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Hopes Bright!
Co-Writer Cynderz*
Beta Reader Kitty
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Hopes Bright!
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Returning home
May 10, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!b2RNmdZY4XXSWNzWLyqFposted on PENANA

The next day the MLC arrived to assess that damages. Valo Village was in tatters with rumble and glass everywhere. By the time soldiers arrived, the villagers had already begun to clean up the mess. Visola confronted the MLC and turned herself in for her crimes. Along with the recovering and erringly quiet Achilles, they were arrested. Erika tried to stop her, but Visola sated that she’d be more at peace with herself if her sentence were carried out. The MLC representative in charge claimed that her sentence would be mild if possession were in play. However, even Pennie knew it was just a formality at that point.copyright protection43PENANAmzglQoOasH

The MLC also managed to capture the majority of the members of Dark Soul. Out of the Eighty-Nine who attacked Valo Village, eighty-one were in custody, five were dead, and three were missing. The MLC did question the whereabouts of Cormac, but no one knew where the deranged man had disappeared to. According to the MLC Dark Soul was actually made up of six hundred and sixty-six members, so it assumed that one of them might have had some kind of magic that rescued Cormac.copyright protection43PENANAVDJMr5Zr44

Pennie was surprised when Noori didn’t say anything about Blaze. When the MLC asked him about Dorjan, Noori lied and said he didn’t know anything about him.copyright protection43PENANAp2WlQwiC4J

“Why did you lie to the MLC?” Pennie asked as they helped some of the villages with clearing the rubble. “Don’t you think it would have been wise to say something about Blaze.”copyright protection43PENANAhrixN8WBio

“I don’t think it would have done any good,” Noori replied. “Besides there’s something I’m still uncertain about when it comes to Blaze.”copyright protection43PENANAie210t70Uc

“Really?” Pennie wondered. “What do you mean?”copyright protection43PENANA4je1F4xYGC

“I don’t exactly know how to put it into words, but there was something very odd about the way he spoke,” Noori explained. “I noticed it yesterday more than the last time we fought, but everything he said contradicted himself. It was almost like it wasn’t his own words.”copyright protection43PENANAHY40wR8str

“Dou you think he was possessed like Visola?” Pennie asked, still a little confused. “Blaze did say he knew the man who possessed Visola, so maybe it was possible for him to be under a spell too. So that would mean he isn’t really mean like that. Right?”copyright protection43PENANAQLGTNGmVGh

“No, I don’t think that’s it.” Nooriya shook his head. “Unlike Visola, his aura seemed normal, so its safe to assume that personality of his is real.  However, it seems highly likely he his being tricked into doing someone else’s bidding. It is quite possible to offer false promises to a person who’s grieving.”copyright protection43PENANA7LBmMhqkf7

Pennie frowned when she saw the crestfallen expression Nooriya’s face. She turned away from him and sighed.copyright protection43PENANAWX50XCR64l

“Well, I know what it’s like better than anyone, you don’t exactly recover from something like that,” Pennie stated.copyright protection43PENANAyV7eOUVbQC

“No…” Noori muttered.copyright protection43PENANAsYn4kalKuA

“Maybe we should go after him and try to help him,” Pennie suggested. “Or head home to ask Master Isaac about it.”copyright protection43PENANASqyXrwzjCE

“No, I think we need to stay here for now. For Cianna’s sake…” Nooriya stated.copyright protection43PENANAEbALqoGlzw

Pennie nodded but said nothing. They were lucky that most injuries sustained from the battle against Dark Soul were minor. Sure, Dimetrios broke his leg, and Erika and Lynx were suffering from exhaustion after the Toivoa Destroyer stole their Ikiru energy but they weren’t severe, and they would recover in no time. Mr Kaden, on the other hand, was in bad shape. Nanna Kaden had told them earlier that day that his injuries were too severe so he couldn’t be healed. It was harder to process when she stated he only had a few hours to live. Pennie looked down at her feet. She knew what it was like to lose her family. She prayed that Cianna would be okay.copyright protection43PENANAX2ul6Owsz1

“Who exactly are you?” Cormac spat.copyright protection43PENANA2rrBpT7ZcK

Cormac snarled at the man in front of him. He was a tall, slender man with black hair and red eyes. He also had a long black down the left side of his face.copyright protection43PENANAEQVeBmCiHc

“If you really must know, I go by the name Demon these days.” The man stated.copyright protection43PENANAOFfj1m8xOI

“Why did you save me?” Cormac snarled.copyright protection43PENANAyRa0szTzz6

The man who claimed to be Demon had dropped in just as Nooriya Valero had finished casting Toivoa. Cormac was falling as the Toivoa Destroyer fell to pieces and Demon flew in with tattered black wings and flew him to safety. Much to Cormac’s shock the man then knocked him out and dragged him to a secluded location. When he came to, Demon then summoned him to discuss something.copyright protection43PENANAjdWfryB4Qj

