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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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In Another Life (Datherine)
Feb 15, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!UCP7PS3G8ZX3Jb7M6MWXposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in 5x1 when Silas tried to drown Kat, but in this one he injures her, instead. When Damon comes home, will he care enough to save her? Will they get back together? Based on “In Another Life” by The Veronicas.copyright protection21PENANA1rj0iKAEev

I have known you my whole lifecopyright protection21PENANAi877gW0jD8

When you were ten, you said you’d make me your wifecopyright protection21PENANAjBc2NjOT6K

Eight years later, you won me overcopyright protection21PENANAR7ca8vUJa8

Just as I took the world on my shoulderscopyright protection21PENANAeshmAyjBRW

I got used to living without youcopyright protection21PENANAKbxWdkg1dm

Endless phone calls and dreaming about youcopyright protection21PENANAM5uZfDvamF

Always said that you were my man to becopyright protection21PENANAjB8AYJ8hk0

But I guess I was in love with your memorycopyright protection21PENANAd4cL1p6hrk

You know I love you, you know I docopyright protection21PENANAEdp8dEMJO8

But I can’t fight any more for youcopyright protection21PENANAo7KxIJgR0A

And I don’t know, maybe we’ll be together againcopyright protection21PENANASeF4ZGu5YV

Sometime, in another lifecopyright protection21PENANApD8OMmty5i

In another lifecopyright protection21PENANAHuqr19ai0b

            It was a nebulous night, as she sat in the bathroom against a wall, injured. She’d fought against Silas and had been able to lock the door, but he’d injured her with a knife. She assumed Silas was gone now, but she needed Damon to come home. She knew he was her only hope in surviving. He didn’t love her, as he’d said on countless occasions, but she knew he’d save her. He never could resist playing the hero.copyright protection21PENANASTpyYofsue

I know I said I would keep my wordcopyright protection21PENANAnURwJDSdbX

I wished that I could save you from the hurtcopyright protection21PENANAvSsWkt5vL6

But things will never go back to how we werecopyright protection21PENANAGE06dYvsqZ

I’m sorry I can’t be your worldcopyright protection21PENANAHOUykDcdQo

You know I love you, you know I docopyright protection21PENANAbmhDjC6o7S

But I can’t fight any more for youcopyright protection21PENANAvOxwUKupdV

And I don’t know, maybe we’ll be together againcopyright protection21PENANApUKjt4XFiN

Sometime, in another lifecopyright protection21PENANA4tam6tYdS6

In another life (In another life)copyright protection21PENANA6oVDUPnpfA

            Half an hour later, Damon came home after being at the Mystic Bar and Grille. He’d needed a break from Katherine. When he came home, he could smell the familiar scent of blood. He could also smell Silas’ scent. That’s when he knew that Silas had been in his home and had hurt her. He always said that he didn’t love or care about her, but that was a lie. After all, he still cared about her. Plus, they still had a connection, whether he liked it or not.copyright protection21PENANAlFv5YYaVEs

            He followed the scent of blood, which led to his bathroom. Then, finding the bathroom door locked, he used some vamp strength to break the lock.copyright protection21PENANAJIWU53n3hg

            Once he walked in, he searched for her and soon saw her. She was against the wall and there was a knife stabbed into her lower stomach. There was also an opened artery in her thigh and she was pale from a lot of blood loss.copyright protection21PENANAanE51zVoYa

            He blurred over to her and knelt by her. He then rested a hand on the side of her face.copyright protection21PENANAZkPvpOtAK7

            “Katherine, can you hear me?” he called to her. “I need you to wake up. Open your eyes.” He knew he had to wake her up. With her injuries and this much blood loss, it wasn’t good for her to not be awake. “Come on, Katherine. Open your eyes for me.”copyright protection21PENANA3uQ0oV3MZk

            He waited, but she didn’t wake up, which made him afraid for her. He didn’t want her to die.copyright protection21PENANA39IHeJh98g

The way you’re holding on to mecopyright protection21PENANAk8AaD0Y6BJ

Makes me feel like I can’t breathecopyright protection21PENANAeEd4EB0IoZ

Just let me go, just let me gocopyright protection21PENANA2r8K9mtqwC

It just won’t feel right insidecopyright protection21PENANAHQKh0niZtT

God knows I’ve triedcopyright protection21PENANAIHxVMcxMUW

You know I love you, you know I docopyright protection21PENANALXnTHxgbXM

But I can’t fight any more for youcopyright protection21PENANANFDyWEVeDo

And I don’t know, maybe we’ll be together againcopyright protection21PENANA8m6FhTSPFN

Sometime, in another lifecopyright protection21PENANALrK9krGBDE

In another life, in another lifecopyright protection21PENANAorj1ZgFUuj

In another lifecopyright protection21PENANAjDFqjXjbMZ

25Please respect copyright.PENANADobcvMMAYL
copyright protection21PENANAYyqIHLannO

            He didn’t know if she’d make it to the hospital, so he did what he could. He grabbed some towels and used one to tie around her opened artery. Then he pulled out the knife and tied one around her lower stomach. Then he slid an arm under her legs, put her arm around his shoulders, and slid his other arm under her, pulling her into his arms.copyright protection21PENANA1LfkMfAsa5

            Once on his feet with her in his arms, he blurred her to the hospital.copyright protection21PENANALtIrU1oeda

            Several hours later, after her surgery, he was seated on her bedside, a hand on hers, his other hand on the side of her face, waiting for her to awaken.copyright protection21PENANAdcIEUqq5NN

            When she woke up and saw him on her bedside, she knew that he’d saved her life.copyright protection21PENANAUOy99lpJNz

            “You made it through. I thought I lost you,” he greeted.copyright protection21PENANAPz3y0YAocN

            She gave a smile.copyright protection21PENANAzqZi4UIv0w

            “You didn’t lose me. I’m still here.” She then added, “Since when do you care, though?”copyright protection21PENANAiUkR4tctdZ

            “I always have. I just hid it. I didn’t want to get hurt again. When I saw you there though, I realized something. I still love you.”copyright protection21PENANA32z6Bz4bYh

            She was happy with his confession.copyright protection21PENANAYyHYRMSAhT

            A few moments later, they were kissing.copyright protection21PENANA6ANrrRVDl8

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