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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Tears of An Angel (Datherine)
Jan 28, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!tM5atdw50DlkzhbmgcxZposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S2, 4, and 5. Another Datherine tribute.copyright protection14PENANAq9Syl9Lbx4

*The Last Day*copyright protection14PENANAM0RRbl4Iq5

Cover my eyescopyright protection14PENANAlLpV3AhjNP

Cover my earscopyright protection14PENANAjdYcLkmxvT

Tell me these words are a liecopyright protection14PENANACiUt95OeNe

It can’t be truecopyright protection14PENANAj90J43kln7

That I’m losing youcopyright protection14PENANAaGl9T7tfEY

18Please respect copyright.PENANAC9WMvqwH3L
copyright protection14PENANA9gh3Kq8yFW

18Please respect copyright.PENANAK7DIWbac9r
copyright protection14PENANANZ5OI9S3vf

        It was a dark night in Mystic Falls, as Katherine stood by Damon after finding out that he had been bitten.copyright protection14PENANAbGWwQPDj5h

        “So, what? You’re just going to die? 145 years and no last goodbye?” she asked, knowing that a werewolf bite for a vampire was a slow and painful death sentence. She didn’t want that for him, but it was going to happen anyway.copyright protection14PENANAieyzhi0qRF

        He looked at her.copyright protection14PENANAmFEstnCmq8

        “For you? You don’t deserve a goodbye,” he replied, full of hatred for the things she had done in the past.copyright protection14PENANABBOy8EoLYt

        She silently looked back at him, not knowing what to really say to that.copyright protection14PENANA3hICQZVRqM

*As I Lay Dying*copyright protection14PENANAwNrbfVzSh0

The sun cannot fall from the skycopyright protection14PENANA0TCPrKtQws

Can you hear Heaven cry?copyright protection14PENANAkAJ2cA27rs

The tears of an angelcopyright protection14PENANAUYglawhJoy

The tears of an aaaaaaaangelcopyright protection14PENANAKosmdU7HKD

Can you hear Heaven cry?copyright protection14PENANA94dT6qu9xV

The tears of an aaaaaaaangelcopyright protection14PENANACsUSN4o5OM

Stop every clockcopyright protection14PENANAEyb6Vo026L

Stars are in shockcopyright protection14PENANAGgPU9WkD5S

The river won’t run to the seacopyright protection14PENANAzIktA8xYdl

I won’t let you flycopyright protection14PENANALRUWYPkZSq

I won’t say goodbyecopyright protection14PENANAKyGAsQxMuC

I won’t let you slip away from mecopyright protection14PENANAE3lZxV74Ul

Can you hear Heaven cry?copyright protection14PENANAqFclBbbWa3

The tears of an angelcopyright protection14PENANAnUB4v3U2Qp

The tears of an aaaaaaaangelcopyright protection14PENANAFvs0u0VC5P

The tears of an aaaaaaaangelcopyright protection14PENANAXwuaR6l22w

So hold oncopyright protection14PENANA6prHtWLoYB

Be strongcopyright protection14PENANAND7gECgzel

18Please respect copyright.PENANAj5wYQ9PBui
copyright protection14PENANApbRUmJ0HM3

18Please respect copyright.PENANA86r4TWvpEy
copyright protection14PENANAeSsFzWBlkA

        It was a dark night, as Damon lay in bed in his room, just moments from joining Lexi, an old friend of his brother’s, on the Other Side.copyright protection14PENANAW7e4oSGEsU

        A moment later, Katherine walked in with a vial of the cure in hand; Klaus’ blood. She then went over to him and made the blood go down his throat.copyright protection14PENANA0S6RMtBNbn

        When it was finished, she set it on the end table and rested a gentle hand on the side of his face.copyright protection14PENANAQpfj4PfGaA

        He opened his eyes to see her.copyright protection14PENANAg7Hvb5oRKQ

        She gave a smile, happy that she wouldn’t lose him just yet.copyright protection14PENANAMKITCvmejx

*I Know What You Did Last Summer*copyright protection14PENANAB9XRt1GJIQ

Everyday on we’ll growcopyright protection14PENANAjZX1u96S1R

I’m herecopyright protection14PENANAJOCsHeX4sg

Don’t you fearcopyright protection14PENANAC4qzVUBBDj

Little one don’t let gooooocopyright protection14PENANAsWiqXNz4FA

Don’t let gooooocopyright protection14PENANAVpoyR6MPbf

Don’t let gooooocopyright protection14PENANA5NkwnfqYR3

18Please respect copyright.PENANAbpGO8D0jP9
copyright protection14PENANAik0AKXnj13

