to the balconies?”copyright protection3PENANA9wAljGKPO3

“At first I wanted us to have dinner at the main table, but this one is very long and we wouldn't enjoy the view we have at the moment.”copyright protection3PENANAHfy9m95ptS

“You're right, Lion-O, the breeze is so nice.”copyright protection3PENANAvzYGWW2Qa4

“Let's go out on the balcony for a moment," the thundercat suggested nervously.copyright protection3PENANAkkAUGUBqKp

Leonore nodded with a smile that almost made poor Lion-O melt right there.copyright protection3PENANAtrF2B1bHrF

After the king nearly spilled his glass of wine as he hurriedly and clumsily rose, he and the thundercat stepped out onto the long balcony.copyright protection3PENANAzWeyDauG0F

The view was spectacular and as the night began many subjects still worked in the large gardens under the shelter of the newly installed electric Cathian lanterns and the gentle moonlight.copyright protection3PENANALl0lgGgR70

Leonore had her beautiful gaze fixed on the beautiful gardens, while Lion-O did nothing but look at the beautiful face of the young mother illuminated by the moonlight.copyright protection3PENANAhBsXD4YOLp

“Lion-O, look.”copyright protection3PENANAulmIT0TnGU

The young king came out of his self-absorption and fixed his gaze on the gardens. Several of his subjects greeted him with their hands, and Lion-O returned the gesture.copyright protection3PENANA3rg3NwK3oR

When Leonore imitated Lion-O's greeting, several of the subjects cheered the couple.copyright protection3PENANA3FswC6ABVl

“What a cute couple they make!”copyright protection3PENANA1pGn8Ao1Y4

“It would be good if she were our queen!”copyright protection3PENANAW1vd5iJPm7

“But who is she? Her demeanor indicates that she must be of the aristocracy!”copyright protection3PENANAHpM9Wpfw0a

“She look so elegant and beautiful!”copyright protection3PENANAR1AypI8NK7

“The war is over, it's time for our young king to think about getting married!”copyright protection3PENANARG8nTeGD32

“It's true, she would be the ideal queen!”copyright protection3PENANAKKsxUoXaUX

The night was so serene that the sudden cheers of the joyful subjects reached the ears of Leonore and Lion-O.copyright protection3PENANAlMZVloDucn

The young king, surprised, lowered his arm and his hand landed accidentally on the delicate and warm hand of the long fingers of the thundercat.copyright protection3PENANAB44KrYY7B2

A very blushing Lion-O looked at Leonore worried and ready to apologize, but he saw that the woman was also blushing and, what's more, she turned the palm of her hand so that the two palms of the adults connected... and they crossed their fingers.copyright protection3PENANA9mMBUH0RRU

Time stood still for the two thundercats and they each noticed that each other's gaze was shaking, but still those glances were getting closer and closer... those breaths were getting closer and closer...copyright protection3PENANAOcHO72dLwp

“Mommy, Mommy, look what I can do!” said Minino who stood on the railing of the long balcony doing an acrobatic exercise similar to walking on a tightrope.copyright protection3PENANA88tcSVaQ3M

“Minino, don't do that, is dangerous!” the mother said as she ran to her son and proceeded to embrace him.copyright protection3PENANASc8FO2mOUe

“Why is dangerous? Why? Why? Why?” Minina said as she was holding on to her mother's dress in a funny way.copyright protection3PENANAJJrrxztKk0

“I'm sorry Lion-O, my two little ones were so calm.... now they look more and more like Wilykat and Wilykit," said Leonore with a slightly bewildered look and gesture on her face.copyright protection3PENANA9s8DF0zQRC

“Don't worry, I think the kids got bored.... Minino, Minina, how would you like to see your mom dance?”copyright protection3PENANADKPLpEOMtJ

“Yeah, come on, Mom!”copyright protection3PENANA1cssDZ17Jl

“Lion-O...”copyright protection3PENANA7TOgxuh6k8

“Well, Leonore?” said the thundercat to her while with his arm outstretched and a smile of confidence, he invited the young mother to a dance.copyright protection3PENANAJXSyJicy4G

Since dinner was private, there were no musicians, but Lion-O used the music player given to him by the assistedroid Rauri.copyright protection3PENANAh5TJywJzEt

The melody was very gentle and both adults danced very close to the rhythm of this one while the two little ones watched in awe.copyright protection3PENANAVMmK3Uek1z

