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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!r5knG9yFGFISAjoV3vmuposted on PENANA

THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection4PENANAbkDQbWsii7

CAPÍTULO 2: RAURIcopyright protection4PENANAfJdA6TJFzq

A light green colored liquid fills a tank of armored glass in what appears to be the interior of a high-tech laboratory. Suddenly, the surface of the liquid element is disturbed by the submersion of a foreign body in the shape of a life-size Japanese puppet.copyright protection4PENANAlhjVAIREde

The liquid element reacts to the contact of the foreign body as the entire contents of the tank begin to release bubbles, after a while all activity ceases and all colored water is evacuated from the tank leaving the puppet naked as the sole occupant of the interior.copyright protection4PENANA8ozLeKIH30

A robotic arm lifts the puppet and places it on an operating table where machines graft chestnut-coloured hair onto what appears to be the "robot", an inaccurate description as Cathia's scientists arrive and begin to revise what appears to be not an android, but rather a biodroid as the "android" appears to have biological elements inserted into it.copyright protection4PENANAPiJ3TQWCww

After finishing the check-up and grafting the hair, other machines place a pair of cat ears made of a gray metal alloy. The scientists go out and another robotic arm lifts the biodroid, which adopts a rigid posture as if it were not being suspended in the air, but rather as if it were lying on the floor.copyright protection4PENANA2SOmNp4F3h

Tubes approach and start spraying the entire surface of the female shaped biodroid with a spray. After a few seconds, the liquid from the spray on the biodroid solidifies, but it is then released by other tubes that blow cold air under pressure.copyright protection4PENANATcGsXVdGDg

The robotic arm places the biodroid on the table. After a few seconds the "woman" opens her eyes and a tear slips down her right cheek.copyright protection4PENANAGsyqvshs4O

“…I am not a doll...”copyright protection4PENANAY7GNttcx8f

.copyright protection4PENANAP2rvuprH64

.copyright protection4PENANAXMwwc2Ztu3

Many years after the previous scene, a military limousine carried both Risu and Yuubi, who were on their way to the Kyontes aero-space military base.copyright protection4PENANAhtbXgErtcA

“This looks bad Risu, with this traffic jam we are already late for the crew magazine and apparently we will stay another hour on the highway," said Yuubi, as he breathed a sigh of frustration.copyright protection4PENANAJ1Cbx7AYPG

“Don't worry Yuubi, it's not like they have anything to do either.”copyright protection4PENANA2NtzkFBj96

“What do you mean?”copyright protection4PENANAmrAxpRcRko

“Well, the crew doesn't need to go back to the military barracks.”copyright protection4PENANAr3q4eYcPW1

“What do you mean, they don't need to go back to the barracks? They have to keep to a schedule and even if they are still at the academy... but please, even you Risu wouldn't be dumb enough to form a crew of newcomers to the academy.”copyright protection4PENANAwZO0z9GbsP

“Well, I wish the crew were students of the academy," said Risu, making Yuubi open his eyes in exorbitance.copyright protection4PENANAhPhSmHJzy4

“Explain yourself!”copyright protection4PENANAY08p5nnhdk

“Well, you see, Yuubi.... don't get angry, okay.”copyright protection4PENANAjJj8KShq3J

“I promise I will be angry, and I promise I will be furious if you don't explain all this to me soon.”copyright protection4PENANAglyxeVeYvM

“It's that the ship, the "Thundercat", will not only go on a deep space exploration mission, it's more about reaching the third planet of a solar system light years beyond any of Cathia's outer limits or any of the known star races.”copyright protection4PENANA2tNbSSyg9L

“I know that, Captain, sir," Yubbi cut him off sarcastically, "tell me why we're going to a crew magazine, which apparently has a civilian schedule.”copyright protection4PENANAAsvUAfNRFR

“...Well, it turns out that the scientists and structural engineers of the hyperdimensional transposition engines calculated the success rate that an operation like the one we're trying to carry out could have... and I think they overreacted with their reaction....”copyright protection4PENANABVcasr6HpB

“What are the chances of success?”copyright protection4PENANAus4hDX9bdj

“...From 3040 to one...”copyright protection4PENANAWOMsImHvem

“...But... that's almost zero!”copyright protection4PENANAmQhz0K07sq

“It's one, not a zero, I think we have a chance.”copyright protection4PENANAIWSNevLnHY

