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Writer Capt. leon
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Laughter and betrayal
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
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THUNDERCATHIANScopyright protection5PENANAPRItw1tXbL

Capítulo 19: Laughter and betrayalcopyright protection5PENANAAixPKzcYuk

Pink and orange shades painted the clouds of the horizon, announcing the end of the day and making many servants walk the palace, ready to do their night work.copyright protection5PENANAfegop5rN5o

One room, however, remained silent and its only two occupants stood still and stared at each other nervously.copyright protection5PENANAcVfVpMXSJ8

“I'm glad everything went well on the expedition," said Lion-O, who struggled to look Pumyra straight in the eye. What you told me about El Dara... well, I... I'm glad, I mean, I'm not glad that El Dara is in ruins, I'm glad that you've returned, that you've all returned safe and sound.”copyright protection5PENANAEjrb9bKlae

“Yes... it was good that everything went smoothly... almost," said Pumyra, as her left arm held her other arm and turned her gaze to one side. “And everything went well here?”copyright protection5PENANAGptWNT2fG7

“Almost the only thing was Yuubi's business. Well that and something else...”copyright protection5PENANADS2TOrFLkp

“Something else?” Pumyra looked at Lion-O and looked away, “Emmm... if you want, you don't have to tell me.”copyright protection5PENANATYJlaSwVdG

“I think I have to do it...”copyright protection5PENANAaT6DPTwS9c

“Well... I, I, I also have something else to tell you... About the expedition.”copyright protection5PENANAZN52HTumFO

“Really?”copyright protection5PENANALzNuUYnrTA

“No... You, you start first.”copyright protection5PENANA73udGj7cch

“Calm down, you better get started.”copyright protection5PENANApb4ueMoI84

“No! I mean, you better start.”copyright protection5PENANAxUDkpyiMZc

“Okay," said Lion-O with a grimace of sorrow, "Pumyra, you see, I... I... I mean, well I... I didn't want to. Well, yes I wanted to! No, I mean, it's not like I wanted it! No, what I mean is....! what I mean is...”copyright protection5PENANAn7fRkVbs8n

“Lion-O, Bengali and I kissed!” Suddenly Pumyra shouted as she closed her eyes and clenched her fists to his side.copyright protection5PENANAKyzP3NBsvK

“Eh, seriously!”copyright protection5PENANAw3Ean4JGRI

“Bengali and I kissed," said Pumyra as she bit her lip and looked scared.copyright protection5PENANATeQ86b4hDd

“Eh, really?”copyright protection5PENANAFnLecP1Ohx

“Not that Bengali kissed me! We both kissed!”copyright protection5PENANAyOAdZYhIF9

“Eh, seriously, I mean, it's serious, it's true what you're telling me.”copyright protection5PENANAryohHusLM6

Pumyra nodded in pain and then underneath her face waited for the screams or worse, the disappointed face of Lion-O.copyright protection5PENANAYruKFHzHvR

“Wiskers...”copyright protection5PENANAe3FPgENymt

“Forgive me, Lion-O... I, I...”copyright protection5PENANAIO165IByun

“Wiskers...”copyright protection5PENANAEtO8dtPNal

Pumyra looked up and saw Lion-O laughing as he held his ribs.copyright protection5PENANAFpokeFZ2em

“Lion-O, Lion-O... What's wrong with you? Why are you laughing, I told you I made out with Bengali! revealed the stunned thundercat. Don't laugh, I'm serious! I... I love Bengali! I'm sorry Lion-O, but I can't reciprocate your feelings, I know it's hard but you have to keep going.... we can still be friends. Right?... Stop laughing!”copyright protection5PENANAvWax3ggEOK

“Ouch my ribs," said Lion-O as he squatted as he took a deep breath and wiped away his tears, while raising his arms and letting the thundercat know that he didn't want to be interrupted. “Pumyra... what I wanted to tell you was that I... I made out with Leonore.”copyright protection5PENANA1sdPBrjrft

