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Ch.9: Firestar’s Quest (Omen of the Stars)
Jan 12, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!4EbAl96R4iEZT5PDlb8Tposted on PENANA

Ch.9: Firestar’s Quest (Omen of the Stars)copyright protection22PENANAc6GL3drLum

 Firestar sat on the edge of the river, not far from Shadowclan. He listened to the gurgling of the river. He had been the leader for three seasons and was proud of it.copyright protection22PENANALy1X9n7feb

            Suddenly, he padded over away from the river, senses alert. He had heard something. He heard a rustle of a bush just then.copyright protection22PENANAySbsY06jcf

            A cat sprang up and plowed him over on his back.copyright protection22PENANAdolT9o6BaA

            He tried to push his attacker off with his hind leg, as a paw came down on his stomach, claws sheathed. As the paw did so, the image of the murderous Tigerstar vanished.copyright protection22PENANAYV9ZTim0yA

            The cat jumped off him, letting him up.copyright protection22PENANAc7snzqoFKA

            He got to his paws and saw his apprentice.copyright protection22PENANAUYZgR9FYKP

            "You didn't even know I was there, did you? Go on Firestar, admit it. You had no idea."copyright protection22PENANAyILIIE14Fz

             "Bramblepaw, you great lump! You've squashed me as flat as a leaf."copyright protection22PENANAERG7egyDVj

            "I know," his apprentice said, as his amber eyes gleamed. "If you'd really been a Shadowclan invader, you'd be crow-food by now."copyright protection22PENANAeQhd69mM77

            "So I would," the leader agreed. He touched his tail to Bramblepaw's shoulder. "You disguised your scent very well, and you did very well on your fighting."copyright protection22PENANABGQmoy1pCG

            "I rolled in a clump of damp ferns as soon as I left camp. Was my assessment okay?" He asked his leader. "Of course Bramblepaw. No cat could've done better." he replied. "Thanks, Firestar! Do you think Tawnypaw will be a warrior soon?" asked the apprentice, looking back at the border as they walked back to camp. "I'm sure she will."copyright protection22PENANAYhyFpNVXqR

            "I hope she will. She'll be a great warrior," Bramblepaw told his mentor.copyright protection22PENANAhEHzSOIfAP

            "And so will you; both of you."copyright protection22PENANAmcvdzUMAjp

            "Was my assessment really okay? Will it be good enough to be a warrior?"copyright protection22PENANAhiGPY6CT43

            "Yes. We'll hold your naming ceremony tomorrow."copyright protection22PENANALlHtUAhDPS

            "Thanks. I won't let you down," he meowed, and then ran down the ravine to wait by the tunnel for his leader.copyright protection22PENANAtc5YpETbec

            Firestar remembered how it felt like when he had been an apprentice. When he felt like he could run forever in the forest. But he also renumbered how it felt when the clan hadn't trusted him yet. Bluestar had taken him in because she knew he was the Fire who could save the clan. No cat had trusted him back then because of his origins. He had been born a kittypet. Tigerstar had taunted and tormented him with the words, "Once a kittypet always a kittypet." Because the clan hadn't trusted him yet, he had to work harder than any apprentice. Some still didn't trust him, he knew. Dustpelt was one. But then again, he had never been his friend. He had always hated him. Sandstorm was the same way until the night he saved her from falling in the river. She had started liking him after that. Now they were mates.copyright protection22PENANAAvvhltnXns

            He wondered if Bramblepaw was having a hard time being trusted enough to be a warrior. He was popular in the clan because of his father. Bramblepaw was Tigerstar's son. To Firestar, he was trusted, loyal, and a hard worker and learner. He was the total opposite of Tigerstar. The trouble was it being so easy to see his tormentor; the ambitious, bloodthirsty, murderous, traitor of Thunderclan; Tigerstar.copyright protection22PENANA08NIBIiTl7

            When he caught up to with the soon-to-be warrior, he told his apprentice, "Go get some sleep. You'll have to sit vigil tomorrow night."copyright protection22PENANAMOkRNJvGVK

