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Writer Capt. leon
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Meetings and farewells
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
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THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection4PENANA54YoqGs0JZ

Capítulo 13: Meetings and farewellscopyright protection4PENANAmWN4KNWk6a

Tara, the tall, muscular and tanned chief mechanic of Risu's crew, was finishing the final repairs to the feline tank along with Panthro.copyright protection4PENANAAtrDy3eVeN

“I already talked to the berbils," said Pantro, as he was busy with some tools in his work of tuning the feline tank, "I thanked them for giving me robotic arms, but I will undergo the operation to get my organic arms back.”copyright protection4PENANAljRjIh0aiJ

“I would have liked you to have had the operation sooner," said Tara, who stopped her work so she could see Panthro in the eyes.copyright protection4PENANAaEGYIqLFLS

“There is no other choice, after all the mission goes first.... don't worry, we don't know what to expect when looking for the city of El Dara, even my robotic arms may be of great help.”copyright protection4PENANAQmlhZUldQz

“Have you finally decided wich thundercats will go on the mission?”copyright protection4PENANA1bSSvBavMs

“Yes, Lynx-O, Bengali, Tygra, Cheetara (that couple didn't want to separate), me, and even if you don't believe it, Pumyra will go too.”copyright protection4PENANAfW7VVQmHv8

“Pumyra, isn't that the Thundercat who betrayed you in avian?”copyright protection4PENANAzmuVEuQZIG

“Apparently she was not aware of her actions. What about you, who will go looking for El Dara?”copyright protection4PENANAyJSrCn2NTP

“I'll go as you well know (don't think you'll go without me), besides, Captain Risu and Rauri will go. Vice Captain Yuubi will remain (fortunately) here to replace Lnyx-O and Bengali in the fundraising efforts of the Mumm-ra fortress.”copyright protection4PENANAf9Lm4HcroI

“It will be excellent to have an adventure with the good General Lnyx-O. Bengali, I don't know him very well, but I heard good things about him. I see only the little ones will stay here.”copyright protection4PENANAzY54UJzKIh

“That's right, Wilykit, Jesssie, Wilykat and Sebastian are too young to go on this adventure.... whether they like it or not.”copyright protection4PENANArh1jJEHMrB

Panthro nodded with a smile and then looked at the royal palace with concern, wondering how Lion-O was going to make Pumyra's decision to move away from him.copyright protection4PENANABGKn3P4ggs

.copyright protection4PENANAZQq4UkNt5w

.copyright protection4PENANALwONQxryjS

“Are you sure this is what you want?” the young king of thundera asked disheartenedly.copyright protection4PENANA9UzUiDJmUZ

“I know you all tell me that I was not aware of my decisions, but I was at least partly aware of them and the consequences of my actions cannot be denied. Please Lion-O, my lord, allow me to go on this mission to somehow convince you and myself that I still have a chance at redemption.”copyright protection4PENANAOTPfYKzLdF

“You don't have to convince me of anything Pumyraa, but if this is what you want, I'll let you go with the other thundercats. I hope that on your return you will be at peace with yourself," Lion-O said, as he placed a serene face but at the same time pressed both his fists imperceptibly to his side, lest he put both hands on Pumyra's shoulders and then embraced her, selfishly refusing to separate himself from her.copyright protection4PENANAiZb6M2DeBX

“Thank you very much, Lion-O, my king," said Pumyra as tears streamed down her face.copyright protection4PENANA7KRHEalnwf

“Don't worry my lord," said Lynx-O, "be assured that nothing bad will happen to any member of the expedition.”copyright protection4PENANAnl9cA7WaTa

“Lynx-O and I thank you, my king, for this opportunity to show our worth," said Bengali with a bow.copyright protection4PENANAPba1iX3VbE

“You don't have to prove anything, it was thanks to your help that we gained enough time to strengthen ourselves and win Mumm-ra over. Lynx-O, Bengali, I ask you to take care of Pumyra and my brother.”copyright protection4PENANASjpK04Vmsr

“Don't worry, Lion-O," Tygra calmed him, "nothing bad will happen, and you know very well that I can take care of myself.”copyright protection4PENANABPML1mSYwM

“Please, Cheetara," said Lion-O, bowing and clasping the palms of his hands as a plea, "don't let Tygra get hurt as soon as you leave Thundera or as soon as you cross the palace gates.”copyright protection4PENANA9mYjnggrcs

“Don't worry, Lion-O," said Cheetara with an evil smile, "I have him well tied to my little finger.”copyright protection4PENANA54LvPMzK81

