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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5
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Demons (Datherine)
Jan 28, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!T11TbaqvRGzHB29fg0Seposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in S1, 2, and 5. Just a Datherine tribute.copyright protection22PENANAvlrZlkLA6U

*The Return*copyright protection22PENANAqZWrT7CjCt

When the days are coldcopyright protection22PENANA0cbBflRvmJ

And the cards all foldcopyright protection22PENANAKR4bRpvC0C

And the saints we seecopyright protection22PENANAxqCtSvBuPe

Are all made of goldcopyright protection22PENANAYPr9rGuibQ

When your dreams all failcopyright protection22PENANA2VI66zwCcw

And the ones we hailcopyright protection22PENANAeJXRdPmPjc

And the worst, of allcopyright protection22PENANA3h1urtaVMl

And the blood’s run stalecopyright protection22PENANAMOhuVo4s0g

            It was a dismal night, as they stood in front of each other. He’d just asked her to tell him the truth about her feelings for him.copyright protection22PENANAZf0W6dLt35

            “The truth is…I’ve never loved you,” she told him, before walking away, leaving him to his emotions he now had.copyright protection22PENANAF6mHANbLJX

*1864*copyright protection22PENANA7vMo0IN4aO

I wanna hide the truthcopyright protection22PENANAl93l5azREC

I wanna shelter youcopyright protection22PENANAWjJj1k7c5R

But with the beast insidecopyright protection22PENANAacnXBnFosQ

There’s nowhere we can hidecopyright protection22PENANAcOZga5rJW5

No matter what we breedcopyright protection22PENANAmTp6crqkEv

We still are made of greedcopyright protection22PENANAbPHyMiWsHo

This is my kingdom comecopyright protection22PENANAiUciamnC6k

This is my kingdom comecopyright protection22PENANAItd7zqyZKd

            It was a beautiful day, as they lay in bed, her on top of him, them looking at each other. She vamped out and he touched her face where veins shown. He wasn’t afraid of her, believing that she would never hurt him.copyright protection22PENANAvW2duOwqgd

*Woods*copyright protection22PENANAPz72RioeVv

When you feel my heatcopyright protection22PENANAyDZMKzcjzX

Look into my eyescopyright protection22PENANAx4TzhnnNOE

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANA1Dd9F5r4jm

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANAAS0zEK8Q4H

Don’t get too closecopyright protection22PENANAOBMHb35yRU

It’s dark insidecopyright protection22PENANAdSyr1ewtjQ

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANAQTIQtmBBdG

When the curtain’s callcopyright protection22PENANAj2i5Jt9P20

Is the last of allcopyright protection22PENANAJfThHUvdnO

When the lights fade outcopyright protection22PENANA4eIM4b9GNn

All the sinners crawlcopyright protection22PENANAm7pEc87mX9

So they dug your gravecopyright protection22PENANAnHpgZ6auky

And the masqueradecopyright protection22PENANAjoM1aRdkx0

Will come calling outcopyright protection22PENANAHU76ykeFGc

At the mess you’ve madecopyright protection22PENANAP4UekTluoF

Don’t wanna let you downcopyright protection22PENANA3H4QJeIWzf

But I am hell boundcopyright protection22PENANAXg95mIpBo6

Though this is all for youcopyright protection22PENANAOdaIsvCNZ0

Don’t wanna hide the truthcopyright protection22PENANAs3HwTrLBok

            It was a dark night, as they stood in front of each other, her against a tree.copyright protection22PENANARlA1rXJQy8

            “Why must you run from me?” he asked her.copyright protection22PENANAXnl85NDHAD

            She smiled.copyright protection22PENANAH3GpAARmcf

            “Because I know that you will chase.”copyright protection22PENANAG4Bh62fQTN

            “Then let me chase you forever.”copyright protection22PENANAYRajZg7DYI

*Masquerade Ball*copyright protection22PENANAhGMY6mzXIL

            “The three of us together again just like old times,” she stated, sitting on the couch in a room at the Mikaelson house, which had a masquerade party going on. “The brother that loved me too much and the brother that didn’t love me enough.”copyright protection22PENANAdpQOHWRWMK

            Damon looked at her.copyright protection22PENANAKKBV4Bbcfa

            “And the evil slut vampire that only loved herself.”copyright protection22PENANAVwQHvX34UM

            “Have I mentioned how inconvenient your obsession with me has been?”copyright protection22PENANAQ8cGWTDOPp

            “You and me both, honey.”copyright protection22PENANAyzaaufMGs2

*I Know What You Did Last Summer*copyright protection22PENANARnzH44F88A

When you feel my heatcopyright protection22PENANAVZI7FF0itQ

Look into my eyescopyright protection22PENANAI2pTdU8ZBA

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANA1sYAa2FPbN

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANAp6M8dsNeLh

Don’t get too closecopyright protection22PENANA4ujunwpvw0

It’s dark insidecopyright protection22PENANA6ys48C7Nsi

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANABSpo0DRORC

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANA5W6pruWQ0t

They say it’s what you makecopyright protection22PENANAQ61jbaWiYo

I say it’s up to fatecopyright protection22PENANABAg0YhDQ5v

It’s woven in my soulcopyright protection22PENANAtbrzAS4xI4

I need to let you gocopyright protection22PENANA0za1TmcPEa

Your eyescopyright protection22PENANAegKvgJMTzR

They shine so brightcopyright protection22PENANAo23QCDIGbr

I wanna save that lightcopyright protection22PENANAKb1UdUhpKV

I can’t escape this nowcopyright protection22PENANAAYbkts3gmD

Unless you show me howcopyright protection22PENANA8KFbBhPkX0

            After Elena had gone off to college, he’d gotten in his car to look for Katherine. She’d told him what she’d done, but he’d decided to wait after summer was over. He wanted to make sure Katherine was okay. He didn’t know why. It was almost like something was compelling him to help her if she needed it. So, here he was, aimlessly driving, keeping an eye out for a human ex-vampiress.copyright protection22PENANALHcNCqHTQs

            Twenty minutes later, he stopped the car, seeing an upside down car, which made an unknown vampire speed off. He had to check every possibility, so he approached the nearly totaled car. He then got to his knees and, looking inside, saw her laying on her side. He could tell that she was injured. He reached in and gently pulled her out of the crash. He then gently layed her down on her back.copyright protection22PENANAPqq1LUtPaP

            He rested a gentle hand on the side of her face.copyright protection22PENANAsiA7ubpjvm

            “Katherine?” he called, hoping to wake her up. When she didn’t, he said, “If you can hear me, I’m right here. You’re going to be okay. I promise. Just stay with me.”copyright protection22PENANAkh4x4HXMBO

            He gently picked her up, careful of her lower stomach wound. He then went over to his car and set her in the passenger seat. Then he got in and sped to the hospital.copyright protection22PENANAerfFs0zWPK

When you feel my heatcopyright protection22PENANAMi3mpxyOR4

Look into my eyescopyright protection22PENANAbbmgJrYHdz

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANAvs1K8tLHqB

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANAscTvzj378U

Don’t get too closecopyright protection22PENANAck6yAP0ywe

It’s dark insidecopyright protection22PENANA82G9NPDyw4

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANAaZg3vPnyXv

It’s where my demons hidecopyright protection22PENANAtaPzJqpJZW

copyright protection22PENANAX7YEhLtVk0

            A few hours later, after surgery, he was seated on her bedside, waiting for her to come to.copyright protection22PENANAZuZfyu5V33

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