Minino and Minina decided to imitate the adults and began to dance like them, but after a while all they did was spin like spins while laughing.copyright protection3PENANAsKwljgDwOI

The doors of the hall opened and the dry, loud sound of a pair of severe walking boots reverberated into the room, cutting short the previous scene of romance and amusement.copyright protection3PENANAc6N5PlCzVh

“Yuubi, what are you doing here?”copyright protection3PENANA2R3pB6jPrl

“Forgive me, Your Majesty, but I came to give you my report on the diverse production in the factories of what used to be the "pyramid" of Mumm-ra.”copyright protection3PENANApT6VfqcSW0

Lion-O grimaced, while Minino and Minina took refuge behind their mother's dress.copyright protection3PENANAA97ofXKRwF

“Does it have to be now?” Lion-O said when he saw the thick and intimidating folder that the cathian was carrying under his arm.copyright protection3PENANA8yxcX8jhYK

“I'm sorry to interrupt King Lion-O, I don't need you to read my entire report, I just need your royal seal on this letterhead. I ask Your Majesty to authorize the movement of the asistedroids to the mumm-ra pyramid.”copyright protection3PENANADoEJjT9vM6

“What do you need the asistedroids for?”copyright protection3PENANAwmfDLuAvm7

“I require labour that is not affected by the emission of toxic gases. It turns out that I have to replace several machines and therefore the object of my request.”copyright protection3PENANAbvFIIDR1UQ

Lion-O looked at the document Yuubi handed him and then set his sights on Lion-Ore.copyright protection3PENANAMyerhykr47

“Okay, Yuubi... I'm sorry, Leonore, I'll just be a moment.”copyright protection3PENANAyBtNfeiPKF

“Don't worry, Lion-O," said the thundercat as she bowed to the two men.copyright protection3PENANAXVbCETgwVa

The young king and the Cathian went to the royal office and there on a desk, Lion-O took out his royal seal and printed the face of the seal on the petition sheet.copyright protection3PENANAmIJB909use

“Thank you very much Your Majesty, don't worry, now that I'll take care of everything, you can go back to your evening with your guests.”copyright protection3PENANAB0P4O4j7U4

Lion-O, relieved not to have to read Yuubi's extensive report, nor to accompany him to the depots where the disconnected asistedroids were, smiled uncomfortably and hurried back to Lion-Ore.copyright protection3PENANANRZYuERKaN

"This was easier than I thought," Yuubi thought, as he hurried his martial step. "Love is the most... convenient."copyright protection3PENANAVxvE8FFi97

Yuubi did not go directly to the depots, but rather to the chamber where the sword of omens was located among other things.copyright protection3PENANAwK8mPWq94l

"For a kingdom just out of the war, its security is very lax," Yuubi thought, seeing the absence of guards at the entrance. "The sword of Plundar and the mumm-ra gauntlet are mine now."copyright protection3PENANAdRcdPGRHr1

Apart from Mum-ra's possessions, the Cathian wanted to take Lion-O's gauntlet, but the sword of omens opened his "eye" and began to "roar".copyright protection3PENANAumy00HFFZO

Fearing that the noise would alert Lion-O, he left the gauntlet in place, but took the stellar stones that were in the royal gauntlet.copyright protection3PENANANwzVSoSjxW

Once in the depots, he showed the king's seal and to mobilize the enormous amount of asistedroids, he used the cathian motorcycles and the feline tanks that were in reserve, each one of the machines operated by an activated asistedroid.copyright protection3PENANAELNRYCxPkZ

The military "parade" was impressive, but no Thundercat, whether this civilian or guard of the palace, noticed it, as the general attention of the various conversations was focused on the attentions given by his young king to an unknown Thundercat of beautiful and gentle bearing, who might well be an excellent candidate to be the next queen of the Thundercats.copyright protection3PENANARPlqPm7v17

Lion-O's subjects gladdened their hearts with the promise of long awaited peace.copyright protection3PENANAkPDTLwhDPP

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAztAnlzZSpj

Author's final notes: hell, just when things were getting better! And I'm not referring to the interruption of Minino and Minina, but rather to Yuubi's intentions.copyright protection3PENANASg8dHYzOtB

Is there a new war coming? Find out in my next chapter and please don't forget to write your comments.copyright protection3PENANAWNrzHc6ZPV

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