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Writer Capt. leon
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El Dara
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HbFVTWQcwUp5gB0KIc9lposted on PENANA

THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection2PENANAmIn2SEMPel

Capítulo 17: El Daracopyright protection2PENANAMWwsRpoHCU

An absurd, almost surreal image was drawn before the explorers. The lost city of El Dara was located on a ledge that came out of a rocky wall cut by nature in a vertical line of ninety degrees.copyright protection2PENANAC2ZSD0DmcM

The west side of the city bordered on the colossal rock wall of the mountain, while the east side bordered on an unfathomable abyss also cut into a perfect vertical line.copyright protection2PENANAHzu4BnJncY

“, this is El Dara," said Tygra, gawping.copyright protection2PENANAJZUfrLFPth

“We'd better move on," said Risu and all present made their way to the city.copyright protection2PENANAK5jJYXKBjW

“The structures seem to have the aesthetics of the classic constructions in Cathia," said Rauri after a while.copyright protection2PENANAo0wT57gPvt

“They are blackened, perhaps by the passage of time," said Cheetara.copyright protection2PENANANesIuTuaJX

“That wouldn't explain why I smell the scent of a raging fire," Lynx-O said, and the others exchanged glances and rushed through.copyright protection2PENANArt3Ld2IXE1

“What happened in this place?” Pumyra asked no one in particular.copyright protection2PENANAU22rW8ycX4

“What's going on?” Lynx-O asked.copyright protection2PENANAGLj8tO2XYM

“You were right, Lynx-O," said Bengali, "the whole place seems to have fallen prey to the flames, only the tallest structures made of stone are still standing.”copyright protection2PENANAVpgZbt2TrG

“What shall we do, Risu?” Rauri asked him.copyright protection2PENANAVmJYNF6mR4

“We will divide into three groups: Tygra will go with Cheetara; Pumyra, Bengali and Lynx-O will go together; and we Rauri will form the third group.”copyright protection2PENANAryPKGjyJhx

When the three groups decided on their way, they separated to find out what happened in the city.copyright protection2PENANAvdWMd8gf1H

Lynx-O's group reached what appeared to be the ruins of the houses of the people who lived there.copyright protection2PENANAVX4EVSj2eb

“I don't think I'm up for this anymore," said Lynx-O after a while and frustrated because his sharp sensory instincts were of little value in the face of all the mess on the floor.copyright protection2PENANA7GJWqqgZay

“What a strange place for a city," said Pumyra.copyright protection2PENANAwGLtsYBIeD

“Rest here a bit, Lynx-O," said Bengali. “I suppose that this geographical enclave and with only one entrance is optimal for defense, the city could not be invaded.”copyright protection2PENANAq9BuOxm8zB

“But in the end, that advantage played against them," said Pumyra; "when the fire broke out, the impregnable city became a death trap, there were no escape routes.”copyright protection2PENANAkGh4DIvUIF

Lynx-O crouched down and grabbed a couple of crockery.copyright protection2PENANAsfleJOckxr

“Pumyra, Bengali, how about we put this place in order," said Lynx-O, "and we'll get an idea of how these people lived.”copyright protection2PENANAYXAzsp7PxG

The two young thundercats nodded and cleaned up the place as best they could, finally setting the table and placing several fine cups on top of a cracked teapot.copyright protection2PENANAqRnIW0qrV8

“This is a home, a family lived in this place," said Pumyra, whose face was filled with tears.copyright protection2PENANA6nnsB6hOrO

“Let's sit down for a moment," Bengali suggested, and the three thundercats enjoyed the sun's rays penetrating the collapsed wall of what was once a happy home.copyright protection2PENANAfqLQ0ef73N

.copyright protection2PENANAOuFbcBcC27

.copyright protection2PENANAL9v8C6fTUH

In another sector of the city, Cheetara and Tygra, had reached what seemed to be the city's prisons, what they saw they didn't like one bit.copyright protection2PENANAHa7t18HhfK

“Heavens, Tygra, what the hell happened here," asked the thundercat, disgusted by the Dantesque spectacle in front of her.copyright protection2PENANA44fKfrms3p

“Surely it was a slave revolt," said the thundercat as he saw the multitude of corpses of different races, all of them in shackles and chains, all of them apparently fallen fighting their masters.copyright protection2PENANAzOy4Xbbc46

All around was grotesque, images of what seemed to be a last attack or a last defense were repeated all over the place.copyright protection2PENANAULg2fhaWyq

“There you can see rails and trolleys for transporting minerals," said Tygra.copyright protection2PENANAHDuWoKnKcr

“Apparently they were mining coal among other things," said Cheetara after she and Tygra checked the interior of one of the cars.copyright protection2PENANA9MgIQdT2qY

The Thundercats continued to explore and saw the remains of countless torture machines.copyright protection2PENANA8kKpnZHxWg

“…Whiskers..." said Tygra this time, who frowned and hugged Cheetara, who began to get nervous.copyright protection2PENANAYETtAhdY2p