             "Okay. If you're sure," he told his mentor, and then headed for the apprentice den.copyright protection22PENANATwgoOBRcyf

            Firestar turned around to see a gray cat in the ravine. Its fur was patched with white.copyright protection22PENANAEznrhZaATv

            As soon as he started toward the cat, it disappeared. He couldn't stop thinking about the cat. It had looked at him, its eyes glowing helplessly, as if he needed him; needed his help.copyright protection22PENANAIGk2x7M3OH

            The rain outside his den put him in the land of dreams.copyright protection22PENANANHe462FYee

            He was on moorland with mist swirling around him. He could hear cats wailing from a distance. It sent chills through him. He saw blurred shapes of cats, but they vanished before he could see them better. Their scent was unfamiliar.copyright protection22PENANAdTNBk5AvFu

            "Who are you? What do you want? Hello?" He said, but there was no answer.copyright protection22PENANA0oakqIscLg

            He awoke at sun high from Sandstorm prodding at him with a paw.copyright protection22PENANAUzY8D4bi2q

            “Are you okay? You were twitching in your sleep.”copyright protection22PENANAwgjkREps95

            “It was just a dream. I’ll be fine.”copyright protection22PENANAWat7uUPX7B

            “I brought you fresh-kill.” She pushed a vole towards him. “I just got back from hunting patrol.”copyright protection22PENANAd1acaOgm7j

            “Thanks.”copyright protection22PENANAMEz6YrKoTU

            “Better now?” she asked after he had finished eating. “That’ll teach you not to let young cats jump all over you.”copyright protection22PENANAuQ4YXzSMxZ

            “Hey, I’m not an elder yet you know. Have all the patrols come back yet?”copyright protection22PENANAnL1yXbmdyt

            “The last one just came back,” Graystripe announced as he sat outside the entrance. “The hunting patrol caught a lot of prey, so Thornclaw has taken the apprentices out to collect it. “Why? Did you want them?”copyright protection22PENANAxk87r6ycvr

            “Not right away, but I need to know what they reported. Did any cat see any sign of rogues in our territory?”copyright protection22PENANA6ZhbXeLQ1i

            “Not a trace. Everything is peaceful out there. Firestar, is something bothering you?” He padded inside. His eyes were full of worry.copyright protection22PENANAQp3RX13kfB

            “No, I’m fine,” he lied. He didn’t like lying to his old friend. “Bramblepaw did an amazing assessment last night. He jumped on me by the Shadowclan border. Come on. I want to hold his ceremony as soon as the apprentices get back.”copyright protection22PENANAOMWWTn3rzy

            When they came back, he held his warrior ceremony. Bramblepaw was now Brambleclaw. He knew how important it was to him to be a warrior; especially when he talked about his loyalty to the clan.copyright protection22PENANASGyaRwpDmq

            He jumped off the High Rock and touched his muzzle to the warrior’s shoulder. Brambleclaw licked his leader’s shoulder.copyright protection22PENANAWcPZ3N178g

             He looked in a puddle and saw the face of the gray cat. He blinked and then it was gone.copyright protection22PENANAIW2ETW1WnB

            Shrewkit landed in the puddle squealing.copyright protection22PENANAugh2r9yQMV

            The tabby leader looked at the sky, only to see a cloudless sky.copyright protection22PENANAgI76IbUJj2

            He led the evening patrol to tall pines, then two leg place, being cautious about possible remaining cats of Bloodclan.copyright protection22PENANAZ1Z2GSYHOm

            He dreamed of the cries of the cats before he woke up.copyright protection22PENANAjjCAl3JUTw

            He didn’t want to dream of those poor cats again.copyright protection22PENANAQafYhXabHt

            He and Sandstorm walked together in the forest, and then sat down by Snake Rocks. They sat there in silence for a very long time. No cat spoke.copyright protection22PENANAeHudJa5IST

            As he looked at the river, he saw images of cats swimming in the water, churning water desperately. Then the cats were gone. The river was still and quiet.copyright protection22PENANA4bcHMyKwtE

            Firestar relieved the warrior of his vigil the next day. It was over.copyright protection22PENANA2jPhh6friX

