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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LqRSdesMuvkp0iVH13G0posted on PENANA

THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection3PENANAyhmHjMp6Ux

Chapter 6: Presentationscopyright protection3PENANA4FXVxbaZXE

A sepulchral silence on the part of the crew bathed the entire interior of the Thundercat, the cathian ship that had just crashed on the third planet. Only the attenuated beeps from the consoles cut through the tense atmosphere of the situation.copyright protection3PENANAui4vAZcB2T

“...Cousins?” said Jessie and Sebastian at the same time, looking at each other and pointing their fingers at the main screen of the ship.copyright protection3PENANACAaYitLIAF

“Chief Tara, what dogs is this "hello cousins" thing!” Yuubi shouted, causing Tara to close one eye and tighten her face as the vice captain's voice echoed loudly outside the ship from the loudspeakers.copyright protection3PENANAfFkdBSoLRl

“But vice captain, we need to replace these parts," excused Tara.copyright protection3PENANAqmDuRet4Pw

“We have approved and established protocols for this type of situation, we don't need you to skip the proper channels for this type of eventuality!”copyright protection3PENANAXs78rpCc7d

“That's enough, Yuubi," Risu reassured him, "what's done is done. The best thing we can do now is to go to the chief engineer and introduce ourselves to these visitors.”copyright protection3PENANASnSdAt5YfX

“But we have not yet received any readings regarding the atmospheric composition of this planet!”copyright protection3PENANAkFjX9bbDf1

“I don't think we need them Yuubi, after all, Tara seems to be in perfect shape.”copyright protection3PENANA9duglVGX8O

Yuubi almost contradicted his captain's words, but at the time Jeesie was giving him the readings of the planet's atmospheric composition, apparently there was no danger.copyright protection3PENANAa0b3dLxiKM

“I wonder who that woman might be?” Lion-O asked no one in particular.copyright protection3PENANAf4sz1CKdfZ

“Tremendous in size, it is the same size as Panthro,"  Tygra said in a  whisper.copyright protection3PENANAfodJFyFmwN

“I've never heard of such a race," said Cheetah, "it's not covered in fur and has a cat's tail and ears.”copyright protection3PENANAaHNmK17hkS

“If that woman is like a cat, does that mean she belongs to a lost race of thundercats?” asked Wilykit.copyright protection3PENANA4zWw9X8Tbn

“Look, more people are coming out of the spaceship!” Wilycat suddenly shouted.copyright protection3PENANATrM6bsFQOb

The entire bridge crew, including Rauri, was approaching Tara.copyright protection3PENANAEZSslCttUO

Risu led the delegation, he and the rest of the Cathians looked forward to the thundercats, while Yuubi insisted on seeing his radiation and gas meter to see that there was no threat present.copyright protection3PENANAlYohvxfDrr

“Greetings," said Risu with aplomb trying to show authority but at the same time a kind attitude, "I am Captain Risu Metalis, and I come from the planet Cathia on a mission of peace.”copyright protection3PENANA1kSOr4h6U5

“Cathia?” says Lion-O, surprised.copyright protection3PENANAiz5a1rNvUI

“Yes," said Risu, "Cathia is the capital planet of a series of planets that make up the Imperial Conglomerate and is composed of Cathians.”copyright protection3PENANAjgGHyceNPF

“Incredible," Tygra muttered.copyright protection3PENANAfR07FrcXy6

Risu introduced the rest of the bridge crew and then both Jessie and Sebastian ran to Wilykat and Wilykit and, holding their hands, began to tell them how happy they were to meet other boys their age on this unknown planet.copyright protection3PENANA2QG81HzPdt

“...That's good," said the young Thundercats as blush ran down their cheeks as they saw how the two young cousins were not shy in any sense of the word.copyright protection3PENANAxwKeeiqs6g

“...I am Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats and King of Thundera... or at least what's left of it.”copyright protection3PENANA8l79tNBFK9

Risu exchanged a brief look of concern with Yuubi. Lion-O realized this and decided to give them a brief summary of the unfortunate situation they were in at the time.copyright protection3PENANAMN0sV2avSn

“I see," said Risu, "I am very sorry for your situation, King Lion-O. The goal of my mission was to find his people and establish economic and other ties that would benefit both of us, as we in Cathia have our own problems regarding an almost certain military confrontation with forces hostile to the Imperial Conglomerate.”copyright protection3PENANAZpTJE825A8

Yuubi looked suspiciously at Risu, but the captain then explained the situation of impending war between Cathia and the hostile forces led by dogisia and the other aggressor planets.copyright protection3PENANAmJtuSXhuD2

“I'm very sorry about your situation, Captain Metalis," said Lion-O, "I wish there was something I could do for you.”copyright protection3PENANAEpQERMH2hz

