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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Set Fire To The Rain (Datherine)
Jan 28, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!hhIkr3aMr96hl9cuAHJWposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S5E1, but revised to be a Datherine one-shot, sort of.copyright protection21PENANAfEZs0vrxQX

I let it fallcopyright protection21PENANAT7eBsGFCt7

My heartcopyright protection21PENANAMzo7IACjim

And as it fellcopyright protection21PENANAfy0e00KsyB

You rose to claim itcopyright protection21PENANAprJE3blIOO

It was dark and I was overcopyright protection21PENANAQAoeI6Pkq8

Until you kissed my lips and you saved mecopyright protection21PENANAGFGHUGIF8g

My handscopyright protection21PENANAgyHZdKbztZ

They’re strongcopyright protection21PENANAnjALyiSoDi

But my knees were far too weakcopyright protection21PENANAwjYc1TTJy2

To stand in your armscopyright protection21PENANA0PAIPOt0nX

Without falling to your feetcopyright protection21PENANA0KgAwPTpdw

But there’s a side of youcopyright protection21PENANAIJQGWSAPB8

That I never knewcopyright protection21PENANASCXskMhONE

Never knew25Please respect copyright.PENANAacLkYkcZpG
25Please respect copyright.PENANAg3aPHNr61K
copyright protection21PENANALNp2oWRil4

All the things you’d saycopyright protection21PENANAO3OFKLxkB9

 They were never truecopyright protection21PENANAstLqW6ddU1

Never truecopyright protection21PENANARFPhHddzwy

And the games you playcopyright protection21PENANAEkBs0ldxFO

You would always wincopyright protection21PENANAG8hszdyMrt

Always wincopyright protection21PENANAOi9DzQRMpn

        It was a dark, rainy night in Mystic Falls, as Damon Salvatore searched through the streets, needing to find Katherine. She had ran as usual, the moment he had told her to come back to the boarding house. If anything happened to her because of him, he didn’t know if he would or could forgive himself. She had sired him 145 years ago and half an hour ago, he had been ready to hand her over to Silas on a silver platter, just because Silas had said that he knew where Stefan was. She was human now, but though they were a lot of times that they would be at each other’s throats, beneath everything, he and Katherine still had a connection. It was so strong that he always knew when she had something up her sleeve, when she was lying, and when something was wrong. He hated to admit it, but they were alike in so many ways that he hated it.copyright protection21PENANAl3IWwIiKfX

        An hour and a half of walking, hoping to find her in one piece, he stopped, recognizing his black car. It had crashed with such force into a streetlight pole that all the windows had shattered, part of the streetlight pole bent so that it was on top of the roof. Right now though, he didn’t care that his car was most likely totaled. What he cared about at the moment was that his now human sire was in the crinkled and dented car.copyright protection21PENANAzW6QoF4Xsv

        “Katherine!”copyright protection21PENANAqgOzUoqLbQ

        He was instantly at the driver’s side door and immediately smelled the familiar scent of human blood. With inhuman strength, he forced the door open and looked at her, as he assessed her condition.copyright protection21PENANA8wUQsqzLbO

        She sat in the driver’s seat, eyes closed, head to the right, pale, blood on either side of her head, a shard of glass in her left thigh, blood from that wound covering her left hand and arm that was loosely on the seat at her left, and another shard of glass protruding from her right side. He didn’t need to assess her any further to know that she had lost a lot of blood.copyright protection21PENANAJKKPB9vG6Y

        He rested a gentle hand on the right side of her face, as he went closer to her, trying to use vamp hearing and eyesight to see if she was still breathing and still had a pulse or not, despite the rain.copyright protection21PENANAcxf069pxVA

        After a few moments of nothing, he pulled the shards of glass out of her wounds and tossed them to the floorboard. He then slid an arm gently under her, crook of arm supporting her head, his other arm under her legs, and vamp-sped home, hoping he wasn’t too late to revive her and take care of her wounds. He was no doctor, but he still knew some things. Back in the war, everyone had to know at least some first-aid. For once, he was glad for that.copyright protection21PENANAn37iUAJtlU

