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Ch.6: Sasha’s Trilogy: The Strife
Jan 12, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!VbgQMxuzauIFAKOpMuS3posted on PENANA

Ch.6: Sasha’s Trilogy: The Strifecopyright protection21PENANAp5oQYMPg34

  I walk in the forest. I’m a loner. I’ve been thinking of becoming a Thunderclan cat. I’ve already become friends with Thunderclan. I’ve also become familiar with Thunderclan territory. I’ve walked in it time and time again.copyright protection21PENANAAYfRP2okBz

            I stop. I smell a cat. It’s Thunderclan thankfully.copyright protection21PENANAPkeq43QRxI

            I go to Graystripe.copyright protection21PENANAUWOiNM5C38

            “Hi, Graystripe.”copyright protection21PENANAGE7VvXXUhz

            “Hi, Sasha. What are you doing here?”copyright protection21PENANAt7TIxXLnPj

            “I want to talk to Firestar about joining the clan.”copyright protection21PENANA6JfU23G8FK

            “Okay; come with me.”copyright protection21PENANAhlpohUmfPE

            With that, he leads me to the camp and then to Firestar’s den.copyright protection21PENANAOjLI1iGNGv

            “Firestar, Sasha would like to talk to you,” he addresses his old friend.copyright protection21PENANA6MfmGhpnq4

            “Come in, Sasha.”copyright protection21PENANA7Hqx6IssXh

            I obey and the old deputy leaves.copyright protection21PENANA6MBRvDabqQ

            “Sasha, what is this about joining the clan? Do you realize everything you’ll miss? Clan cats don’t have as much freedom as you think. We have jobs to do. But you probably already know that.”copyright protection21PENANAHxCWTiejGE

            “I know. I want to join, though.”copyright protection21PENANAoOlOlrwNTu

            “Alright, you may. Follow me.”copyright protection21PENANA40hGRMj2YJ

            We go out onto the high ledge  and he announces to the clan that I’m going to join.copyright protection21PENANASGgvCaOQtu

            “But she was once Tigerstar’s mate. How can we trust her?” Mousefur says.copyright protection21PENANAvSiQGEidrc

            “Yeah; I agree,” Frostfur protests. “Sasha isn’t cut out to be a clan cat. I don’t mean anything,” she adds, apparently seeing him lashing his tail and the hurt in his eyes. I guess he must be thinking that she’s talking about him when he was a kittypet.copyright protection21PENANAIwc0c4Nv6M

            “Silence!” It’s Graystripe who gives the order. “All of you!” He goes to stand in front of the high ledge. “Why do you say that Frostfur? Firestar is an example that any cat can live in a clan. Sasha may not be such a cat now, but I think someday, she’ll be a mighty warrior. And Mousefur, Brambleclaw here is an example that every relation to Tigerstar isn’t bad.”copyright protection21PENANAfZswv4HjVb

            “Thanks, Graystripe,” Firestar thanks his longtime friend.copyright protection21PENANAOq37hJLAXd

            Firestar soon gives me a ceremony, but keeps my name as is. He then has my mentor be Sandstorm. I learn how to hunt and fight as a warrior, harder than the apprentices. My warrior training goes on for a moon or so, until I finally have my warrior ceremony. I am now Sasha the warrior.copyright protection21PENANAMGJZGW3tsa

            One moon later, I’m patrolling with other cats, when suddenly, Tawnypelt with her kits are spotted.copyright protection21PENANAgHaIeFMVZI

            “Everything’s wrong,” she says to me. It’s muffled by Dawnkit’s scruff.copyright protection21PENANA6N99UqTG0R

            “It’s okay. Just tell me what’s wrong,” I say, trying to soothe her.copyright protection21PENANATNxDMezQI1

            “Shadowclan doesn’t like Blackstar and now, they’re slowly leaving the clan. The clan, I’m afraid, will separate into rogues, loners, and kittypets. I don’t want to be part of a clan like that.”copyright protection21PENANA0YJbGXQtTQ

            “Okay; let’s get you to the camp,” I say.copyright protection21PENANAbZDk9yL3fM

            “I don’t think so. She’s still Shadowclan,” disagreed Dustpelt.copyright protection21PENANAU8zsLmGlcp

            “But she’s Brambleclaw’s sister and my daughter, and you know you can trust me.”copyright protection21PENANAmco6o44fyX

            “Fine,” he says disapprovingly.copyright protection21PENANA5KWJ46hQ9x

            My daughter picks up Dawnkit, I pick up Flamekit, and Tigerkit follows.copyright protection21PENANAC3GcwrydNK

            “Tawnypelt!” Brambleclaw and Firestar greet.copyright protection21PENANACaX0gl5kAE

            They come over to us and I tell them the situation.copyright protection21PENANAiFofoslGiu

            Firestar says to her, “You may stay as long as you’d like.”copyright protection21PENANAeVyU75mFi9

