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Writer Capt. leon
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The Sign of Hope
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!gl4lGMaXf0jQsHll2eM1posted on PENANA

Author's previous notes: this part is situated just finishing the 2011 thundercats seriescopyright protection3PENANAa2OzyZmOuy

THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection3PENANAnLTs7Aeiyt

Chapter 4: The Sign of Hopecopyright protection3PENANAjRkLzF7CUT

Psychedelic colors swirled and twirled around themselves on what appeared to be the inner surface of a gigantic cylinder that enclosed within it the Thundercat, Cathia's ship, whose destiny was to reach the third planet of a solar system where the existence of intelligent and advanced life was suspected.copyright protection3PENANAE4VsDurZjW

Advancing through hyperspace was a strange sensation, the total darkness of the emptiness of space had faded, yet the sensation of crossing nothingness persisted despite the fact that the Cathian ship wobbled almost imperceptibly from top to bottom as if it were on a watery surface of almost nonexistent waves.copyright protection3PENANAxHIr9P2o8A

In spite of the atmosphere that invited drowsiness, the crew was concerned about the present events.copyright protection3PENANASrrcc1RjDL

“I've already checked the numbers five times and the result doesn't change, captain," Sebastian worriedly told Risu.copyright protection3PENANAdhP9KtDbsW

“Will we stay here forever?” Jessie was asking in anguish.copyright protection3PENANA80DRsNGubO

“No, we won't stay in hyperspace any longer than we should," Yuubi reassured the young woman in front of him, but then he gave his friend a doubtful look.copyright protection3PENANA44gwgsy8Mb

Risu grabbed his chin and assessed all possibilities, the hyperdimensional transposition technology had failed and now his ship was cruising through hyperspace unseen, at least in one piece.copyright protection3PENANAU0tK9ddNpG

“The longer we stay in hyperspace, the more chance we have of not being able to get out of this place. Sebastian?”copyright protection3PENANAKyHopab6En

“It's true, sir, with every minute we spend in this place, the odds of being trapped here forever increase by 20 percent.”copyright protection3PENANAVJrbgIDORq

“Jessie, what about the calculations from the ship's computer," Yuubi asked.copyright protection3PENANAZLqtwAHKn6

“These would be the coordinates of the exit angle.... I regret to report that they are not accurate data, but rather the best estimate to get out of here.”copyright protection3PENANAq7E8v3iHaX

“I see.... Tara, tell me, do you think the engines will hold?” Risu asked, this time leaning over the edge of the seat as he watched the main screen of the ship.copyright protection3PENANA45GwgWfUK6

“The engines are not a problem," said the chief engineer, "it is the external structure of the ship that worries me, the wear and tear of the metal of a ship subjected to a forced exit from hyperspace is something that has never been seen before.”copyright protection3PENANAkKRLdolU8J

“How much time do we have, Yuubi, before we cross the third planet?”copyright protection3PENANA1zRGHnK04U

“We have a five-minute window right now, if we try to get out of hyperspace after that time and if we are successful, we would get out so far that with the impulse of the main engines alone, it would take us a whole decade to reach the planet.”copyright protection3PENANAX9ZDFgAVal

“I understand, if that were the case, due to the exhaustion of the metal, we would be victims of space radiation or micrometeorites.... we would not last a decade.”copyright protection3PENANA1v5ThjhDep

Risu deployed his mobile console in front of him ready to activate the emergency manoeuvre dictated by the ship's computer.copyright protection3PENANAmgYdWFBHGF

"Hell, these numbers are just estimates, but we don't have any more time," Risu thought alarmed.copyright protection3PENANABDOBhuRRp2

“What's going on, Captain?” Yuubi asked, "we are running out of time, so activate the auxiliary route command.”copyright protection3PENANAdryikPCBsR

“I don't... I don't trust the numbers on the computer.”copyright protection3PENANA0O7Y23EEKk

“But captain, it's the best chance we have and we don't have time left," Yuubi demanded.copyright protection3PENANAjmY8XfDP73

“Rauri," Risu suddenly ordered, "following the vector parameters of the computer, sets a new output angle calculation.”copyright protection3PENANASkuqDOffpH

“Captain Risu…” said the surprised asistedroid.copyright protection3PENANA6qweozh3d2

“Do it now Rauri, we don't have time!”copyright protection3PENANAoxpmFmBicI

“What quantum values should I discriminate?”copyright protection3PENANAm43QuGEJW4