18Please respect copyright.PENANAK9eh85qXGU
copyright protection14PENANAUXtivkpi9A

        It was a dismal night, as Damon and Katherine stood in front of each other in the living room, Katherine trying to convince him to protect her. She was human now. She needed protection.copyright protection14PENANAyfnSLL8cJ0

        He bit his wrist and held it out to her.copyright protection14PENANAg1kgC5d0pf

        “Here.”copyright protection14PENANA4jdxCJR111

        “I can’t. No one’s taken the cure before. That’s a chance that I might never wake up.”copyright protection14PENANABAgZs2KBfu

        “That would be tragic,” he commented sarcastically.copyright protection14PENANACvwXL82Z9s

        “And there’s a part of you that doesn’t want me to die.”copyright protection14PENANAfdLsKobCpd

        He sighed, seeing her point, but didn’t show her any sign that she might be right.copyright protection14PENANAD1NU1gWMSc

        Later that night, Silas showed up and tried to drown her in Damon’s bath tub. Damon had left her alone, when he left to deal with a Jeremy issue. She didn’t know what it was, but it was something school related.copyright protection14PENANAguHMstVus4

        She tried to reach the surface of the water, as he held her under, but Silas was an immortal. He was stronger than Klaus. She was human, which made it nearly impossible for her to stop him from doing what he wanted to do. And as she tried to get above water, she felt with her left hand for the knife she had left on one of the corners of the bath tub. As the minutes passed though, her struggling started to grow weaker and everything began to go dim and gray.copyright protection14PENANAWIiIb26mFw

        When Damon came home, heading fro the living room, he stopped, hearing splashing of bath water. It was like someone, most likely Katherine, was being drowned in the bath tub, so he vamp-sped to his bathroom, which had the light on, only to see Silas holding her under. He knew it was Silas, since Stefan would never do that to anyone. His brother was too good for that. He knew he couldn’t just watch him drown her and he knew she had just seconds left, judging from her hand starting to slip from the edge of the bath tub.copyright protection14PENANAAjyodzEalx

        At vamp-speed, just as she stopped struggling, he pushed Silas away from her, for once in his life, protecting her, and Silas left.copyright protection14PENANAmC14ouxkY0

        When Silas had gone, he gently but quickly lifted her out of the bath tub and on the floor on a towel.copyright protection14PENANAoVIGETJKgp

        As he started heart compressions, not hearing her breathing, he said, “Come on, Katherine; Breathe. I know I screwed up by leaving you unprotected, but you need to breathe. Now is not the time to be stubborn. Breathe, Katherine. I need you to breathe for me.”copyright protection14PENANAhRIPfWpU7K

        Twenty minutes later, eyes still closed, she coughed, alive, which relieved him.copyright protection14PENANAruntzMX66W

        “Good girl,” he commented.copyright protection14PENANA6vRPcvJVgZ

*American Gothic*copyright protection14PENANAlxQ3m60L08

        It was a beautiful day, as Katherine sat at a bench in a diner with Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena. Then Damon sat down.copyright protection14PENANAwrDTUcGSiM

        “You’re losing your touch, Evil One,” he commented to her.copyright protection14PENANAOphGetbXps

*500 Years of Solitude*copyright protection14PENANAXKZOOmUP8U

Cover my eyescopyright protection14PENANAYFmBzhNf95

Cover my earscopyright protection14PENANA2YvjEJNQHd

Tell me these words are a liecopyright protection14PENANAiFYiuNEoCN

18Please respect copyright.PENANAfP1HTUEpkj
copyright protection14PENANAjAtFc2WZi6

18Please respect copyright.PENANAXvJEkRhka6
copyright protection14PENANA4k4zEIjsy1

        It was a beautiful day, as Damon sat on her beside, watching her. He had tried to find some way to save her, but he couldn’t. She was going to die human after last night’s heart attack. He knew she was in pain and it was natural. Every organ in her body was failing.copyright protection14PENANAFRHD9brOz4

        “Close your eyes,” he instructed, knowing all he could do was go inside her head and give her a peaceful dream or memory.copyright protection14PENANACTF5yR8vQq

        “I want to see you,” she said.copyright protection14PENANACULGuqpOSY

        “You will,” he assured her.copyright protection14PENANAPxPwbYHCMh

        She closed her eyes.copyright protection14PENANAGoaluJcCf2

        In the end, he gave her an 1864 memory and she died peacefully.copyright protection14PENANA3RXPysfXg7

        Later, he buried her in the Mystic Falls cemetery and she was reunited with Nadia.copyright protection14PENANAW5FLCQKksx

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