“...Poor Wilykit, poor Wilykat, they were so excited about the city of El Dara.”copyright protection2PENANAqcbGV2TO4k

“Not just them Cheetara, not just them...”copyright protection2PENANANdExC2wjzs

Risu and Rauri had arrived at what appeared to be the city's library, the place looked pitiful, but searching hard they managed to find a couple of whole books.copyright protection2PENANAzy7t1HLeGO

“...As far as it counts here," said Rauri, who used her superior vision of asistedroid and used a program to reconstruct words that were unreadable in Risu's eyes, "when Cathia made her first explorations of outer space, before meeting other races in the universe, scientists experimented with transposition engines similar to ours, they ended up on the Third Planet and by the same date, the ancestors of the thundercats arrived here.”copyright protection2PENANAE70QNVSHKX

“Then those Cathian explorers and the ancient Thundercats founded El Dara," said Risu, who looked impressed.copyright protection2PENANA1xaG4NIB7i

“That's right...the task of founding this city was an arduous one, but they had the help of Mumm-ra's star stone.”copyright protection2PENANA4HQbbRTW6A

“Are you sure about that Rauri!”copyright protection2PENANAKKHKAuGtcq

“I am, Risu, do you think the stone is still in this place?”copyright protection2PENANArdXCU2pDDx

“It is most likely or else there would be stories about the star stone, the best thing to do is to retrace our steps and communicate this to others.”copyright protection2PENANAVHeMSpELmK

At the entrance to the city the seven companions exchanged impressions about what they had found and all were impressed, especially with the matter of the unknown whereabouts of the starstone.copyright protection2PENANAl7v3R6yyAK

“It is already night," said Risu, "tomorrow morning we will search the city palace and its temples, hopefully finding the stone soon.”copyright protection2PENANAY1YVDSY3wB

Late at night when most of her friends were asleep, Pumyra decided to go outside and get some fresh air and clear her head.copyright protection2PENANABriPdbfRXC

“...Pumyra. What are you doing up?” said Bengali, who apparently had the same idea.copyright protection2PENANACjJ7mBeU9O

“Oh, hello, Bengali. I couldn't sleep because of what Cheetara and Tygra told us.”copyright protection2PENANAE7QD3uw1x2

“Yes, the same thing happens to me.”copyright protection2PENANAC9tVZH7ez4

“...Bengali, do you think, if the war hadn't happened, we would have ended up like this place?”copyright protection2PENANARbnAjJbyEk

“...The hearts of our people were hard, the war brought us suffering and loss, but we also won... no, we recovered something valuable. Maybe we would have ended up like El Dara, but now I know that's not our destiny.”copyright protection2PENANAmisdWvHsxf

“Hold me, please.”copyright protection2PENANAu9oY5nGcBf

“Bengali stepped forward a few steps and embraced Pumyra.”copyright protection2PENANAhtrE3Loej2

“If our people have a new chance, do you think we have one too? Pumyra asked.”copyright protection2PENANAzGl1ThxBK4

“Sure... but Lion―O...”copyright protection2PENANAQeeedkBTxd

“I don't love Lion-O.”copyright protection2PENANA8OGAtJlRYF

“I hope he takes it well, he's already suffered enough.”copyright protection2PENANAUymgAfy7Qi

“Mainly because of me.”copyright protection2PENANAcHxrVKLwDj

“Don't say that, Pumyra.”copyright protection2PENANAJM7qmA9Is8

“And if Lion-O gets angry....”copyright protection2PENANAnnGJDhZboQ

“If he did, It wouldn't change anything, I'll always be by your side.”copyright protection2PENANAtBx03tLPZo

“He could exile us.”copyright protection2PENANA8Jbf9yQjgj

“I don't think Lion-O will make such a decision, and if that were the case, I will remain at your side, you are stubborn Pumyra, but you don't know the stubbornness of us of my race, you won't leave me so easily.”copyright protection2PENANArEG8ojpouO

Pumyra frowned but then smiled warmly at Bengali. There at that moment, the ruins of the lost city again witnessed a promise of love being sealed with a kiss.copyright protection2PENANAfYqNZtgKig

.copyright protection2PENANA9qZkG9Sxs9

.copyright protection2PENANAQUOw2dQrBk

The first rays of morning witnessed the laborious search of the thundercats to find the starstone.copyright protection2PENANAgRjGEiaV2s

It was Rauri with her asistedroid scanners who located the stone, it was behind a false wall, it had been placed there in an attempt by its bearer to safeguard it from rebellion and recover it later.copyright protection2PENANAbbTawzko7M

“We finally have Mumm-ra's last star stone," said Tygra.copyright protection2PENANAyXGmuIAkab

“Too bad that the rest of the expedition discovered bitter things," said Risu with which the others looked down sadly. “Well, we'd better get back to Thundera, we have no more business here.”copyright protection2PENANAFr3Z7HhhCj

“What will we tell Wiykat and Wilykit?” Rauri asked worried.copyright protection2PENANAKNvDY1diqk