“Eh, really?”copyright protection5PENANAMUSbf7Re95

“Yes, I love Leonore.”copyright protection5PENANABF2Lc51sKP

“Eh, seriously!”copyright protection5PENANAdLirBTSUk8

“I didn't know how to tell you, I thought it would hurt you.”copyright protection5PENANAo72hiho9wy

“Eh, seriously.... You really are a fool, Lion-O," said Pumyra with a red face and dismay. “You let me say all that crap that we can just be friends, that you have to move on, etc, etc, etc.”copyright protection5PENANAf7dhTqnVT8

“Hey, that means when girls tell you that, they just say it out loud.”copyright protection5PENANAL6U3xvXqqi

“...Shut up!”copyright protection5PENANAyOpB5HTuRp

The two friends looked fixed and this time they both started laughing.copyright protection5PENANA26xforFLmy

The two thundercats left the room and in the corridor, bathed in a strong orange colouring, due to the sunset, was Bengali.copyright protection5PENANAT7FNbdj9DJ

“Pumyra is a great woman, don't lose her," said Lion-O, as he put his hand on the young general's shoulder and smiled sincerely at him.copyright protection5PENANArcyRNEyH8q

“I know, don't worry, Lion-O, I'll always be there for her.”copyright protection5PENANA7bwEqU66Gs

“I know, my friend, I know.”copyright protection5PENANAFAAkoLyHUb

.copyright protection5PENANArmo0dcFMTN

.copyright protection5PENANAc0YJFpELvl

At night, a dinner was prepared for the members of the expedition, where they told Lion-O more about the discovery of El Dara and the star stone.copyright protection5PENANAdbVOwkz42u

“Unbelievable," said Lion-O, who had not yet kept the stone with the others. “Too bad Wilykat and Wilykit aren't here to hear this... oh, sorry, Leonore.”copyright protection5PENANAgtREu4Q9RK

“Don't worry, it's my fault, I should have told them before what was going on between us... I slapped my children... I'm a bad mother.”copyright protection5PENANAX4KWNqlsbR

“Don't say that, Leonore," Cheetara reassured her, "you're a great mother.”copyright protection5PENANANp3Jez3OD5

“I think so," said Tara, "and to raise these four little monsters alone is something to be admired.”copyright protection5PENANAiTzay4foe6

“You want more of the berbils' candy fruit, my love!” Panthro would interrupt, so his girlfriend wouldn't say any more indiscretions.copyright protection5PENANA9baU7Yktqw

“You see, Panthro," Tygra said jokingly, "it's not so bad to show your feelings. Isn't that right?”copyright protection5PENANAleWoYaX2YB

“These young people are so funny," laughed Lynx-O.copyright protection5PENANA7huHr2MGr0

“Didn't you say you wouldn't remind him that anymore, Tygra?” Risu said of the incident between Pantro and his chief engineer.copyright protection5PENANANBbXvjVQNm

“Oh Risu," Bengali interrupted, "we will remind him that for the rest of his life.”copyright protection5PENANAm9BjyztvBs

“Lion-O, help me.” cried Panthro.copyright protection5PENANA7JJBrbEdR6

“You asked for this Panthro, remember how severe you were with Bengali, Tygra and me? You went too far with the training.”copyright protection5PENANAdEIpCdJy3x

“Really?” Tara said interested.copyright protection5PENANAUqGwJe5dKH

“Severe training is not bad," Cheetara sided with the muscular general, “I went through a rigorous training, much harder than yours.”copyright protection5PENANAFRqotRA85r

“Come and see! I never took it out on my mentor.”copyright protection5PENANAfj6XJJbshe

“I don't know," Lynx-O said with a thoughtful gesture. “I remember you were very rebellious when you were young, you did a lot of foolish things. How about I share with you young people, some funny stories of your General Panthro when he was a rookie?”copyright protection5PENANA0cFGIoVNCG

Lion-O, Tygra and Bengali cheered as if they had seen the open sky, while Panthro sank into his chair and was comforted by Tara.copyright protection5PENANAuhyVG2NgaS

