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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Don't Let Me Go (Datherine)
Jan 28, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!yR19aLfSbaEk2ccXJaprposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S5 “Dead Man On Campus” and “Fifty Shades of Grayson.” Everything else are flashbacks. After Damon finds out that she’s dying of old age rapidly, he decides to find a way to save her. Will he succeed?copyright protection13PENANAWIgKVdvTdR

*Dead Man On Campus*copyright protection13PENANAWMJXWTJbMU

I’m watching myselfcopyright protection13PENANAlreoDqmnBL

Drifting awaycopyright protection13PENANAPyt5ipiOiw

A vision so darkenedcopyright protection13PENANAFejpcfiVq5

I cannot staycopyright protection13PENANAQMw4bavxx6

I’m reaching out widecopyright protection13PENANAimELsXbLLt

Trying to catch myself before I fallcopyright protection13PENANAirIBQVQ9Rh

Too little too latecopyright protection13PENANAeH4KMfUhMs

Can you save me?copyright protection13PENANAo4O3Qh012M

17Please respect copyright.PENANATznCNVkBaU
copyright protection13PENANAvkdeW49Md0

17Please respect copyright.PENANAcYyDZ9ToUa
copyright protection13PENANA4sI8dun8L9

            It was a dismal night, as she stood on the clock tower, overlooking the town square. She’d just found out that she was dying rapidly of old age. According to Wes Maxfield, it couldn’t be stopped. So, because she didn’t want to die of old age, she was going to kill herself instantly by jumping off the clock tower.copyright protection13PENANAAaepd5Gd6J

            She turned so she was looking at the clock and then closed her eyes. Then she stepped off the ledge and began to fall towards the ground.copyright protection13PENANA0C4dQ0h0Nv

            Damon was walking, when he saw her plummeting towards the ground. Without thinking, he blurred over and caught her from hitting the ground.copyright protection13PENANA1SYK0beoj0

            When she didn’t feel anything except for someone catching her, she opened her eyes, only to see that Damon had caught her. He’d stopped her from killing herself, which made her think that she’d been right when she’d come to him for help after the summer had ended. A part of him didn’t want her to die.copyright protection13PENANAxUaMjoR0CY

            “Damon?” she questioned him.copyright protection13PENANAJCAOPrP7sD

            He set her on her feet and then looked at her.copyright protection13PENANADuvCevNtT7

            “What do you think you’re doing, Katherine?”copyright protection13PENANAtr1Edl25lF

            “I’m dying of old age and it can’t be stopped, okay? I don’t want that pain. I’m not going to just wait to die. Besides, I’ve got nothing to live for,” she informed him.copyright protection13PENANA45hFU76Jfz

            “So, you’re just giving up?” he inquired. “That’s not the Katherine I know.”copyright protection13PENANAmS4RujmiMg

            “You don’t know what it’s like,” she replied.copyright protection13PENANAqgHsVVNY19

            “We can find a way to save you, but no more trying to kill yourself.”copyright protection13PENANAD5eUK82RSh

            She sighed. “Fine.”copyright protection13PENANAreav5EPsXB

*I Know What You Did Last Summer*copyright protection13PENANAInSqPNmDMn

Where do we go when we walk on light?copyright protection13PENANAMpt1kd9m51

Who do we call at the edge of night?copyright protection13PENANADwgN2lsROp

Carry me close like the tear drops in your eyescopyright protection13PENANAtxNlYD9kgV

All I can give you is memoriescopyright protection13PENANAH3lb4Foe1t

Carry them with you and I’ll never leavecopyright protection13PENANAfE0ws2SUUG

I’ll lay my head downcopyright protection13PENANAkne8JcLTw2

But when I lay my head downcopyright protection13PENANAPe5apaPOoR

Don’t let me gocopyright protection13PENANAiEwiaYl2Tf

17Please respect copyright.PENANAiFazKxzEs6
copyright protection13PENANAJeDXmn98hG

