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Writer Capt. leon
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Two Hearts Torn Apart
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KBxv1WiR5hOcrbGf61Yeposted on PENANA

Previous notes from the author: two people, two hearts full of loneliness and pain, will they be able to heal and feel the hopes that will germinate in a new relationship and thus new smiles?copyright protection2PENANAL6d1CBjQej


Chapter 15: Two Hearts Torn Apartcopyright protection2PENANA4COvOvLUwK

A pleasant climate prevailed in the capital of Thundera, where the inhabitants worked hard and with more friendly hearts because they had known first-hand that life could be cruel and that it cost nothing to reach out to others. “Are you sure about this, Leonore?” Lion-O asked the young mother, who was wearing a bricklayer's suit and was about to climb a staircase to paint the arch of one of the palace doors.copyright protection2PENANA8hQmjtXCkb

“Yes, Lion-O, I'm very sure.”copyright protection2PENANAVmaQWENsrB

“But I can send someone to do this work, you and your children are my guests.”copyright protection2PENANA4veS12nNXU

“But I want to do this. I don't like to feel useless, I want to do something, besides, my children and their friends are playing in the gardens and don't need their "old" mother.”copyright protection2PENANAx6bosvRq7b

Lion-O did not see at all that Leonore was somehow old, did not even have the "lines of character" that preceded wrinkles, with a young and beautiful face that was further embellished by a look and a warm smile.copyright protection2PENANAC3yNTurHWT

"I guess all kids want privacy, even though they love their mothers very much," Lion-O thought. "I wonder if I would have acted the same way with my mother if she hadn't died by giving birth?"copyright protection2PENANAi0pxSrAgex

“Is something wrong, Lion-O?”copyright protection2PENANAaMDma5R2wZ

“No, nothing, don't worry. If you need anything, just let me know.”copyright protection2PENANAd82LVVfnCc

“All right.”copyright protection2PENANAgVcGt573mm

The young king turned and started to come out when he turned and looked at Leonore painting the cheerful bow, her eyes sparkling with happiness as her smile showed her pearly teeth. The bricklayer's suit could not completely disguise the beautiful figure of the thundercat.copyright protection2PENANAAw8eTjkKlQ

"She looks so cheerful and full of energy, I've never met anyone like her, not even Cheetara or Pumyra or..."copyright protection2PENANAJyYMkUIAhl

Lion-O realized that he hadn't really dealt with many girls, in fact, none at all. His obsession with technology had deprived him of even having friends of the opposite sex.copyright protection2PENANAMygZeJ4mNq

The thundercat must have thought about this for a long time because Leonore turned her eyes to him and greeted him joyfully with a smile.copyright protection2PENANAInXRCQaWBw

Lion-O greeted her blushingly and then hurried to his room.copyright protection2PENANAMl5L7pFPZX

"Leonore's smile is different from all the other smiles I received from Cheetara or Pumyra or the other girls I saw in the corridors of the palace... it's not the same smile she gives her children, it's different... I like that smile."copyright protection2PENANAaMwrLLbP7Y

After a while Lion-O returned to Leonore but couldn't find her.copyright protection2PENANAgQmeIY4TUG

"The arch is already painted, she should have gone back to her children."copyright protection2PENANApH1ut9U9ZU

Lion-O went to the gardens but could find no trace of the mother or her children.copyright protection2PENANA6aGDCroNhw

The young king returned to the palace and walked with anxiety and anguish, all the corridors, after a while he realized that without his friends the thundercats, the palace was very big and he felt depressed and alone.copyright protection2PENANAMym8M57RY1

.copyright protection2PENANAyoJAScJNlJ

.copyright protection2PENANAHsTo5vQtj8

A thin trail of white powder ran across a snowy plateau, this trail was produced by the advance of the feline tank, which ran at medium speed since going too fast would crack the ice under the silver colossus, while on the contrary, a very slow march would cause the ice to give way due to the enormous weight of the Thundercat vehicle.copyright protection2PENANAZ5Gmetrlkp

“You're doing well, Panthro," said Tara, who was with the general at the controls, "keep up the pace.”copyright protection2PENANAnSN6tGjcuE

“Warn me if you see the ice cracking," replied Panthro, his face contracted by the effort of concentration.copyright protection2PENANAWc6PAblrFE

The other Thundercats and the Cathians seemed a little nervous, except for the old General Lynx-O, who, thanks to his developed sense of hearing, could be sure that they were in no danger.copyright protection2PENANAzEKf0YJsk3

“Is there no indication that we are approaching our destination?” Lynx-O asked.copyright protection2PENANARHWFOpm8CQ

“Still nothing general," Captain Risu replied, "this ice plain extends as far as the eye can see, what do the instruments tell us?”copyright protection2PENANAMz2ToD5K4K

