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Throwback Penana Contest Entires
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Christmas Contest with Chanwoo Bang (방찬우)! ✧
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Special Prized Contest with Aspiring Korean Singer Chanwoo Bang!

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas! On this special occasion, me along with my college friend and young Korean singer Chanwoo Bang have decided to host a creative writing contest here on Penana! As part of Chanwoo’s new song ‘그런 날이 있어’, this special prized contest is one you would not want to miss!:)

Having received an international high school education at North London Collegiate School Jeju on Jeju Island, Korea, Chanwoo is a young and aspiring singer-songwriter who has a fond passion in music and singing. Moving on to college, Chanwoo has never given up his musical endeavors amidst hectic schoolwork. Despite living in a whole new environment, Chanwoo continues to write new songs and publish his works in his free time and enjoys playing the guitar at night when he is at home. Through composing various original songs, Chanwoo hopes to touch his fans with his unique voice and guitar playing, as music is something which he holds dear to his heart.

The theme of this special contest will be based on Chanwoo’s new original song ‘그런 날이 있어’. For this contest, feel free to write a short story or poem with the feelings you had whilst listening to the song – you can write about anything, it can be a short piece about a romantic story or an intergalactic universe far, far away, or even a poem about one special night when you couldn’t go to sleep. You can really write about anything...let your emotions shine through!:)

Listen to Chanwoo’s song ‘그런 날이 있어’ here! :


Write a story with the feelings you had whilst listening to the song ‘그런 날이 있어’. You can craft a unique story or poetry behind it – remember to give a title to your masterpiece!

Word Limit:Around 500 words (can be less!)

Judging:Korean singer-songwriter Chanwoo Bang (Like counts by the community will also be considered!)


A secret gift mailed to you with bundles of love!:)

We really look forward to your story and poetry entries!

A lovely Christmas to you all and Happy New Year! May the magic and warmth of Christmas stay in your heart always!

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Picture Response
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For this contest, I want you to take the image below and create something with it. A story. A quote. A song. A poem. Any form of art you wish. Here is my example, it came to mind the first time I saw this picture:

As I jumped and skipped in the pouring rain, I knew people around me enjoying the sunny weather. All of them under their dimly lit umbrellas, seeing an imaged sunny day. You may not know but, the world has changed. It rains everyday without end. We’re lucky to see a sunny day. People started to complain, get lazy, and slow go into depression.  So, in response, scientists created an umbrella that creates an image the holder wishes to view. It was created for the greater good but also as an experiment. Everyone in the world received one of these ‘wondrous’ umbrellas. I did was well, and you would consider me an outlier in this experiment. I tried it and within the first second I threw it into the back of the closet. I didn’t need an umbrella to enjoy life. I could see it with my own eyes. Rain falls everyday, just like everyone’s hopes for a sunny day. I didn’t lose my hope, I never had to have hope. I had all I needed. A light, even if these clouds brought what everyone else saw as a darkness.

I never understood why, I still don’t. But, it doesn’t matter. Life can continue to pour down on me but I’ll never coward away. I’ll always stay out, taking anything and seeing it as a light. Even if no one else sees it.

That's just my example, I just want your response or thoughts to this picture in a form of art.

Go crazy! Have fun! Think Deep! IDK! Do what you do! :)


(If this goes well. I hope to do more Picture Responses later on :) Maybe I'll do Song Responses, *shrugs* idk :)  )

Artist of the masterpiece above is in this link.

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K-POP and fiction? WHY NOT?
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Sometimes inspirations for your writing may come from things you hear.

It could be just any kinds of sound you will hear in your life, but how about it is some popular song you hear on the streets, at school with your friends, at a cafe, or even through your earbuds from your iPod!

As a heavy music lover as well, I frequently thought of stories based on music, and mostly it was about thinking of a music video scenario for it all by myself. One day, when I was listening to one of BIGBANG [just to note: my all-time favorite K-pop group! Yup you can call me VIP haha :)]'s newest songs which were released in last year from my cell phone, one sparkling thought came into my mind....OH, WHAT ABOUT WRITING A STORY ABOUT THIS SONG....wait, HOW ABOUT WRITING A STORY FROM K-POP ITSELF?

Since I am a very busy person and cannot think of all stories from all songs from a single brain, I decided that I need your help and ideas in order to help me out completing this somewhat time-killing project-like thing into action. So, just come over and have fun with writing over any K-pop music you like even if you don't like K-pop:) And.....for you K-pop lovers over there.......come on! Don't be shy! Kill two birds with one stone by writing stories and listening to  your favorite team's song!

So everybody, these are the rules;

Who to write: Everyone who got ideas and love K-POP or anyone who just wants to write stories from new music!


[Note: ALTHOUGH I settled the rating cutlines as PG-13, symbolic or metaphoric claims of sexuality, violence, or other 'adult' issues are okay!]

When to write : Any time from February 22  to March 7(GMT +9 Zone) [That gives you two weeks so I think that will be enough!]

How to win: Mainly based on choice of the organizer-that's me:)-but like counts will be considered! I just mentioned that I like BIGBANG, but it doesn't mean that I will only look for works done based on their song so don't worry! I am a quite fair person and you can guarantee:)

What you get if you win:

1st place- An audio-drama version of the winning story [which means that I will record your story and send it to you again] and held it on my Naver blog [address will be told later] with a Korean translation

2nd place- A story fan art of the winning story with a quote from the choice of the organizer written on the side

3rd place-  A word document version of the winning story with some pictures of your group attached as inserted pictures


That's it. Enjoy your writing guys! I'll be happy to see all of your entries two weeks later:)

My Name Is Alice- Writers Blog!

Hi readers!

My name is Alice, I am 20 years old and am new to Penana but not new to writing! I'm excited to be entering writing contests and making new friends. So, a little bit of information about myself.

I am a book blogger who created a book blog last January during a really rough point in my life. Since creating this book blog, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of support that I've received from authors, other bloggers, total strangers on the internet. My parents are surprised by the numbers of books that I get set for free, my TBR list is already overflowing as it is!

I like to write poetry, stories in verse and random dribbles every now and again. My biggest dream is to be able to write a 50K novel since its bothering me that I can only write stories that are like 5K long in length XD Something needs to change, hopefully I can achieve this before I go off to University hopefully next year to study Creative Writing (UPDATE: This actually happened!)

Besides from books and writing, I love music. I collect vinyl records and listen to new songs everyday on Spotify, it's like my music addiction plus it's free which is perfect for me. I also love photography, corgis and koalas...

I have two pet cats.

I am also right-handed for writing but left-handed for anything else.

That's all for this post, thanks so much for reading. Don't forgot to follow me here on Penana, Wattpad (same username as it is here) and all of my social media (clickable links are in my bio on my profile).

Alice x