Tygra frowned as the other thundercats laughed amusingly, even Pumyra smiled slightly.copyright protection4PENANAcKQYvSlnRS

.copyright protection4PENANAa0e8jBoz2A

.copyright protection4PENANA18FNDvzdgI

In another section of the palace, Wilykat, Wilykit, Jessie, and Sebastian tried to convince Captain Risu to let them go on the mission, since Lion-O refused to let them go on such a dangerous adventure.copyright protection4PENANAfss6rXYMlQ

“Please Captain Risu!" said Wilykat, while he was making a pity face, "don't be a bad guy, let us go on the mission too!”copyright protection4PENANAFvQTD9v2Jx

“Meow, meow, we were the ones looking for the lost city of El Dara in the first place," said Wilykit this time, who put on the most tender face she could offer.copyright protection4PENANACLGiykN8x3

“I'm very sorry, children, but if Lion-O forbade you to go on this mission, there's nothing I can do," Risu replied, as he prepared a few things to embark on the journey.copyright protection4PENANAQNwiTXgSKB

“But you, Captain, are the leader of the expedition! Neither Lynx-O nor Tygra will be above you!” Jessie complained, as she arranged her long, blood-red hair in a seductive way.copyright protection4PENANAIp7yjLHONr

“Pretty please," Sebastian begged him in anguish as he made his huge emerald eyes shine, "if you Captain ask to let King Lion-O that we should accompany Tygra, he will surely accept, please!”copyright protection4PENANAmqc3IKnwSV

“Tygra will have many responsibilities throughout the journey and will not have time to play with you children, understand.”copyright protection4PENANAzII61B3huO

“Cheetara will look after us for sure!” Wilykit said.copyright protection4PENANATce0KxMsmA

“And General Panthro can do it too, moreover, they both taught us to hunt!....! Well, more or less," said Wilykat.copyright protection4PENANATJ15MJQ9fJ

“Chief Tara will take care of us!” Jessie pleaded.copyright protection4PENANA5PrNVtpZKT

“Chief Tara, like Panthro and Cheetara, will have a lot of work to do and will not be able to look after you.”copyright protection4PENANAOE52FQAriX

“I know! I'm sure Rauri will take care of us, she doesn't have a specific job like the other adults!”copyright protection4PENANA2cG3isN8C3

“She... has other things to do...”copyright protection4PENANASHTjvONVOx

“Such as what?” said the four children at the same time and looking at the Cathian with eyes as big as plates and expectant faces.copyright protection4PENANAODbUFRKgi3

“Well... things..." Risu said as drops of sweat ran down his nape as he watched the children look at him inquisitively now.copyright protection4PENANAdlgUoymbHZ

"I bet you mean something else, Captain echi," thought the four kids at once.copyright protection4PENANAfzH8TdXG8L

“Look, Captain Risu," said Jessie, "if you'd let us go, we'd be very helpful, and you and Rauri would certainly have a lot more time for...”copyright protection4PENANAeXoqR4hClA

“For tea," Sebastian hurriedly said, before his cousin screwed up.copyright protection4PENANAGyVWsjvPvd

“What part of You will not go do you not understand, children?” said Risu angrily this time.copyright protection4PENANAPKMwTGKQnS

"Time for the final attack," the children thought as they exchanged evil looks.copyright protection4PENANACCP12H6kjr

“Meow, meow!”copyright protection4PENANAVZZQWsariG

“Nya, nya!”copyright protection4PENANAE7rrEk7obv

“Umnya, umnya!”copyright protection4PENANAhN76PaOVv7

“Umnyanya!”copyright protection4PENANAmq7mh3Oru6

The children begged as they gave free rein to all their expressions along with looks of tenderness and warm embraces.copyright protection4PENANA88ezzSUHg6

“Fu, fu, fu," smiled Rauri with a funny smile, as she entered the room and watched the funny scene, "Please, children, that's enough, leave the poor captain alone.copyright protection4PENANAcxTkEIvsE0

“But Rauri!” The four youths pleaded in unison as they displayed a rehearsed, false cry.copyright protection4PENANAA0qHmHLb9f

“Children, children, King Lion-O and Captain Risu have their good reasons for you four to stay here, and I need you all to attend to our special guest properly.”copyright protection4PENANAiiowSYoMFF

"Please come in," said the asistedroid, as the four children exchanged interrogative looks about who the person Rauri was referring to might be.copyright protection4PENANASSdMdRvIk9

“Mom! mommy!” Suddenly Wilykat and Wilykit shouted as they saw their mother entering the room.copyright protection4PENANAIVa9DxRoI1

