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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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What Lies Beneath (Delena)
Jan 28, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2JCBB5GoxcQ8vmbuK1L4posted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S5E "What Lies Beneath." What if Elena was in the shed with Damon, instead of Stefan, when Enzo set it on fire? What if Luke wasn't in there? What if they were just in the shed to talk?26Please respect copyright.PENANAGIzItXihLB
copyright protection22PENANAfptCGVckfB

  It was a dismal night in Mystic Falls, Virginia as Elena walked into the shed, Damon waiting there for her. He had just found out from Elena that Enzo was dead and was starting to target Elena and possibly others close to him, just to get back at him for killing his girl. He understood it, because he had been there and done that before; an eye for an eye sort of speak as people called it these days.copyright protection22PENANACileTWkAlR

   They looked at each other, as they stood there, a distance away from each other.copyright protection22PENANANb0jycNidy

        "Say something," she said, finally breaking the silence.copyright protection22PENANAnsYQ4FMhZ1

        "There's nothing to say. Enzo's dead. Stefan killed him. He was my friend. I of all people should've noticed that he was dead."copyright protection22PENANATBkeQdbaOw

        "Are you mad?" she asked.copyright protection22PENANA2BI2UgeIzs

        "At you? Of course I'm not mad. I understand. You were just trying to protect me. You were trying to keep me from falling back into the same pattern as usual. I would love to go out there and go on a rampage and killing spree, but I'm not. I'm doing this for you, even though it drives me nuts being around you and not being around you. It's hard, but I'm doing it for you," he replied to her.copyright protection22PENANAgXUfNZUzhU

        His reply made her speechless, not knowing what to say to that. He had told her a few nights ago that he didn't want to see nor talk to her, because it would be too hard for him. Now he was saying that he was doing all of this for her. He wasn't being the monster that everyone knew he could be, because he knew what she thought of that. Instead, he was trying his hardest to be the good guy; the guy that she knew he could be. He wasn't too far gone yet. There was still hope for him. He could still be the good guy and she knew it. Besides, they had been through hell and back and had survived. And even though she was Enzo's target, for now, at least, they would survive all of this, too. She had that hope that they would. Besides, if Enzo had wanted to kill her by now, she'd already be dead.copyright protection22PENANABavVpm9AwY

        Suddenly, the door closed behind Damon and both of them looked at each other, realizing Enzo was in there with them. Then they saw the red gasoline container and liquid on the floor. And a moment later, the light above hit the floor and fire erupted everywhere.copyright protection22PENANA7yzPBu6QcF

        As Elena attempted to try and get around a huge, long piece of ceiling wood that was on fire in front of her, she suddenly felt the pain of someone stabbing a piece of wood into her from behind and into her stomach. It caused her to cry out in pain and fall to her knees, trying to pull it out. She was in so much pain, though, that she was having trouble doing so. And at the same moment that she was in pain, she heard Damon's pain too.copyright protection22PENANAitCcIqcD0t

        Damon groaned in pain, as a stick was stabbed into him, but it wasn't as much pain as he knew that Elena was experiencing. Probably because this piece wasn't as thick and because Damon was much older than she was in vampire years. He had been stabbed so many time in the centuries and nearly killed, that some days he barely felt the pain because he was so used to the feeling. Elena on the other hand, was a different story. He knew that if anyone was going to make it out alive tonight, it would be Elena. He would make sure of that. He'd rather die than to live knowing that he could've saved her. Just because she was a vampire, didn't mean that he would stop saving her. As he had told her before, Elena was his life. He couldn't even imagine a world without her in it anymore.copyright protection22PENANAxCD3y3pHDW

        "Leave Elena out of this, Enzo. I'm the one you're mad at. Kill me. Don't kill her," he said, sounding like he was pleading with his dead friend to spare her life. He almost was, considering Elena was his life; his whole world.copyright protection22PENANAGKufA6KGWW

        "No can do," Enzo replied, though he knew that none of the living, no matter what species, couldn't see or hear him. "You killed Maggie; an eye for an eye, mate."copyright protection22PENANAmeqZr8pDMq

        Damon didn't know where Enzo was, but he knew he had to save her, or he would break. He had saved her from him before. He could do it again. So, grabbing the stick that had been stabbed into him, he pulled it out and raced over to Elena to save her life for the fiftieth time.copyright protection22PENANA7k2LnAONis

        As she layed there on her side feeling the heat of the fire around her, she dimly heard Damon calling her name and sensed him nearby, but she didn't do anything. She just layed there, eyes closed, feeling drained from all the fighting she had to do.copyright protection22PENANAKYdeeNkYuh

        Once knelt at her side, he pulled the wood out of her and gently pulled her into his arms, before getting to his feet and blurring to the door. Then, with vampire strength, he forced the door open and blurred outside and quite a way from the burning shed. He then gently layed her down, knelt beside her, and pulled her into his arms, before biting his wrist and putting it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to help her heal faster. Then a few minutes later, he gently picked her up in his arms, wrist healed, and walked away with her, without once looking back. After what Enzo had almost done to Elena, he had just become Damon's new enemy. No one hurt or tried to kill Elena and got away with it. He would find a way to deal with Enzo one way or another, no matter what he had to do to do it. He had saved her from Enzo this time around, but what about next time? Would he be there to save her life next time Enzo tried to kill her? Would Enzo succeed next time around? He hoped not. He hoped that this nightmare with Enzo would end soon like for all of them; especially, for himself and Elena.copyright protection22PENANAUQvkPXtfAf

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