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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Danger In the Third Degree (Datherine)
Jan 28, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Ncr4Dv8q3w1K0Uoil6Kuposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S5. Now that Katherine's human, she needs protection. And what better protection than Damon Salvatore? What happens though, when Damon and Stefan's old enemy get in the way, and tortures her to get to Damon? Will Damon risk his life for her?9Please respect copyright.PENANA5dzpdKqSJ6
copyright protection5PENANAGs6WGFNFhR

  It was a dark night in Mystic Falls, Virginia as Katherine Pierce, formerly Katerina Petrova, walked down streets alone, head down to conceal herself from being recognized. She was human, so she was heading for the Salvatore boarding house. She needed to ask for protection. She had too many enemies scattered around the world. Protection was vital to her. She saw herself as a weak, helpless, insignificant human just as most would now.9Please respect copyright.PENANAQz5TsN63MA
        Suddenly, not far from the boarding house, she found herself facing an enemy. It was a male vampire.9Please respect copyright.PENANAL3TDn0yafS
        She took a step back.9Please respect copyright.PENANAul63LjObcx
        "Katherine Pierce," he said with a smile.9Please respect copyright.PENANAi26nWza2CW
        "Who are you?" she asked him.9Please respect copyright.PENANADo0x1nxzyN
        "Warlow. You don't know me, but your Salvatores do. Now come with me."9Please respect copyright.PENANAs28y6USU54
        She backed up a couple more paces.9Please respect copyright.PENANAsn7yK37V6K
        "I don't think so," she replied, getting the sense that he might be their enemy.9Please respect copyright.PENANASK8Sh9gOJO
        He grabbed her roughly by the left arm.9Please respect copyright.PENANACcRLKXFCSK
        "You're human. What can you do to stop me?" he said.9Please respect copyright.PENANAHk8OSTS0OY
        "Nothing. But that doesn't mean I'll tell you anything."9Please respect copyright.PENANAKHISAZ2QOL
        He knew she'd fight all the way there, so, at vamp speed, he pinned her against a brick wall, hand tightly around her throat.9Please respect copyright.PENANAFrXwcIuRlm
        "We're going to have so much fun together," he said, with an evil smile.9Please respect copyright.PENANAC2GKQzEIAt
        She gasped, as she tried to get him off, breathe, and stay awake, but she couldn't. Then, everything went black for her.copyright protection5PENANAi53K9Hfh7i

        When she woke up, she was in a basement chained to a wall. She felt light-headed and weak, but she didn't know why until she saw that she was bleeding.9Please respect copyright.PENANAHkaqdKpfBe
        "Nice of you to join me," Warlow greeted. "Now let's announce to him that you need help."9Please respect copyright.PENANA1gFZMSIhJ3
        He took her phone out and went to her contacts.9Please respect copyright.PENANADl6j6XTKFt
        "No," she protested.9Please respect copyright.PENANAdnNoN18dhK
        He ignored her.9Please respect copyright.PENANAsi08iN004K
        "Stefan or Damon?" he questioned, before making up his mind and saying,"How about Damon."9Please respect copyright.PENANA4H5a1c7UWN
        He put it on speaker and called him, the other hand with a knife, as he stood in front of her.9Please respect copyright.PENANAnabbyYcHct
        "Katherine," Damon answered.9Please respect copyright.PENANArFMsN5gO5k
        "Remember me? It's Warlow. Now, I have her. If you want her alive, we're in the basement of a house on Saint John's parkway."9Please respect copyright.PENANAya2Dl4QtYN
        For good measure, he took the knife and stabbed her in the side.9Please respect copyright.PENANAgmXrxwqKeD
        She screamed in pain.9Please respect copyright.PENANAeGi1866oUc
        He pulled it out.9Please respect copyright.PENANAJsmL6IPWbO
        "Better hurry. She's human and she's dying," he urged him.9Please respect copyright.PENANAKraHTIekts
        He smirked.9Please respect copyright.PENANAYH8hJhoPFi
        "It's a trap. Don't get yourself killed over me," she informed him.9Please respect copyright.PENANA1pLoaS60Pi
        "Shut up," Warlow growled.9Please respect copyright.PENANAPzKZhDIvYb
        "Go to hell," she said to him.9Please respect copyright.PENANAYXT6eCoDr4
        He stabbed her in the gut, and then he took the knife out.9Please respect copyright.PENANAVttHSDzZEp
        "As I said, you should go," Warlow said, as Damon listened.9Please respect copyright.PENANAhtY1tfFcLE
        Damon growled, as he heard her, knowing they were both right.9Please respect copyright.PENANAnJBhQQTftl
        Warlow hung up on him.9Please respect copyright.PENANAjpPM6IqGH4
        She gasped in pain, as she started to black out.copyright protection5PENANAO93O3r7pxR

        Damon Salvatore informed Elena where he was going, before he left with her brother. After all, Jeremy was a Hunter. Killing vampires was his instinct, and Warlow was a vampire.copyright protection5PENANATek0b0FYGX

        When Warlow and Jeremy started to face off, Damon headed over to his sire. He had to take care of her. She was human now. She had many enemies. Warlow was his. She was just caught in the middle.9Please respect copyright.PENANA5Zy412kHe5
        He was instantly in front of her.9Please respect copyright.PENANAlBPXTGONVh
        "If you can hear me, stay with me, Katherine," he urged her, as he used inhuman strength to unchain her.9Please respect copyright.PENANA9eHY0OHrup
        He caught her, as an out cold Katherine fell when the chains were off her. He then left the house at vamp speed and gently layed her down. He then bit his wrist and put it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to heal her. And as he did, he looked down at her. She was covered in blood from Warlow's torture.9Please respect copyright.PENANAvAo4Eq6Y7k
        "Stay with me, Kat. If you can hear me, I'll protect you. Just don't die."copyright protection5PENANAPY3TIcAYuI

        Three days later, when she was healed, she slowly came to to see Damon seated on her bedside.9Please respect copyright.PENANA4sWUqPAeCw
         When she was awake, it relieved him to know that she'd be okay. So, everybody lived as happily ever after as they could. After all, Warlow was dead and Damon was protecting Katherine, but they still had to figure out how to get rid of Silas.copyright protection5PENANAhiRk7VMekk

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