“None, do the math at random.”copyright protection3PENANAr3uXhTxzWK

The entire crew watched Risu with open eyes in surprise.copyright protection3PENANACki1HXoigA

“Risu!” Yuubi shouted to him.copyright protection3PENANA1CF5s9M7TI

“I ask you, my friend, to trust me, what Rauri will do can no longer be farther from the calculations the ship has given us... please!”copyright protection3PENANAclMGi3zQDw

“...All right... you always had crazy luck... Rauri, you've completed the calculations?!”copyright protection3PENANABfRTgyQFR7

“Yes, Vice Captain Yuubi.”copyright protection3PENANAfTKVYd5KkY

“Then what are you waiting for, get us out of here, as the captain ordered!”copyright protection3PENANAtwjfdCjNtW

Rauri looked at Risu desperately and he nodded with a confident expression.copyright protection3PENANAj4cbXtKO8B

A mass of steel and circuitry crashed into the inner wall of the psychedelic-colored cylindrical corridor at the point of collision, a thousand fragments of what appeared to be a mixture of shimmering, multicolored glass shards of water shot out in all directions. Reality and known physical laws had crumbled and collapsed.copyright protection3PENANAVovFjtSodd

.copyright protection3PENANAnGKHWXjfKM

.copyright protection3PENANAc4RogOR0C0

On the surface of Thundera, the ruins of the city of the Avians were prey to various fires after the floating city crashed due to the betrayal of Vultureman and Pumyra.copyright protection3PENANACyo7dHA66O

Numerous planes flew over what was once its proud capital, which was hidden in the clouds until the arrival of the thundercats and Mumm-ra.copyright protection3PENANAjtv4ar1uGM

“This is a real disaster, Panthro" said Tygra, as he looked up to the sky to get a better look at the distressed birds, "I don't see how the avians can rebuild their city, much less raise it back to the sky.”copyright protection3PENANAhTQ8h6W97z

“The Avians paid for their arrogance by not taking our warning about Mumm-ra," said Panthro with a severe face.copyright protection3PENANA9J7yRlfrsl

“A price too high if you ask me Panthro.”copyright protection3PENANAgMOLQZdStU

“Anyway, I'm relieved to be back on solid ground.”copyright protection3PENANAEKNuS5BPfI

Wilykat then approached the two thundercats by mounting his hovercraft, a piece of newly discovered technology that he and his sister Wilykit (she had her own hovercraft) were delighted to have at their disposal.copyright protection3PENANAppswXjScLl

“Tygra, you have to let me fly the feline bird left to you by the avians!”copyright protection3PENANAy17nNYm0QQ

“What's the matter, Wilykat? Are you bored with your hovercraft?” Tygra asked him with a smile.copyright protection3PENANAUuAHZtNAj2

“Nothing like that, but when you beat Vultureman with the Feline Bird... You were so cool! Please, Tygra, you have to let me fly the feline bird!”copyright protection3PENANAjIrLfo47BP

“I'm sorry Wilykat, but I don't think you'll reach the controls, maybe in a couple of years.”copyright protection3PENANAsaRAxEyUFo

The poor boy put a face of sadness, not a fake one as he usually does with his sister, he looked really disappointed.copyright protection3PENANALzSmhRP4s8

“Don't be like that, Wilykat," said Panthro to comfort him, which made Tygra and Wilykat look at him in surprise, as the adult Thundercat was a sparse adult. You could tell a mile away that Panthro was very happy to be back on dry land.copyright protection3PENANA6LRxw6WBdx

“How do you want me to feel if I can't fly the Feline Bird because I can't reach the controls," said Wilykat pouting.copyright protection3PENANArGHjhfYPaD

“You may not be able to reach the feline bird controls, but I'm sure you can handle the feline tank controls.”copyright protection3PENANAdVd6huY7zr

Both Wilykat and Tygra opened their mouths to the impression.copyright protection3PENANAgFc7dJd9lr

“Panthro, are you implying that you're going to let Wilykat drive your precious baby?” Tygra told him because he was really impressed.copyright protection3PENANAHM8o5pE4eO

“...Maybe, it's not natural for thundercats to be fond of flying after all. Wilykat and Wilykit are already beginning to worry me with those flying gadgets that they have... No, it's best to keep both feet firmly on the ground, as they should be.”copyright protection3PENANAHsJUy0px8Z

“You're right, Panthro!” Suddenly Wilykat shouted, seeing that Tygra was about to contradict the General, lest Panthro change his mind. “I assure you I will do my best and be your best pupil!”copyright protection3PENANAYoEbvSUJ2f