        Once in his room, he gently layed her down on his bed, before getting the first-aid kit from the bathroom. He then sat on her bedside and began taking care of her wounds. And as he did, memories surfaced without him willing them to.copyright protection21PENANAi4E2UgcpWi

*1864*copyright protection21PENANAo8PD9WNyuI

But I set fire to the raincopyright protection21PENANA9SMgaGQTab

Watch it pour as I touched your facecopyright protection21PENANANsgsvaIHzF

Well, it burned while I criedcopyright protection21PENANA0YNQBXMpvh

‘Cause I heard it screaming out your namecopyright protection21PENANA7F9UVjAMcK

Your name!copyright protection21PENANAY0detIocqY

When I lay with youcopyright protection21PENANARqWFgyC3Y8

I could stay therecopyright protection21PENANAk6Nt0JMAwZ

Close my eyescopyright protection21PENANAlu0yJuh8GH

Feel you here forevercopyright protection21PENANA6y83doCQrA

  You and me togethercopyright protection21PENANAYMGMfHw2h3

Nothing gets bettercopyright protection21PENANA2Dy2chwtpd

‘Cause there’s a side of you that I never knewcopyright protection21PENANAbwLjzZIcPa

Never knewcopyright protection21PENANANOWtBcb7es

All the things you’d saycopyright protection21PENANAbg6Jji0PMp

They were never truecopyright protection21PENANA2YVOivN0HC

Never truecopyright protection21PENANAauq7Y1j99y

And the games you’d playcopyright protection21PENANACkOJ3724XP

You would always wincopyright protection21PENANAt0NpO6VB6D

Always wincopyright protection21PENANAdh7Ep6GIgP

But I set fire to the raincopyright protection21PENANAgTa5CddEhb

Watched it pour as I touched your facecopyright protection21PENANAuLbhb0o6Bu

Well, it burned while I criedcopyright protection21PENANAJPMRubYaUf

‘Cause I heard it screaming out your namecopyright protection21PENANAZb8agLnuqF

Your name!copyright protection21PENANAFUrRcCRAJt

I set fire to the raincopyright protection21PENANA5tiRkM3jXX

And I threw us into the flamescopyright protection21PENANAyX8G7psuTS

When it fellcopyright protection21PENANAazMBqZehzX

Something diedcopyright protection21PENANAKEq3wLQz4N

‘Cause I knew that that was the last timecopyright protection21PENANAwDKFkR4MmY

The last time!copyright protection21PENANAEwxr8YqmfZ

        It was a beautiful day, as Katherine looked at them both, having asked them who would escort her to the Founder’s Ball, in which Stefan and Damon both said they would.copyright protection21PENANAk0EK4awUJB

        She smiled when they both said they would, and then walked around them in circles, as they stood beside each other.copyright protection21PENANAIgesVzk0lG

        “Both Salvatore brothers, come to my rescue. How shall I choose?” she said, as if pondering out loud to herself.copyright protection21PENANAY0dvrltSHJ

        That night at the Founder’s Ball, Stefan had ended up dancing with her, while Damon had had to stand on the sidelines and watch.copyright protection21PENANAS1KwMOGjJq

*1864-Passion*copyright protection21PENANAUrG9UCJeC4

        It was a dark night, just like any normal night for human Damon, as he and Katherine made out. He knew by now what she was and, unlike any other human, he wasn’t afraid of her. Even when they stopped and, with her on top of him in bed, vamped out, he still wasn’t afraid.copyright protection21PENANAVA486wtAob

        He touched her face where veins shown, having seeing her vampire face for the first time.copyright protection21PENANAkhd4N0TujD

        He dropped his hand and they gave each other a smile, before she bit into the side of his neck, taking just enough to quench the hunger. This became an every night thing. And she’d always heal him afterward with her blood.copyright protection21PENANAVe5CoZe7eR

