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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Like I'm Gonna Lose You (Kalijah)
Jan 28, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8CR6kcNAFTwsFSvGsZv0posted on PENANA

Summary: Set in “American Gothic,” “500 Years Of Solitude,” and a S2 1492 flashback. Just a songrfic.copyright protection14PENANA93Pv85Djs2

*American Gothic*copyright protection14PENANAjBFaHZnuz2

I found myself dreamingcopyright protection14PENANAn6u3Y0Jq0f

In silver and goldcopyright protection14PENANAqaigFqmjKP

Like a scene from a moviecopyright protection14PENANAm3q2e81BDB

That every broken heart knowscopyright protection14PENANAE0H94GaO7a

We were walking on moonlightcopyright protection14PENANA3ykmP0Mbjx

And you pulled me closecopyright protection14PENANA1GBrIQzKsc

Split second and you disappearedcopyright protection14PENANAl6d3fiKp6R

And then I was all alonecopyright protection14PENANAA9pVvfViqf

Woke up in tearscopyright protection14PENANAQrWrTEhtpK

With you by my sidecopyright protection14PENANAGLQUO6czwi

Breath of reliefcopyright protection14PENANAq6rQ2X5Yfw

And I realizedcopyright protection14PENANAe5YaxRPOke

No, we’re not promised tomorrowcopyright protection14PENANAy1ZpVNw7n2

So I’m gonna love youcopyright protection14PENANApN9REbOJ93

Like I’m gonna lose youcopyright protection14PENANAgn9eyG5nvq

18Please respect copyright.PENANA6tTUNGnMSZ
copyright protection14PENANAB4rAtnoZuL

18Please respect copyright.PENANAAfaLGAnNvl
copyright protection14PENANA2UzbLdnzXx

            She and Elijah stood in front of each other at the Mikaelson place in Mystic Falls. He’d just told her that he was leaving town.copyright protection14PENANADeVMsttyQY

            He rested a hand on the side of her face and she pleaded for him to stay, saying, “It’s our turn, Elijah. Please.”copyright protection14PENANAZs2r3wOrwi

            “Katerina.” For a moment, he looked at her. Then he kissed her on the forehead. “Goodbye, Katerina.” Then he was gone.copyright protection14PENANAdycMKX07xY

I’m gonna hold youcopyright protection14PENANAFbcAXE3qcU

Like I’m saying goodbyecopyright protection14PENANApcnrDqYrSu

Wherever we’re standingcopyright protection14PENANAK52XRNVSUs

I won’t take you for grantedcopyright protection14PENANAQzD2aBGe2T

‘Cause we’ll never know whencopyright protection14PENANA8r5wTJWRbO

When we’ll run out of timecopyright protection14PENANAlVUoSLbND5

So I’m gonna love youcopyright protection14PENANAgtFUwPwc3y

Like I’m gonna lose youcopyright protection14PENANA6cZcISVFJ7

So I’m gonna love youcopyright protection14PENANAu52otVaEJO

Like I’m gonna lose youcopyright protection14PENANAKZipUOfq1i

18Please respect copyright.PENANAetDfz778N6
copyright protection14PENANAY7vYkdRgTB

18Please respect copyright.PENANANUzHOmob9h
copyright protection14PENANAnoGqM9lXO4

            It was a dismal night, as she stood in front of him in Pennsylvania.copyright protection14PENANALy44XYTcpU

            “What do you want?” he questioned.copyright protection14PENANAvn20mmedD7

            “To tell you that you’re right. I’ve spent so much time running and lying just to survive, I—I’m starting to believe my own lies. I don’t even remember who I was when we first met. And I want to find out.”copyright protection14PENANAO0wvqiFLgt

            “How do I know this isn’t another lie? Katherine Pierce deceiving yet another man?”copyright protection14PENANAQ21V6ZUZcj

            “Because I meant what I said about my feelings for you. And I’d like to think that you feel something for me too.”copyright protection14PENANAUHHWI3jWhW

