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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Augustine Vampire Attack
Jan 28, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!6wxbZTKSb670dcW5GNHsposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S5E when Jesse attacked Damon and Elena had to kill him to save Damon's life. What if Jesse had attacked Elena when she had tried to save Damon? What if Katherine saw what was happening? Will she save their lives? What if Katherine got hurt by Jesse? Will she live?21Please respect copyright.PENANAF9MQVTo8GC
copyright protection17PENANArGZ64eLPrf

 It was a dark night at the college, as Katherine Pierce headed down the hallway, not far from Dr. Wes Maxwell's lab, searching for where Elena was at. She had been waiting for Elena and Caroline in their dorm room, but they hadn't arrived just yet. She knew that Wes was into making vampires into Augustine vampires, so she wanted to make sure that he hadn't taken them and turned them into experiments. The only reason she knew what Wes was into though, was because he had turned Jesse, a guy that Caroline was falling for, into an Augustine vampire.copyright protection17PENANAByL9JL2uDe

        When she started down the hallway that led to his lab that he spent most of his time in, she witnessed the horror scene of Jesse's hunger for vampire blood. He was hungrily biting between Damon's shoulder and neck and Damon couldn't get him off. Then, when Elena tried to help Damon out, he bit into Elena's shoulder. And then, as he did, Elena tried to get him off, but couldn't. And as all of that happened, Damon was on the floor, vision blurry from the blood loss he had just received.copyright protection17PENANAAKeOXaTEYA

        Feeling protective over her vampire and doppelganger family, anger coursed through human Katherine Pierce. They were all she had of family these days, excluding Caroline Forbes, Stefan Salvatore, and Nadia Petrova. She had to help and protect them with all that she had. She would do it this time, considering she hadn't been able to do so 500 years ago when she had first turned to escape from Niklaus MIkaelson whom everyone called Klaus. Well, except for Rebecca. His sister liked to call him Nik, instead, while Elijah liked to call him Niklaus; Especially, if Elijah wasn't very happy with Klaus for one reason or another. But that was what she felt about family these days. Maybe it was because she was human now and her humanity had finally come out after 500 years. Or maybe it was because she just was so tired of running and not being able to help or protect her family like she had always wanted to.copyright protection17PENANA6qh5wmjibL

        She rushed towards the scene and used all of her human strength to push him off her doppelganger. She then glared at him with anger and protectiveness. And as she pulled him off her doppelganger, Elena fell to the floor as Kat said, "Get off of her," with anger.copyright protection17PENANAxMkjV44YyI

        Jesse gave her a growl, still vamped out.copyright protection17PENANAc8sqWqBQ4A

        "Stay away from my family," she said in anger, determined to protect her family this time around. "That means leave Elena and Damon alone. I will not let you harm them as long as I'm alive. I know what Wes did to you and I'm sorry you went through that, but you can control it if you have the will. Just like any vampire."copyright protection17PENANAqa0Hfw3zOf

        "Who are you?" he asked in a growl, still hungry for blood.copyright protection17PENANAlm1FGXJLVh

        "Katherine Pierce. I may be human now, but I am still Damon and Stefan's sire and Elena's still my doppelganger. And I may be human, but I have not forgotten about the hunger every vampire has. You're new, though. You don't know how to control it now, but you'll learn. But first, we need to cure you from lusting for vampire blood or you'll make every vampire extinct. And that won't go over very well. We can try something, though. Maybe if you have a taste of human blood," she replied. She then said, "Bite me."copyright protection17PENANAt7qWynnadr

        He was so hungry still that he didn't have to be told twice.copyright protection17PENANAKECLlRipr7

        She gasped against the pain, as he bit into the side of her neck, back against a wall. If she died curing him of the lust of vampire blood, she found that it would be worth it. She didn't want to die, but she would die for her family, no matter what species they were, if she absolutely had to.copyright protection17PENANAEMuGraEbWz

        As he bit into the side of her neck, drinking her blood, it was absolutely delicious to him. It felt good and he figured that Katherine was right. Drinking human blood had possibly cured him of lusting for vampire blood. And if it had worked, he wouldn't have to fight against the urge all the time to bite Caroline and possibly not be able to stop himself. That is why he had left her at the party tonight. He had had an urge to bite into her and had left her there to keep her safe from himself. He never wanted to hurt her, because he cared about her.copyright protection17PENANAsqHTnggKqt

        A few minutes later, Damon woke up healed and feeling better. Then, when he did, he looked to see that Elena had been attacked too, but knew she would be okay, considering Caroline was taking care of her. And then he saw that Jesse, at the moment, was feeding from Katherine. Knowing that he had specifically promised Katherine that he would protect her, he got to his feet and rushed towards them. Then he pulled him off her at vampire agility and strength, before kneeling down by his sire whom was against the wall on the floor.copyright protection17PENANAbb7NXtFfT6

        He looked down at her and knew she was still alive.copyright protection17PENANAmyTQek1TwX

        "Katherine?" he called to her. "It's me. Can you hear me?"copyright protection17PENANAtZobSLr8vS

        He rested gentle hands on either side of her face.copyright protection17PENANACH4Ku1dag7

        She groaned, as she felt hands on her face and her back on the floor. And she could hear a voice. She knew it was familiar, but it was too far away for her to tell who was speaking or what he was saying to her.copyright protection17PENANAhDFatUvuN1

        "Stay with me. I gave you a promise and I don't break my promises," he said to her, even though he wasn't sure if she could hear him or not.copyright protection17PENANAsg0QrSBT17

        He took his hands away from her face and gently picked her up in his arms and at vampire speed, headed towards the boarding house to take care of her and save her life.copyright protection17PENANAMDOQoiSBt8

        A few hours later, when Kat woke up, she was in Damon's bed at the boarding house, Elena Gilbert seated in a chair in the corner, watching her.copyright protection17PENANAIKMoUfipK5

        "You're awake," Elena greeted. "How do you feel?"copyright protection17PENANArdms3OlFIm

        "Better. Thanks."copyright protection17PENANAMu0AkoTc0m

        "Actually, I'm just here to keep an eye on you. Damon's the one that saved your life."copyright protection17PENANAlJ6871npr8

        "I'll thank him when I get a chance then."copyright protection17PENANAvTlRlpGG5o

        Elena got to her feet.copyright protection17PENANA3RS4sdslqt

        "I'll be at college and Damon's downstairs if you need either of us," she said, before walking out of the room.copyright protection17PENANAIMcPUjRiJi

        Kat watched, as her vampire doppelganger left the room.copyright protection17PENANArebM6xcNdh

        He still cares about me. My sweet Damon is still in there somewhere. He has to be, she thought to herself.copyright protection17PENANAbh94lBhOXI

        She smiled.copyright protection17PENANAhFutvpNmIx

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