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The Wedding Dress
Writer Narcissusflower
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The Wedding Dress
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Chapter Twenty Two: Revenge on Kyle!
Jan 14, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!tPMDzNRSq17zzkKVOqCDposted on PENANA

Richard's POV:copyright protection44PENANAQ4Y7lY18KA

"I ...uh..I really don't know what to say, thank you very much"copyright protection44PENANA1epNRZAJR1

I smiled to myself as I remembered, Kristen's reaction when I told her I have bought the wedding dress for her, even though it kinda makes me feel sad seeing Kristen in that dress, with her beautiful smile, marrying another guy.copyright protection44PENANAKYBjjlf7MR

But who am I kidding? Kristen has never been mine and she will never be mine. But I'm glad I can at least make her feel special and happy.copyright protection44PENANAKCVJKhIMps

I couldn't sleep last night,I had a lotof things to think of because the first thing I'm gonna take care of now is gonna be Kyle. He had to be punished really hard.copyright protection44PENANAmqGMeyMPhD

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair,even the thought of him makes my blood boiling and I suddenly wanna beat up someone very hard, But I gotta be patient.copyright protection44PENANAQ2CrmVNB3z

I HAVE to be patient till I get to him, After that well... we'll see...copyright protection44PENANAsNcoxWFfJ5

I heard the microwave beep, and that's when I remembered that I have put some pinecakes into the microwave. Since I couldn't sleep much last night, I decided to come down early into the kitchen and make some breakfast for the two of us.copyright protection44PENANAI5woSKWEze

Kristen must be still asleep, because she hasn't made a sound since yesterday night, it was nearly midnight when we got back home. I was not that sleepy because I have slept somehow on the plane on our way home. But Kristen looked very tired. So I told her to get to sleep right after we got home. Of course after teasing her about it.copyright protection44PENANAiqgUSCQFdT

Usually I don't wake her up, since we were not that best of friends, but today I don't wanna wake her up, because I want her to get as much sleep as she can.copyright protection44PENANAeGHq4enKt6

"hmmm... What's that smell?"copyright protection44PENANAPbclA55xJF

Suddenly I got startled and the coffee I was pouring burnt my hand, Jeez can she be any more hideous?copyright protection44PENANAL251WYENDS

I glared at her and rolled my eyes.copyright protection44PENANAHSyoiDCGn6

"God, it hurts!" I said quietly,And stared at my hand. I felt small hands holding my hand and leading me towards the sink, Kristen put my hand under the cold water, after about ten seconds I felt myself sighing in relief.copyright protection44PENANANciZyS4EpO

I don't know if it was her hands, or the cold water. But I felt better and more at peace.copyright protection44PENANAjaQpcNnRA1

I stared at her for the first time today, and of course she was beautiful as always, She smiled sadly at me, and she was still holding my hands in her hands, and in front of the sink under the cold water, which now gave me chills.copyright protection44PENANAJhThGcViSi

I removed my hands and smiled back at her.copyright protection44PENANApFvHF3zKIZ

"Thank you" I said, but it was more like moaning .copyright protection44PENANAz1aprmdPeO

" You're welcome" she mumbled and nodded her head " so... what do we have here? Richard cooking ,I admit the smell is good"copyright protection44PENANAQX6KfMWa5P

I motioned for her to sit down and she obeyed, I sat down on the opposite chair from her. I stared at Kristen the entire time we had breakfast, don't get me wrong but I wanted to know if she liked the food.copyright protection44PENANAtuuYca2MVK

Kristen just smiled whenever she ate from a plate. I was dying to hear her comment, but she just kept eating and not saying a word.copyright protection44PENANALuMVUei73w

"You should have your breakfast, it's getting cold you know" She said and resumed eating, I just took a sip from my coffee, I didn't feel like eating.copyright protection44PENANAWUu2EJPBUV

Kristen finished eating and complimented my cooking skills, which earned a huge grin out of me. She just chuckled at my ridiculousness, and went to get dressed for school.copyright protection44PENANAqnqVmC5po0

I washed the dishes, and busied myself in the kitchen, I wanted to kill some time, and right after Kristen went to school, I grabbed my car keys, and went to Kyle's house.copyright protection44PENANAaavX6pbpxf

I stood in front of the door, and knocked a few times, I didn't yell his name or anything because I didn't want him to run away or hide himself.copyright protection44PENANAVtaqvPalq4

I knocked again, but there was no one opening the door, after about 10 minutes of waiting, and knocking still no sound and sight of Kyle, that asshole!copyright protection44PENANAgQrGMOiRdH

I sighed in frustration and checked my watch, it was 9:10 AM and today was Monday, is he in college? Then I remembered that He doesn't have any classes on Mondays, since he was my so called best friend. Of course I had to remember all of that.copyright protection44PENANASoRnlYMxnj

I kept thinking where he could be at this moment?copyright protection44PENANAMjNXJjMTEd

What would I do if I was in Kyle's shoes? I thought of all the places he liked to go.copyright protection44PENANAXU4pBQeUIr

If I was Kyle and it was Monday, I would be playing soccer with my friends, that's it!copyright protection44PENANABBQtYbrLIP