17Please respect copyright.PENANACmF0YsVj46
copyright protection13PENANAa6Ughkr68P

            After he’d tried handing her over to Silas, which she’d obviously figured out, he’d tried to get a hold of her, but had been unsuccessful. He knew that something had gone wrong, since he couldn’t get a hold of her. Silas knew that he thought something was wrong, so Silas left. Shortly after, Damon left to go find her.copyright protection13PENANAYquuJFt4In

            Half an hour later, he saw her in his car which had crashed into a streetlight pole and was nearly totaled.copyright protection13PENANAkrBYpXmz6D

            “Katherine!”copyright protection13PENANAfhKay1vZ8D

            He blurred to her side of the car and forced the jammed door open, before scanning her injuries.copyright protection13PENANAP64kBOZ5TH

Hold me in your beating heartcopyright protection13PENANAsd93cy1y77

I won’t let gocopyright protection13PENANAbnoVyXX3W5

Forever is not enoughcopyright protection13PENANAHMbM6NA5St

Let me lay my head down on the shadow by your sidecopyright protection13PENANAMkHWoTupsC

Don’t let me gocopyright protection13PENANAxEZWAyTxBQ

Hold me in your beating heartcopyright protection13PENANACjCO5IBGNt

So let me freeze timecopyright protection13PENANA9ANRwbK1Bc

Before it turns coldcopyright protection13PENANAD9QD5qcZYN

17Please respect copyright.PENANAeg5MU4VNtP
copyright protection13PENANAPA7soca0SY

17Please respect copyright.PENANAXMv8lgGUU9
copyright protection13PENANAt2zhT6tE75

            He rested a hand on the side of her face.copyright protection13PENANARLeIpk9Bj7

            “Katherine, can you hear me?” he called to her.copyright protection13PENANAp9HwB6JM6C

            When nothing happened, he took his hand away and slid an arm under her and his other under her legs, careful of her injuries, and pulled her into his arms and out of the wreckage. Then he blurred to the hospital, hoping he wasn’t too late.copyright protection13PENANALAEkSyrlcy

The moments go bycopyright protection13PENANAq3kELJYUli

And life goes oncopyright protection13PENANA2KsKh3Q0QX

The torturous starscopyright protection13PENANADByiVqQnL3

Are taking every breath I wish I heldcopyright protection13PENANAVc7gQT0POl

The love in my heartcopyright protection13PENANA8Q6AAnErou

Is never endingcopyright protection13PENANAo15Xk1nbo9

17Please respect copyright.PENANA1xwGyv8tPc
copyright protection13PENANAekllAcfA13

17Please respect copyright.PENANAA3tFPoKLbd
copyright protection13PENANAW9T2KuqoVO

            A few hours later, he was seated on her bedside, waiting for her to wake up. She’d survived surgery and would be okay, which relieved him. He couldn’t deny that she’d been right earlier tonight when she’d shown up at the house. A part of him didn’t want her to die.copyright protection13PENANASjQYhaZElo

*1864*copyright protection13PENANANAI8WjkbTm

Where do we go when we walk on light?copyright protection13PENANAfPw8SgCiFx

Who do we call at the edge of night?copyright protection13PENANA7xRXv88vNu

Carry me close like the tears drops in your eyescopyright protection13PENANATB5BJ1U4dO

All I can give you is memoriescopyright protection13PENANArsEYBxfePU

Carry them with you and I’ll never leavecopyright protection13PENANAMWrDUXM3sA

I’ll lay my head downcopyright protection13PENANAymbDXVES0S

But when I lay my head downcopyright protection13PENANAHrkmpVTFaI

Don’t let me gocopyright protection13PENANAzWF1AAYmDr

Hold me in your beating heartcopyright protection13PENANAXbN8OL3tE3

I won’t let gocopyright protection13PENANAlmvGIVCBAM

Forever is not enoughcopyright protection13PENANAk9I0biA9Fe

Let me lay my head down on the shadow by your sidecopyright protection13PENANABCppKeaOIP

