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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Old Dog New Tricks
Jan 28, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!lIMdXhbbTUfuHpwNVA7Mposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S5E19 "Old Dog New Tricks," when Enzo captured Elena after he turned his humanity off, when Damon told him that he was the one that killed Enzo's Maggie. What if he didn't just capture her? What if Kat was still a vampire and saved Elena's life?10Please respect copyright.PENANAGM7pbCyIV4
copyright protection6PENANAiOreHmZzMz

  It was a dark night in Mystic Falls, Virginia as Elena Gilbert lunged at humanity less Enzo, trying to snap his neck to escape him. He was quicker though, and snapped hers, instead. He then picked her up in his arms and took her to an old abandoned-looking wooden shed. Then, just for the fun of it since he didn't have any humanity anymore, he chained her to a wall and cut her wrists, letting her bleed.copyright protection6PENANAO8iBmgTxsM

        A few hours later, Katherine Pierce was walking around, looking for a vacant place to stay until she found somewhere to live, when she smelled the scents of Enzo, Elena, and blood. And as soon as she smelled those scents, she raced towards them to save Elena. Elena was all she truly had of family after what had recently happened to Nadia.copyright protection6PENANAsHha6OX1o4

        When she found the shed, she walked in and saw what Enzo had been doing to her for what looked to be a few hours or more.copyright protection6PENANAOHTgVBCVbp

        She looked at him and realized that he was different.copyright protection6PENANAuZxNBU4urw

        "What hell are you doing?"copyright protection6PENANAhTez3ln1mL

        "Binding some time until Damon comes to the rescue. Long time no see, Katherine."copyright protection6PENANA6bs0roB3jM

        When he didn't show any emotion or anything, she realized why he was different. He had recently turned his humanity off.copyright protection6PENANAsOM0CnUGSm

        At vamp speed, she pinned him to a wall.copyright protection6PENANAd9gsIkN5ma

        "This is for Elena," she said, before snapping his neck.copyright protection6PENANARtlktMI4Q1

        She went over to an out cold Elena and snapped the chains off her wrists, before catching her and gently picking her up. She then went outside to lay her gently down on her back on the ground.copyright protection6PENANAQjPCjr0e8S

        "Elena? Elena, it's Katherine. Can you hear me?" she gently called to her, as she knelt at her side and rested a gentle hand on the left side of her face. She knew she needed blood, but she wanted her awake first. She figured that Damon was probably on his way to rescue her and she knew what everyone felt about her.copyright protection6PENANABm1ROKbCQy

        When she started to wake up, Kat took her hand away from her, knowing how Elena might react to Katherine touching her after everything she had done to her in the past.copyright protection6PENANAMI172uULyK

        "Hey," Kat greeted her.copyright protection6PENANAMp3C1n42Bc

        "Katherine?" Elena questioned softly, vision blurry.copyright protection6PENANAUdzW4oHg0x

        "I saved you from Enzo, but you need blood. You've lost a lot."copyright protection6PENANAOMfQUikO3S

        "Thanks," Elena weakly replied.copyright protection6PENANAzQiCtjZxmB

        "Come on. Let's get you out of here," Katherine said, before helping her to her feet and putting an arm around her to help her walk. They then made their way through the woods to get home. Maybe if they were lucky, they could meet Damon half way. That is, if Damon didn't kill Katherine first.copyright protection6PENANAJgOjdTHUaH

        In the middle of the woods, they stopped walking, Elena too weak now to go any further.copyright protection6PENANAsZtIPo09c4

        As Elena lay there on her back, weak, vision blurry, Katherine knew she needed to do something. She couldn't leave Elena, though. She wouldn't do that to her.copyright protection6PENANA2LVkooEoV0

        A moment later, they heard Damon calling for her.copyright protection6PENANA0FhPYuIGpT

        "Over here!" Katherine yelled.copyright protection6PENANAnSSRAHfBRs

        "What happened? Where's Enzo?" he asked both of them.copyright protection6PENANAGTeBeDZS1V

        Katherine was the one that answered.copyright protection6PENANAT1AaRzFAf5

        "She's lost a lot of blood due to Enzo. Enzo's in the shed. I snapped his neck. He won't be happy at me when he wakes up."copyright protection6PENANAtCXluy3K9U