The anecdotes were hilarious and even the girls laughed, including Tara.copyright protection5PENANAIqcPnVyynP

Minino and Minina, who were the only children present, started to nod and their loving mother told them it was time to go to bed.copyright protection5PENANANo1s5JR0xt

“I wonder where Wilykat and Wilykit are?” Leonore was asking no one in particular.copyright protection5PENANAH2LfXrhLIs

“I wonder the same thing about Sebastian and Jessie," said Risu.copyright protection5PENANADqSPfgKOP8

“I was the last to arrive," said Pumyra. “I saw them in the covered roundabout in the east garden, they were kissing those four.”copyright protection5PENANADDwE6BoXCV

“Kissing? How sweet," said Cheetara and Tara.copyright protection5PENANArkXdzVFRGn

“Well, I don't know," continued Pumyra, "they all opened their lips... and their tongues... and not to mention their caresses... fuck.”copyright protection5PENANAkkOda4tVSj

Several people in attendance spat out their drinks or looked frightened. Then all went out in droves, Lion-Ore was at the head who in the hurry had forgotten Minino and Minina, who were very happy to fall asleep again resting their little heads on the table.copyright protection5PENANA4vWBa2cy0P

“Ara, ara," said Rauri, who along with Pumyra were the only adults present.copyright protection5PENANAur9sFJokB4

“Ja, with that those children will have punisment," said Pumyra, very happy with herself.copyright protection5PENANAHVpw8zABus

“That thing you said, was it serious?”copyright protection5PENANAVyXR98TmHT

“No, I made it all up.”copyright protection5PENANAcclmE062kH

“Pumyra.”copyright protection5PENANA72CwyK68mB

“Yes?”copyright protection5PENANABhaz9jH2Gp

“You're bad.”copyright protection5PENANAWTBiffiliD

“Am I bad?”copyright protection5PENANA2qGFWfq3oM

“You're bad.”copyright protection5PENANAEZ4Oyd8ggP

“Well, you know, Rauri, my dear... I am what I am," Pumyra finished and went to her room to sleep after hurrying her glass of wine.copyright protection5PENANAFdIgvYwOkO

Upon arriving where Pumyra indicated, the adults were frustrated that there was no sign of any of the children.copyright protection5PENANAsnf82cnsfM

“Lion-O, we have to find those curious kids!” Leonore begged him.copyright protection5PENANAfTLkIkxQAO

“Curious?" said Lion-O.copyright protection5PENANAFg1oxwm3kG

“And what else could it be? My childrens are innocents and the other two only want to imitate what adults do," explained the young mother as she looked down on Panthro and Tara, as if they were to blame for the four children's behaviour.copyright protection5PENANASN47V6jjzy

“Hey, why are you looking at us ugly?” Tara asked her in an intimidating tone.copyright protection5PENANA5PsR9abH1M

“I'll ask the gate guards to help us find your children!” Lion-O said suddenly, to avoid a fight.copyright protection5PENANAvG3x4A3rEo

Leonore thanked Lion-O and the adults split up to cover more ground.copyright protection5PENANA8wbcE7jXrT

After a while, Leonore found the boys. They were looking at the moon on one of the rooftops of the capital.copyright protection5PENANAwwJZoS9zAb

“Kids, please don't do anything crazy! You still have a long time ahead of you to experience love!” exclaimed Leonore, red as a tomato and with her eyes closed.copyright protection5PENANAm5RpCW0GoE

“Mom?”copyright protection5PENANA5wahJPp3MQ

“What are you doing here, Mom?”copyright protection5PENANAXjnGiLysl8

In the end, it turned out that the four children were not doing strange things, they were just looking at the moon that was in its fourth waning state.copyright protection5PENANADIev8Rs8yQ

“Damn Pumyra," sighed Leonore, seeing that her children were doing nothing wrong. The two little thundercats still saw her angry.copyright protection5PENANAMEnXV7Mlaz

“Wilykat, Wilykit.... Can we talk about this?”copyright protection5PENANAb7TyNbkmEF