“I am very grateful for your words, Your Majesty, but rather I hope that my crew and I could be useful to you in some way.”copyright protection3PENANApgZj0Er2J2

“I will be grateful for any help from you and your crew, I just don't think there should be so many formalities between us now that we are working together.”copyright protection3PENANAa5LEzECR9f

After these words, Lion-O and Risu shook hands and decided to enter the battered spaceship together.copyright protection3PENANAUNELswx9yP

This time Panthro decided to accompany the others and both Jessie and Sebastian were very impressed by General Thundercat.copyright protection3PENANAJX6Ig6nI96

“Look Sebastian, this guy looks like a giant, he's as tall as Tara's gorilla gorillon.”copyright protection3PENANAKkcwYMbBEk

“Yes, he is also as muscular as Tara's "gorilazaurios rex".”copyright protection3PENANAQy7ukz1RJz

“I beg your pardon?”  Panthro said frowning.copyright protection3PENANAHsxObOVyw4

“Gorillon gorilla? Gorilazaurios rex?” Tara said as she cracked her knuckles.copyright protection3PENANAFhoSNnEYYi

The two cousins said and then resolved the situation by shamelessly turning their backs on the two angry adults.copyright protection3PENANAjORqjb0k3K

“Ara, ara," said Rauri gently, "please, children, behave yourselves.”copyright protection3PENANAULdszoguXN

“Excuse me," Cheetara suddenly said, "but I see that you, Rauri, are different from the other Cathians.”copyright protection3PENANAzC4YvRl9Qk

“Oh, that's because I'm actually a first-generation assistive biodroid.... If you find it more convenient, you can think of me as a robot, but with biological parts inside me.”copyright protection3PENANAs99jAsvBNy

“Rauri, you are not a robot," said Risu suddenly, "you are another valuable member of my crew.”copyright protection3PENANAlIkyaTXqoU

Yuubi looked at his friend in surprise, as he could not decide if his words were sincere or if it was his characteristic flirtatious instinct.copyright protection3PENANAeXxiW29hc0

Rauri lowered her head as she put on a shy smile, if she could, her entire face would be lit by the blush.copyright protection3PENANACEaLYKeul2

Seeing how Yuubi, Tara and Panthro looked at her attentively, Rauri asked Wilykit and Wilykat to hold her hand with the excuse that they would not get lost in the ship.copyright protection3PENANA2HKngVgdmF

“Rauri, you don't have a tail," said Wilykat as he looked at the rear of the asistedroid.copyright protection3PENANA8ACGSzI2QV

“Unlike real Cathians, I don't need a tail as I have a certified quality gyro inside me, so I don't have to worry about tripping or anything like that.”copyright protection3PENANA2tAcezXt3j

“All thundercats, unlike my brother and I, have no tails," said Wilykit.copyright protection3PENANAv60gtgbJuy

“And why is that?”copyright protection3PENANApC82i1B13r

“The Thundercats are made up of several races, ours is the only one with a tail," said Wilykat.copyright protection3PENANAX6Uxj96gC9

“I think your tails are very beautiful, they look like those of a golden fox of Cathia's," said Rauri with a motherly smile.copyright protection3PENANAA8fBoIRAsm

Both Wilykit and Wilykat blushed and returned a wide smile to the asistedroid, as their faces tightened in surprise.copyright protection3PENANA8RYgThhvjl

“Nya, Rauri you're right, their tails are so soft," said Jessie as she hugged Wilykat's silky tail with a mischievous gesture.copyright protection3PENANAWgrRNL1U2E

“Nya, and they are so warm," said Sebastian this time, that he also shamelessly embraced Wilykit's tail.copyright protection3PENANA3CMjda25Ku

“Meow!” The two brothers shouted and let go of Rauri's hands and the two cousins went to take refuge at Cheetara's.copyright protection3PENANArSmq9gHrL1

“Well, well,” Cheetara whispered as she watched Tygra snickering.copyright protection3PENANAMIheA4ZCZ1

“Ara, ara," said Rauri elegantly, "children, that's not right.”copyright protection3PENANAg2D2mRcoWX

“Ahem, ahem,” toss Yuubi to get everyone's attention, “we've reached the ship's bridge.”copyright protection3PENANAToQgO0wwri

All the thundercats entered the ship's bridge with the exception of Tara and Panthro who decided to go to the sector where the ship's main engines were located.copyright protection3PENANAxe1OsCTseS

The Thundercats were impressed with the bridge, even though there were still traces of the disastrous emergency landing on the planet.copyright protection3PENANAtvV7xhZKFV

Jessie and Sebastian, pulling on Wilykat and Wilykit's hands, led them to their consoles and cheerfully explained what they were doing. Yuubi, for his part, gave a more professional report to the rest of the thundercats.copyright protection3PENANAHzjxP8xmEZ