In the blink of an eyecopyright protection14PENANA46XABnTg99

Just a whisper of smokecopyright protection14PENANAK0cMVjLPiY

You could lose everythingcopyright protection14PENANA9dGQaoTtka

The truth is you never knowcopyright protection14PENANAqpgoZRLT8V

So I’ll kiss you longer babycopyright protection14PENANA3TWfFSyqIR

Any chance that I getcopyright protection14PENANApR45HetAIO

And I’ll make the most out of the minutescopyright protection14PENANAL9d1xdTj62

And love with no regretscopyright protection14PENANAfaVbpA3Y1L

Let’s take our timecopyright protection14PENANAPqCUvk9ZUR

To say what we wantcopyright protection14PENANANF11HyfARm

Use what we gotcopyright protection14PENANAC6wyiW8mUa

Before it’s all gonecopyright protection14PENANA8KALE65O50

‘Cause nocopyright protection14PENANAFTFHUnfaX7

We’re not promised tomorrowcopyright protection14PENANAwAe28wYhTS

18Please respect copyright.PENANAaJwludWS1s
copyright protection14PENANAr1D2Nh8S5e

18Please respect copyright.PENANAdfVRvvYCEM
copyright protection14PENANASL8yt3VIdT

            It was a beautiful day, as they stood in front of each other in a Pennsylvania alleyway.copyright protection14PENANAPJu4LDBKUu

            “Is that what I am to you? A means of survival?” he accused her.copyright protection14PENANADmwgpjyybE

            “No. Of course you’re not a means of survival. You looked out for me when I had no one. You’ve given me a second chance now, when no one else will. I love you.” She rested a hand on the side of his face. “Elijah.”copyright protection14PENANAM4qUDTYzBb

            He turned his face away and she dropped her hand.copyright protection14PENANAsrUXwGA7qv

            “You don’t believe me.”copyright protection14PENANAC3R8kgrSOD

            “I want to. It’s my disease. I just keep wanting to believe you, but how can I when, at every turn, you give me a reason to doubt you? I don’t know you. I don’t think I ever will.”copyright protection14PENANAxBIXwlQuUs

            He began to walk away.copyright protection14PENANAGnUAkqgUyH

            She watched for a moment, before catching up with him and put a hand on his arm.copyright protection14PENANApaLhi5yKYn

            He looked at her hand on his arm, then her, then her arm, and then her again.copyright protection14PENANAovZ6twsj1m

            She let go, getting the hint.copyright protection14PENANAMHKHh48yZG

            “Goodbye, Katherine.”copyright protection14PENANAfpR1Ga7fU5

            She watched, as he walked away.copyright protection14PENANADjBCq49Soa

*500 Years of Solitude*copyright protection14PENANAebRZS831H2

So I’m gonna love youcopyright protection14PENANAHXrzY8J5oE

Like I’m gonna lose youcopyright protection14PENANAb1XNEnRNfg

I’m gonna hold youcopyright protection14PENANAYurPtkYxlF

Like I’m saying goodbyecopyright protection14PENANAz3D1CCalIz

Wherever we’re standingcopyright protection14PENANAZTBWGfky3A

I won’t take you for grantedcopyright protection14PENANAO24gRyAQ5V

‘Cause we’ll never know whencopyright protection14PENANAvFY9HALSWt

When we’ll run out of timecopyright protection14PENANArVn2S3icCm

18Please respect copyright.PENANAIrGi9uFyGO
copyright protection14PENANAMqoRHgqh6w

18Please respect copyright.PENANAQRync2A9UB
copyright protection14PENANAdCcbLTMwMI

            It was a dark night, as the doctors tried to revive her at the hospital. She’d been found at the bottom of the stairs and brought in, after she’d had a heart attack.copyright protection14PENANA0eEngwrzI3

            Twenty minutes later, she was finally revived and they put her on bed rest. The doctors didn’t think she’d live the rest of the night.copyright protection14PENANAWvulnbBNsI