“Apparently the only thing nearby is a kind of rocky peak to the east," Tygra told him.copyright protection2PENANApEp9Tq8CSs

“It's just a rocky peak," said Cheetara, "what we're looking for is a lost city.”copyright protection2PENANAGKaDqZ3M7G

“In fact, I think it's an excellent idea," said Lynx-O, "this rocky peak could be a kind of natural lighthouse or mark that indicated to the travellers of yesteryear the way to El Dara.”copyright protection2PENANADUfGNEjToo

“It's true," Rauri said this time, "we should go there, for the moment it's our best option.”copyright protection2PENANAEO24XWu6zn

“All right," Risu nodded, "Panthro, Tara, let's head for the peak!”copyright protection2PENANAzg8KTyJXlR

This time the march was less heavy because this time they had a goal. As they approached they were amazed to see that the rocky peak looked more like a giant needle that marked the white desert landscape for miles around.copyright protection2PENANAEYLTEzyYsX

“Impressive," admitted Cheetara once stepped off the feline tank and watched the gigantic monolith carefully, "it is much higher than the royal palace and the augury tower together, in fact its base is only slightly larger than the one on the tower.”copyright protection2PENANAm7LpbJmGPV

“Is there no sign that indicates a path?” wanted to know Lynx-O.copyright protection2PENANA3obc85LS36

“None," said Tygra. “What about you, Panthro?”copyright protection2PENANAJH5uBJ49Ix

“Nothing around here.”copyright protection2PENANA65ESvQBRwq

“There are no signs in the vicinity," said Tara.copyright protection2PENANAMAPYMY4xQ8

“Maybe if we climb to the top," said Rauri, who unlike the other companions did not need to wear warm clothes.copyright protection2PENANAEzQJ4rt9Bc

“I offer to climb to the top of the peak," said Pumyra, who was ready to prove her worth in the mission.copyright protection2PENANAGIhlAMbbDH

“It will be dangerous, let me come with you," suggested Bengali who tried to see the top of the natural colossus.copyright protection2PENANACqisp5qtDg

“That won't be necessary, I can do it myself.”copyright protection2PENANAChQs1VTu5v

“Bengali is right," said Risu, "you two will climb to the top to make sure. I only hope you can see something, otherwise I'm afraid we'll have to declare this mission a failed one.”copyright protection2PENANAGLdY7OKi0o

Pumyra frowned but had to follow the orders of the Cathian, who was the commander of the expedition.copyright protection2PENANA0COi5dovH1

“And remember my directions," said Panthro, "I've already done these things, if the wind starts to get strong, you must stop and stop ascending.”copyright protection2PENANAMkiDMkzGPE

“Don't forget to make sure all the climbing ropes and pulleys are securely fastened," Tara stressed.copyright protection2PENANAbvqpuxdePd

“The instruments indicate that the entire beak is almost entirely made of iron," Tygra told them, "climbing will not be easy, and extreme precautions must be taken.”copyright protection2PENANADQQr9VFxrn

“And the same thing happens with the descent," said Cheetara this time, "take your time, it's not a speed race.”copyright protection2PENANAydHRRubqa0

“Thank you, wish us luck," said Bengali, who turned around and hurried along as Pumyra was already ahead of him.copyright protection2PENANA4mwuM110gR

Tygra was right, despite the youth of the newly appointed General, Bengali felt the muscles of his arms and forearms complain due to the effort, as well as the strong musculature of each of his legs.copyright protection2PENANAeTH4lQ00os

“Pumyra, how are you feeling?” The man asked the woman, but he didn't get an answer.copyright protection2PENANAoXF6OwA0XL

The thundercat soured the expression in a stubborn attempt to show no weakness of any kind and continued to move stoically towards its goal.copyright protection2PENANA117ywUzyUP

"Damn beak, damn weather, they won't beat me.... I have to show everyone that I'm not weak, that I'm trustworthy and not a traitor," thought Pumyra, as she bit her lips at the risk of making them bleed.copyright protection2PENANAp8J7d4Ye5m

“Not so fast Pumyra, remember what Cheetara told us.... Stop it, this is not a competition, it won't help if we fall and die!”copyright protection2PENANAGtjmz8Sa9Q

Pumyra glanced up at Bengali and agreed, the forces began to abandon her and she became more and more resentful of the prevailing cold, which carried more and more of her eyebrows with small snowflakes that froze and made her look pitiful.copyright protection2PENANAVaR3JoXiWR

They came very close to the top and, exhausted from exhaustion and pain, decided not to go any further.copyright protection2PENANA8m0SteWrs1

“Well," said Bengali, breathing hard and shaking the snow off his face, "let's take out the broad-spectrum binoculars that Risu gave us.”copyright protection2PENANAO8v8u5gnfq