Jessie and Sebastian looked at their boyfriends and nodded their heads, so they took a little distance for mother and childrens to settle their situation.copyright protection5PENANAvioKOwBgEa

“Why, Mom, why?” wanted to know Wilykit.copyright protection5PENANA7rOupKCc5M

“Have you forgotten Daddy already?” said Wilykat in anguish.copyright protection5PENANALgUEPIQa5v

“No, I haven't forgotten him, and I'm sure he's still looking after us from heaven.”copyright protection5PENANAQANekCKWSp

“Then why...?” was about to ask Wilykit.copyright protection5PENANA60QVugF7sK

“Because I'm sure your father doesn't want me to be left alone or for you to be left without a father.”copyright protection5PENANAUd1OSQxJ0C

“We don't need a new dad, you're enough.”copyright protection5PENANAeQd25xEPux

“But I'm not happy like this. You want to see me alone for the rest of my life. What about your little brothers and sisters? They need a daddy. You want to see me force a smile the rest of my days?”copyright protection5PENANAeBx5w2lb9N

“No...”copyright protection5PENANAW31XSUOpDP

“No mom.... But were you suffering, Mommy?”copyright protection5PENANA2SFfVLNAAi

“My children," said Leonore as she hugged her children. “You are my joy, but you are becoming more and more independent, and your little brothers will soon follow in your footsteps, and in the end I will be alone.”copyright protection5PENANA7PTFUqIfBS

“We'd never leave you alone, Mom!”copyright protection5PENANA3yW4vOYkeC

“We promise never to leave you again! We'll be with you forever!”copyright protection5PENANA9hvPwqAk0a

“Wilykat, Wilykit, a mother does not raise her children to keep them safe and close to her forever. She raises them to be independent and to travel the world in search of their place in it. I only look for your happiness and I also look for mine because apart from mother I am a woman.... The woman who will love you the most in the  world, Wilykit, and the woman who, together with your wife Wilykat, will love you forever.”copyright protection5PENANAC8ZvOUVwax

The three thundercats hugged each other and the Cathian children exchanged smiles.copyright protection5PENANAod5liBahVo

“So Lion-O likes older women," said Sebastian.copyright protection5PENANAT5FpUcPuwQ

“She's not that old, she's only five years older than Lion-O," said Jessie. “The one who is older is Cheetara, I think she's eight years older than the king. She's an old lady now.”copyright protection5PENANAF8YFENAAjK

“Yeah, a truly old lady” his cousin agreed.copyright protection5PENANA7IYd3gPexL

“What do you said!” Suddenly Cheetara shouted who was coming out the other side of the roof. She was furious as hell.copyright protection5PENANACrQiQKvGf1

“Calm down, Cheetara," said Tygra. “Remember you used to say they were very sweet. Besides, if you keep this up, you'll get wrinkles. Ouch!”copyright protection5PENANAwVavBOiboC

Cheetara left the place outraged, as Tygra ran after her. The laughter of the children could be heard in the distance.copyright protection5PENANAVwlTKpazDI

“Cheetara that was a joke, cheetara don't get angry!....! Hell, I think I can guess who's sleeping on the hard couch tonight. Cheetara come back!”copyright protection5PENANAkf9ay0V3Ha

.copyright protection5PENANA5e6fJH42St

.copyright protection5PENANAEO00HKpRj2

Taking advantage of the fact that the guards were looking for the children and neglecting their duties as a gate guards, a newly rebuilt hovercraft, once part of Slithe army, left the capital.copyright protection5PENANAzDiJNQKJUs

A person was driving the vehicle with an absent expression and gaze, behind which were gagged and tied up Minino and Minina, who were moaning and trying to free themselves from their restraints.copyright protection5PENANAUZG0fqHksA

Rauri forced the engine of the hovercraft which was less and less illuminated by the waning moon that was slowly being covered by dark night clouds.copyright protection5PENANAN7oN75xwXR

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection5PENANAzxuRhiI21D

Thanks for Reading, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please. copyright protection5PENANAuVDbWSBEd4

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