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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Without You (Datherine)
Jan 28, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mb32fsrXXLYCtGJphLNYposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in 1x14, 2x16, 2x22, and 5x1. Just showing how much they really care for each other, instead of him hating her so much.copyright protection17PENANAnDs969BcER

*1864*copyright protection17PENANAo02s2iUufR

If you had a choicecopyright protection17PENANAgeuKVe9cZW

Then what would you choose…copyright protection17PENANAamzDwGM7Sq

To docopyright protection17PENANAYhq1JtjDXz

I could live without moneycopyright protection17PENANAvdN0YIe7Ve

I could live without the paincopyright protection17PENANA45BDI7kved

And if every day was sunnycopyright protection17PENANAVcumddQxRN

I could live without the raincopyright protection17PENANA7n1Un0DB7y

And if I ever went up to heavencopyright protection17PENANAPbDqPmx9RM

I would fall right back downcopyright protection17PENANAmNYQac40KW

That life wouldn’t be livencopyright protection17PENANAORjQLGQphY

‘Cause you’re the one copyright protection17PENANAX79ByYX68P

I couldn’t live withoutcopyright protection17PENANASvDRmN3qOO

21Please respect copyright.PENANAzxtAWrQcf1
copyright protection17PENANAmCFFtrljQD

21Please respect copyright.PENANAb0hyae9RTO
copyright protection17PENANAiNLrpjqmpy

            It was a beautiful day, as he spoke to his brother.copyright protection17PENANAch4P8qCcQr

            “Katherine is dead. There’s no world without her,” pretty much telling him that without her, he’d rather die than turn.copyright protection17PENANA0d3GTx7fRY

*I Know What You Did Last Summer*copyright protection17PENANAS9MEAbX1yn

If I couldn’t blinkcopyright protection17PENANAAKFEzN4c0V

Woulda still be able to see youcopyright protection17PENANAD18HH2fPh6

I coulda imaginecopyright protection17PENANANafAOQLMRj

Ooohhcopyright protection17PENANA9r4O5ECaQD

Without armscopyright protection17PENANA5uEecmgrcy

Coulda reachcopyright protection17PENANAx0INAxDljv

No way I could ever hold youcopyright protection17PENANAFsWJh2nTce

Uaahhhcopyright protection17PENANAwiJbwVxNnK

I need these thingscopyright protection17PENANAlVK4IkBmGV

Like I need youcopyright protection17PENANARloO5FRtz4

21Please respect copyright.PENANAwAqy8BNbSZ
copyright protection17PENANAI6mrhSnPGK

21Please respect copyright.PENANA0swu2tWSFb
copyright protection17PENANAz1Fj6oEHKl

            It was a dismal night, as Damon walked into his living room, only to find a human Katherine. She was finishing a shot glass of Bourbon she’d helped herself to. Looking her over, he realized that she was miserable as a human and hated being one.copyright protection17PENANADCH1rMHigg

            “Katherine,” he stated.copyright protection17PENANAmYmJpEBNth

            “It’s been a long summer, Damon,” she greeted him.copyright protection17PENANAx3jdnpB27m

            “You’re miserable,” he stated.copyright protection17PENANAnKY4MpQtH7

            “Please. I’m Katherine Pierce. I’m a survivor,” she said, trying to conceal how miserable she was.copyright protection17PENANAK457NvLpif

            “You’re a liar. Your hair’s messed up. Your nails are chipped. You’re a sad miserable human being and you want me to turn you. So, here.” He bit his wrist and held it out to her. When she hesitated, he encouraged her by saying, “Go ahead. Drink up. I’ll kill you, you’ll bite the mailman, you’ll be a vampire again. Go ahead, come on.”copyright protection17PENANAHQj14GqFIy

            “I can’t, okay?” she admitted. “No one’s ever taken the cure before. If I die, there’s a good chance I may never wake up.”copyright protection17PENANA16j0a5p1z7