“You should be thankful that a Phoenix such as me even saved a lowly Oviri such as yourself,” Demon stated, as he crossed his legs.copyright protection43PENANAgFYwY0S7xH

Cormac looked around at his surrounding. It was a dark, desolate room, with hardly any light. All Cormac could see was Demon who sat in a chair in front of him with a wicked smile on his face.copyright protection43PENANAP6yZ71z0B8

“And what is it that you need from me?” Cormac asked. “It’s rare for a powerful Phoenix such as yourself to ask for help, especially from a mere mortal such as myself.”copyright protection43PENANA7Vl4aMCMRt

“I have a proposition for you. One that will be in both of our favours.” Demon explained.copyright protection43PENANA5794E84xfC

“And that would be?” Cormac demanded.copyright protection43PENANAe5JN4QOERp

“I want you to join me on my quest.” Demon continued.copyright protection43PENANAMYk82vVFiM

“And why does it have to be me?” Cormac asked narrowing his eyes.copyright protection43PENANA9nUisyqx5G

“It’s been a while since I met an Oviri hell-bent on causing mass death. The joy of watching people scream as they take their last breath is an exhilarating sight.” Demon claimed. “Which makes you perfect for my plans.”copyright protection43PENANAajLT6QJVuB

“Perfect for what?” Cormac asked.copyright protection43PENANAlhzGpCbkhu

“You are the perfect candidate the be the successor of the Phoenix Element of the Death Arcana,” Demon stated with a smile. “If you take this power everything you ever wanted will be granted. All of Le Alba will dance in your palms.”copyright protection43PENANA6rS0JkzaSE

A malicious smile appeared on Cormac’s face. If he had the power of the invincible Phoenixes, he would be unstoppable. He would finally be able the cause the world to suffer and die.copyright protection43PENANAQ2YCW4sF0W

“Where do I sign?” Cormac sneered.copyright protection43PENANAgleQ1DsdXK

Master Isaac and Bennie arrived a week later to come and collect them. Pennie was relieved that they managed to clear up most of the mess before they left. Pennie hadn’t seen Cianna since her father died, and she was really worried about her. She couldn’t work up the courage to talk to her about it. In fact, no one had spoken to her since. She did ask Noori about it, but he laughed awkwardly and said he didn’t know how to comfort someone when they’ve lost someone important to them. Pennie couldn’t help but think they should have said something to the grieving Cianna before they left. However, she knew that they couldn’t afford to stay any longer.47Please respect copyright.PENANAMxPM8B20Y6
copyright protection43PENANAH4cz5WUE6M

“Thank god you came to pick us up!” Dimetrios moaned. “There was no way I was walking all the way back.”copyright protection43PENANAjXOhzLm1qm

“Yeah, yeah we’ve heard it a thousand times. So you broke your leg so what?” Lynx growled. “It’s practically all healed now thanks to Mrs Kaden. So I don’t see why you’re still complaining.copyright protection43PENANAYHHcyJQ1WO

“For your information, it still hurts!” Dimetrios growled. “And you have been in a rotten mood this entire time. Just because you were completely useless this week doesn’t mean you have to let out all your frustration us.”copyright protection43PENANALDSYdYU7D0

“I was not useless, in case you forget I went and got Mrs Kaden which if I didn’t you would be dead.” Lynx snarled. “If anything you’re the most pathetic person here, you are the only person who needed to be rescued.”copyright protection43PENANATWXIdxtzzU

“Now that’s worth a laugh.” Dimetrios scoffed. “I happened to defeat eighty enemies, how many did you defeat? Oh, that’s right, none.”copyright protection43PENANAWxCEKanAbk

“I’ve been here for five minutes, and I already have a headache,” Master Isaac sighed.copyright protection43PENANAoXYhVbgPiT

“They’ve been at it all week,” Erika explained, shaking her head in disappointment.copyright protection43PENANAQcPOV3loCU

Pennie sighed and looked towards Nooriya, who also sighed. While Lynx and Dimetrios had been busy arguing, Nooriya and Pennie had been helping to clean up the mess caused by Dark Soul. In Pennie’s view, she thought they had both been pretty useless since the actual job they were on was to help the Light Elementals, not fight the Anti-Gov Guild. Of course, she wouldn’t dare say it out loud.copyright protection43PENANAjzsVdd6AOh

“Nooriya, I believe I won our bet,” Dimetrios grinned, turning his focus to Nooriya.copyright protection43PENANAUcfSub4K0m

“Yep, you did mention that a few times. That means we’re tied.” Noori rolled his eyes.copyright protection43PENANADRztFuw1T9

“You better keep things interesting! Try not to lose so badly next time.” Dimetrios challenged.copyright protection43PENANAWcIp7VCewq