I ran to my car and drove fast towards Kyle's favorite place, now he either is watching soccer or playing soccer. I hoped he be alone. so that I could punch him with all my heart.copyright protection44PENANA5v8TsRcfLQ

When I arrived at the open field, I waited in my car, and narrowed my eyes. Looking for Kyle among the soccer players from afar.copyright protection44PENANAsJLw9mnnh5

There he is, blond hair, shooting the ball. I tried to know the number on the back of his top. So that I wouldn't lose his stupid ass. Then I saw the number, he is number seven.copyright protection44PENANAPSGFmFQOrz

I looked around and noticed many people were in that place, they were all cheering and clapping.And most of them were guys.copyright protection44PENANADx4LqxDCMo

"shit!" I mumbled, this is definitely not the right time for giving him a lesson, but since I have taken the day off to teach Kyle a lesson, I would wait.copyright protection44PENANAsf8eLhB8ES

So I waited and waited, until the soccer game was over, obviously team Kyle has won the game, since they were all hugging and patting Kyle on the back, yikes.copyright protection44PENANAetLU87AZW1

Eventually most of the players were not around and the place was kinda empty, I grabbed the hard long iron I have brought with myself and got out of the car.copyright protection44PENANAyzyDlYbYBX

As I got nearer to where Kyle was standing with a guy, I could hear some of their conversation.copyright protection44PENANAn4dviYNU7r

"You're always the best, man"copyright protection44PENANAMmVxg4FR3B

"Thanks bro, you guys did great too"copyright protection44PENANASCargvqru1

I was getting nearer to them, so I put the arm that was holding the iron behind my back ina na ttamept to hide it.copyright protection44PENANApS6CooBbiI

"Congratulations, Kyle" I said calmly, Kyle turned around with a huge smile on his face, but when he saw me his smile dropped.copyright protection44PENANAD54yClDidH

"well, well, well, look who is here to watch my game, my best friend, my soul mate, Richard" He said bitterly.copyright protection44PENANAT6k4xAAY14

"I'm not your best friend anymore you jackass, the only reason you're still here playing your god damned game, and not in some cold jail, is because of Kristen" I said, Kyle just chuckled and stared at his friend who was staring at both of us, wondering what the hell was going on. Kyle stared at his friend and smiled.copyright protection44PENANA0qW63kvEwO

" This is how Richard usually greets me, can you give us a second? I'll call you when I get home" Kyle told his friend, his friend's reaction softened and he soon left.copyright protection44PENANAn9TsIwOlO1

Which means it's just the two of us alone, this is what I was looking for.copyright protection44PENANA3H7nMFXmDZ

"So, what do you want?" Kyle asked and spit on the ground.copyright protection44PENANArEqoKtIf7f

Instead on answering her, I walked closer to him slowly, until my mouth was near his ear.copyright protection44PENANA4voXX7tLsh

" I want you to pay for what you did" I whispered and beat him once with the hard iron in my hand, he was soon on the ground and groaning in pain.copyright protection44PENANANvZUSMAQ8e

He was rolling his back on the ground, while clutching his stomach.copyright protection44PENANAPASfYDJHTR

"Son.. of.. a ..bitch" he mumbled, I rolled my eyes at the nerve of this guy, and hit where it hurts the most, with the iron still in my hand. His hands now were holding his thingy , and he was still groaning.copyright protection44PENANAWXmlUksn6U

I let go of the metal, and sat down on the ground beside Kyle, then I put both my hands around his neck, gritting my teeth, he deserves the worst.copyright protection44PENANAFTqFOjro9A

Kyle's eyes has widened, as he was trying to breathe, but I didn't let him go, I wanted him to suffer.copyright protection44PENANADZavf88YQ1

As I saw how panicked Kyle was, because he thought I will actually kill him, I felt good, because I was thinking of Kristen, I wonder how much she has suffered , was she scared? Did she feel lonely? I wanted Kyle to feel all the feelings Kristen has felt.copyright protection44PENANAPMYc7TwzhC

But then I had to let go, as I let go Kyle kept coughing, he was kinda breathless, so he was breathing fast.copyright protection44PENANAuWvVCke4Jo

"Don't... act... innocent" Kyle said and smirked " You're no different... than... me "copyright protection44PENANAFmnQSCZ0AP

I felt my blood boiling as he said those words, he knew what drives me crazy and he said it.copyright protection44PENANA2qB1CJU8jb

I may not be a gentleman, but I'm definitely not Kyle, I might be sleeping with every girl I lay my hands on, but I won't rape them. But I have changed, I have a girl I love, and being in love has changed me, to the better, I have a girl to protect. Kristen has changed me and I'm proud of who I am now. Even if the current Richard is not the best Richard, I still am proud of myself.copyright protection44PENANALN8hIKBXPk

"Don't even compare yourself to me" I hissed and punched Kyle on the face, I heard his nose break, good. I was now on top of Kyle, throwing punch after punch at him. Of course Kyle fought back, so he rolled us over, so that he was the one on top, and he threw quite good punches at me too.48Please respect copyright.PENANA9CmLDZvx8O
copyright protection44PENANAlvHJlzlkAW

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