            “Thanks, Firestar.”copyright protection21PENANApVjmWAI1Vj

            “You’re welcome.”copyright protection21PENANAFdY3snwO4P

            “How much longer are you going to do this? Bring in cats?” says Dustpelt.copyright protection21PENANAiiKRdRXzxf

            “Thunderclan has always brought in cants,” Firestar says. “Not only that, but we have also helped cats in need.”copyright protection21PENANAIWa2j6C28x

            “He’s right,” Longtail agrees. “Bluestar brought him in, Firestar brought in Cloudpaw and Sasha, and now he’s helping a friend in need. Let’s just drop it, alright? Leave this whole thing alone and make her feel welcome.”copyright protection21PENANAlOLkSdHp1M

            “Well said,” Sandstorm comments.copyright protection21PENANAek5ZciR9Ro

            He turns his sightless eyes to her.copyright protection21PENANApAlACFHfHQ

            “Thanks, Sandstorm.”copyright protection21PENANAM2EymxL4WN

            Firestar watches, as Longtail goes to the elder’s den.copyright protection21PENANARa8X9kf1u7

            “They don’t want us,” Flamekit says. copyright protection21PENANApTHKukpbz7

            “We’re not welcome here,” Dawnkit puts in.copyright protection21PENANA1m9GUwdGB9

            “It’s okay. They’ll soon get used to you,” I soothe my grand kits. Then I look at my leader. I can see he’s somewhere else. I have a lucky guess where. He’s probably thinking about when he first came into the clan or about his kittypet life.copyright protection21PENANAtskBpuWFvq

            “Come. Let’s make you welcome,” I say.copyright protection21PENANAMUkuFOP50o

            I lead them to the nursery.copyright protection21PENANAc1LlHFSVlt

            Tawnypelt’s kits are welcomed by all the other kits.copyright protection21PENANA5PVprlTn0p

            I leave the nursery and almost run into Sorrelpaw and Cloudpaw.copyright protection21PENANAONj8iZX74X

            “Watch where you’re going,” I scold them. “You’re going to trip a cat someday.”copyright protection21PENANAwgYhCGWuCi

            “Sorry,” they apologize and scamper off to annoy some other cat. That’s my guess anyway.copyright protection21PENANAXH8T6zf0Wf

            The next day, I’m on the hunting patrol.copyright protection21PENANApK3JTlIQtM

            Suddenly, I see a kittypet I know.copyright protection21PENANANZ3MhGtea5

            “Princess!” I greet, and pad up to her.copyright protection21PENANAw8MF2SehSb

            “Sasha, I heard you’re a Thunderclan cat. Could you take me to Firestar?”copyright protection21PENANAwiWA1PWJGp

            “Of course. What is it?”copyright protection21PENANAwtpAfGgIUq

            “It’s my two legs. They’re moving, but I don’t want ot leave.”copyright protection21PENANAOrzA6BtlSm

            “Okay then,” I say.copyright protection21PENANAwpEs0FiWpY

            I lead her to him and he’s happy to see his sister.copyright protection21PENANAmVsLvHsLqn

            After she decides to be in the clan, he has a ceremony for her and keeps her name.copyright protection21PENANAcePLPWnihg

            At the Gathering, she is able to attend, but Shadowclan doesn’t show at all.copyright protection21PENANAEOGigGYzCn

            Before the leaders can say anything about their clans, Boulder and his cats fight us. According to Firestar, they’re what’s left of Bloodclan that my mate made when he was alive.copyright protection21PENANAxZiZKOHdA8

            I look for Princess. She was taught how to fight as a warrior by Firestar, but this is her very first battle, and my second or third. So therefore, I’m worried about her.copyright protection21PENANABMnqycmVuD

            I help her fight a few cats and then leave her to fight her own battle.copyright protection21PENANAb8rSrIypib

            I throw Boulder off Firestar and bite his tail, making him run away hurt.copyright protection21PENANANPa6PVUx8u

            “Thanks, Sasha.”copyright protection21PENANAFJh3aPfwLK

            “You’re welcome.”copyright protection21PENANAaXTCPklnKD

            Suddenly, I feel pain surge through me. I turn and see a dark tabby.copyright protection21PENANAyxtIDjDyQM

            “Tigertail,” I growl.copyright protection21PENANA2wwjAG9PdU

            I feel terrified, but I try my best to fight Tigerstar’s father.copyright protection21PENANAzoRs0GNm4x

            We roll in a ball of furry.copyright protection21PENANAZC5tlIMYgD

            I get pinned down.copyright protection21PENANALjahDKXMzb

            Just then, Brambleclaw rakes his claws down his pelt. He turns on my son, but my son pins him down.copyright protection21PENANAG9zxCzepWi

            I get to my paws very slowly. I’m wounded. Tigertail hurt one of my fore paws. It hurts, but I got back into battle.copyright protection21PENANAXVU2pfLbe2