            He slipped into the Medicine Den to talk to Cinderpelt. He told her about the dreams he had been having. She said she couldn’t help, but she would tell him if Starclan gave her a sign or something.copyright protection22PENANAVwFpJpAP7t

            He had the same dream the next two nights.copyright protection22PENANAJbFWSruDXY

            The leader awoke at sun high. He came out of the den, hearing caterwauling. He swiftly padded over to Cloudtail, Brackenfur, Rainpaw, and Longtail.copyright protection22PENANAi0i7iAdy2w

             Longtail was put in a moss nest so Cinderpelt could examine him. A rabbit had scratched his eyes when he tried chasing it. His eyes were closed.copyright protection22PENANAvX3bnMAYCH

            The other cats left the warrior and Medicine cat alone, when Cinderpelt had told them to. Rainpaw had been told to help her with Longtail by getting her the herbs she needed.copyright protection22PENANArlT6hMyMqw

            Once again, he didn’t sleep, dreading what he might dream.copyright protection22PENANAKIx3PPD3nF

            The next night, they went to the Gathering. All was well in every clan. Tawnypaw was a warrior by the name of Tawnypelt.copyright protection22PENANAATDD40qFY2

            As the cats left, Firestar saw a lot of starry cats. None said a word. He was the only one that saw them. Then they vanished.copyright protection22PENANAmqngxF35rt

            He put Graystripe in charge of the clan when he left to go to the Moonstone.copyright protection22PENANACcb9g1YT4m

            Bluestar came to him. They were at Fourtrees. She reluctantly told him what cats he had been seeing; that they were in different skies. The cats were Skyclan. They had been driven out long ago because of monsters, and that the clans didn’t believe they belonged in the forest anymore. That once upon a time, there had been five clans.copyright protection22PENANAzEgcilcI0b

            When he got back, he went to Cinderpelt’s den. Longtail’s vision was still blurred. His eyes were still affected.copyright protection22PENANAKnB8D8OGeg

            He let himself dream that night. He dreamed that clan was following the river. They couldn’t or wouldn’t hear him. “Skyclan, wait for me! Wait!” But he soon couldn’t keep up. He collapsed on the ground, unable to follow anymore. Then his dream changed. He was in his own den. Spottedleaf came to him. After that dream, he knew he must go.copyright protection22PENANAaQtlZJnYCs

            That day, he stopped a couple of his warriors from fighting Smudge. After they left, Smudge told him of his dreams. Fire Star said he knew of them already.copyright protection22PENANAlc7CopXB7Y

            The leader told Thornclaw he would be gone for a night and that Graystripe was in charge.copyright protection22PENANAMSlo0ZwOGK

            He spent that night in Smudge’s backyard.copyright protection22PENANA4RBycBhAAU

            The Skyclan leader came and spoke to him, then was gone.copyright protection22PENANA2V69yvyw6F

            He came back the next day. Not to the camp. He met up with a patrol. He told Brackenfur about giving Sootpaw a new mentor until Longtail’s eyesight got better. Thornclaw became the new mentor.copyright protection22PENANAuTxQhyQOnx

            The next day, the patrol and Firestar scented a badger.copyright protection22PENANAzsoa0BMhbm

            When they followed it, Willowpelt gave her life to save Sootpaw.copyright protection22PENANAbdiimQNVmU

            After morning for her, Cinderpelt took Sootpaw, Rainpaw, and Sorrelpaw to her den, and cared for them like a mother would for her kits.copyright protection22PENANAAQN8H5GxT4

            Firestar dreamed of Silverstream. She gave him a fish to eat as a gift. After that dream, he was even surer he had to leave.copyright protection22PENANA5swtDw4pOf

            He told Cinderpelt, Graystripe, and Sandstorm first. He said he was taking his mate, and then told his deputy he was in charge. “We’ll take care of the clan the best we can,” Graystripe told his friend.copyright protection22PENANAL0t3iPU6Kg

            The next day, he announced he was leaving, made it sound like it was Starclan’s will, the Clan said good-bye, and he and Sandstorm left.copyright protection22PENANA0l7NuOTbmM