“We all have a chance to win the lottery jackpot! In theory, only in theory! Risu, this whole project with the "Thundercat" seems very forced even for you. You want to tell me what's really going on? This whole operation would not go ahead without your consent, the decisions of the high command are subordinate to the imperial family... What did you do, Risu?”copyright protection4PENANAHEMt6vQN05

“I just want to put it all behind me before the current takes us down Yubbi.”copyright protection4PENANAamVsVWdW3F

“What do you mean?” copyright protection4PENANAmMBezPKkdr

“Our fathers fought in the great war. Melmak and his allies almost defeated Cathia....”copyright protection4PENANAjU56ocBeZB

“I know, my father died protecting your father, the admiral. We lost a lot in that war, but in the end we got a kind of victory, so many deaths to return to the status quo.... in the end we negotiated an expensive peace, a very expensive and very guarded peace.”copyright protection4PENANAjaYfCUbPQf

“My father told me that the Dogisian fleets are preparing for war. And not only dogisian, but also melmak and the other enemy planets... Yuubi, our generation will be drawn into a war that has not been seen since the Cathians were Cathians.”copyright protection4PENANAud16sBWcVa

“We're imperial soldiers, Risu, we mustn't run away.”copyright protection4PENANAEf4KltWXHW

“I don't plan to run away! I hope that these unknown cathians I plan to meet have technology that will help us against dogisia, melmak and the others.”copyright protection4PENANAz16xgJssyj

“Since this is a mission whose ultimate objective is uncertain, not to mention the low rate of success in the transposition operation, I suppose that is why we do not have a crew that is characterised by experience or efficiency, am I right? But let the imperial family and your father decide to give you a free pass!”copyright protection4PENANAI3wJaYl7bh

“I've caused a lot of trouble already, Yuubi, if not this will be the front line fleet at the front.”copyright protection4PENANAhPwmzSPvPx

“You are no coward, Risu, so why do you insist on...?”copyright protection4PENANAspyyXOiphR

Risu took a meaningful look at Yuubi.copyright protection4PENANAIZUfJ5d4do

“'s me, isn't it? You're doing this for me?”copyright protection4PENANAlueSRNKGjA

“They didn't approve of your promotion to become an officer, they say... "He doesn't have what it takes”."copyright protection4PENANAdLZLkWAClR

“You mean, I don't belong to the aristocracy.... dogs!, so much effort to become the first in the history of the academy for nothing!” Yuubi shouted as he leaned in, staring at the floor of the limousine and clenched his fists on his knees.copyright protection4PENANAt4QojztxEG

“Risu, I saw the troop movement sheet, your name is among those who are going to be moved to the front line, not even in the vanguard fleet, but rather as a vanguard shock infantry. That's like a death sentence! Only 12 percent of those soldiers return alive, and yet the number of maimed and disabled is almost total!”copyright protection4PENANAWZbaR2YCJh

The fear this time was reflected in Yuubis face and eyes, and his friend put his hands on his shoulders to calm him down.copyright protection4PENANAcW2bIm7jYt

“With the mission in the "Thundercat" you will not only be saved, you will also receive the appointment of deputy captain of a mission approved by the imperial house itself, even if you do not succeed, on our return after the war, you will no longer have any problem with this shit of the aristocracy, you will surely be appointed lord at least and your future in imperial society and your military life will not only be assured, it will also be very successful!”copyright protection4PENANAasy1QSBjpf

Yubbi wanted to protest but his pride wounded by the news of Risu finally convinced him.copyright protection4PENANA0mfcx7evJX

The limousine arrived at its destination and Yuubi confirmed his fears about the crew. At best it was made up of very young civilian volunteers, much more than he and Risu, the other being former soldiers who were ignominiously expelled from the regular army.copyright protection4PENANANVUQ7CcfVb

After the magazine, Risu and Yuubi decided to return but a figure was waiting for them by the limousine.copyright protection4PENANAJ6Dh7t9JNz

A Cathian woman in an aristocratic white suit, beautiful, with elegant features but a sad smile and look, was waiting for them sitting in an elegant wheelchair.copyright protection4PENANAYOWe0tleZ4