            I battle Bone, who’s the leader.copyright protection21PENANAPZlZhYJeLj

            He claws my pelt and a hind leg.copyright protection21PENANAprsZZ4zduv

            I yowl in pain.copyright protection21PENANAwrrqtQGf2V

            Apparently, I’m heard.copyright protection21PENANAhRVDQcCzrn

            As he bites my shoulder and inches to my neck, I see a gray tom. Then he pins Bone down and finishes him off. It’s Crowfeather that saved me.copyright protection21PENANASRPlQOqp2U

            He pads up to me and starts licking my wounds.copyright protection21PENANAVylmZPcG4e

            “Are you okay? You know, Sasha, you shouldn’t have fought him by yourself. You could’ve been killed,” he says between licks. He then stops and asks, “Does that feel better?”copyright protection21PENANABm6x0WJCwa

            “Yeah; it does. Thanks so much, Crowfeather.”copyright protection21PENANA0p2PKSEaiG

            “Let’s see if you can get up, Sasha.”copyright protection21PENANA5deqzdgMTl

            “No!” yowls a familiar cat. It’s Lionblaze.  “Hollyleaf!”copyright protection21PENANA1vH72H4MkA

            I try to see through all the cats of what’s wrong. Then I see. Hollyleaf is on the ground, Ashfur looming over her. I want to see if I can help.copyright protection21PENANAXkZZ9KRNV9

            “Help me up,” I tell Crowfeather.copyright protection21PENANAu0mIrWWHIQ

            He does and I lean on him for support, all the while limping from the pain in my paw.copyright protection21PENANA3JmKQpsVbM

            “Hollyleaf!” I yowl, wishing I can run to her as fast as I can, but I can’t.copyright protection21PENANAv86v8ggZ4c

            Lionblaze is already there by the time we get there.copyright protection21PENANA9ydwhEsema

            “Ashfur, step away from her,” I growl.copyright protection21PENANA5pUraLQCG2

            He doesn’t say anything. He just snarls at me.copyright protection21PENANAocbvHjLYjP

            Suddenly, a silver-looking cat plows him over.copyright protection21PENANAasonYG2qUp

            “Leave her alone,” the she-cat growls. I realize what she’s doing and I seize my chance. I rush as much as I can, to Hollyleaf’s side.copyright protection21PENANABZPvrZhiCX

            “Hollyleaf,” I say.copyright protection21PENANAk19wwRPhP9

            “Sasha. Help me.”copyright protection21PENANA7ZBwmAcp16

            “I will. Hold on.”copyright protection21PENANAOD6D8xDqPf

            I look at Lionblaze.copyright protection21PENANAnagxGMow4d

            “Where are Cinderpelt, Yellowfang, and Leafpool?”copyright protection21PENANAFcdhIASUZT

            “Don’t worry. Jayfeather is hidden in the undergrowth and Yellowfang and Leafpool are fighting. Cinderpelt is still at camp.”copyright protection21PENANA1Nw7rFF45u

            “Okay; Crowfeather, go find Yellowfang and Leafpool.”copyright protection21PENANAjtFA0lmoSr

            He looks like he doesn’t want to leave me, so I tell him, “Don’t worry. I can lean on Lionblaze if I have to. Now go. Please.”copyright protection21PENANACyDPPmpIho

            He does as he’s told, racing away to go find them.copyright protection21PENANABic8qDN6IT

            I feel my strength start to ebb away and I stumble. Lionblaze then catches me by the scruff.copyright protection21PENANAA1mgBnBYLu

            “Take it easy. Just lean on me, okay?”copyright protection21PENANApo23eSpDAG

            I obey.copyright protection21PENANA2cZfkqS8wA

            Silverstream takes her paw away from Ashfur’s neck and steps away from the senior warrior, letting him get to his paws. She doesn’t once let her eyes leave him. She must think that he’d take a leap at her. I know thought that If he does, Graystripe would do something about it. Yeah; sure. He couldn’t kill the warrior, but he sure could attack him if he laid a claw on her. But he’d have to attack the deputy, in order for the deputy to attack Ashfur.copyright protection21PENANA17CnneKZcw

            A few minutes later, Crowfeather races back with the Medicine cats Yellowfang, Leafpool, and Jayfeather.copyright protection21PENANAuCVwF9p5N0

            Leafpool tends to Hollyleaf, while Jayfeather tends to me. Just to be easier on him, Lionblaze helps me lay down.copyright protection21PENANALPdL4xbXFI

            A few minutes later, we’re ourselves again.copyright protection21PENANAyGQb4dpPdC

            Suddenly, the senior warrior attacks Graystripe’s mate, Silverstream.copyright protection21PENANAmHfheUqEZd

            Yellowfang pulls him off her. I’m thankful that she’s okay.copyright protection21PENANAFL3Sw8pI65

            Battle is soon over.copyright protection21PENANArEMhQQvgGI

            A few moons later, all cats are well again. Also, when Firestar hears what happened, he exiles Ashfur. So there you have it. The clan is well.copyright protection21PENANAS2q7kF2Lj2

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