            “And that would be tragic,” he quipped.copyright protection17PENANA8kcerZJdp2

            “And deep down, in that mushy-gushy Elena-loving heart, there’s a part of you that doesn’t want me to die,” she said, a hand on his chest and her right one resting on his arm.copyright protection17PENANAs6TL8XszDb

            “What are you doing here, Katherine?” he asked her.copyright protection17PENANA7FhqFrw4s6

            “There’s someone chasing me,” she admitted.copyright protection17PENANAcBqoPSoz5O

            “Then run. Run far away.”copyright protection17PENANABxVvj3sMC6

            “Damon, you don’t understand. I have enemies everywhere. What happens when word gets out that I’m a human? I can’t protect myself! I’m weak and I’m slow. Do you have any idea what it’s like to run in heels? I have blisters, Damon! Please, just…help me,” she pleaded and begged with him.copyright protection17PENANAXJLeaqGHv8

            He silently looked at her, knowing she was right.copyright protection17PENANAOIJf6z7v8c

If you had a choicecopyright protection17PENANAjKKef3iIQU

What would you choose?copyright protection17PENANAONEz2P0Iwv

I could live without moneycopyright protection17PENANARleBAkaHQi

I could live without the paincopyright protection17PENANATa2EpiIH0y

And if every day was sunnycopyright protection17PENANACPlgpn5p5C

I could live without the raincopyright protection17PENANAVWX9xxuIel

And if I ever went up to heavencopyright protection17PENANA08v3MVlvDm

I would fall right back downcopyright protection17PENANA3fcovBMA1R

That life wouldn’t be livencopyright protection17PENANAcXOa7mHB4W

‘Cause you’re the one copyright protection17PENANAX54t9Roum1

I couldn’t live withoutcopyright protection17PENANARpg3OMFAnG

21Please respect copyright.PENANAURcbpmpzej
copyright protection17PENANAszDhKKDrmI

21Please respect copyright.PENANAnLTOk2p7di
copyright protection17PENANAnjOsNXjbsG

            After he’d tried handing her over to Silas, which she got the hint he was going to do, he couldn’t get a hold of her. He figured something was wrong, so after Silas left, he went in search of her, only to find her in his nearly totaled car. Even though he hated her, a part of him didn’t want her to die. He didn’t know what he’d do if she was dead. He’d spent so much time hating her, but a part of him would always love her.copyright protection17PENANAdj6tnUg2vD

            “Katherine!”copyright protection17PENANAJXdnfX7Tou

            He blurred to her side of the car and forced the jammed door open. She was quite injured.copyright protection17PENANABMOqeBnyNP

            He rested a hand on the side of her face.copyright protection17PENANAf09luwgKzL

            “Katherine, can you hear me?” he called to her.copyright protection17PENANAniJBGYyOSX

Uaaahhcopyright protection17PENANAitJ7UYIhxw

Ooohhhwaahhhcopyright protection17PENANA6Mwf70MoLm

Hwawahhcopyright protection17PENANA99FTKlSi9K

If I couldn’t dream withoutcopyright protection17PENANAfseZz8Xipu

Believe that there could becopyright protection17PENANAOwhkLplyN7

A you and mecopyright protection17PENANAUXgzQ1VIj4

And if I couldn’t seecopyright protection17PENANAszwGy6Owoe

Would you be ablecopyright protection17PENANA1cKixwHS4v

To hear my melodycopyright protection17PENANA0Zsgzihu0B

I know there’s something wrongcopyright protection17PENANAztb59KcYgA

And I’m afraidcopyright protection17PENANAciMWBksjcx

That you are moving oncopyright protection17PENANAOdwgt6zLAz

21Please respect copyright.PENANA6eKDIN7EGN
copyright protection17PENANAn93yfdirbz

21Please respect copyright.PENANAQAE2M3pcDD
copyright protection17PENANA1oROls8OLl

