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Ch.10: The Shocking News
Jan 12, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mKFqYmIXL7JhtkrllPGDposted on PENANA

Ch.10: The Shocking Newscopyright protection37PENANAadJVLV5Izz

Summary: What if they had found out that Crowfeather and Leafpool were mates, earlier in the series? How would the clans react? Read to find out what happens.copyright protection37PENANA4VkJmi64fR

 It was a dark night, as Crowfeather padded towards the river bank, heading for the stepping stones to meet up with his new mate Leafpool. She had told him that she had something to tell him. But what could it possibly be that she couldn’t or wouldn’t let the others know about? Was it bad? No. It couldn’t be. She had told him that it was wonderful news that she had to tell him.copyright protection37PENANAcZ8GkA1FpI

            He stood on the first stepping stone, then moved to the second one and then jumped to the third one. A little bit of river water splashed onto his paws and legs, as he landed on the third one. Then he crouched down and estimated his jump, before jumping towards the other side of the river bank.copyright protection37PENANAizV2uGYApx

            He landed in the water and dug hi claws into the bank, as the river tide tried to sweep him off his paws and carry him down stream. He wouldn’t let it, though. He was determined. With much effort, he jumped out of the river and landed onto the Thunderclan border. He shook the water out of his fur and then started licking his pelt, while he waited for his mate to arrive to tell him the news.copyright protection37PENANAattudQMjU2

            Leafpool headed through the undergrowth towards the river. It had been a long time since she had snuck out of camp at the dead of night. But when she had been a kit, it had just been play. And then she had met and fallen in love with Crowfeather. A Windclan warrior with as much loyalty as any cat could ever have; loyalty that Graystripe and Firestar would always have.copyright protection37PENANAa71jNlTO1i

            She padded up to and sat in front of her mate.copyright protection37PENANAwjSsln9jXy

            “Did you get an unwanted bath?” she joked to him and then laughed, seeing his damp pelt.copyright protection37PENANAR72kBfaoz5

            He ignored her joke.copyright protection37PENANAqJcs3ZOWOP

            “What is it that you had to tell me that you can’t let any other cat know?” he meowed to her.copyright protection37PENANAfl97NuvXOs

            “I’m going to have kits.”copyright protection37PENANAvGAy1cNcAm

            He was silent for a few minutes, before he spoke.copyright protection37PENANAh16uuaui7j

            “What are we going to do? You know how it is with half-clan born kits when it comes to two different clans. Look at what happened between Graystripe and Riverclan when Bluestar was your leader. I don’t want that kind of life for them. I want the best they possibly could have.”copyright protection37PENANA8mEhusMZpB

            “I know. But if Windclan finds out and wants the kits, you can raise them. And they will know their true mother,” she assured him.copyright protection37PENANAsVh2tiehuP

            They rubbed heads against heads.copyright protection37PENANAEMRLhlVLE2

            “No matter what happens, we’ll be there for each other and these kits,” he promised her.copyright protection37PENANA4MpJ4UbQTB

            “I know we will,” the Medicine cat meowed back in agreement.copyright protection37PENANArmxJp11Ejw

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