            It took them four sunrises to get close to their destination.copyright protection22PENANAfrfLVSiZi6

            When they were almost there, a storm broke out. In the storm, Sandstorm and Firestar had a fight; an argument.copyright protection22PENANAf46I7py1vj

            “You wish you were on this journey with Spottedleaf, don’t you?”copyright protection22PENANAivFpj9eckB

            “The only cat I want to be on this journey with right now is you,” he assured her.copyright protection22PENANAZz3elY7DXp

            “You miss her though.”copyright protection22PENANAKduRVBguDM

            “Yes. I do.”copyright protection22PENANAOWitmCCAOX

            “You still would rather have Spottedleaf here than me.”copyright protection22PENANAcOxf3Sdawb

            “Sandstorm, that’s not it. I miss her, but I love you the most.”copyright protection22PENANAAho48kGpPk

            “You know what Firestar? Maybe I should go back home and let you journey on your own.”copyright protection22PENANAcDgu6C6JdV

            “Sandstorm…”copyright protection22PENANAHpJeEM7RXE

            “No Firestar. Don’t even try. Don’t start it.”copyright protection22PENANA3yVrD4MjuB

            As they walked through the storm in silence, looking for shelter, a tree was hit by lightning, making it become like a bridge to cross the river.copyright protection22PENANADGeUbkxh4K

            He crossed first. But just as he called out to her, “Sandstorm, it’s safe! Your turn! Come on!” A wave came splashing down right where his mate was.copyright protection22PENANAdL9XZOK7GH

            When it had gone, he couldn’t see her. The love of his life was gone.copyright protection22PENANALJgGbTLXcf

            For three days he searched diligently for her, thinking about the quarrel they had and what he would do if she had died.copyright protection22PENANAyQVML67ioc

            Shorty brought him on the third day, when he met him, to a two leg place where he had seen a ginger she-cat.copyright protection22PENANA3CXczX1j4H

            Shorty warned the flame-colored tabby about a fierce kittypet before he jumped into its territory. He didn’t have his full strength yet, since he hadn’t eaten since Sandstorm had disappeared.copyright protection22PENANA1QrhxCaiAn

As soon as he landed in the garden and started calling for Sandstorm, he was attacked by a fierce black and white kittypet. He thought he could fight the kittypet off, but he was losing. He felt claws scrape his pelt and shoulder. Then once he was pinned to the ground, it clawed his left side, and he suddenly felt teeth in his neck.copyright protection22PENANAy8dtVZA3hZ

            As soon as the teeth sank in, he heard a yowl and felt wind, as a blur of a pelt brushed by. Then the teeth came out of his neck fur.copyright protection22PENANAfkBcxaaztf

            He stood up to see Sandstorm bite down on its tail and it fled into its two leg nest.copyright protection22PENANAhv5IMClWVV

            He padded over to her and she turned to him, gazing at him without a word.copyright protection22PENANAjt4xXZwx2O

            “Thanks,” he said.copyright protection22PENANAwi98uHiEgM

            “You know, I met what I said when I said I wanted to go back to the forest. I’m surprised you even looked for me,” she said when she finally spoke.copyright protection22PENANATxhZf3CB0x

            “Sandstorm, I would search for you until I found you. Even at the end of the world.”copyright protection22PENANAxk0BSYBpvE

            “But you would rather have Spottedleaf instead.”copyright protection22PENANAe2Wnar4t6k

            “Sandstorm, that was the past. It’s you I love.”copyright protection22PENANAfZRxZ7ABIB

            He put his tail on her shoulder and gave her assuring licks between the ears.copyright protection22PENANA8gW9RO7tdD

            Shorty’s head popped up from the other side of the fence.copyright protection22PENANA8rG4PRvTkC

            “Is everything alright?” he asked. Then he saw the two cats. “You found her.”copyright protection22PENANAeAB67BdIcW

            “No. I found him,” Sandstorm corrected.copyright protection22PENANAjlcfu44Cxi

            Shorty disappeared from sight and the clan cats continued their journey.copyright protection22PENANAgFKWKzOgt8