Don’t let me gocopyright protection13PENANAR4bnKTimvT

Hold me in your beating heartcopyright protection13PENANA8Q3RRe9soO

17Please respect copyright.PENANAB9Z6ilmYgh
copyright protection13PENANAGZq6pblzZ3

17Please respect copyright.PENANA8hPEXn96RZ
copyright protection13PENANApR7AeRuxe0

            It was a dismal night, as he ran after her through the woods.copyright protection13PENANAqnQteIIoa6

            After catching up with her, she stood with her back up against a tree, him in front of her.copyright protection13PENANAcQ6DXvPi5O

            “Why much you run from me?” he asked her.copyright protection13PENANAluGt5Ulzsz

            “Because I know that you will chase,” she replied.copyright protection13PENANAzSWqmb85zi

            “Then let me chase you forever,” he replied.copyright protection13PENANAcM9jq6OfoU

            She made a cut by her collarbone.copyright protection13PENANA4KpKduFz37

            “I’m not going to feed you, Damon. If you want it, take it,” she said with a smile.copyright protection13PENANA8D053ngbsQ

            “I choose you, Katherine,” he said, and then drank from the cut.copyright protection13PENANAuECDX2JMi8

You can’t see mecopyright protection13PENANAHmS666BLFF

But you still feel mecopyright protection13PENANASOiTTlgaxI

I only live in your memoriescopyright protection13PENANA11nDEkGo7Y

I mean somethingcopyright protection13PENANAwOkpUrwvcc

Your everythingcopyright protection13PENANAa50tYUPe5m

You lay me downcopyright protection13PENANAX6okK3ErrL

Take me therecopyright protection13PENANAqYALoucU0p

Don’t let me gocopyright protection13PENANA6bv7Et2uI7

Hold me in your beating heartcopyright protection13PENANAQGef0ZiFrJ

I won’t let gocopyright protection13PENANArRI1C6wP1w

17Please respect copyright.PENANAjr2N6SbRDn
copyright protection13PENANAe8IJfndhRW

17Please respect copyright.PENANA4ew4lPqHOG
copyright protection13PENANApICEXCEfi5

            It was a beautiful day, as Damon lay in bed with Katherine on top. She changed her face into her vampire one and he touched her face where there were veins, not afraid of her, thinking that she would never hurt him.copyright protection13PENANAZJWHLzOhoP

*Fifty Shades of Grayson*copyright protection13PENANAODXwmdUAvL

Forever is not enoughcopyright protection13PENANAwUu9zrMdH4

Let me lay my head down on the shadow by your sidecopyright protection13PENANAjGOgozQcQe

Don’t let me gocopyright protection13PENANA2ERZbec6OH

Hold me in your beating heartcopyright protection13PENANASlCmucOgqv

17Please respect copyright.PENANAZWYOBWcK23
copyright protection13PENANAkJb80AHQNy

17Please respect copyright.PENANAKmuM9BElsh
copyright protection13PENANA4PcWOoa1uZ

            Damon was in the living room, when he heard a noise like someone falling. Knowing Katherine was dying of old age, he assumed it was probably her considering they were the only ones there.copyright protection13PENANAJmkmJOyx4Y

            When he looked for her, he was right, because she was on the floor. He could tell that she’d had a heart attack, so he took her to the hospital.copyright protection13PENANA2pIexIOfzB

            After twenty minutes of trying to revive her, the doctors succeeded and she was soon put on bedrest. So, while she was resting upstairs, Damon continued his search for a way to reverse what the cure had done to her and stop her from aging rapidly.copyright protection13PENANANEq0AfpLhU

            In the end, he found a witch that knew a spell to do what he needed to save her life, so Katherine lived to see another day and he and Katherine got back together.copyright protection13PENANAK0g5mZTVwY

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