“I'll take your word for it," smiled Panthro, pleased. “What about Wilykit? Do you think she'd like to learn how to handle the feline tank, too?”copyright protection3PENANAaJ2i88HMcW

“Of course, yes, Panthro, she will be delighted when I tell her," said Wilykat, who knew his sister very well and knew that she too was delighted with Panthro's little toy.copyright protection3PENANAAUokPXlevt

“Well, if that's your decision Panthro, don't forget to include Lion-O in the party," said Tygra as he smiled.copyright protection3PENANAdtSSFnLz6N

“Yes, I think you're right," agreed Panthro as he turned his eyes to Lion-O, who looked very sad at Pumyra's betrayal.copyright protection3PENANAPhxSzG0hsd

Lion-O was very saddened, first Cheetara, had chosen to be Tygra's partner even though Lion-O had confessed his feelings to her, and now Pumyra, the girl he had begun to feel something about, turned out to be a loyal servant of Mumm-ra in the end.copyright protection3PENANAd37CoWzJb4

“Lion-O, I know things look bad, but look, all our friends we've helped since we left the capital have helped us," said Wilykit to her young king, "they all trusted us, look at them now, they all smile because you gave them hope.... you can't fall into sadness, Lion-O, despite everything, we all support you.”copyright protection3PENANAdpy5idt3NA

Lion-O looked up and saw that the girl was right, each and every one of the people he met and helped on his journey with the other thundercats were present and looking at him with expressions of joy and confidence.copyright protection3PENANARCRpvr5vJy

Although Lion-O did not want to be king at first, he spontaneously took out his royal temper again and stood up to reciprocate the look of gratitude and trust that his friends directed at him.copyright protection3PENANAIWBQz0M8JX

“Wilykit, friends, to all of you, thank you. Even if Mumm-ra has escaped with his henchmen, I promise you that the Thundercats will find a way to lock the wizard in his grave and never come out again, and we will bring his servants to justice to pay for all the evil they caused in Thundera.”copyright protection3PENANAdXnL3FZwIM

All those present cheered Lion-O's words as they learned that they were not alone in their fight against the evil summoner.copyright protection3PENANA7ApYZUq5q9

“Those were the words of a king. I'm sure Claudus would be very proud of you Lion-O," said Cheetara, who looked at Lion-O with deep respect.copyright protection3PENANAD96eZFeLNY

“Come on, Lion-O, show everyone that your trust is well based! Wilykit said happily, smiling at her king with a wide smile.copyright protection3PENANAJ1W6NZLMwu

Lion-O took a few steps forward as everyone watched him expectantly and respectfully silent before Thundera's heir, as he drew the sword of omens.copyright protection3PENANAzD5YC5T2ak

“Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! ¡OHHH!”copyright protection3PENANAbNth2tWgfK

.copyright protection3PENANAfYLc5ybRkI

.copyright protection3PENANAlUlrSXwM0G

A mass of worn-out metal and bare wires fell to the surface of the third planet. Due to friction through the atmosphere, the entire metallized surface was engulfed in flames, however, the ship's heat shields were still functioning, allowing the bridge crew and other sectors of the ship to remain alive.copyright protection3PENANA6btAsv3pMi

"Dogs, we're going down blind!" thought Risu. "The computer thundered and we have no precise coordinates for landing."copyright protection3PENANA92hUemtqdN

The ship's emergency lights washed crimson on the crew's pearly faces in sweat due to fear, and the continuous, high-pitched beeps of the emergency signals struggled to overcome the sound of metal cracking due to the effect of heat expansion.copyright protection3PENANA8zHu0Aswns

“What's that!” shouted Jessie and Sebastian at the same time when they saw on the monitor a beam of bright red light that apparently came from the planet's surface.copyright protection3PENANAduDH46d8vZ

“...It looks like a sign," Yuubi said, seeing that at one end of the sign there was what appeared to be the image of a jet-black panther's head.copyright protection3PENANArF2IAg43Hi

“It is a sign of good omen!” Risu shouted, "Let us quickly trust this sign of fate and land at the place of origin of the sign.”copyright protection3PENANARPRzkR9Mox

Yuubi nodded. Yes, after all, his friend and Captain had always been the typical fool's luck.copyright protection3PENANAeB1Sj6Zwev

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAvFayoKPtNw

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection3PENANALEmCdGuntS

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