The two thundercats scanned the entire horizon and nothing.copyright protection2PENANAdaA5djtbCq

“I think that's all," said Bengali, "we'd better get off before the evening falls. Risu will not like the news but at least we will return to the comfort of the palace and the pleasant climate of the capital.”copyright protection2PENANA3LM3EghAIK

“Let's stay a little longer, there must be something we missed!”copyright protection2PENANACwS8FndWKs

It was obvious that Pumyra would not give in and Bengali sighed resignedly. After a while the thundercat suggested that they should descend but the woman was still stubborn.copyright protection2PENANAmYDX3Qhx1T

“Pumyra is going to catch us the night!”copyright protection2PENANAY5FL8j1qUJ

“Wait a minute, there's got to be something!”copyright protection2PENANAaxg3FVqSSb

“What else can there be, it is madness to stay in this place any longer, it would be impossible to find a shelter in this place, let's go down!”copyright protection2PENANAke9XbdOsLQ

“Go down if you want, I'll stay!”copyright protection2PENANAmJV2u4mwvg

“You will stay? What do you want to prove!”copyright protection2PENANAfGNvJsralj

“It is not obvious that I am not useless, I am not a dead weight, I am trustworthy... I am not a traitor!”copyright protection2PENANAlGxvEJIsbu

“Pumyra, nobody thinks that.”copyright protection2PENANAjyefAIkWfP

“Yes, they do! And you know what, they're right to think about it! I'm a traitor, I'm a traitor!”copyright protection2PENANAduv00ftrpO

“Pumyra... no, you're not... Mumm-ra, he brainwashed you, drugged you...”copyright protection2PENANALKujf82YBe

“...I destroyed Avian... I deceived Lion-O, I betrayed his pure feelings towards me... I slept with Mumm-ra...”copyright protection2PENANAsUNGanpujE

The wind began to blow hard as Bengali stared in surprise and silence at Pumyra, who trembled from the pain and fury.copyright protection2PENANAjw9Px941Bu

“I'm a shit, I didn't want to redeem myself in front of others, just in front of myself... I'm so frustrated.”copyright protection2PENANAPnfkGutJt4

“...Scream," said Bengali.copyright protection2PENANAYWZLC982Es

“What?”copyright protection2PENANAGYZPNxZSyB

“Scream Pumyra, if you keep all that with you, you'll explode in the end... no one else up here will hear you... I swear by the most sacred thing I won't tell anyone, I swear.”copyright protection2PENANAmoYBIF6coA

Pumyra looked down at Bengali in tears and then turned her face.copyright protection2PENANAgnwg88qhb4

The thundercat cursed with all the strength of her lungs; she cursed her fate; she cursed Mumm-ra; she cursed Lion-O, for being so good to her when she did not deserve it.copyright protection2PENANAJR2JHQhHIP

“AAAGGGGHHHH” was the cry of helplessness that came out of Pumyra.copyright protection2PENANAi5dhGWWN8k

The wind was now blowing hard and the night was beginning to fall. Pumyra's body trembled from the hipcup and weeping, and Bengali fearing that the thundercat would fall into the void went to her and embraced her.copyright protection2PENANAnpHTGQ267d

“Shhhhh, don't worry, everything will be fine, I promise you everything will be fine.”copyright protection2PENANAbR5eBN4SuN

Once Pumyra calmed down, the two thundercats began their descent when they saw the northern lights dye the dark firmament brightly.copyright protection2PENANAINSW4zS0m1

“It's beautiful," said Pumyra, gawking.copyright protection2PENANAlKr3E7THd1

“Not as much as you," said Bengali.copyright protection2PENANAUoS0DuNHmi

The two thundercts looked at each other, and Bengali slowly approached the woman.copyright protection2PENANAu45n09WTaj

Few centimetres separated the lips of the two young men when Pumyra cut off the visual contact.copyright protection2PENANAVv3mzIttpG

“Bengali, look!”copyright protection2PENANAuk5nkJR8qd

Reflected on the ground, the aurora borealis showed a path that was lost on the horizon.copyright protection2PENANAqViwijGecQ

“Pumyra... it must be, that must be the way to El Dara!”copyright protection2PENANAx7mBuVjXoJ

The two thundercats were happy and with laughter began the descent to their friends.copyright protection2PENANAET3Kgot7xT

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection2PENANAlYPDu7Wbm9

Author's final notes: what did you think? Another couple just formed!copyright protection2PENANA1UhovLjPII

A somewhat sad chapter, but one that shows two romantic plots that will avoid our friends problems in the future.... or rather will they cause them?copyright protection2PENANAynBC7R1AZy

Do not miss the Anime, sorry I say the next chapter next week at this same time and by the same channel nyajejejejejecopyright protection2PENANAukwjX1rUcO

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