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Writer Capt. leon
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Hello Cousins
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
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THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection2PENANAY2iOaZqGir

Chapter 5: Hello Cousinscopyright protection2PENANANz8aqlk8rR

A loud roar came from the sky, it seemed to be the cacophonous conjunction of a violin played without sense of melody and a blow of air caused by the breaking of the sound barrier.copyright protection2PENANAPSkVJkpJE4

What at first appeared to be a metal rod covered by intense white flames then became a gigantic monolith set horizontally and falling at a very sharp angle.copyright protection2PENANAwC7OriOSZ7

The lit monolith made a sharp turn and passed over the city of the avians and then crashed a few miles from the place.copyright protection2PENANAjMHsX7Ohff

“By Thundera, what's that!” Cheetara shouted as she covered her ears because the noise was so loud that it threatened to break her eardrums.copyright protection2PENANA958t0ROpBs

Not only was Cheetara, all the thundercats and others present were covering their ears. All the windows of the fallen city that were still intact, were blown open by the roar, and not only that, several walls were shaken and collapsed.copyright protection2PENANAu75CWwUKoU

An orange light source was then followed by a bluish glow as the object from the heavens fell to the planet's surface.copyright protection2PENANASIGzaDHYVX

The surprise was such that no one present dared to say anything, but when they saw the shock wave of the steel monolith coming towards them, they all began to shout and tried to flee the place.copyright protection2PENANAe42ny3fmtQ

The shockwave was not strong enough to knock someone down, but it caused a lot of fear in everyone present.copyright protection2PENANAPYXUATqvEP

“Cheetara, what was that thing!” Wilykit shouted, as she hugged the thundercat.copyright protection2PENANApwx66IKNHG

“Looks like it was a meteorite that crashed into the surface.”copyright protection2PENANALVKOjjSyFl

“A meteorite doesn't make such a sharp U-turn before it crashes," said Lion-O, who was sharpening his eyes and directing his gaze towards where the supposed meteorite had fallen.copyright protection2PENANAoukmpUgPqU

“Lion-O," said Cheetara, "how about you use the sword of omens and try to find out what that thing really is.”copyright protection2PENANAEQrcXyUHmB

Lion-O nodded and drew his sword and listened to his friend's suggestion.copyright protection2PENANAn7x8WQrOo7

“Sword of omens, show me that which is beyond the obvious.”copyright protection2PENANA9NCt91opRP

The sword of omens showed Lion-O images of the wrecked cathian ship, which expelled strong, constant columns of pressurized smoke, all resulting from the ship's emergency cooling system.copyright protection2PENANAkwFMICkCkG

“...It looks... it looks like a ship...”copyright protection2PENANAdIOKQKBiyZ

“A ship, what do you mean, Lion-O?” Cheetara asked him.copyright protection2PENANAqIM2cV4AlV

“Which seems to be a spaceship, like in the books of the royal library.”copyright protection2PENANApFr5r9IMM2

“Those books are children's books," said Cheetara.copyright protection2PENANAs0KhKB1lUA

“Please Cheetara! Don't tell me you still think all those stories are fairy tales!”copyright protection2PENANAlki7nu3r5p

“Well, the technology thing turned out to be true, but.... a spaceship is already so absurd!”copyright protection2PENANAnv4PBwZjiL

“Don't you remember when I mentioned how the book of omens showed me scenes from the past! Scenes that unfolded inside a spaceship!”copyright protection2PENANAlLL62wI3SC

“Stop fighting!” Wilykit interrupted, “Why don't we take a closer look at that spaceship?”copyright protection2PENANADeXWmlrpMw

Both Cheetara and Lion-O exchanged determined glances and nodded in tandem.copyright protection2PENANAOa2TZDpZWI

Inside the cathian ship, the movement was intense and continuous. The red emergency lights had ceased, as had the rumbling of the alarm beeps, but the flashing of yellow lights continued, indicating that the entire crew had to be mobilized and carry out the work assigned to them under the emergency protocol.copyright protection2PENANALitwpv37zW

“At what level is the emergency coolant!” Risu asked for information.copyright protection2PENANAKdaI9w3AWQ

“It's eighty percent of the time, captain," Sebastian told him.copyright protection2PENANA7K09E0M3ZI