“I owe you an apology, Lion-O," said Tygra as he gawked at the images projected by the main screen of the ship at that moment, images that showed Cathia and its scientific and military advances.copyright protection3PENANAEcdG0GiU8x

“Don't worry, Tygra, I couldn't save our kingdom from Mumm-ra's attack, no matter how much faith I had in technology.”copyright protection3PENANANC2IKA0JkF

“Don't say that, Lion-O," said Cheetah, "with General Sabre's betrayal and Mumm-ra's help, no one could save the kingdom.”copyright protection3PENANAF2fZz477qM

“And what is this?” asked Wilykat to Jessie.copyright protection3PENANA75YlLZ14Ta

“Ah, this is when Captain Risu isn't watching us," explained Jessie as she winked her eye at him, "they're video games and they're a lot of fun.”copyright protection3PENANACGMFpxfphz

“Of course we have to be careful that the captain doesn't see us," said Sebastian, "especially Vice Captain Parches.”copyright protection3PENANA5WBkVbo3jP

“And why is that?” asked Wilykit.copyright protection3PENANAPrUOMGNNLH

“Because he's very grumpy with a tendency to be a slaver if he catches you doing something wrong.”copyright protection3PENANAXnnK2Niicz

The two cousins looked at each other and nodded their heads several times, when they noticed a sharp pain in their necks.copyright protection3PENANARhvtCrF0uY

“Insubordinate little ones," Yuubi frowned, his fist held high, "show at least one little behaviour of a Cathian officer.”copyright protection3PENANAQjpK7cqVZb

“No violence please!” Jessie shouted as she rubbed her neck.copyright protection3PENANACXzZICN0UZ

“That's it we are not officers of any kind, we deserve respect!” said Sebastian, who, like his cousin, rubbed his nape.copyright protection3PENANAzMh4fTvVU0

“You are...!” Yuubi told them with the most poisonous accent he could put on it, but he didn't give them another hit because the two children gave him pity faces and huge, watery eyes.copyright protection3PENANAUKjkurwVmv

“These two are the same as Wilykat and Wilykit," Tygra said to Cheetara.copyright protection3PENANA7YtHYbjLbd

“Hey, what's that supposed to mean?” shouted Wilykat.copyright protection3PENANALLZ2QfWmaQ

“Don't say things that aren't true!” Wilykit shouted to him this time, she put on a sad face.copyright protection3PENANAm4BGo67U1u

“Yes, you're right, Tygra,' said Chetara, “we're in trouble.”copyright protection3PENANAq9tUQs5adh

“Exactly, Thundera is too small to have two other Wilykats and Wilykits," said Tygra as he raised his shoulders and closed his eyes.copyright protection3PENANAnZ3n2TDYfN

“Hey, don't talk about us like we're not present!” said Sebastian.copyright protection3PENANAOCSqihwqcy

“That's right, we're here, you know!” Wilykit said.copyright protection3PENANAUCHoxyQCI4

“It's not right to look down on us like that!” Jessie continued.copyright protection3PENANAU63Xt5R736

“Down with the adults!” Wilykat concluded.copyright protection3PENANAUSINj14Prh

Lion-O and Risu exchanged glances and then laughed loudly.copyright protection3PENANAnmU5KrEB4m

“The four of them are really cute," Rauri told Cheetara and Tygra.copyright protection3PENANAFYtJWXON4S

“I don't know.... I at least hope my kids are calmer. What do you say Cheetara," said Tygra, with a seductive smile to Cheetara, the only thing she could do was to smile nervously.copyright protection3PENANAUZLDM4FRU6

“Ara, ara. I see you two make a nice couple," said Rauri as she smiled sweetly at you.copyright protection3PENANA8ht2ndt1Px

"Dogs, I just hope that somehow Chief Tara will repair the engines and we can get out of this sweetened hell that is going to give me diabetes," Yuubi thought alarmingly.copyright protection3PENANAouwRdtP2gT

While in the ship's main engine room.copyright protection3PENANAVbSHPEMuwG

“There will be time to repair the engines," said Tara cheerfully. “Now let's celebrate! I bet you I can hold my liquor better than you, Panthro.”copyright protection3PENANABEY4Gmiao7

“As the former General of King Claudus, I cannot afford to fall before you woman," said the happy thundercat at the prospect of tasting Cathia's drinks.copyright protection3PENANAINCeFQHuTY

“That's right macho, let's drink!copyright protection3PENANAnOafwZUjuq

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANA065ZaMltWJ

Author's final notes: Cheers! Emm I mean, hooray, we've reached chapter six, I hope you've been pleased and hopeful to get your feedback my friends.copyright protection3PENANAAEwcTb2BGV

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