        "Damon," Elena breathed, blurrily seeing him.copyright protection6PENANAcPOrr34qW5

        He looked down at her.copyright protection6PENANAlP7W0ZwFzL

        "I'm right here, Elena. I'm not going anywhere."copyright protection6PENANAL2oIoThsDq

        Suddenly, there was a sound of wolves.copyright protection6PENANAmPgbgHel8a

        Damon and Katherine looked at each other.copyright protection6PENANArt0zq0yWG7

        "Get her out of here. Take care of her. I'll keep them at bay. Go," she told him, before getting to her feet.copyright protection6PENANAIra7ay0r0D

        A moment after he had disappeared at vamp speed with Elena in his arms, a few werewolves appeared, sensing the smell of vampire.copyright protection6PENANARnt8zKPO5X

        Kat looked at them.copyright protection6PENANAZwrZ5SZEPF

        "Come and get me, dogs," she teased them, before running off at vamp speed, in which they followed.copyright protection6PENANAMx6WEgvFHw

        When Damon had taken care of Elena, he went back to see if Katherine was okay, some leftover of Klaus' blood with him just in case. He hadn't cared about Katherine for a few years now, but she had saved Elena's life from Enzo tonight and helped Damon save her life. He figured that he owed her one.copyright protection6PENANAizUMHtwxiB

        When he saw her on the ground on her back, eyes closed, he raced towards her.copyright protection6PENANAvh8XgePgSE

        "Katherine!"copyright protection6PENANAVEc2BRj6w1

        He knelt at her side and looked down at her.copyright protection6PENANADPAxBi17Qj

        He rested a gentle hand on the right side of her face.copyright protection6PENANAJlARjQ686Y

        "Katherine, it's me. Can you hear me?" he gently called to her.copyright protection6PENANAN2DZ4eQnlm

        She groaned and saw that Damon was in her field of vision.copyright protection6PENANApYbZvNiwU8

        "Hey," he greeted her with a small smile.copyright protection6PENANAPEuqvNgCWn

        "How's Elena?" she asked him.copyright protection6PENANABJpeIutzSO

        "She'll be okay."copyright protection6PENANAWhN8hiVzPQ

        "Good."copyright protection6PENANAIFuc500mCW

        He got to his feet, as she slowly got to hers.copyright protection6PENANAJdF9soEVXw

        When she almost lost her balance he put a hand on her arm to keep her on her feet.copyright protection6PENANAKTOx15PWFF

        "Katherine, hey. Focus. Look at me," he said, looking at her.copyright protection6PENANANnkhAphALU

        She looked at him, but everything was growing dim and tunnel-like. She could barely see anything, much less Damon.copyright protection6PENANAwv7bEzzivx

        "Damon?" she said, before everything went black.copyright protection6PENANAPfqDMsICpn

        With vampire reflexes, he caught her from hitting the ground, before gently laying her down on the ground and pulling her into his arms.copyright protection6PENANAhcLBtl1LVN

        "No, no, no. Stay with me, Katherine. Don't you dare die on me."copyright protection6PENANAGsiNDXndfT

        He took the cure out of his pocket.copyright protection6PENANAK58bIVDrx3

        "If you can hear me, I've got something for you. Just drink."copyright protection6PENANAPOfBqJWrvS

        He took the top off the vial and put it to her lips, making the blood go down her throat to cure her from the wolf bites.copyright protection6PENANAebkwZYunbJ

        When the vial was empty, he set it on the ground and got to his feet with Katherine in his arms, before speeding back to his house to put her in bed upstairs in Stefan's room.copyright protection6PENANAgWPp8xkMZR

        When Katherine woke up, she was in Stefan's room in his bed, Damon seated on her bedside with a hand on top of her left one.copyright protection6PENANAPPG4q6Omxj

        "Thank you," she said.copyright protection6PENANAfMvzjuxNRJ

        "You're welcome. And thank you. You saved Elena."copyright protection6PENANAx8GmxOUSAT

        "Why wouldn't I? After Nadia, she's the only blood related family I have left."copyright protection6PENANAJqJpv9wjv4

        "Well, you have me, too."copyright protection6PENANADLQ8kaCSXu

        They gave each other a smile.copyright protection6PENANABuChRa6M2H

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