“That's all very well," Yuubi said, "how much structural damage to the ship was there?”copyright protection2PENANAMK1fhqKlyj

“Of seventy-eight percent, sir, it's a miracle we survived," said Jessie as she wiped the sweat from her brow.copyright protection2PENANAhixr1GY4hU

“What about the ship's main engines?” asked Risu.copyright protection2PENANAUoFVyjWknW

“Inoperable and with no possibility of repair," said Tara, who this time used the ship's intercom due to the lack of image transmission.copyright protection2PENANA39H5oYv9k3

Rauri, who did not want to remain useless, tried to activate the reception of images to the main screen of the ship.copyright protection2PENANAtBm03nH1sY

“My lord, I think I've already restored the optical signal to the ship's bridge.”copyright protection2PENANAVnnBjVUfgi

The bridge's battered main screen began to show diagonal stripes at first and then calibrated automatically to show various internal sections of the ship.copyright protection2PENANAbjrSpQRU0b

“Apparently most of the damage was focused on the outer hull of the spacecraft," Yuubi observed, "that and the communication antennas along with the main and auxiliary engines represent the most damage suffered on landing.”copyright protection2PENANAYtNktRIaSb

“Rauri, show us images of the outside," Risu ordered, "I want to be more clear about where we are at the moment.”copyright protection2PENANA9OywpSsk7I

The main screen of the ship stopped showing the different windows that showed several interior sections of the starry ship, and a single image began to show a sweep of 360% that showed those present the terrain in which they were.copyright protection2PENANADj25crV4mW

“Stop the image in the southwest quadrant!” Yuubi ordered and Rauri obeyed immediately.copyright protection2PENANAgkp3ETUn4N

“What's that?” Risu asked as the ship's screen showed a trail of dust approaching the ship.copyright protection2PENANAyeC7K2Zdm7

Soon the trail of dust gave way to what appeared to be a vehicle of enormous proportions. It appeared to be a kind of motorized vehicle whose shape resembled that of a silver-gray feline, which had attached to the top of the rear section a whole section destined for a military command bridge.copyright protection2PENANAVZqY5Cq0HM

“I ask again, what the hell is that!” Risu shouted as he rose from his command chair.copyright protection2PENANAWX6m0LfV9k

“Prepare all the cannons of the ship!” Yuubi ordered at the time.copyright protection2PENANAJHylPjnPwK

“Impossible sir, the external cannons were destroyed or are inoperable until we repair them!” Jessie reported.copyright protection2PENANAWsKmqPZRQH

“The vehicle at the front seems to be armed according to the readings of my console, sir," Sebastian reported this time.copyright protection2PENANADNEJ9EvpAE

Both Captain Risu and Yubbi soured the expression and clenched their fists because of the vulnerable situation they were in.copyright protection2PENANAJjliEbB208

Although the command bridge of the feline tank was closed to the outside, the roar of the engines of the feline tank was still heard, the only sound since all the thundercats (with the exception of Pantro who was driving the feline tank) were silent as they watched the battered spaceship in front of them through the armored windows.copyright protection2PENANAMWAwj1ljSb

“It's incredible, Wilykat! It's a spaceship!”copyright protection2PENANA0vYEf8jKxT

“You're right, Wilykit, it's how our father used to tell us at bedtime.”copyright protection2PENANAohdKASWbUW

“Did your father tell you stories about spaceships?” Cheetara asked them.copyright protection2PENANAkGTUcdWywP

“Yes, he was always interested in that kind of story," said Wilykit.copyright protection2PENANAJxkIbAQvlo

“Mom couldn't read and besides, she was more down-to-earth, the dreamer was Dad," Wilykat said.copyright protection2PENANApJGCuguqso

“Dad built our house on the outside in the hope of having his own vegetable garden without having to rent the land to the royal family," said Wilykit.copyright protection2PENANAnM5gHiuDQ0

“But the outer lands are swept away by natural disasters like floods, fires and tornadoes," said Cheetara.copyright protection2PENANAtAxOiJo9eJ

“And what other choice was there?” said Wilykat frowned this time, "All the sowing lands belong to the royal house, as do the crops. After each harvest the taxes are so high that we have to settle for almost nothing to eat.”copyright protection2PENANAyEtegYvLpX