            Five moons later, they had Skyclan cats as a clan once again. From former kittypets and rogues to Skywatcher who remembered his ancestors. His mother when he was young, would tell him all about them and Skyclan.copyright protection22PENANASHItNP51yh

            Soon after they finally had a queen, kits, warriors, apprentices, and a medicine cat, rats attacked. So many that they couldn’t see the ground. No cat died though. Thank Starclan.copyright protection22PENANAXRC977dbKL

            Two days later, Skyclan attacked the small abandoned barn where the rats lived. Rainfur died and Firestar lost a life, leaving Firestar with five lives left.copyright protection22PENANAt0qdXaNLqg

            The warriors of Skyclan, Sandstorm, and Firestar sat on a nearby tree.copyright protection22PENANAUiXCMLsRM0

            The leader soon had an idea. He knew who the rats’ leader was. All he had to do was kill the leader.copyright protection22PENANA9JSMTZT7bE

            All cats jumped to the ground facing their enemies. With a yowl, Firestar leaped in the middle and killed the leader.copyright protection22PENANASEFiSCtFoU

            Firestar stayed there, watching confusion ring out through the horde of rats. That’s when the warriors struck, killing rats who were in their path.copyright protection22PENANAVidTVZEoRr

            Sharpclaw started running after them toward the barn, but Firestar stopped him.copyright protection22PENANAp0aiN4hHbt

            “No! Leave them be!”copyright protection22PENANAl380m0DQF2

            He reluctantly obeyed and they came back to camp with Sharpclaw dragging the dead warrior Rainfur.copyright protection22PENANAKBlXvgX9FP

            Echosong told the dead cats’ mate, Petalnose.copyright protection22PENANAA5QLnDQFk1

            Cats gathered around him that night.copyright protection22PENANA8F5gGrgjiW

            Two days later, Leafdapple was made leader.copyright protection22PENANAm2yH03XXdD

            Next, Leafstar made Sharpclaw her deputy, Bouncekit and Rockkit apprentices, Cherrypaw was made a warrior, Cherrytail, and Sparrowpaw was made a warrior, Sparrowpelt.copyright protection22PENANANNIDz5gpKA

            After the naming ceremony, all of Skyclan said their farewells as Firestar and Sandstorm left the camp.copyright protection22PENANArTgw9WYqgg

            Just as they started to disappear among the bushes, Leafstar called to the Thunderclan cats, “May Starclan go with you and light your path!”copyright protection22PENANAmCjVjkYhib

            After several moons of being gone, they came back to their own camp.copyright protection22PENANAV5ZDIzJYZt

            A few days later, it would be time that night for the Gathering. At the same time, Sandstorm had kitted. She had two daughters. One was a tabby like Firestar named Leafkit after Leafstar, and the other one was a dark ginger she-cat like Sandstorm named Squirrelkit, because of the fluffy tail.copyright protection22PENANAzqnPXwMWW2

            Brightheart’s kit Whitekit, would soon be an apprentice. Whitekit sat by the new born kits. Her mother raised her head. “Whitekit, come away from them. They won’t be ready to play for some time yet. You’ll have to wait moons.” She went over to her mother, obeying her.copyright protection22PENANAdjFweZRcg9

            Firestar was happy as he watched his mate and sleeping daughters. They didn’t have their eyes open yet. It would be at least two moons before their eyes opened.copyright protection22PENANAobenPXWyWV

            The dead cat’s prophecy, Skywatcher who had died of old age, rang out in his head.copyright protection22PENANA2vlpljW7fS

            “There will be threecopyright protection22PENANAascQZrPQE6

            Kin of your kincopyright protection22PENANA02ifp7clG8

            Who hold the powers of the starscopyright protection22PENANAhIDD8ZW46c

            In their paws.copyright protection22PENANAXhE98EAXve

            He wondered if it would be fulfilled by his daughter’s kin. He just had to be patient. Patiently wait. Then horror flashed through him, as he wondered if the prophecy was meant for good or evil.copyright protection22PENANA4vhmKGuX2a

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