            When he didn’t get an answer of any kind, he knew she wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon.copyright protection17PENANAlzySQ2YpOz

            “If you can hear me, Katherine, stay with me. I’m gonna get you some help. Just stay with me.”copyright protection17PENANAZbJ2JYf1pr

            He gently pulled her into his arms and out of the wreckage, before blurring to the hospital. Though he acted calm, he was afraid that it was going to be too late. She’d lost quite a lot of blood and was very pale. He knew this was his fault for trying to hand her over to Silas, but Silas had gotten inside his head and had told him that he knew where Stefan was. All he had to do was give her to Silas and Silas would tell him where Stefan was. It hadn’t worked that way, though and now she was dying because of his idioticy.copyright protection17PENANAArQsgbVpZG

How can I flycopyright protection17PENANALlgke7ndwb

When you are my wings?copyright protection17PENANAMwmvz6uO7U

I need these thingscopyright protection17PENANAgIl6bCh61h

Like I need youcopyright protection17PENANANNC37Qau3H

If you had a choicecopyright protection17PENANAFQd2mM8QBg

What would you choose?copyright protection17PENANAKSZ6ZaJghL

21Please respect copyright.PENANAv1ppPJrfRF
copyright protection17PENANAy4yb8F2ja6

21Please respect copyright.PENANAxYTiBC5JgL
copyright protection17PENANA0QWeTi119D

            Damon stood in the hallway, watching the doctors. He’d brought her in but they had to try and bring her back to life, before they could get her into surgery. He hoped that she’d come back. After all, he knew it was up to her whether to live or not. It was her choice, but if he had any say in it, he wanted her to choose to live.copyright protection17PENANAiTvh0vsJLJ

            After twenty minutes, she was brought back to life, which relieved him.copyright protection17PENANAukN2vWIxfT

I could live without moneycopyright protection17PENANADgJAuCTwE2

I could live without the paincopyright protection17PENANAaWWGdWbGFX

And if every day was sunnycopyright protection17PENANAp9hdcN9Vko

I could live without the raincopyright protection17PENANAOYEyz9bsGP

And if I ever went up to heavencopyright protection17PENANAvQMrw0nHG3

I would fall right back downcopyright protection17PENANAE6dWjqJtl4

That life wouldn’t be livencopyright protection17PENANASa2wICGT4n

‘Cause you’re the one copyright protection17PENANAJzdw1Kwosc

I couldn’t live withoutcopyright protection17PENANAs7jF3C5N5r

21Please respect copyright.PENANAw6ma98eykR
copyright protection17PENANARYBUujwbdB

21Please respect copyright.PENANAcQTBfIkHXc
copyright protection17PENANAyXbMtcxZBZ

            A few hours later, he was seated on her bedside, once she was out of surgery. He put a hand on top of hers, as he sat there, looking at her, waiting for her to awaken.copyright protection17PENANAc36vJa8OXe

            “I’m so sorry, Katherine,” he apologized, though he didn’t know if she could hear him or not.copyright protection17PENANAfOcRJHafTo

*House Guest*copyright protection17PENANARsl2ePeLOP

You can take it all copyright protection17PENANAL1TRxC1FrZ

From mecopyright protection17PENANAUHN6ywOIMH

It wouldn’t meancopyright protection17PENANA7D9sGohU96

Anythingcopyright protection17PENANAKU8DMFfOlG

Turn the whole world against mecopyright protection17PENANANfnAmW7aEU

As long ascopyright protection17PENANASMy1fepw8z

You don’t leavecopyright protection17PENANADTuLwhrM5M

It’s getting hard for me to sleepcopyright protection17PENANAtS2RtpNBzs

Even a part for me to breathecopyright protection17PENANAvse3ttiT0r

I’m used to life with youcopyright protection17PENANAtEkYqQfRDl

Tell me what I need to docopyright protection17PENANAE6dHYH6LiG

21Please respect copyright.PENANAnvagNMTTv9
copyright protection17PENANAeO8sSCWawX