“In our house we were always hungry," said Wilykit with a sad but at the same time proud look, "but at least the little we got was ours.”copyright protection2PENANAaNJg4ryy5o

“What happened to your parents?” Tygra asked.copyright protection2PENANAyyY6mhPLr4

“Dad died when a tornado hit our house," said Wilykat with a sad expression.copyright protection2PENANAuZIYeZXJLm

“Apart from our mother, we had two younger siblings," Wilykit continued, hugging her brother while she showed a sympathetic face, "the situation was unbearable, we were too young to help our mother but old enough to be on our own.”copyright protection2PENANAGV9qbdSJLX

“So as not to be a burden, we decided to run away from home and look for our livelihood in the capital, we wanted to get enough money to go back to Mom's and help her with the farm," Wilykat concluded as he reciprocated his sister's sad embrace.copyright protection2PENANA8kv7qSpgDQ

Lion-O, along with Tygra and Cheetara, watched the brothers with pity but then their attention was turned to the huge metal mass that was now a little more than a stone's throw away from where they were.copyright protection2PENANAk8Q37424ON

“The vehicle has already shut down its engines," said Sebastian.copyright protection2PENANAruJAVVONFA

“I wonder who they might be?” Yuubi said in a loud voice.copyright protection2PENANALNUhVl9kBM

“Maybe it's that race of cathians from outer space," Risu said, "look at their vehicle, it's in the shape of a cat, I hope they're friendly.”copyright protection2PENANAaWV102526U

A gate on one side of the high command center of the feline tank opened, and through it Lion-O came out, along with the other members with the exception of Panthro who was still at the controls of the feline tank.copyright protection2PENANAQxpA8kvX8b

“Look Yuubi, the crew members of that motorized cat are out!” Risu shouted excitedly.copyright protection2PENANAxTZsbUNkep

“They seem to be bipedal and intelligent creatures, and their exterior appearance refers to a feline-like morphology," Yuubi frowned.copyright protection2PENANA7om2qm5vpc

“However, it appears that his entire body is covered in fur," Risu observed. “His whole body, except for his faces.”copyright protection2PENANAqgKPRS9nPi

“They also have neither cat ears nor tails, except for those two small ones that seem to have tails... a fluffy tail, more similar to that of a canine than a feline.”copyright protection2PENANAyncxPnrDIF

“I think their tails are adorable... and look at their little faces, they're so cute!” said Rauri, who was apparently delighted.copyright protection2PENANA3P4qSuNY0c

“They have almost the whole body covered in hair...” Jessie said.copyright protection2PENANAaqtUfkNpHD

“Look at those muscles...” Sebastian also said.copyright protection2PENANAIf0UNQieu0

“They're cavemen cathians!” The two cousins shouted simultaneously as they raised their arms and waved them frantically, while gesturing expressions of surprise and fear.copyright protection2PENANAUxQZYJuLIv

“Stop it! There are no cave cathians or anything like that," Risu shouted. “Because of the way they dress and the vehicle they came in, they are most likely a high-tech, sensitive cat people. How about Yuubi, if we're going to introduce ourselves to these visitors?”copyright protection2PENANAYSVrNbLABt

“I don't think that's the most sensible thing to do right now. The ship's instruments have not yet given us measurements of radiation or environmental toxicity...”copyright protection2PENANAejJeew5wLz

“Look!” Rauri gestured to the main screen, "It appears that a member of the crew had already left the ship to meet these strange cats.”copyright protection2PENANAxG7nF67aRP

“No Tara, they're gonna eat you!” the two cousins shouted as they waved their arms up in greater frenzy, "They will beat you with a club and make you their wife!”copyright protection2PENANAFPIBhvM26n

Tara walked confidently and with a gesture of authority. She was carrying what appeared to be a piece of the failed main engine, a huge piece that she carried on her right shoulder as if it weighed nothing.copyright protection2PENANAwkHfzVMFrx

“Hello cousins... I was wondering if you guys would have a spare for this thing?” Tara said to them as she winked at them and smiled aggressively, which made each of the thundercats look at her in surprise.copyright protection2PENANAfZennUtu4l

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection2PENANAkJa2kry7uF

Final notes from the author: I hope I have faithfully recreated the cathian ship's fall and its effect on structures such as glass and walls.copyright protection2PENANAv10cgA82gz

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