“Wilykit, Wilykat, my precious children!” said the mother of the two Thundercats children and both boys went to hug their mother.copyright protection4PENANAD0j2xb0VYG

“Mommy, Mommy, it's you!” said Wilykat tearfully as he rubbed his tearful face against his mother.copyright protection4PENANAARzNDMF9v0

“Forgive us, Mother, forgive us for running away from home and not coming back!” cried Wilykit, who also hugged her mother.copyright protection4PENANAieVtnz0fXJ

“We wanted to go back, but we were ashamed that we had not found the city of El Dara as we had promised!” Wilykat apologized, while he was hiccuping in tears like his sister.copyright protection4PENANAgAKzDhLDcJ

“Shuuuu, that doesn't matter now," said the mother as she kissed her children's heads sweetly. “Now we can get back together.... now say hello to your two brothers.”copyright protection4PENANAjNATBeFhnb

Tender little faces came out from behind the woman's skirt, the little brother and sister they had left behind.copyright protection4PENANAiGpe9NNa2K

“Minino, Minina!” The older brothers shouted excitedly and hugged their little brothers.copyright protection4PENANATilDSYVDB8

The mother hugged her four children while Rauri smiled warmly but her eyes reflected a certain sadness as they could not shed any real tears.copyright protection4PENANAmVVWOxbuOy

"Wilykat, Wilykit... now Minino and Minina... some parents should think twice about naming their kids," thought Risu.copyright protection4PENANAF6e5loS8yV

The doors opened and Yuubi entered through them, who came with the relevant report on the preparations for the mission.copyright protection4PENANASsde66c1JO

“Captain, here's the report... Who is this person?”copyright protection4PENANA95J52yDd2r

“It's Wilykat and Wilykit's mother," Risu replied as he read the report.copyright protection4PENANAMIy1OTpG2Y

“She looks too young to be the mother of two... four children. It must have been a teenage pregnancy” Yuubi whispered this last part to his friend so as not to interrupt the tender scene of the thundercat family's group hug.copyright protection4PENANACUqP8xWlyF

“I would say that she had them at twelve... not eleven," Risu whispered to his friend as he stretched his neck to better appreciate the beauty of the mother.copyright protection4PENANA9ILTOOrr2u

¡ZAP!copyright protection4PENANATOdsP1mfIo

Yuubi stepped on his friend's foot and made him frown.copyright protection4PENANAdkjEarb6NJ

“Ouch, and now what did I said?!”copyright protection4PENANAMWsxQglhIo

“I think we should all go out to give them some privacy," suggested Rauri with a smile.copyright protection4PENANAMBc0422qiL

“Hey, but!” Jessie and Sebastian started complaining.copyright protection4PENANAOv57agzlnm

“Come on, you heard Rauri, children," said Risu, "let's give them some time alone.”copyright protection4PENANA59jxH9O3rx

.copyright protection4PENANAre9EedHgDZ

.copyright protection4PENANA1sv7zFo90M

In the afternoon, the feline tank was running at a slow speed so that everyone could take one last look.copyright protection4PENANAv6WPEDYtHp

“Lion-O," shouted Tygra, "don't let Thundera fall while i'm away!”copyright protection4PENANA09D9NSmv90

The young king only raised his right arm with his closed fist and then extended his little finger and twisted it around himself.copyright protection4PENANAuas0i2FHbG

Tygra frowned but then smiled amusingly as he grabbed Cheetara's waist and slapped her on the buttocks.copyright protection4PENANAtHMpwq3uTK

This time it was Lion-O who frowned, but then smiled amused as he watched Cheetara's silhouette slap his older brother in the face.copyright protection4PENANAUUTy3Hqqcz

Captain Risu and Rauri, the asistedroid, raised their hands to bid farewell to Jubbi, who struck his boots against each other and then made a full military salute.copyright protection4PENANAqHKTH3VnK6

"Please, brother," Yuubi thought. "Don't get in trouble, stop being a hero and always listen to what Rauri says... and if on the way you meet women... stop being a bastard dog!"copyright protection4PENANA3eNQDkgHOa

Rauris face smiled sweetly, as if she had read the stern thoughts of the cathian and then leaned her head against Risus arm.copyright protection4PENANAsJ5mh93Hzg

Pantro and Tara were at the controls of the feline tank and watched as the walls of the kingdom grew smaller and smaller.copyright protection4PENANAh0X2TF5P2P

In the end, the last thing they saw was the dark, tiny silhouette of Pumyra, who stretched out and said goodbye to Lion-O with her long, slender arm.copyright protection4PENANAW54KVI4cpT

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAnRCseTBhBb

Thanks for reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection4PENANAyTbvV5b0Ud

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