*1864-Confession*copyright protection21PENANAbargiyNM8c

        After Stefan had confessed his love for her and she had closed her door, she was met with Damon. He had kissed her as soon as she had closed her door. She had forgotten what they had discussed earlier, so she was surprised he was there and had pulled away.copyright protection21PENANAXttbxhbrMv

        “What are you doing here?” she asked, sounding somewhere between upset and irritated.copyright protection21PENANA4HJ9j89yfo

        “I told you I would come,” he answered her.copyright protection21PENANApryRIRpvDy

        Only then did she remember him telling her that he would be here tonight.copyright protection21PENANAHB1bMzsY1f

        “I wish to be alone,” she told him.copyright protection21PENANAt5WdfglpPB

        “Don’t let my brother’s confession get to you,” he said.copyright protection21PENANANe2m6KdwgR

*1864- Shop*copyright protection21PENANA5Ys79fGCeI

        It was a beautiful day in the shop that Pearl, Katherine’s vampiress friend, worked at, as Pearl and her daughter Anna, spoke with Katherine and Damon. Pearl advised that they needed to leave, because there had been quite a bit of vervain bought, but Katherine insisted that she had a plan.copyright protection21PENANARHNOV35hsU

        “No one will find out about us,” Katherine assured Pearl.copyright protection21PENANASg9VDfFQLW

        “Unless a human tells them,” Pearl replied, eyeing Damon.copyright protection21PENANAHQUaY4pEGD

        “I’d sooner die,” he said, knowing what Pearl was inquiring.copyright protection21PENANAmylamheryH

        Katherine turned to him with a smile.copyright protection21PENANAmqXvmAL1rw

        “And soon you will.”copyright protection21PENANAY8nSjlXI0E

        A moment later, they kissed.copyright protection21PENANAmncIyzZM1y

*1864- South Side War*copyright protection21PENANAtnZrTl2Ent

        It was a beautiful day, as Damon stood in the hall, watching her get ready for the day, in front of the mirror.copyright protection21PENANAblCzeVVbEV

        “Spying on a lady is a sign of very poor manners, Mr. Salvatore,” she said, seeing him from her mirror.copyright protection21PENANAP0j2JSBIFD

        “My apologies, Miss Pierce," he replied.copyright protection21PENANAh81gAUBDyY

        “Why don’t you come in and help me with my corset,” she said.copyright protection21PENANA7JkJjyFeKk

        He went to stand behind her to help her.copyright protection21PENANAaAktC4leN0

        “Promise me that you will return quickly,” she said, knowing he was going back to help fight in the war on the south side today.copyright protection21PENANAR49SkKMWnl

        “I promise.”copyright protection21PENANAUu5feoNUCy

        They smiled, before kissing.copyright protection21PENANAeM8zgKDCYq

*Woods*copyright protection21PENANADQvNIPxvLV

       It was a dark night, as she ran at a human pace, him chasing after her.copyright protection21PENANAQGqWVFlJAX

       She slowed down and he caught her.copyright protection21PENANAiOKqn1b1Da

       They ended up with her up against a tree, him in front of her.copyright protection21PENANAsh0X4JNCez

       “Why must you run from me?” he questioned her, after they kissed.copyright protection21PENANAy5gZ2cEnWe

       “Because I know you will chase.”copyright protection21PENANAke35Er6PtK

       He smiled.copyright protection21PENANAZV1ZT5JHIX

       “Then let me chase you forever.”copyright protection21PENANAgg3xf5JUsF

       She used a fingernail to make a cut by her collarbone.copyright protection21PENANA9NTcSyDYn6

       “You have to choose. If you want it, take it.”copyright protection21PENANAJn2KnWQ6Dy

       “I choose you, Katherine.”copyright protection21PENANA3UO7r4caYE

       He bent to drink from the wound she had created.copyright protection21PENANAQ7rJkkiXjF

25Please respect copyright.PENANAj2KCQbIhP9
25Please respect copyright.PENANANZmyjkTwkj
        Later that night, she also taught him how to kill. Then she offered him to taste human blood. Little did he know, she had already known that she wouldn’t be around when he turned.copyright protection21PENANA4236Mq2CwG

