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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Somebody To Die For (Datherine)
Jan 28, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!VW6HKENB9SmvqidZbSkxposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in 5x1 “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Will he be able to save her in time after she injures herself badly, when she wrecks his car? Will she live?copyright protection15PENANApIUO7hdXen

I could drag you from the oceancopyright protection15PENANABakIR5mFGv

I could pull you from the firecopyright protection15PENANAx21XlfXx8i

And when you’re standing in the shadowscopyright protection15PENANA4x0Zl8gz5v

I could open up the skycopyright protection15PENANAWGFgoxmKc2

And I could give you my devotioncopyright protection15PENANAgK5iIqxGXF

Until the end of timecopyright protection15PENANAY2cZ1y7i7c

And you will never be forgottencopyright protection15PENANAN3SskhZG2c

With me by your sidecopyright protection15PENANAJjXOBGf8mc

And I don’t need this lifecopyright protection15PENANAOkf1khzrzG

I just need…copyright protection15PENANADmKwP5OPMQ

I’ve got nothing to live forcopyright protection15PENANA2v9ZjLFyU2

Got no reason yet to diecopyright protection15PENANALIn1KHik8R

But when I’m standing in the gallowscopyright protection15PENANA1MeLj3R7TD

I’ll be staring at the skycopyright protection15PENANAYV98UtTA2N

Because no matter where they take mecopyright protection15PENANACOw0PgH7BQ

Death I will survivecopyright protection15PENANAYCCdnWgf39

            It was a nebulous night as a human and quite injured Katherine sat in the driver’s seat of the wrecked car. Damon had tried handing her over, so she’d tried running. That obviously didn’t work well. She’d crashed the car into a streetlight pole. Now she was injured with a heavily bleeding lower stomach, was losing a lot of blood, had a shard of glass protruding from her right thigh, could feel blood on either side of her head, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to stay awake long enough for someone to come help her. She knew she was going to die, but she was okay with it. After the life she’d led, death would be kind. Besides, she was tired of running now that she was human.copyright protection15PENANAT242aZw4Ay

            As everything went black for her, she didn’t fight the darkness.copyright protection15PENANASdmodbFUig

And I will never be forgottencopyright protection15PENANAKhSnugjLwn

With you by my sidecopyright protection15PENANAVppZsAZYEz

‘Cause I don’t need this lifecopyright protection15PENANAwwMTV04BUn

I just need…copyright protection15PENANARFFK291lVx

Somebody to die forcopyright protection15PENANAJQX8QpJPon

Somebody to die forcopyright protection15PENANApUUcOPcSq7

When I’m lonelycopyright protection15PENANAgiMV3O54a0

When I’m standing in the firecopyright protection15PENANACTRA2H0Lxo

I will look him in the eyecopyright protection15PENANA9Xj3a7Tm0k

And I will let the devil know thatcopyright protection15PENANAtgDgcG4hLf

I was brave enough to diecopyright protection15PENANAio9aYbRYXp

And there’re no hell he can show mecopyright protection15PENANAn6nGaxN3TN

That’s deeper than my pridecopyright protection15PENANAon41DgHIxt

‘Cause I will never be forgottencopyright protection15PENANAXQS60QiSPf

Forever I’ll fightcopyright protection15PENANAicmFSwcGA6

And I don’t need this lifecopyright protection15PENANAuYtyZ7OHPm

I just need…copyright protection15PENANAbNc3TdUc5J

Somebody to die forcopyright protection15PENANAsoWO3PlgvV

Somebody to die forcopyright protection15PENANAmZUQxUXmCN

When I’m lonelycopyright protection15PENANAINAURu8LGe

And I don’t need this lifecopyright protection15PENANAv8CrXGgiWM

I just need…copyright protection15PENANAeiM89k26GE

Somebody to die forcopyright protection15PENANATostjjXs5E

Somebody to die forcopyright protection15PENANAGANi1KYi3V

When I’m lonelycopyright protection15PENANA4hdRqmbstS

Don’t go gentle into that good nightcopyright protection15PENANA7mhAQAUO2Z

Rage on against the dying lightcopyright protection15PENANAsJzg1A00S4

copyright protection15PENANAVXl9OLw0eZ

            When Damon found her, she was in his wrecked car and he could smell the familiar scent of blood. A lot of it. He blurred to her side of the car and forced the jammed door open. He could see from her wounds and paleness that she’d lost quite a lot of blood. He had to get her to the hospital. If he wasn’t too late that was. He pulled the shard of glass out, tossing it to the floorboard, not realizing until afterward that it had opened up an artery. He then gently picked her up in his arms and layed her gently down. He had to know the extent of her condition.copyright protection15PENANASmmaWcKQ1N

            He looked down at her and realized that he’d gotten to her just a little late. He gently took her jacket off and tied it around her waist to try and slow her lower stomach wound.copyright protection15PENANAPuxoKyZLzS

            “No, no, no, no,” he said, and kissed her, giving her some air, trying to revive her. “Come on, Katherine. Breathe. Don’t do this to me. I know I screwed up and I’m sorry. Come back to me. Don’t leave me. Please. You were right. I don’t want you to die. Just come back to me,” he said, as he tried reviving her.copyright protection15PENANAPuQaDFW9Fa

            He rested a gentle hand on the side of her face, waiting for a result.copyright protection15PENANA9ywvItItkJ

            A moment later, he heard her heart and breathing, which strangely relieved him, and got to his feet with her in his arms. He then blurred to the hospital.copyright protection15PENANAh9dOyXnyJW

            A few hours later, he was seated on her bedside, waiting for her to come to. For some reason, he was happy that she was alive and would be okay. Oddly enough, he was finding himself caring for her after all this time.copyright protection15PENANAqyrhJ5WFfC

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