So I’m gonna love youcopyright protection14PENANAjGkvS6pEDc

Like I’m gonna lose youcopyright protection14PENANAnDq11Gxsgg

So I’m gonna love youcopyright protection14PENANAvcM0y9b9XE

Like I’m gonna lose youcopyright protection14PENANASgkdMcjcRW

I’m gonna love youcopyright protection14PENANAoeAOgBvN4L

Like I’m gonna lose youcopyright protection14PENANA4AYQAw0MGX

And I’m gonna hold youcopyright protection14PENANArzdMM0Z5cQ

Like I’m saying goodbyecopyright protection14PENANA2B5CpleU9i

18Please respect copyright.PENANAB8RxZm2YZG
copyright protection14PENANAGeSF4tc4fS

18Please respect copyright.PENANAKI8r0iVFRB
copyright protection14PENANA1Grfsegsjs

            It was a beautiful day, as she lay in bed at the Salvatore boarding house, on bed rest. She was resting, but then felt someone sit on her bedside. Curious as to who would come see her on her deathbed, she looked, only to see that it was Elijah.copyright protection14PENANAim4oZtKdoU

            He gave a smile and she smiled back.copyright protection14PENANAw48pJdTVi8

            “You’re here,” she greeted.copyright protection14PENANAOkPgziuQKO

            She rested a hand on the side of his face.copyright protection14PENANAj3anr9Qcne

            “Katerina,” he greeted back. There wasn’t much to say, since she was dying and they hadn’t seen each other, since she’d watched him walk away. She understood though, he knew. She knew that family came first for him. Just because he left, didn’t mean he didn’t still love her. He hated to see her dying, but that was the curse of being a vampire; outliving someone you love that’s not a vampire. She was a vampire, but her anger had gotten her into this situation, when she’d tried to kill Elena. Elena had shoved the cure down her throat, since she didn’t want to die. “Close your eyes,” he told her.copyright protection14PENANA6Tjfj2scYL

            “But I want to see you,” she said, her hand now off his face and back on the bed.copyright protection14PENANAlN5a3Ftyve

            “You will,” he assured her.copyright protection14PENANAmOhxbJG2W3

            She closed her eyes and he went inside her head, giving her a peaceful dream world.copyright protection14PENANAh2XAihDKtB

*1492/Dream World*copyright protection14PENANAvPoB0sgt0L

Wherever we’re standingcopyright protection14PENANAHnAZUMJAOF

I won’t take you for grantedcopyright protection14PENANAE5ICF0TiLn

‘Cause we’ll never know whencopyright protection14PENANAUhcjScM8GM

When we’ll run out of timecopyright protection14PENANAUnaun4g6F4

So I’m gonna love youcopyright protection14PENANALkatWQuQ9f

Like I’m gonna lose youcopyright protection14PENANAd3wqnoC9wi

So I’m gonna love youcopyright protection14PENANAWrG6V4bbaR

Like I’m gonna lose youcopyright protection14PENANAgWbrq8hUZq

18Please respect copyright.PENANAuHs25F5GPZ
copyright protection14PENANA9cuFDR4f1B

18Please respect copyright.PENANAiq89X8w06v
copyright protection14PENANAyX2f4Xjg9t

            It was a beautiful day, as they played chase with each other.copyright protection14PENANA7qqjRQs8Lr

            “You’re meant to catch me,” she said with a laugh and smile.copyright protection14PENANAzUE3AhVExW

            “But if I catch you, then the game will be over,” he replied to her.copyright protection14PENANAf5UhkYfDeo

            They went to sit on the bench next to each other and she spoke of love.copyright protection14PENANA7mOyGFp8Oa

            “True love is not real unless it is returned. Do you agree?” she said.copyright protection14PENANAzn5erFvmk2

            “I do not believe in love, Katerina.”copyright protection14PENANAiz8cRsb66q

            “That is too sad for me to accept, my Lord. If we cease to believe in love, then why would we want to live?” she replied.copyright protection14PENANAueNjMtZcBN

            When he gave her a peaceful dream world, it was the moment in 1492 that they had connected, even though he hadn’t wanted to connect with her, but had fallen for her from that moment on.copyright protection14PENANAmbbrpC6VYr

            They shared a moment and kissed.copyright protection14PENANAXh05uSyGYF

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