*1864-Vampire Raid*copyright protection21PENANAbAAZH14Uc2

        After Damon witnessed the Founders take Katherine, not knowing her plan to escape, he and Stefan worked together to try and rescue her, only for their father to shoot them dead for disgracing the family.copyright protection21PENANAy2a0Muk4sD

        In the end, they turned after she faked her death.copyright protection21PENANAKwFNDseG5K

*90’s*copyright protection21PENANAmglXg3YkXb

        For a hundred and forty-five years, he spent it missing and grieving her, only to find out about the tomb. But little did he know, she was never in it. She was let go by the werewolf guard, George Lockwood, in 1864.copyright protection21PENANAnwexx02R5u

*Present*copyright protection21PENANAvQ1bEEESlJ

  Sometimes I wake up by the doorcopyright protection21PENANACIZYFg1EAZ

That heart you caught must be waiting for youcopyright protection21PENANAQYw4v35yVa

Even now when we’re already overcopyright protection21PENANA2r13CFIgx4

I can’t help myself from looking for youcopyright protection21PENANA0aMZ8sga7Q

I set fire to the raincopyright protection21PENANAaYPG2kK7SF

Watched it pour as I touched your facecopyright protection21PENANAiV7jZJZH0w

Well, it burned while I criedcopyright protection21PENANAL0Gy0P1g09

‘Cause I heard it screaming out your namecopyright protection21PENANA7a7WR9hCha

Your name!copyright protection21PENANAiz5pT48SM9

I set fire to the raincopyright protection21PENANAoy956aV8qV

And I threw us into the flamescopyright protection21PENANAhy6ovXyMAP

When it fellcopyright protection21PENANAXSp2hj7qbU

Something diedcopyright protection21PENANAzAsJGyTBHk

‘Cause I knew that that was the last timecopyright protection21PENANAwYTCnoAVba

The last time!copyright protection21PENANAL82abktiKF

Ohhhh!copyright protection21PENANAckfE3WdXxV

Oh noooocopyright protection21PENANAi4TbGhAhcL

Let it burn, ohcopyright protection21PENANAsXTv84PCnz

Let it burncopyright protection21PENANAhzUxeXtsV0

Let it burn25Please respect copyright.PENANAdAmnp4aRac
25Please respect copyright.PENANABuem75xPmm
25Please respect copyright.PENANAYalkJFFCcZ
25Please respect copyright.PENANAWpziMZnXRy
copyright protection21PENANAnd4hpLyZ3L

        After her wounds had been tended to, he put the first-aid kit away.copyright protection21PENANAKvIE0RIPt5

        Upon returning, he bent down and kissed her, giving her some air, and then began to give her heart compressions, hoping he wasn’t too late, realizing that some of her warmth had faded.copyright protection21PENANApKFjiUhLmd

        “Come on, Katherine. Breathe. I need you to breathe. Come back to me, Kat. Breathe and open your eyes for me,” he said, as he did so.copyright protection21PENANAMJrR0QCzQG

        Please, Kat. I know I screwed up. I can fix it. You just need to help me out a little. I need you alive and breathing. He kissed her again. Now is not the time to be stubborn or give up. He kissed her again, but began to think that he might’ve lost her for good.copyright protection21PENANAkBb3fcUY1o

        “I lost you once. I’m not losing you again. Please, Kat. Just breathe for me.”copyright protection21PENANA4r9JLrD3c0

        A moment later, he stopped, hearing a heartbeat and breathing.copyright protection21PENANAgZKHQLyskp

        He sighed, relieved.copyright protection21PENANA8E0kHgwBey

        He sat on her bedside.copyright protection21PENANA0iZ92LAGON

        A moment later, she coughed, gasping for air, revived, and then opened her eyes to see where she was and who was with her.copyright protection21PENANAH5MrNCcl5w

        “Hey.” He gave a smile. “Welcome back.”copyright protection21PENANALeaLzR15tg

        She gave a smile.copyright protection21PENANADtzDDCodid

        “Thanks."copyright protection21PENANA1ZiNr5qDrw

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