“whatever,” Noori muttered.copyright protection43PENANAvrDLk7WoSX

“So Nooriya I heard you used an impossible spell to take down that Toivoa weapon,” Benny said walking up to Noori.copyright protection43PENANAKvOkZuOvwH

“I guess, but I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help though.” Noori smiled. “Of course I had to trick Lynx into helping me though.”copyright protection43PENANAFsToR1kufQ

“I’m still mad about that,” Lynx growled under his breath.copyright protection43PENANAULiywCFt0x

“You can tell us all about it when we get back home,” Master Isaac pointed out. “But we really should be going now.”copyright protection43PENANAqL3f53JTzf

They began to towards the Cars when someone called for them to wait. Pennie turned to see Cianna standing behind them. She had a bag on her back and a nervous expression on her face.copyright protection43PENANAAeIuCAvW4L

“Please let me come with you!” Cianna bowed.copyright protection43PENANANZw5x3HdwH

“Cianna…” Pennie muttered.copyright protection43PENANALWsPcxSVrr

“Please Mister, I want to come join Twilight Heart.” Cianna continued.copyright protection43PENANAb1GTwiu2fy

Erika walked up to Cianna and placed her hand on head. “Sweetie, you just lost your father. Wouldn’t you rather stay here and grieve with your grandmother. There’s no need to force yourself so soon.”copyright protection43PENANAN3yk86oQjU

Cianna looked up and shook her head.copyright protection43PENANAy4R1U3zMZ0

“No, I don’t want to stay. Sure I’m still upset, and I really miss my Dad, but here I have no friends and no one to talk to.” Cianna stated. “But if I come with you I have Mr Nooriya and Pennie and all of you.”copyright protection43PENANAeb2U4ydzAt

Master Isaac sighed, “Are you sure about that little one. You may not be able to return here.”copyright protection43PENANA8owGJFM7w6

“I know, but I still want to come,” Cianna explained. “My father sacrificed his life for my future. I don’t know why but I feel that if I don’t take this chance, it would be going against his wishes. I want to save people like my father and Miss A.V.”copyright protection43PENANA24bU55YESX

“But what about your Grandmother? Will she let you come?” Pennie asked.copyright protection43PENANAF68H1dgfMR

“I…” Cianna began.copyright protection43PENANAJVfgBYVo5r

“I couldn’t just let you run away,” Master Isaac stated. “You’ll need her permission if you want to come with us.”copyright protection43PENANAv7wG2CL0gD

“In that case, how about I come as well?” A new voice asked.copyright protection43PENANAXWK6EMkU27

Pennie looked up to see Nanna Kaden and Charlottea standing behind Cianna. The grandmother had a suitcase with her as well.copyright protection43PENANALL201EZW34

“It should be a problem if I’m around right?” Nanna Kaden continued.copyright protection43PENANAoycVeex0fO

“Nanna…” Cianna smiled, tears welling in her eyes.copyright protection43PENANAEdKojobDid

“In that case, we’ll be happy to have you,” Master Isaac. "It's a good thing we brought two cars today. Now shall we all return home?"copyright protection43PENANAL4YN5Zs4Wv

Cianna nodded as her face lit up with excitement. She ran up to Noori and Pennie with a massive smile on her face.copyright protection43PENANA9l3lgiANiP

“Congratulations kiddo,” Noori smiled.copyright protection43PENANABW3llmKw03

“Thanks can’t wait to work with you all again.” Cianna nodded.copyright protection43PENANAJL7IzcH1gE

Pennie smiled. Perhaps things were going to be alright after all.copyright protection43PENANAxpZALgSm3a

Nooriya sighed as he looked out the car window. He watched the things they passed in silence, not mainly focusing on anything. There were a lot of things going through his mind at that moment, but mostly he just couldn’t get Achilles’ words out of his head. His eyes darted towards Pennie before returning his gaze to the window. She was talking happily with Cianna, who was laughing at something Pennie had said. Without Pennie noticing, Noori had done a little research while they were resting in Valo Village. He managed to find some old newspapers that confirmed Achilles’s theory. He discovered that the town of Aurora had been attacked by Shadow Beasts six, nearly seven years back. However, much to Nooriya’s annoyance there were no records of causalities or even confirmation that the town was completely destroyed.copyright protection43PENANAcF7f0sCLYD

Noori sighed again. He was really tired of being not knowing anything about his past. He had remembered a few things, but there was still so much missing it agitated him. Charlottea told him that to pull off the traditional Toivoa spell; he must have had some Light Elemental abilities, which confused him even more. He wanted nothing more than to go out and search for Aurora and hopefully find some answers. Although he had said to himself that he’d do it as soon as he returned to Twilight Heart, he decided it was for the best if he put it off for a while. He had this bad feeling he couldn’t shake. He didn’t know why but he couldn’t help but think that something terrible was about to happen. That someone, somewhere, was planning an even larger catastrophe one that he couldn’t even begin to imagine.copyright protection43PENANAOIoWqY880p

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