21Please respect copyright.PENANAE2g0dq9rYu
copyright protection17PENANAB0BVY2MeUq

            It was a dismal night, as Damon sat on his couch, reading.copyright protection17PENANAzywNgvungN

            Katherine came over and leaned against the back of the couch, as if she was trying to read over his shoulder.copyright protection17PENANA4uBdXuPUFm

            Damon put the book down and looked up at her.copyright protection17PENANARhmtckvZyp

            “Can I help you?”copyright protection17PENANAp8YWVfspCI

            “I’m bored,” she told him.copyright protection17PENANAdGdOTbjJ6Y

*As I Lay Dying*copyright protection17PENANA5XfsrsMWsl

I could live without moneycopyright protection17PENANAmStkPpAhOc

I could live without the paincopyright protection17PENANA01TdQNpaxv

And if every day was sunnycopyright protection17PENANA9Dto5URSRj

I could live without the raincopyright protection17PENANAedbHy168iV

And if I ever went up to heavencopyright protection17PENANAliXfwO3VZA

I would fall right back downcopyright protection17PENANAr8eUwjPocG

That life wouldn’t be livencopyright protection17PENANAHqUT8sVeBd

‘Cause you’re the one copyright protection17PENANAaWv8c1XfXW

I couldn’t live withoutcopyright protection17PENANAPp43jBn8Zz

21Please respect copyright.PENANAjakcMAV7iS
copyright protection17PENANAPH0JB8bwnN

21Please respect copyright.PENANAjFnuWbgP4M
copyright protection17PENANAJyJfGWhDbe

            It was a dark night, as Katherine entered Damon’s room with the cure for the werewolf bite. She could see that he was just moments from death. It broke her heart, but she didn’t let it show. Instead, she silently approached his bedside and put the vial to his lips, making the blood go down his throat to cure him.copyright protection17PENANAz1DE5Xfs6e

            Once the vial was empty, she set it on the end table and put a hand on the side of his face, waiting to see if it would work.copyright protection17PENANA2WV2FxbR3y

            When he looked up at her, she took her hand away.copyright protection17PENANAEN6o2Nkjqv

            “You came,” he said.copyright protection17PENANAy0xcEC9T4g

            “I owed you one,” she said, before turning around and leaving the room.copyright protection17PENANA87c4aSBlJE

*Fool Me Once*copyright protection17PENANAUor1MuO7Nf

I could live without moneycopyright protection17PENANADmgayUMIOR

I could live without the paincopyright protection17PENANAYXYb193DvN

And if every day was sunnycopyright protection17PENANAiqbKrYeg51

I could live without the raincopyright protection17PENANAwInMTWHFEw

And if I ever went up to heavencopyright protection17PENANAxDtwOvFS8a

I would fall right back downcopyright protection17PENANAFqAQa2OojT

That life wouldn’t be livencopyright protection17PENANAqPCOCwKjcp

‘Cause you’re the one copyright protection17PENANAQJ2kfRPUJX

I couldn’t live withoutcopyright protection17PENANA5ooGeyI3W1

21Please respect copyright.PENANAZJOgK1GTtE
copyright protection17PENANAWnRzct5XNh

21Please respect copyright.PENANAoNPI0BjVJB
copyright protection17PENANAmE1oYgfNaY

            Damon stood in the tomb, looking around at the bodies of the tomb trapped vampires, looking for Katherine, a blood bag in hand. He couldn’t see her, though. Realizing she wasn’t there, it made him upset, making him think that she was most likely dead.copyright protection17PENANALgn9WBHFEE

            “She’s not here,” he said softly. Then he through the blood bag which hit a rock wall and splattered. “She’s not here!” he yelled.copyright protection17PENANAHB2ybe2hbP

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