“Mother, what are you doing here!” said Risu as he hurried his steps toward the lady with long golden hair like the sun.copyright protection4PENANAcM06D7JPnE

“Dear son, the youngest son the goddesses blessed me with, I know I said goodbye to you, but I couldn't go in before I gave you something... Rauri, dear.”copyright protection4PENANA16LFnT9xCX

Risu had not noticed but instead of the usual servant who always accompanied his mother, behind her stood an apparently first-generation asistedroid.copyright protection4PENANA6BL3PLwa0w

Rauri stepped to the side of the young man's mother and bowed slightly up the sides of her skirt as she bowed her head slightly.copyright protection4PENANAfcjfjWn2MK

“Rauri?”copyright protection4PENANAHNRstflCMY

“That's right my boy, she doesn't have any numbering and she doesn't deserve to be called like a robot either. It belonged to your late grandfather," the woman concluded as she saw her son's expression of discomfort.copyright protection4PENANAzTzlWp7tA7

“...Grandpa, but.... I didn't think Grandpa had that fetish...”copyright protection4PENANAZPkj5DftG2

Risus mother stretched out her arm, but instead of a slap, the woman put her fingers delicately on her youngest son's lips.copyright protection4PENANAenP5QjkcW7

“You look a lot like your grandfather... maybe... maybe... fu, it doesn't matter. Rauri helped your grandfather in the war, not as a combat assistant, but as her servant.”copyright protection4PENANAav0KQXaXrK

“Which war of Grandpa's generation do you mean? We've had so many already.”copyright protection4PENANA5rAqKG409K

“I wish you to stay away from the war that will soon be upon us, are you sure you will not take any risks on your mission?”copyright protection4PENANA2n7StXbNa7

Risu denied with a smile, as he had agreed with his father. It may sound terrible but the young cathian was good at deceiving the opposite sex.copyright protection4PENANAUkDV5uTfsk

Mother and son said goodbye, and Yuubi took Risus mother to her royal chariot where an  asistantdroid would take her to her palace.copyright protection4PENANA0xLAYvg2vq

.copyright protection4PENANAMxOUqhSB42

.copyright protection4PENANAJZmmVsQOHj

In Thundera, a couple of days had passed since the attack of the reptilians under the command of Slithe and his lord Mumm-ra, columns of smoke, though thin, continued their ascent into the sky, columns that testified to the destruction of the kingdom of Claudus.copyright protection4PENANA8HRTiPpzRV

Three figures covered in blue cloaks with hoods that at the time hid their faces, saw the ruins of the recently devastated kingdom.copyright protection4PENANAZDtNyT5qva

“We must go, Lion-O," said Cheetara after a long silence.copyright protection4PENANAse9PB5hrTZ

“We have to go after Mumm-ra," said Lion-O with a cold accent.copyright protection4PENANAL2HCWZrmyi

“What we have to do is to go in search of the book of omens as Llaga asked," said Tygra.copyright protection4PENANAhyWKmuDrU8

Cheetara agreed with Tygra and as a warrior priestess under the orders of Llaga would prefer to go after the book of omens, however, Lion-O had accepted his fate as the successor of the late Claudus after the sword of omens recognized him as a future king, and he insisted on going after Mumm-ra.copyright protection4PENANABnnLcYRuqK

The Thundercat was frustrated by the situation, knowing full well that if her new king had decided to go after the book of omens, Tygra would have insisted on going after the sorcerer Mumm-ra.copyright protection4PENANAtbNaNKaf6J

"They never agree on anything, and I suspect that even if they agree on something, they insist on contradicting themselves."copyright protection4PENANAxnhu7DYL5T

Lion-O turned around and with a determined step followed in Mumm-ra's footsteps though he had no idea where the wizard's base might be.copyright protection4PENANAUHhhstfjYF

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANA4sRSDECNTI

Author's final notes: I think it is interesting to see Cathia's social political situation a thousand years before the events in the anime Asobi Ni Iku Yo, especially how Rauri and the Captain of the failed space mission first met.copyright protection4PENANAwr5OVdsUYx

Rauri's creation is based on the film "Ghost in the Shell" and the adult anime "Maid to order".copyright protection4PENANAOTe5aHzq1y

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