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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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I Know What You Did Last Summer (5th revised version)
Jan 28, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!sGRQ73JKtUs647cuHhk8posted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S5E "I Know What You Did Last Summer." Another version of the aftermath of the car crash, but Jeremy doesn't almost die. He leaves her and tells Damon what happened. Will she live? Will Damon save her after she tried to run? Can he save her, or will it be too late?34Please respect copyright.PENANAqukmv0FdLQ
copyright protection30PENANAesBgFkWUPA

      As Katherine Pierce sat in the passenger's seat in bad shape, Jeremy got out and left her, as he called Damon to let him know what happened, in which Damon told him to go to the boarding house. He didn't even take one look at her. He didn't care about her. He'd rather let her die than help her.copyright protection30PENANAlhgd7ogQ9K

        When Damon Salvatore got to the crash site, he was instantly at her side, using his vampire strength to open the crinkled and dented door.copyright protection30PENANALCQQK3kslE

        Once it was open, he rested gentle hands on either side of her face, as he assessed her condition. She had definitely gotten the worse part of the wreck. There was blood on either side of her head and cuts all over her. He could smell more blood though, so he looked to find where the source was. That's when he saw that a big piece of shard glass was protruding from her left side.copyright protection30PENANAAz7cPMxMGm

        He looked at her pale face.copyright protection30PENANAm1DDeK1vBb

        "Katherine, can you hear me?" he called.copyright protection30PENANAfmN6cx9xZv

        Nothing.copyright protection30PENANAbA5iMU5jHL

        "Katherine, if you can hear me, I'm going to help you. Just stay with me. You're a survivor. I'm not going to let you die from a mere car crash."copyright protection30PENANAF3NjH24IxF

        He took his hands away and snapped her seatbelt in two, before taking the glass out of her side. He then dropped it and gently picked her up in his arms and raced towards his place. She couldn't die. Not like this. And it was all his fault that this was happening. He had broken his promise to protect her from Silas, the moment he told Jeremy to turn back around. He had been ready to just hand her over on a silver platter to Silas, just because Silas said that he knew where Stefan was. Yes, he'd do anything for his brother, but he should've known that Katherine wouldn't come quietly or without a fight, knowing that she was going to die faster than she wanted to because of Damon giving her over to Silas. This was his fault. If he hadn't told Jeremy to turn back around, Katherine wouldn't be seriously injured about now. He couldn't give her his blood, though. He was a vampire and the cure had done something to her. She couldn't digest vampire blood, because her body just rejected it every time.copyright protection30PENANAUN2HTff3Me

        Hang in there, Katherine. I'm not going to let you die like this. Keep fighting, he thought, as he raced for home.copyright protection30PENANAzYOEhBzmVg

        Once in his bedroom, he gently layed her down on his bed, before blurring to the bathroom for the first-aid kit and a moment later, he blurred back and set it on the end table, before sitting on her bedside and starting to take care of her wounds the old fashioned way. It was one of the perks of fighting in the 1860's war. Everyone had to know first-aid back then, just in case they ever ran into a life and death situation. He was glad that he had learned it now, because it would most likely save his former sire and love of his life's life. He started with her side wound, since it was the worse out of all of the wounds she had gotten. He'd take care of her head next, since he figured that was the second worse wound she had gotten from the wreck.copyright protection30PENANA8BkVU1XYKv

        A few minutes later, after he had her wounds taken care of and the first-aid kit where it belonged, he silently sat on her bedside, hoping that she'd wake up soon. He highly doubted it, though after what she had endured tonight. He then rested a gentle hand on the right side of her face, avoiding her bandaged wound on that side and rested his other hand on top of her left one.copyright protection30PENANADEiGlcVAgH

        "I'm so sorry, Katherine. I shouldn't have done what I did. I promise you that I won't break my promise to you again. I'll protect you from Silas. Right now, I need you to wake up. Come on, Kat. Just open your eyes," he said, hoping to get through with her.copyright protection30PENANAPPGEuXf3ja

        I need to know that you're okay. I have to know that I didn't totally screw this up like I always tend to do with everything and everyone else. I can fix this. Just open your eyes, he thought.copyright protection30PENANAjrLEnGFkEq

        She was in total darkness. The last thing she had seen had been her part of the windshield shattering on her. She had then heard the door and footsteps, which had let her know that Jeremy was okay. Then she had heard her name being called from a distance, before plummeting into darkness. It scared her that all she saw was darkness. She thought that she'd see someone; anyone that she knew, but she hadn't. She would've been grateful if she had even seen her mother that she so dearly had missed for 500 years. Then, after what felt like almost a decade, she heard someone calling to her. She knew that voice, even though it was faint. That's when she started to fight through the darkness to find him. She knew she should hate him for what he had done, but she knew he had to have had a reason. She knew that he couldn't have just saved her for nothing. He had to have an agenda or felt guilty, since he had saved her life. Plus, even though she had said to him in the past that she had never loved Damon; that it was always Stefan that she loved, she had lied to him. She loved them both, but Damon was always the one.copyright protection30PENANAQi49YqlT1C

        Finally, after a lot of effort, she reached the end of the darkness, running towards his voice, which got less distant.copyright protection30PENANABQshvWeL0y

        When she woke up, she saw that she was in Damon's bedroom with Damon seated on her bedside with a half worried and half relieved face.copyright protection30PENANAWk0IYnoEI3

        "Finally, you're awake. Took you long enough. I thought I nearly lost you."copyright protection30PENANA4yl9Hkz3dB

        He took his hand away from her face and his other off her hand.copyright protection30PENANAGPs87X5mI6

        "Thank you," she said, looking up at him.copyright protection30PENANAUEqVmpiL31

        "For what?"copyright protection30PENANAO8AaiiuRmI

        "You saved my life and you brought me out of the darkness."copyright protection30PENANAt2xVbESh0B

        "You're welcome then. Next time though, don't wreck someone else's car and don't put your life and Little Gilbert's in possible peril. I'm sorry, Katherine. I shouldn't have told him to hand you over. I should've found a different way."copyright protection30PENANAnVgNRCdaoh

        "A different way to what?"copyright protection30PENANAbcpLmI3QAq

        "To find my brother. Silas told me that he knows where he is."copyright protection30PENANAz3s6YDLRVM

        "I knew there had to be a reason why you were ready to let him kill me. We'll figure something out. We always do."copyright protection30PENANAsiII6zljJJ

        She slowly sat up.copyright protection30PENANAAVW0GjIKai

        "Just take it easy for at least a few days. I nearly thought that you were dying on me. You were in pretty bad condition when I found you. Just get some rest."copyright protection30PENANAaJlDPkhBbc

        He got to his feet and she watched him leave, before settling down to rest.copyright protection30PENANAnDu5lAFHTo

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