“The truth, I know it is sad, but we must learn a lesson from this truth, a lesson that will not only be for the benefit of the children, but also for our own. We must not harden our hearts and we must always watch over the peace and prosperity of all," said Risu and the thundercats returned home.copyright protection2PENANA5YiLlNuV8F

Inside the feline tank, Tara and Panthro talked about what they would do once the search for El Dara was over.copyright protection2PENANA7O6aNeS4wu

“I'm sure the captain and the deputy commander will want to go back to Cathia," said Tara, who was bored and looked out once again at the feline tank monitors.copyright protection2PENANAogiTUhV8Al

“Will you be leaving soon then?” asked in a sad tone, Panthro.copyright protection2PENANAsFkLrGyVCG

“...No, the ship will have to be repaired first. The asistedroids will be very helpful, we didn't do it before because of the war against Mumm-ra, but now there's nothing to stop us from repairing the Thundercat.”copyright protection2PENANABJvIUiWNmt

“But you'll have to come back.”copyright protection2PENANAiLKBFFSANs

“...Maybe it won't be necessary.”copyright protection2PENANAWg8g1zXAvz

“What do you mean?” Pantro asked hopefully.copyright protection2PENANAh7jMPe4M1r

“Although we crashed in this place," said Tara, who was suddenly very animated, "we already know the exact route and navigation parameters in hyperspace, this time we won't make the same mistakes. What's more, it may not be necessary to have so much manual operation, now we can do it automatically or leave it in the hands of the asistedroids.”copyright protection2PENANAgjc0URFNss

“...Are you telling me...?”copyright protection2PENANAgoIoFKYCku

“I can stay on the Third Planet! Apart from me, the ship has more engineers!”copyright protection2PENANAbBBvorJseK

“Are you sure about this, Tara!”copyright protection2PENANAUu36uYYaLr

“I am!”copyright protection2PENANAC1Qlqv5p8q

“What if Risu told you to leave?”copyright protection2PENANATk2vPqXyTb

“I, like most of the crew, enlist as a volunteer, I do not belong to any branch of the army, Risu cannot order me to do anything.”copyright protection2PENANAiNFmU9lTj7

The two adults smiled, relieved that they had found a solution to their distress.copyright protection2PENANAkW9ahzGnYP

“Kiss me handsome.”copyright protection2PENANANS9PoYflx9

“-Whatever the lady says...”copyright protection2PENANAwQWbdQlyJF

Panthro's kiss was not delicate, but rather a strong and deep one that threatened to leave bruises on Tara's lips. When Panthro realized this, he tried to kiss more delicately, but the Cathian complained, holding the back of the head of the Thundercat tightly and increased the wild force of the kiss of the two formidable adults.copyright protection2PENANAG4BPfToVgn

The kiss turned into a sheer display of passion that threatened to destroy the feline tank's controls and the movement of the adults translated into moans of pleasure sometimes caused by the clumsiness and abruptness that caused a certain degree of pain.copyright protection2PENANAK4gUTET90q

“Whiskers, keep it up, keep it up...”copyright protection2PENANAiwgfIu642P

“...Aren't you the one who's hitting?”copyright protection2PENANAJIUlx9eW5v

“What?”copyright protection2PENANAkQzBLtgECg

“Damn it, Panthro, open up, we're freezing out here!” Tygra shouted angrily.copyright protection2PENANA4VNlawPgAS

“Chief Tara, General Panthro, are you there?” said Risu.copyright protection2PENANA6jB1F9aT6g

Cheetara and Pumyra were shivering with cold, while Lynx-O only lowered his face and smiled mysteriously.copyright protection2PENANApr7Z2Ssjw5

Rauri noticed Lynx-O's behavior and with the help of his sensors scanned the inside of the cat tank.copyright protection2PENANAzB1nWbTMst

“...As you say... whiskers!”copyright protection2PENANAEzNfAsoLmu

The floodgates of the feline tank opened and all entered in droves, with the exception of Lynx-O, who helped an impressed Rauri into the vehicle.copyright protection2PENANA1LV8LY0dhx

“Sorry guys, I think we fell asleep," said Panthro through the monitor, he looked very nervous.copyright protection2PENANAjR8kf5w8RY

“Did you wait long?” asked Tara, who looked just as uncomfortable as Panthro.copyright protection2PENANACwxpL7RaTe

“Yes! Tygra grunted, “We were almost about to look for you around. We're freezing and you're all warm!”copyright protection2PENANAFUZB3KA4YR

“Well, they were warm," said Lynx-O with a laugh that the others didn't understand, except for Rauri, who was only able to cover her face with both hands when she saw the faces of Panthro and Tara on the monitor.copyright protection2PENANABhJKCYP86G

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection2PENANA6JcE8YM09F

Author's final notes: and Pantro said: "thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats, OHHHHHHH"copyright protection2PENANAeOAeqDY0IX

Nyajajajaja I look forward to your comments.copyright protection2PENANASkfB4RzUZG

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